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Someone's thoughts.

Alucard's POV.

Alucard inhaled deeply, his face curling in disgust. Shifters he thought, removing his orange tinted

glasses, his red eyes flashing.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!" He growled, slouching against a tree, This should be fun. He

watched in amusement as seven wolves began to circle him.

Jacob's POV

We had been trailing a strange scent that seemed to circle the perimeter of Forks and La Push, never

entering the towns.

It was like a vampire's scent, yet not. Instead of being sickly sweet, it was heady

and dark, like the earth after a heavy rainfall.

Sam had us patrolling nonstop, trying to locate the origin of the smell. It was beginning to to wear on

everyone's nerves. Tuning out the pack's senseless banter, I followed the scent more closely, suddenly it

hit me like a freight train, the scent freezing my senses.

A tall man, even taller than Sam, stood in the middle of a clearing. He wore a deep red trench coat and

hat, messy black hair swept lazily aside. He was overly handsome, much like the other leeches, but he

seemed more...rugged, more real.

His nose curled slightly in disgust, and removing his orange glasses, he seemingly looked right at us.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!" He growled, his voice deep and maniacal.

'Scared Jake?' , sneered Leah, circling the man.

'shut it Leah!' growled Sam, his mind focused completely on the hunt.

"Tell me where the Cullen coven resides and I will spare your pitiful lives," the man smirked, watching

Sam pace like a caged dog. Sam suddenly tensed and lunged, taking off the mans arm.

"So be it."

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