Chapter 1

Tough Times

Renesmee's POV

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"I screamed as my mother tried to pull me off the railing to the staircase. "Let me go before I rip the railing off!" I threatened, but she just kept pulling. Now I know that's not a normal threat to give your mom, but I can get away with it. My mom and dad aren't so normal and neither am I. I'm only a half vampire unlike my parents which are full blown blood suckers. Ya, that's right, I do not drink blood. I do on occasion, but that's only if I'm craving something sweet. I normally only go for animals, like my parents, but sometimes I can't help myself and…Well it just goes downhill from there.

My mom's name is Bella and my dad's name is Edward. My name is, ya you guessed it, it's Renesmee, but everyone calls me Nessie. I prefer Renesmee though. But anyway, I start the seventh grade today, and if you were listening before, you would know that I really would prefer to stay home. I growled so loud that Emmett, my vampire brotherish friend, said "No hunting in the house, Carlisle's orders." I couldn't help but laugh at that. Emmett was terrible at pretending to be serious. "Emmett help me please," my mother begged. I hissed in response. "Don't you da-, "I couldn't even finish my sentence, Emmett ripped me off the rail. Sadly the rail came with me. My mother let out a horrific roar/growl/scream. I couldn't help but cover my ears. "Get out of this house now, before I accidentally rip someone's head off!" she roared. I ran out of that house like a crazy person would run after fire.

It was a mad house at school. Everyone was everywhere. I scanned the crowd, first for my friends and next for him….Lyndon. I swear he was absolutely gorgeous. He had black hair with the most beautiful blue eyes. They were so bright blue it took my breath away. His face was so perfect and his hair grew out to his ears and feathered out. Long story short he was so hot. And he also was my boyfriend. Today is going to literally kill me. The bell rang and everyone rushed to class. My first class is science, and then pre-algebra, then social studies, then, yes I am in band, then we get lunch, then I go to tech. then English. The day flew by and before I knew it, it was lunch time. Everyone sat in our usual little group, except Lyndon. "Where's your boyfriend, Ness?" my friend Sammy asked. "I don't know, I'll go find him." I replied as I got up. I looked around but I still didn't see him. So I went outside and my blood started to boil. He was surrounded by a bunch of girls and they were way to close to his body. I stormed over there and pushed my way through. "What the hell," I whispered in his ear "why aren't you sitting with us!" I whisper yelled this. "Calm down Ness, I'll be there in a second." I took a deep breath and stepped back. I could kill every one of these girls right now. What do they have that I don't? And why the hell is that slut hugging Lyndon! I couldn't help myself,….I growled. Everyone looked at me and I just snarled again cause now she was hugging him real close. She immediately let go of him as I gave her the death stare, but then she gave me a develish look and kissed him right on the cheek. He didn't even push her away. That tore it. I'm so grounded, I thought as I let my power consume me.

My eyes probably turned really dark brown at this point. Moments later a huge cut formed across her cheek. Then they were all over her arms, then her legs then, right down the middle of her lips. Bitch, I thought. I started walking away at the beginning of it but I could still see her pain. She was pretty bloody. I immediately channeled everyones memories and erased my act. I did everybodys but the girls, who was still standing and bleeding in pain. Lyndon ran after me. "How did that just happen?" he asked after he caught up to me. I just kept walking faster. He kept asking me that so I started going vampire pace. He ran after me and stopped me. "Hey, why are you so mad?" he asked. Oh boy, I thought.