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Chapter 2

Oh Boy

"How was your day, honey?" my Aunt Alice asked. "Don't you already know?" I asked. "Ya, I do but I'd still like to hear it, and no I didn't tell your parents." I sometimes forgot that my aunt could see the future. "Well…'s a long story…." I said after a moment of pause. All she did was give me a look that said spill or I'll tell. I sighed, "Ok, I couldn't find Lyndon today so I went to look for him and he was surrounded by girls so I cut in and told him to come sit and he told me to hold on, so I backed away and threatened those girls with my mind, and then one of them hugged him so I growled and then she kissed him and I sort of, kind of let my anger get the best of me and now I'm so confused. I don't know what to do."

By the time I was done there were tears in my eyes and all my aunt could do was sit there with a worried look on her face. "Sweetheart, all I can say is that if this boy is causing you that much stress, if it were me I would break up with him." For a moment, I thought this through. I can't imagine breaking up with him; I love him way too much. Then again, he is a pretty crappy boyfriend. He doesn't even talk to me. I envy Sam and Derrik so much. He actually talks to her and hugs her before she goes to class. The more I think about it the more I want Lyndon and I's relationship to be like theirs, but I know I can never change him…

All I could do was nod my head sadly to my aunt and let her go on with her day. I ran to my room at vampire speed so no one could catch me crying. My room was pretty well decorated. Unlike the rest of the house, my room is all different shades of yellow. I like to be happy. And I have a huge bed with the coolest canopy over it. One wall is all a bulletin and I have every picture of my friends and family I've ever taken or received. I have a laptop and a little patio that leads out to my little rose garden which I built, and added a little water fall. I had all sorts of rare flowers in my garden.

I quickly pulled my I-touch out of my backpack and turned it to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. "We can dance, until we die, you and I will be young forever!" I sang rather loudly. I was so immature. I had my fingers and toes painted bright yellow and I did have braces. They were yellow and black. My hair was a caramel bronze and way curly. My eyes were a deep chocolate brown, which im told were my mother's eyes. But I think I looked pretty good considering I was only like, five years old. I aged way too fast when I was born, but I've slowed down a lot. Which is the reason my mom and dad let me go to school. I almost forgot about Lyndon, until I heard my father…..well let's just say he did not sound happy. Shit, Alice must have slipped and thought about the recent events, I joked with myself. My daddy can read minds so it's really hard to keep a secret if he's not in on it. Oh boy, I thought as I quickly ran down the stairs.