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Courtny sat there staring off into space in the winner class 'Am I really that replaceable?' Courtny pulled one of her legs up on to the seat and snuggled into her arm, she felt like this was really the final break up she felt like crying again but her eyes we're all dried out ' stupid duncan and wouldn't hurt bad if he just broke up with me first..'

Courtny sighed and looked out the window who was she kidding it would hurt just the same, Duncan and her could of won this whole stupid competition they could of lived a happy life together..but she wasnt good enough..her eyes felt petty on her and let one final tear fall from her eye.

Alejandro saw Courtny and frowned.


''Look at Courtny tisk tisk she was a stronger competitor then Heather, I mean with her skills,and harsh manipulative personality I seen her on total drama island..and action she might become useful..''Alejandro smirk slightly while rubbing his chin.

Back with Courtny

Alejandro sat nexts to Courtny, Courtny sneered at the reflection of Alejandro in the window.''Why are you here?'' Alejandro smiled softly putting his hands up defensibly''No more teams right? cant i sit here watch the view''

Courtny voice was broken and slightly hushed''If my pain is a beautiful view then you'll be enjoying it for awhile''Her eyes spaced off, Alejandro bit his lip ''The view is beautiful its a beautiful tragedy never cease to amaze me..''

Courtny diverted her attention of the reflection and looked at Alejandro with broken eyes, Alejandro couldn't even fake like he was surprise he stared into her blank eyes with his mouth wide open and touched her cheek ''A puppet with out just a doll..''

Courtny knew what he said she knew it was metaphor but it sounded so true she felt as if her strings been sliced by a child that didnt understand the meaning the purpose of the strings..

Alejandro pulled Courtny close to him and she curled up in his arms and he held her 'useful..indeed..' Courtny would be his puppet and he didn't even have to force her..she was willing, and he knew he had to keep her in the game for as long as possible..he was even wondering if he was the puppet in this tragic story.

Heather woke up to the quiet sound and realized Courtny stopped crying.''What the hell..'' Heather rolled her eyes and look over everyone in losing class with her, Duncan was slouched over elbows on his knee's sleeping Gwen was sitting right next's to him hand resting on his shoulder tyler was laying on the floor Owen rolling around like a pinball.

''hey..HEY wake up!''Heather kicked duncan as hard as she can in the leg '' OW what the hell? whats your damage bitch'' Heather squinted harshly crossing her arms and looked at Duncan,Gwen sat up she was still hated by everyone so she just sat there quietly.

''Your ex isn't crying.'' Gwen looked up hopeful and stood up ''That means shes better right? that means shes not angry anymore? should I go talk to her i mean..'' Heather rolled her eyes and pointed at Gwen in the face '' You cheated on her TWO days ago we haven't even reached our destination that quick.''

Duncan smirked '' Well she is the princess I knew she would bounce back'' Heather growled in frustration ''You two are stupid its not simple! why has she stopped crying? and if you say she moved on your gonna end up losing the next's challenge hands down.''

Gwen sat back down next's to Duncan and actually thought ''Wait..why isn't she cry?'' Duncan wouldn't show it but he was worried he loved Courtny he did, he didn't even want Gwen her thick makeup always came off on his clothes her body wasn't as built as Courtny and she did even know half the stuff Courtny did.

''So tell me bitch why did she stop crying?'' Duncan looked her cheek resting on the palm of his hand, Heather looked at the two and shrugged '' I dunno none of my business'' She turned her back and began to walk away with a slight smirk.

Gwen looked at Duncan and stood up ''Wait then why you tell us'' Heather smiled big and turned around with a straight face, ''I dunno I just thought you guys would like to know'' Heather rolled her eyes and took her seat and crossed her legs ''Since you are her ex, and you are her ''friend'' and you two hooked up on the same plane as her tisk tisk i thought you would like to know''

Heather closed her eyes slowly drifting back to sleep in pleasure of the face on Gwen,and the knowing of Duncan brought her self satisfaction. Something came good out of being the losing class.

two hours later

Courtny was sitting on the floor, her head in Alejandro lap '' I know your awake'' Courtny did a ghostly smile and lifted her head to the point it fell completely back and her broken eyes looked at Alejandro, it was creepy but beautiful.

Alejandro knew everything about Courtny Courtny.. Alejandro looked at Courtny and wanted more from her wanted to see her commitment to him.

Alejandro got up, and Courtny sat on the floor like a broken doll but got up shortly after and followed him ''I am going to the bathroom.'' Alejandro kissed Courtny on the cheek he didnt have to, but he didnt want to admit he wanted to or denie it ether.

Courtny nodded, and stood there. ''Hey Courtny!'' Cody yelled such a sweet boy, Courtny turned around the look on her face scared Cody but he walked ahead in his naive manner her face was that of dislike and hatred ''heyyy Codyy..'' Her voice was like that of a snake harsh and full of venom.

Cody shivered he didnt know if he was getting hot bothered or if he was terrified'' Uhm..I see you stopped crying I know this stupid but are you feeling better?'' Courtny smiled a crooked smile ''Yes..much better''

Cody nodded and tugged at the coller of his turtle neck and whistled '' gonna be'' "CODY!" Cody eyes sadden ''she found me'' Serria ran up and cuddled Cody's head from behind ''Oh my Cody my beloved Cody!''

Serria squinted holding Cody's head possessivly ''What you doing with her.'' Serria pointed an accussing finger at Courtny '' Hey! just cause your dumped dont mean you can go ahead and make a move on my hubby wubby kins! got it''

Courtny rolled her eyes " Not..even..worth my time..''Serria was eather to stupid or blinded by her love to see Courtny wasnt Courtny.

Alejandro walked out of the bathroom and stood nexts to Courtny ''Ladies..Ladies whats wrong?'' Alejandro smiled charmingly at the two.''Serria accused me of making a move on her..hubby..wubby..kins''

Serria barked back at her '' Well! who would blame you but you cant have him he's mine MINE MINE MINE'' Alejandro grabbed Courtny from her waist and pulled her close ''As of her to me..she's..mine..'' Alejandro looked at Courtny.

Cody and Serria mouth dropped wide open ''WHAT?'' Alejandro looked at the two, Courtny didnt even resist she liked Alejandro she knew she was being used she was stupid but he made her feel wanted..even if it was for moment thats all she wanted yes she was his and she would make sure everything was to his liking no matter what.

Courtny walked away and sat down and turned around looking at three voice still harsh as ever ''Yes I'am his, as of he's mine..''

Courtny sat at her seat 'That million is mine..Duncan..Gwen..I can't let them distract me..'

Gwen shivered violently and Duncan wrapped his arm around her ''You ok babe?'' Gwen blushed and smiled holding herself ''yeah..i dunno just random shivers?'' Duncan nodded and held her close.

Cody looked at Alejandro and frowned ''Is something wrong with her..she seems?'' Alejandro looked at Courtny and smiled ''She seem's perfect..utterly perfect.''

Serria, and Cody looked at each other and shrugged Serria grinned ''Love is blind'' Cody frowned as Serria dragged him back to there seat.

Heather couldnt take it anymore she need to breath this has been the longest airplane ride ever mostly cause she was bored!


Heather was ranting on about how she doesnt trust alejandro and how statics and stuff ''Duncan and Gwen..ooh! I since drama I can feel it something isnt right and I cant wait to sit back and watch it i mean its about time everyone hopped off my back'' fastfoward''I mean you think Gwen learned her lestin when i did the same to trent and her''


Everyone please come to the winner class NOW. a ha ha ha

Everyone in the losing circle worked there way to the winner class Duncan and Gwen walking in with heads held high with no regrets at all but inside they we're worried wondering where courtny was when they got there they still didnt know which seat she was in.

Heather went in and immediatly started searching for Alejandro, but didnt see him and crossed her arms.

Courtny and Alejandro we're sitting nexts to each other not touching at all ''What nexts..'' Alejandro smiled ''Be patient..let me handle everything..''

Chris came out and smiled ''I realized some of you guys must be bored hahaha well uhm yes this episode isnt getting much ratings and I think we're lost also but anyways! we decided to have a few fun challenges to day not an elimination challenge..but a reward and advantage in your real challenge tomorrow!.''

Heather scoffed arms cross eyes still searching for Alejandro, Duncan had his hands in his pockets ''Whatever'' Courtny bit her lip when she heard him but Alejandro rubbed her hand slightly, Gwen was rubbing her arm, Tyler was stoked and Owen well Owen was hungry.

Serria and Cody smiled awkwardly at everyone they decided they would stick to the dont ask dont tell rule.

Heather looked at Chris ''Where's Alejandro?'' Everyone looked at her werid,she covered her mouth and played it off ''And courtny? i mean I dont see them and we havnt heard from her in almost two days.''

Chris squinted ''Rigggght..well there right there'' He pointed blanly at the two seats. Heather glared 'There sitting nexts to each other WHY! not that I care..but WHY!''

Chris yawned ''While chief is preparing your challenges you guys can sit and relaxs..for now..haha'' Chris left.

Courtny yawned uncaring like Alejandro sat there and turned his head to find everyone nexts to there seats staring at them, He didnt realize all these people would be so annoyed him.

Owen laughed ''Hey Al! how are yeah haha'' Alejandro eye twitched when he heard the nickname and Courtny cought it. Alejandro smiled ''Fine how guys glad to have you winner class much more..alive I guess.''

Heather clicked her tounge with her arms cross '' whats going on?'' Duncan and Gwen we're lestining in only ones not breathing down the two back was Owen,tyler,and Serria and Cody.

Courtny squinted but didnt look at the guys she kept gazing out the window. Heather point an accusing finger at Courtny ''Why are you just sitting there your not known for being quiet!'' Duncan chuckled ''Got that right.''

Courtny didnt even retaliate, Duncan looked at her now his worry begin to show ''Princess? are you ok?'' Gwen felt a thunderstrike hit directly at her heart.

Duncan grabbed Alejandro by the coller of his shirt ''What did you do! you wanna die ?'' Heather pointed at Courtny ''What did he do! you mean what did she do!''

Alejandro raised his hands in defense ''Why do you care? your not her boyfriend and frankly we are just sitting her quietly like we be doing.''

Alejandro gave Courtny a look that showed his realself and Courtny took the hint and stood up her eyes opened and gwen saw the look of hatred and dislike and so did the rest ''Back off Duncan he didnt do nothing wrong...'' Her voice was full of Venom.

Duncan shivered lightly and put him down, Heather glared ''Courtny dont you dare'' Courtny walked closer to Heather in a slow like manner ''I...dare..'' Heather didnt even get to finish her threat she..was intimdate,she let out a frustrated growl and turned her head.

Alejandro smiled softly and pretend to be the voice of reason when actually he wanted Courtny to do whatever she was dared to do, but then where would the competition be right? ''Now now lets now fight..Courtny and I decided.''

Courtny wrapped her arm around Alejandro waist, and Alejandro smiled putting his arm around her shoulder ''well..I think you get the picture..'' Heather nails dug into her palms ''This is some kind of trick Courtny you know he's just gonna use you!.''

Courtny did a ghostly smile '' and he wouldnt use you...?'' Heather mouth dropped ''Fine plan your own funeral! i dont care I DONT''

Courtny nuzzled Alejandro '' I like him..we all know...'' Heather glared harshly ''I'll make sure you get eliminated..''

Heather sat down in her seat she felt..betrayed..heartbroken..she didnt understand these feelings..she didnt understand anything anymore. What was going on?

Duncan and Gwen stood there awkwardly in starstruck, Gwen smiled ''I am happy for you two..truly'' Courtny stood up straight and looked at Gwen dead in the eyes ''Thanks..'' Gwen shivered. Duncan was confused..


''My princess? moved on?..was this our final break up? I mean I didnt mean to hurt her it was in the moment and the stupid camra people mistaken my charlie hoarse for a fucking leg pop! i am a man what the fuck! this hurts so this what courtny feeling..what should I do? I cant i wont..'' Duncan glared at the camra and smashed it


Chris walked out with a hat ''Two rounds first round is a eating contest.''

Alejandro felt his heartdrop, Courtny rubbed his shoulder in comfert, and whispered in his ear '' Even if you fail I can try my best to get you the advantage..'' Alejandro shivered in pleasure had to bite back a moan.

Heather let it be known she saw what she whispered ''Hey ! there cheating! she's whispering somthing to him'' Alejandro raised an eyebrow to Heather.

''Yeah courtny..let us know what the secret is.'' Duncan smirked, Gwen sitting right nexts to him Alejandro frowned ''Cant two couple speak in private.''

Heather glared and looked away, Duncan doing the same he cupped Gwen's cheek and kissed her softly on the lips cold..cold lips..He felt like crying Courtny's was always warm..Gwen kissed him back and blushed ''Ready to lose to me?'' Duncan smirked ''Yeah right..''

Duncan eyes drifted to Courtny and he notice how she was unfazed by Gwen and him 'How can she just sit there when iam dieing inside?'

''First! meal! is...Pancakes drowned in wasabi sauce..and no not cause we ran out of syrup hahaa.''

Owen cheered and down the pancakes in a single bite, Tyler looked at the food and closed his eyes downing the food, Heather bit her lip and took it like a champ. Serria fed Cody his much to his dismay and Duncan imaged the wasabi being syrup and ate it all Gwen gagged abit but ate it.

Courtny didnt even see fazed by it and ate it, Alejandro looked at her with pleading eyes and she ate his food with out anyone noticing even though she came in last.

The Remaining five was Heather, Duncan,Gwen,Alejandro and Courtny.

they had to sit all togeather now in a circle Courtny inbetween Alejandro and Duncan and Gwen at the end of Duncan, Heather at the end of Alejandro.

''What..the..hell..'' Alejandro couldnt fake like he was eating anymore at the circumstances..and Courtny he couldnt damage his puppet so early in the he says

Courtny sat there she didnt show it but her stumach was starting to hurt she didnt know if she could take two plates at a time anymore, she knew Alejandro would have to throw the competition in order for them to win.

Courtny held her stumach abit and looked at Alejandro sadly ''Alejandro..I'' Alejandro nodded and touched her cheek ''I know its ok'' Courtny nodded, she would have to take out three people that wanted her elimanted the most on her own.

''Egg dropping soup haaha and I do mean droppings.'' Alejandro looked at the bowl placed in front of him and pushed it away ''I give I lost my body is my temple I' am not going to destroy it.'' Alejandro didnt move from his spot though. Heather smiled softly.

Duncan rolled his eyes ''Wimp'' Duncan drank the soup imagining it was cold cold horrible chinese soup gwen licked her thick lipstick and downed it also.

Courtny drank it still looking unfazed but her stumach was causing her soo much pain, three more..three more..

Duncan looked at Courtny carefully she changed was harder to read her as if it was easy before gwen rubbed Duncan's leg''One of us is bound to win.''

Heather sipped the soup slowly.

''Wow you guys have dedication I mean Owen is even down..nexts is..rat.''

''Rat?'' Heather repeated '"RAT? we ate shit for god sakes and all you think of is a rat?''

Duncan looked at her '' I seems like a step back but iam not complaining.'' Gwen glared at Heather ''Me neather heather shush before he changes his mind''

Heather glared down at her ''Dont you tell me what to do you two face bitch'' Gwen forgot her situation for a moment and kept quiet Duncan looked at Heather ''You can speak when it comes to bitches.''

''Can you all shut up and can we continue'' Courtney was radiating with annoyance and hate and only alejandro understood why everyone eles didnt understand, her stumach was ready to burst and she was gonna lose to these idiots..she was a CIT and dedicated to her strings no one was gonna get her way not even health.

Duncan smirked ''Didnt know you like rat so much '' Courtney didnt even look at him ''Didnt know you cared so much.'' Alejandro knew she was slipping this pain must have been horrible he was about to call it quits intill she looked at him and he rubbed her back softly and whispered in her ear ''block them out..after this we'll just sit in quiet you and me i promise..''

Courtny loved that idea..quiet..just the puppet with her strings..her puppet was perfect.. the pain subsided well was blocked out of her mind for a moment ''

Chris coughed ''Well..rat..yes..but this one is diffrent.''

He dropped a full dead cooked rat face tail and all in front of them, they started at it with wide eyes and looked at Chris ''Its fully cooked and well its there go go go''

Courtny snatched the rat up and ate it crunching into the bones and tearing at the flesh in a monsters way intill she slurpped the tail up.

Everyone stared at her, she had dark circles around her eyes they knew she was out to win.. ''gross..'' Alejandro looked at Courtny and whiped the side of her mouth of with his thumb. ''Better..'' Courtny felt light headed.

''UGH What is your deal Alejandro!'' Heather ate the rat pretending it was Alejandro ''I know your up to somthing i know it..''

Gwen gave up'' I cant iam sorry I had a pet rat I cant just eat it '' Duncan nodded and kissed her letting her know its alright.

''And then there was three''

Courtny was looking abit green, Duncan looked exhausted and Heather..she just looked angry but thats normal.

''this time its a drink..mix with..seaweed..eggs..something still alive you know what! its whatever its pretty gross looking but smells like ugh i mean it smells good mm drink''

Courtny looked inside the cup and somthing with cute big eyes blinked back at her, she stared at it and it stared back and she opend her mouth and down it and burped.

Duncan and Heather looked at her in shock and then looked at each other then at there drinks they had similar eyes looking at them.

Duncan downed it with out thinking and looked at Heather, Heather looked at the two and frowned ''Shit''

Chris squinted noticing Heather not moving ''er..move it or lose it why are you still sitting there?'' Heather looked at him and looked at the other team memebers ''uh well hey gwen and alejandro are still here!''

Alejandro touched his chest closing his eyes ''I am here for moral support of my girlfriend''

Heather growled out ''Stop...saying that..'' Courtny looked at her with a glared ''Well its true'' Heather grinned her teeth togeather.

Gwen raised her hand ''Same'' Courtny looked at her with psychotic look and grinned Duncan felt alittle better knowing some emotion was showed to the felt sick so blurted out ''Nexts plate I want to win.''

Duncan looked at her ''What makes you think that princess'' Another thunderstrike felt by gwen Courtny looked at him '' What makes you think iam about to lose to a jerk-face''

Duncan saw old Courtny comming back for a split second and immediatly it was gone, Alejandro knew old Courtny wasnt comming back for good but I guess its just a moment of weakness thing Alejandro felt nothing for Duncan he wasnt worried about him in the least bit.

Alejandro pulled her close holding her in his lap head resting on her shoulder, Courtny hand rubbed Alejandro knee, Heather wanted to take her nails and slice her hand but didnt.

''Last meal..Chocolate cupcake with vannilla iceing and''

Courtny and Duncan's eyes widden and they both spoke in sync ''Blue sprinkles..''

Courtny felt emance pain hit her it was the first real date off air that duncan and her order the cupcake for each other as a suprise but ended up being the same..cupcake.

Duncan knew this tugged heartstrings for Courtny because it also done the same for him he looked at Courtny and her eyes for a split moment he saw the hurt he cause, but as fast as it was was gone.

'' it now'' . Duncan looked Courtny in the eyespassionatly ''Feed it to me then'' Courtny took alittle bit of the icing off the top and fed it to Duncan ''Thats all your getting from you big baby i ate mines by myself'' Duncan sucked on her finger and took her hand kissing her softly on the lips tasting the icing and cupcake''mm but iam your baby your right it is good princess I think i' am getting full already.'' Courtny kissed him giggling softly and pulled back ''not after I paid 2.25 for this'' Duncan twitched ''2.25?'' Courtny nodded ''yep'' Duncan yelled ''What the fuck i paid 2.46?'' Courtny blinked and kissed him again ''I love you'' Duncan smiled his attention back on her '' I love you forever.''

Duncan came back from his flashback and grabbed his heart, Gwen paniced and held him close ''Whats wrong? love?'' Duncan felt another pain hearing the nickname

''Love get up we have a busy schedual'' Duncan raised his head ''Like always'' Courtny smiled ''but atleast we can spend them togeather right?'' Duncan frowned ''Whatever''

'''Whyed I do it?'' Gwen looked at him concern ''Do what?'' Duncan looked at her and then at Courtny full of want and regret but saw Alejandro kissing on her neck and looking at him with uncare Duncan then snapped back to relaty ''Nothin heartburn thats all'' '''You sure?'' Duncan nodded kissing Gwen.

Courtny was worried somthing was wrong with Duncan but her devotion was to Alejandro nothing was gonna stop her deffiently not her ex that basicly handed her to him, and he seems happy with Gwen so why cant I be happy?

Courtny snatched up the cupcake and looked Duncan straight in the face, Alejandro still kissing her neck softly she even turned her neck to give him access, she rubbed her finger across the icing the one she used on duncan and sucked it off then ate it.

Duncan looked her in the face, and shrugged ''Whatever I dont like sweets anyways'' Courtny turned around and kissed Alejandro ''Yum'' Alejandro said smiling.

Heather gave Duncan a look.

''well looks like you guys win the advantage which is this a hat'' Courtny got up quickly stummbling and ran to the bathroom.

Throwing up noises could be heard, Alejandro got up and followed her he rubbed her back holding her short but still long hair.

Heather sat in a seat nexts to Duncan and Gwen ''You beat it.'' Gwen looked at her and scoffed ''Dont tell me wh'' Duncan looked at Gwen and kissed her '' I need to talk to heather.''

Gwen glared and walked away, ''That wasnt no heartburn'' Duncan stared blankly ''Whats your point'' ''I want alejandro you want Courtny what are you and me gonna do about it.''

Duncan stared off ''Nothin I got Gwen'' Heather rolled her eyes '' You look miserble with her'' Duncan bit his lip ''Fine...tell me your plan.''

Courtny was rinsing her mouth in the sink. ''Why are you putting so much care into your puppet..I realized I can get you into the final two but really..iam a strong girl i can last long with out your pitty.''

Alejandro looked at her his eyes no longer the friendly eyes the other saw she cought his look in the mirror ''You think iam doing this out of pitty yeah its for me but do you realize i was about to tell you to give up in there.'' Courtny turned around and looked him in the eyes ''Sweet words laced in lies you play your character very this tragic story..''

Alejandro smirked ''The only people who seen me like this are already gone I trust you thats why I actually do like you your more of a threat then Heather but your so beautiful and i wont lie i will throw you under the boat to win but as long as we're togeather you and me will be happy quiet''

Courtny looked at him ''I' am happy with you in the quiet Duncan Gwen Heather they cant seperate us..'' Alejandro placed his hands on eather side of her on to the sink '' I wont let them'' Courtny smiled at him a broken but honest smile.

''You'll win in the end'' Alejandro kissed her for real on the lips and Courtny kissed back running her hands threw his hair.

Tyler opened up the bathroom five minutes later

The two fell out on to the floor Alejandro laying down on the floor holding Courtny well tight to his body, Courtny glared at everyone looking at them '' Hey Al what cha doing'' For a moment Alejandro innocent eyes turned harsh and only Owen cought it.

Heather screamed at the top of her lungs ''What do you think you two are doing?'' Serria raised her and Cody's hand '' Oh oh we nexts we nexts! come heeeereee'' Serria and Cody steped over the two on the floor and dragged Cody's body into the bathroom yells could be heard and pleads.

Duncan turned away to Gwen and held her close to his body 'This plan better work..getting my hopes up..but shes worth it..'

Later that night

Alejandro slept in the chair again Courtny laying her head on his lap by choice i dunno i think she likes it Courtny felt somoone poking her foot she shifted abit in her sleep, causing Alejandro to get more comfertble he kept his hand on top of her head.( not in a perverted way i mean shes not on his crouch but his knee)

''Court..Court'' Courtny peered open one eye and saw Teal eyes pericing at him in the night ''What do you want.'' Courtny was about to turn her head and fall asleep, Courtny eyes got heavy and she saw Heather scooting closer to Alejandro

Courtny rubbed Alejandro leg softly and he opened his eyes slightly pretending to be asleep he stroked Courtny head softly letting her know he's awake.

Duncan was gone. Heather replaced her.

Heather stared at disgusted at Courtny laying on Alejandro lap, and touched his hand softly moving it out of the way, ''What are you doing.''

Alejandro looked at Heather with amusment '' uh nothing its just PDA is gross'' Alejandro rolled his eyes ''trying to sleep go away before Courtny kills you.''

Heather rolled her eyes ''She wouldnt and shes asleep. you tried to speak to me while she's awake?'' Courtny rolled her back giving Heather a psychotic grin '' Duncan tried to speak to me while you we're asleep.'' Alejandro peiced it togeather '' both tried to speak to us but unforunatly you ended up doing it at the wrong time and at the same time as that.''

Courtny giggled ''Pathetic'' Heather glared ''Whats pathetic is that you cried for two days! then instead of winning your man back you took the easy way out! you let it happen!'' Courtny glared at her and grabbed her by the neck in quick motion.

''I' am pretty sure I could kill you and no one on this plane would notice nor care I know your not going to give up but i adore sleep now let me have it''

Heather nodded scared and looked at Alejandro for help but he just sat there, Courtny got off the floor allowing Heather to fall on to the floor she crawled into Alejandro lap and slept.

Duncan stayed hidden Gwen in his arms sleeping lestining to everything that happened 'looks like I got to win my girl back on my own..'

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