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"Colonel, Wait Up" Yelled Sam From down the hall

"Oh crap" Mumbled Jack as he sped up slightly

"Colonel, we have to talk about this! We can't ignore it FOREVER" Sam said sarcastically as she started jogging to catch up to him.

"Carter, I don't want to talk about 'this' AT ALL" Jack said sternly when she was walking next to him

"Ok stop, Im Sorry O.K. I don't know how it happened but…" She started to get upset "But I need to talk to someone, Daniel isn't here, and Teal'c… Well it's hard to talk to him, and you're the only one who understands. I need to talk to someone! Please Sir"

"Carter! Go and find some friends who are female to talk to, Hey I know a good person Janet, she can talk ALL about this with you!" Jack said getting annoyed

"It's not that easy OK," Sam yelled, as she started to cry "Sir, I don't like this just as much as you do! I need someone to help me; I need to find out how this happened! It as something to do with that planet we visited IM SURE OF IT!"

"Fine Carter, what can we say about it" Jack said not liking what he was saying

"I don't know but don't ignore me or what is happening" She said wiping away her tears

"Carter your pregnant it's hard for anyone to comprehend that! Especially me"

"HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL" Sam yelled, starting to cry again

"Carter" Jack pulled her into his arms

"I don't know how this happened, sir" she said burying her face into his shoulder