Hey Sorry I haven't posted in AGES! Been super busy, here's another Chapter anyway… Oh and it's about 3 months later.

Sam shuffled around her house, she was hungry for yogurt but she had run out, unfortunately she had arranged for Jack to come over today and talk about their situation, they should have talked about this before but he had been busy going on missions. She wished she could rearrange it because she was feeling extremely sick today, and it didn't feel like the morning sickness she had grown accustomed to, it was a ache in her stomach, she felt faint and she was constantly running to the bathroom to throw up, the symptoms sounded like morning sickness but the conditions were far worst.

Sam had just sat down when her doorbell rang; she got up with a gasp of pain

"Coming' she moaned, she answered the door, the sun flashed in her eyes,

"Hey" Jack said with a smile

"Hello, come in" She said walking, well more like waddling, to the kitchen to turn on the kettle, Jack following after

"I brought yogurt" Jack said placing a brown paper bag on the bench and reaching in to put 12 yogurt packets in the fridge

"Oh thank you! Ive had been craving them!"

"I thought so"

"Coffee?" Sam asked

"Sure, so, how are you going?"

"Besides feeling incredibly ill, crap"

"Sounds delightful" Jack said sarcastically

"Mmmhmm, how about you?"

"Well" Jack began, although he stopped when Sam ran to the bathroom, her hand waving to him to pause, she slammed the door and he could here her gagging in the bathroom as she threw up in the toilet. Followed by the sound of her washing her hands and gurgling water, she slowly opened the door, embarrassed, 'Sorry' she mouthed, she went into her room and appeared a few minutes later, changed into a flowy dress that hung just below her knees.

"Sorry, you were saying' Sam said looking pale as she stood in the kitchen,

"Im doing fine"

"What?" Sam said slightly swaying and looking dazed

"You asked how I was" Jack said sliding of the stool preparing himself to catch a now very dizzy Samantha Carter

"I did?" Sam said as she passed out, falling into Jack's arms,

"Yep, Ok, lets get you to the base shall we" Jack said talking to a now fully unconscious Sam, as he lifted her up, grabbed his key's and walked out the door

"Sam, Hunny, its me Janet" Sam's eyes peeked open, adjusting to the light, she peered at Janet,

"Janet? What? What happened?"

"You passed out"

"How long have I been out?"

"3 days"

"What?" Sam sighed

"We ran some tests and well, you have a very high blood pressure and it seems like symptoms of pre-eclampsia although it's not the same as we have diagnosed on earth"

"On Earth?" Sam said her eye's widening

"The lady on the planet said you would get sick"

"You think she had something to do with this?"

"Perhaps because the earthling body isn't used to this form of impregnating, I suggested to General Hammond you go back to the planet get cured and then come home, I don't believe its to harmful but we cam always be safe"

"I Go back there im going to kill this Amaunet" Sam said sitting up slowly

"Its that or we could wait it out, but I don't know what to do"

"Ill go, but if she gets to close ill kill her, really I will" Sam said through clenched teeth.