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He was pissed of, darkness surrounding him, but he didn't mind that, he was the Lord of Darkness, the Master of Death and Destruction after all. No, what pissed him of were his so-called 'Brothers and Sisters', the ones who had put him in this cursed void of nothingness. Banishing they called it, he growled soundlessly, for nothing existed in the void, except him. Banished him so he couldn't harm their precious 'toy', the world all of them were supposed to look after, maintaining the Balance of that fragile place.

"But, nooo all they see is their glory filled towns and temples being laid wast by one of My disasters, the soul's of their devout sheep ending up in My Hall. Nothing is meant to last forever, don't they realize that, the cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth keeps the world from growing stagnant." He clenched his fist and felt the pain as his sharp claws punctured the soft skin of his palm.

"The idiots believe that by getting rid of me they can protect their toy, they don't understand, THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND, Death is part of Life! They are going to destroy it far more effectively then I ever could!" The anger drained from him quickly, he couldn't hate and there was nothing he could do to prevent what was going to happen, they made sure he could never return. All he could do was exist and float (which was kinda fun). Time had no meaning in this perpetual nothingness and he was starting to get bored with the occasional ranting, cause let's face it, no one was there to hear it!

"I think I'm loosing my mind … Oh now wouldn't that be great! An insane god of destruction … Hmm, sarcasm, then again I am talking to myself … but boredom does that too …"

"How long have you been hear?"

"Time isn't relative here."

"Oh, you must be really bored then to start talking to yourself."

"You must be bored as well, to start talking to me."

"What if I'm a figment of your imagination? That would mean you're still talking to yourself."

"Then you wouldn't have said anything logical." He cracked open his eyes and looked at the young woman floating in front of him and smiled. She raised an eyebrow.


"So, what is your name and how did you end up here?"

"Shouldn't you give your name first? It's more polite." He laughed and she stiffened, her hand lying on the sword at her side. He could see the anger roiling inside her form.

"My dear, I'm a god, I have no need to give my name to anyone but those who wish to call upon my powers. Though you have power, you are but a mortal." Though he said the words with a slight smile she could hear the underling threat.

"My name is Midoriko, and I am a miko. I have been battling demons for several days, but they joined together, fused into one and grabbed me in its jaws … I reached out to grab its soul, to purify it, but it was to strong, then … then I was here, seeing you and …and …"

"I'll help you with this demon soul, Midoriko. Quite frankly I need something to do and that demon sounds out of balance … that is, if you want the help of a half-mad god of darkness and destruction?" He looked at Midoriko; she seemed a little stunned to say the least. He cocked an eyebrow, as if to say 'well?' and tilted his head slightly to one side. Then the miko smiled.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but, I would gladly accept your aid." A grin flickered across his face.

"Great, lets go, I have a idea to fight this demon and its not going to be easy. I don't have a lot of my powers anymore, as I'm no longer attached to the world I came from, but combined with yours there should be enough to create a balance." She nodded her head somehow already understanding what he meant. She grabbed hold of both his hands as a strange pinkish glow surrounded them both.

As they began to fade from the void, to continue the battle, together with the powerful demon she heard him say, "My name … is Ashtaran."

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