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Honeymoon Trafficking

Part 6 of the Not Over Yet series

Oddly enough her six months forced leave of absence was almost over, it was amazing how quickly time could pass when you had things or rather someone to occupy your time. The first couple of months had been helping Face recover and then after that they had enjoyed an almost normal existence and relationship. She did however really rack up the frequent flyer miles because of that, she had wanted to remain in L.A. for most of her free time but both of them knew how problematic that could be… what if someone tried to get a hold of her and couldn't find her, came to her apartment or something. Thus she made do with traveling. The last two weeks however ended up keeping Charissa in D.C. much to her chagrin, there was some issues with her Father in the VA and then a few friends she hadn't spent time with had demanded her attention.

She was in fact just returning from such an outing with the girls, dressed in a dangerously short skirt and simple white tank top as she slipped her key into her lock and turned it, walking inside her apartment… which was beginning to feel less and less like home to her anymore. Even with the few photos she had around, it was just empty with only her. Something was always missing, Face obviously but also Murdock's laugh and his cartoons too and the occasional drop in visits from Hannibal and B.A.

This time, however, it wasn't missing a certain something. Face was draped over the back of the couch like an old hound dog, smiling at her from the living room, "Good evening." He said warmly, "Sorry to drop in on you like this but I couldn't resist." He held up his trusty lock-picking kit, "I know it's against the law to break and enter, but I figured you'd forgive me. Eventually." He looked down for a moment, "And hey. I missed you."

"Son of a bitch!" She backed up against her door and had gone for her gun… which wasn't there. Being on leave meant not being armed. She took a deep breath and slowly relaxed once she realized who it was, "Damn it Face, give me a fucking heart attack." Slowly the hand that hadn't gone straight for her hip slowly lowered from her chest as she moved into the living room area, "I'm sorry, I got a little caught up in a few things here… I didn't mean to not visit for two whole weeks." She settled on the arm of the sofa and looked at him, "So, you're here just because of that? Because you miss me and haven't seen me for two weeks?" She gave her apartment a quick glance over and breathed a small sigh of relief that it was clean… which it usually was. She wasn't much for clutter and practiced the ways of a minimalist. Just a few family photographs and that was all. The décor was all very clean and simple.

"No, I didn't break in to steal something," Face retorted, mistaking her quick once-over for an accusation of theft. He gave her his most winning smile, "The thing I value most wasn't here when I broke in." Truth be told, though, he'd gotten hungry about an hour ago and had practically cleaned out her fridge. Gone was the leftover take-out, gone was the half-bottle of soda and gone was the last of the jar of peanut butter. So too were the last few crackers in the box.

She blushed lightly, "You're sweet." She mused, "How long have you been here?" She stood moving into the kitchen, she was feeling a little hungry and thirsty… however, "Face!" She peered around the corner at him, "Yeah you didn't take anything alright just cleaned my kitchen out. I knew I should've gone shopping this morning." She got a glass of water and came back in, half tempted to dump it over his head.

"Not that long...maybe an hour or so." Face winced as he noticed her opening the fridge door, "Sorry. I got hungry! What can I say? You know I eat a lot. I promise to pay you back for all of it." he nodded reassuringly, waving his hand, "The beef shiu mar wasn't actually that good, it was really salty."

"That's because it had been in the fridge for a week… I've been meaning to throw it out." She chuckled a little, "Good thing there's a twenty four hour take out place nearby." She grabbed her phone, "And don't worry about it, we'll just call it even for what I eat when I'm in L.A." She waited for someone to answer and flicked water at him from the now empty glass, "Hi. Yes, I'd like to order…" She eyed Face, "Two number sixes, twelve egg rolls, one number eleven, a number seven and two large things of fried rice. No Mr. Ling, it's for two actually. Well one of us eats like a small army I assure you." She laughed at something, "Fifteen minutes? Wonderful, thanks." She turned and looked at him sitting in her apartment in silence for a moment, "Can I just say this is a little weird… you here, in my apartment…"

Face wrinkled his nose, "I was wondering about the texture." He leaned his chin on his hands, watching her move across the room, her body tightly wrapped in the skirt and shirt. He pushed the lust down for the moment, kept it in check, "I do not eat like a small army." He responded, "I eat like a large army. And what makes it weird, being here?" His expression morphed to one of concern as he considered the possibilities, "Uh - I don't mean for this to feel like an invasion of privacy or anything..."

"My bad." She chuckled but then grew serious as he did, "Oh no… I don't mind you here. You've just… never been here before." She sat back down, next to him on the sofa, "I've always gone to your place, even before…" It was odd, but she liked it… in fact she realized she could really get used to the idea of him being here when she came home each day and that both bothered her slightly as well as excited her.

"It's kind of nice here." he looked around again. He'd kept most of the lights off - or on low, so that she'd not be suspicious when she first opened the door, "Now I know what they mean about a woman's touch."

"Really?" She looked around, she didn't think her place looked like that much of a woman's apartment, but maybe he saw something she didn't, "So… does Hannibal know you flew across the country?" She arched a brow at him curiously.

"Hannibal knows I'm in Washington, just not that I'm ...here. Although I think he's probably guessed where exactly I was going." He pointed out, "He's still concerned that he may have gotten you disciplinary action over something we did."

"Ah." She nodded and was about to say something when the doorbell rang, "Dinner." She smirked and went and took care of paying for the food and then headed for the kitchen arms full, "He didn't, none of you did… I could've backed out at any time. He doesn't need to worry about me, I can take care of it." She grabbed some glasses and the bottle of wine he didn't find.

"It's his neverending professionalism, or something, I don't know what he calls it." Face chuckled softly, as he got up and headed to the kitchen to russle up some plates and cutlery. "And we all know how much ass you kick. Just that you shouldn't go down for something we're in trouble for."

"I broke you out, so if I'm going to go down I'm going to go down even if I wasn't part of the gang." She explained, "I guess I need to just be a little more careful from now on. As for my forced leave, that was mostly because I refused to leave you when you were in the hospital…" She still felt guilty over that, "Well and probably because I shot first and didn't ask questions." When she had killed Mugsy she had seen red and nothing else until she was sure the man had taken his last breath, "I think if I actually bring someone in still breathing for once they'd get off my ass a little."

Face had to laugh at that, "All right. We promise to restrain you next time. Keep you from killing somebody. Then again, hopefully we won't have to come to something like that. We do, in our line of work, but you're still well within the bounds of military law, so..."

"Red tape sucks." She said with a nod and sat down, "Now, why do I get the feeling you're not telling me something?" She knew him too well, she knew when he was trying to avoid things it, those blue eyes betrayed him quite often.

He played with a dish towel, "Remember how we got...er...married in Vegas? Well," His voice wavered a little before hardening again, "Hannibal was looking into the wedding joints around the area to see how valid those things were. Wanted to talk to some of the couples that had gotten married in those places. Turns out they're hard to find - and not just because they're too ashamed." He looked up, "Somebody's taking newlywed couples for human trafficking purposes."

She arched a brow, "I knew there was more to you being here than carnal needs." She sat back for a moment, "So Hannibal wants to use our… marriage, " It was so weird to say that, " for an undercover op I take it?" She pursed her lips a moment, "And why is he so worried about the validity of it? Like you said, it's there, it's our little secret and no one has to know. Just like no one knows about us except for the guys… well and Eddie, but he's not a liability."

Face shook his head with a small smile, "Wanted to make sure that your name isn't linked to mine on too many official documents. They know we used to date, but if some guy gets bored at his desk one day and starts looking at our old case, sees a recent marriage...well, we just have to hope they're busy doing other things."

"I doubt it will come up." She said with surety, "It's not like I'm going to change my last name for one thing. And no ring, so we're good." She wiggled her left hand in the air, her ring finger very naked before she resumed enjoying late night take out, "So when do you have to be back… or rather when do we?" She was up for something to do, they hadn't done anything exciting for almost six months now.

"He's still digging up information." Face waggled his cell phone in the air, "I'm waiting for the call. But he said it should take a few more days before he gets all the final details. And then give him a few hours to come up with a plan to get us in and out and clean."

"I hate playing the waiting game." She stood, full and began to clear her place away and some of the food that wasn't crowded around Face, "Murdock isn't by himself is he?" She worried about the Pilot, he held a small special place in her heart, as did Hannibal and B.A. but Murdock just a little more so than the other two.

"Nope, he's actually having a holiday - a real one." Face smiled, "He's using the name Francois de Bouliere and he's a Parisian on holiday on the beach." He grinned, "He sends his regards from San Diego. He'd send you a postcard, but doesn't know your address."

She chuckled, "I'll make sure to give it to him for in the future." She slid up onto the counter and watched him for a moment, "You know… my apartment looks really good with you in it." He just seemed to fit oddly enough, like the missing part of her own personal collection.

He struck a pose, "Really? I guess you could get a bronze statue of me or something..." He mused.

She moved down from the counter and walked towards him, "But what would I do with that?" She arched a brow at him, her hands smoothing up his chest, "I certainly couldn't kiss it." Her lips met his slow and teasing, "And moving it around would be a bitch." She smirked, walking backwards towards the small hallway.

Face put down the dish towel in the sink and, ignoring the delicious-smelling Chinese food on the counter, followed, "You could do other things with parts of me that are always hard..."

She was in the process of getting undressed, her shirt laying forgotten on the floor and her hands now lowering the zipper on the back of her skirt as she looked at him over her shoulder, "Wouldn't be the same… no satisfaction in it." She stated matter of factly as she let the skirt fall to the floor and stepped out of it.

Face just grinned, watching her, moving forward into the hallway, "But wouldn't you try? And you'd try? And you'd try? And you'd try?" He teased.

She laughed, "Maybe?" She kicked her shoes off and looked at him, hands resting at her hips, "But I don't think your ego could handle the inflation of being immortalized in bronze." She teased, turning her back to him and reaching back to unclasp her bra.

"Oh, stop going on about my ego." Face scowled a little, "It's not assumption...it's fact." He grinned again, moving to place his hands on her hips, "Well, it couldn't touch you back."

Her room was as simple as the rest of her apartment, but with a little more color. Mostly blue, it was her favorite color after all and for good reason, there wasn't a lot of furniture in the room either because the large four poster style bed took up most of the space. She leaned back into him, slowly pulling the straps of her bra off her shoulders and arms, "Yes, there is that little detail." She turned, shivering as the action caused his hands to caress her hips, "And I do like being touched." Her tone was low and needful as she slipped her hands beneath his shirt and up over his chest.

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