I can't believe that girl had the nerve to tell me that my name comes from a fairy that doesn't know if it's a dude or a chick. What the hell? And to top it all of, getting caught swearing by my mom, that sucked…. It was pretty cool that she stuck up for me though. Might have a friend in her after all, even if she does say some weird shit.

A couple weeks later, I hear a knock on my front door. "Noah," my mom called from the kitchen. "That should be Rachel. Can you get the door please?"

"Sure, Mom," I call back to her, grumbling about this chick making me have to pause my game. I walked to the door, opening it, when I see a different man with Rachel. This one was taller and black… I'm instantly confused. 'What the hell? Who is that?' I'm trying to figure this out when I hear:

"Bye Dad, I love you. Have fun tonight."

Rachel and black dude, or her dad, hugged before she walked through my door.

"Hello Noah, how are you this evening?" she smiled shyly at me as I closed the door slowly, a puzzled look on my face.

"Uh, hey. Who was that dude?" I figured asking her is the quickest way to get the answers I want.

"That's Josh, my Dad. He's…"

I cut her off, "…the hell? You have two dads? And you say I'm a fairy?" my tone harsher than I meant for it to be. I saw tears spring to her eyes, her face looking shocked and pissed off, before she tore through the house to my room. I ran after her, not realizing that I had royally screwed up. "Rach, wait," I called after her as my bedroom door slammed in my face.

"Leave me alone you miscreant."

Her voice sounded so broken, as I sat outside my room listening to her sobs. Tapping lightly on my door, I try to speak to her in a low voice. "Rach, please open the door. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." As the words left my lips, I saw the doorknob turn. Pushing gently on the door, I opened it to reveal the broken girl with red eyes. I gently closed the door and sat down next to her. "Rachel…" I began before I was cut off.

"You are not forgiven Noah Puckerman. What you said was hurtful, and full of hate. I thought that living here was going to be easier on my fathers, but you just proved me wrong."

I was in awe of how her voice could sound so confident and angry as sobs still wracked her small frame. Tugging her into my lap, I wrapped my arms tightly around her, letting her cry into my neck. "I'm sorry Rachel. I didn't mean what I said. I didn't understand, and I was jealous. You have two dads, and I have none," my voice low as I told her how I was feeling.

Rachel pulled back, looking into my eyes, as if she were trying to see if I was telling her the truth. "You have a mother, and I don't, yet I don't feel the need to lash out at you for that," she stated simply, the tears still flowing down her cheeks, but her breathing getting easier.

"Yeah well. I did have a dad, and he walked out on us as soon as he found out that my mom was pregnant with Libi," the bitterness in my tone evident.

"I'll share my dads with you if you share your mom with me."

I looked at her incredulously, not believing the truth behind her simple suggestion. "Ok, deal," I whispered back, brushing the hair out of her face. As I looked into her eyes, I gently wiped away her tears. 'Damn, she's cute.' My eyes started to drift from her eyes to her lips. I saw on T.V. once that after sappy girl moments like this, it was ok for the dude to kiss the chick, and to be honest, I really wanted to try it. I took her face into my hands and started to lean closer to her. "I really am sorry about hurting you Rach."

Inches from her mouth, I saw her eyes flutter close, mine starting to close as well when I hear: "Noah, Rachel, dinner is ready!"

I growl in frustration, pulling back to answer my mom. "Ok Mom, we'll be down in a sec." I feel Rachel pull out of my arms, attempting stand up. Huffing in annoyance, I let her leave my arms. As she stands I mumbled, "Stupid mother, interrupting me getting to kiss a girl for the first time." I go to stand, looking up at Rachel, who has a look on her face that can only mean one thing, she's thinking.

Rachel leans down quickly, her hands on my shoulders holding me in place. Her lips brush against mine for the briefest second, before she flees from my room calling, "looks can be deceiving Noah."

I fall back on my floor in shock. 'Rachel Joelle Berry just kissed me. My first kiss with a girl was initiated with said girl, and I didn't get to do anything. This shit is so not kosher.' A smirk graces my lips as I stand and follow the path Rachel just took to the kitchen. Reaching the table, I look up to see a slight brush against her cheeks, stunning me. As I fall into my chair, the smirk still in place, all I can think is: 'Beautiful.'

After our first kiss, Rachel and I were nearly inseparable. We had sleepovers, and I even taught her how to play video games. She became my best friend.

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