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Love & Music

People change just like the music through the years. It's inevitable.


What am I even doing here?

I turn towards my two best friends, Santana and Brittany, behind me letting the worry from deep inside me slowly begin to show upon my face.

"You'll be okay, Rach," Santana reassured me as her and Brit began pushing me through the heavy gym doors, "Just remember what you are doing this for."

I turn towards Brittany as her words escaped her lips, a smile appearing on my own. Yes, I'm doing this for Noah.

As my best friends and I took our seats on wooden bleachers of the gym, waiting for the famous Sue Sylvester to appear and start the meeting, I thought back to that weekend of us sitting in the back of his uncle's old pick up truck that he swore he would inherit… right after he passes the greatest test know to man… the driver's test.

I laid there in silence, my body lying across his lap, as he stroked my hair gently with his fingers. We had snuck out to each other late that night, to his uncle's abandoned truck in between our houses, to look up at all the stars. Something I loved to do, and something Noah only put up with for me.

"What'cha thinking about?" I heard him whisper. I changed my gaze from the stars to his barely visible hazel eyes before smiling at him.

"Nothing in particular," I answered readjusting my sore body, not realizing how long it had been since I had moved from that spot, "You?"

His hazel eyes shifted from mine and back up to the sky, "Football," he answered with a smirk. I rolled my eyes, "Typical," I chuckled.

He lowered his gaze and replaced his smirk with a one-in-a-lifetime Noah smile. I couldn't help but let a smile appear upon my lips.

"When's your first game?"

"Considering school has just started, Berry, not for a while. We don't even have the schedules yet," he smirked clearly entertained with what he thought was obvious. I just smiled and slowly shook my head at his thinking.

"Well sorry, I didn't know," I laughed lightly.

"It's all good, Rach," he smirked before slowly leaning his head down to mine to connect our lips in a soft, quick, kiss. He leaned back up against the back of the cab of "his" truck never shifting his gaze away from me.

I couldn't help but slightly giggle at the awkwardness of his stare, "What?"

If I wasn't looking at him at that moment, I probably wouldn't have noticed the quick flash of worry cross the features of his gorgeous face. Worry took over my brain before I could stop the question from my mouth, "What is it, Puckerman?"

The features of his face seemed to calm at the use of his last name, knowing that I only used it when I was serious, and replaced his worried scowl into a smirk, "Just wondering if you were going to come to any of my games-"

I could feel the confusion surface to appear upon my face, "-Why wouldn't I-?"

"-Because I know that you don't like football and… I don't know…" he finished looking towards another part of the bed of the truck. I removed my hand from its firm grasp to his and placed it on his cheek. His eyes turned back to mine as the little stubs of his facial hair bit into my hand.

"Noah, you're on the varsity football team as a freshman-" his eyes began filling with worry. Maybe I should've chosen a different tone besides the disapproving one I was using, "Of course I'm coming to your games."

I placed a small smile upon my face as his smirk began to reappear, "Just because I don't believe in a group of buffoons hitting and tackling each other into the ground for entertainment-"

"-It's not just tha-" I removed my hand from his cheek to place a finger against his lips to silence him before smirking back and continuing.

"Doesn't mean I wouldn't come to every single game I could."

His shocked look from my earlier gesture quickly turned into a look of happiness as he took my wrist into his hand to drag it away to once again kiss me. This kiss lasted longer, and felt more lovey compared to the ones they've shared. Before we got too deep into the kiss he leaned back, too late to stop the whimper that escaped my lips.

He was smirking again, and sometimes I hated that smirk. He enjoyed torturing me… didn't he.

"You know the only thing that would make my football season better?" he smirked looking down at me, not expecting the answer that escaped my lips.

"Being on a team that had a history of winning more than losing?" I quickly took my hands and covered my mouth, my eyes widened at the thought that that actually came out.

Before I could ask for forgiveness he began chuckling. I looked at him shocked that he was actually laughing after I had insulted his team.

"Yeah, I guess that could make it better, too…" He looked at me, amusement still in his eyes, while mine were still confused on how he could be laughing at that insult.

'What I was going to say was," he smirked, a slight edge of seriousness filling his voice, "It would make it better if my girl was cheering for me."

I looked at him truly confused at what he meant, "But Noah, I will be cheering for you. I just told you I would be at every game I could."

"Yeah I know, babe, but I meant like cheering for me," he said searching my eyes to see if I had finally realized what he meant… I didn't, "Like as a cheerleader."

My mouth shaped into an "O" as I looked down at the red number twenty jersey he was wearing, "You want me to… become a cheerleader?" I asked looking back up into his eyes.

His smile could've brightened the entire night sky, as his eagerness poured into his voice, "Well, yeah."

I didn't know what to think at first, I mean, come on. Could you really see me, Rachel Berry, as a cheerleader? (A/nM: I can't.) I looked back at his jersey, grasping the thin cloth in my hand.

"You d-don't have to, Rach," he spoke as if almost feeling the uncertainty flow throughout my body. I looked up to his worried eyes before making my decision.

"Would that make you happy Noah?" he looked at me as if he was confused of my question, and knowing him he probably just forgot what we were just talking about. Playing mindless hours of video games does that to a person. So I clarified, "Would that make you happy if I was on the sidelines of your games cheering for you?"

For once I couldn't tell what he was thinking through the emotions sprawled across his face. Confusion? Worry? Happiness? I couldn't tell.

"It would, but my happiness comes from your happiness," he answered.

"Then I guess that settles it," I announced before getting up to my knees and making my way to the side of the truck before jumping off the side towards my room.

He went into a mild panic as I moved myself off his body, and out of the truck. He was leaning over the side of the truck as the worry flooded the features of his face, "What is settled?" he asked almost panicked.

I just turned and smirked at the unnecessary worry on his face before leaning up against the truck to place my lips against his. I pulled back after the quick reassuring kiss to see the worry wash away and being replaced by confusion. I pushed myself softly off the truck to get a better look at him, "Looks like I'm trying out for the cheerios at this weeks tryouts."

I smiled as the smirk appeared on his lips, "You sure?"

I smiled at his attempt of nonchalance knowing full well that he would be bummed if I would've said no. He jumped the side of the truck before standing in front of me, picking me up in a hug showering me in kisses.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I chuckled as he swung me around, "Now that I got my good luck charm, there is no way we can't win!"

I giggled at his logic before letting finally telling him how late it was and how I needed to rest up if I was going to go to try outs that week. He just kissed me before helping me through my window and wishing me a peaceful night before returning to his own room.

I hissed at the pain now residing in my side as I looked to my assaulter, following my Latina best friend's gaze towards one Quinn Fabray as she walked into the room behind Coach Sylvester. From that moment on, I knew this was going to be one long year.


For it being the hardest club to join at William McKinley, I didn't really find the tryout routine all that hard. It could be the colossal confidence I have in myself talking, or the impressive amount of years in dancing classes, I wasn't entirely sure. All I know is that when the head cheerio walked up to my locker and handed Santana's, Brittany's, and my cheerio acceptance letters we couldn't say we were surprised.

It's not so much of that we're full of ourselves that we knew we would get in, but more of that we knew we were far better than the people trying out. Not that we'd tell anyone that but ourselves, of course.

When school got out we decided to head out to the bleachers of the football field to wait for our boys to finish with their practice. As time went on, and the homework we were assigned that day being already done and packed into our back packs, I pulled out the envelope from the cheerios to read the acceptance aloud once again.

"We are pleased to welcome you to the William McKinley High School Cheerleading Squad. As a cheerio you are expected to keep a 3.0 grade point average and report to mandatory study hall hours after school before all practices, be present at all spirit events through the year (this includes assemblies at school, spirit rallies, and pre-game pep rallies)-"

"-Aren't those the same thing?" my Latina best friend asked the question we were all thinking.

"I guess not," I answered, truly confused myself, "We should ask the next time we have the chance," I suggested before reading on having my friends nod in their own silent agreement.

"Uhm…" I looked for where I had stopped before, "and report to all fundraisers that the school provides. Cheerio related or otherwise. We hope you enjoy your experience as a William McKinley Titan Cheerleader, and we can't wait to see you at our first practice on Monday. See you then! Yours truly, the W.M. Cheerios."

I brought the letter down into my lap as I looked to my friends sitting a step below me, "Dude, I don't think I can wait an entire weekend for practice to start. I haven't even shown Noah the acceptance letter yet."

Santana and Brittany both looked at me in disbelief, "Are you serious?" my blonde bestie spoke out, "When I got mine I booked it to Mike's classroom and interrupted his class as I pulled him out to tell him!"

"Yeah, but you both got detention for interrupting and making him walk out... get pulled out of his class," I replied showing the infectious smirk my boyfriend had inspired me with using.

Brittany chuckled a little at my come back, "Yeah, but it was totally worth it. Mike was just as excited as I was," she smiled behind her own letter.

"Well at least I was generous enough to wait till after class to jump Matt with the news," Santana smirked, "he was so happy he pulled me into the nearest janitors closest and kissed me until I couldn't breathe, and even then he wouldn't stop!"

I watched as both of the girls smiled down at their letters, "I don't know when I can tell him," I spoke out sadly causing both girls to look up at me.

"What do you mean, Rach?" Brittany asked with a sad look accompanying my own.

"Yeah, aren't you two like inseparable?" Santana added.

My gaze switched from my letter to Noah down on the field, a sad smile slowly creeping its way upon my face, "We usually are, but lately his practices and my dance classes have been keeping us apart. The only time we are together is when I get back from my class and he comes to my window."

"Sounds kinky…" my Latina best friend added with slight interest in her voice. I couldn't hold back the slight laugh escaping my lips when I looked up to her entertained look on her face.

"It's not what you're thinking, you perv." We all laughed a little before the silence over took us again and my gaze reached him once again, "It's just, I want to tell him, but I want him to be surprised too."

"Well then jump out of a damn cake if you have too, just tell him already!" Santana shot out in amusement.

Feeling silly for keeping this from him for this long I looked up and smiled down at the number twenty white practice jersey, "Yeah, you're right. I'll tell him this weekend."

"How much cake batter will you need?"

I turned towards my blonde friend and smacked her shoulder playfully, joining in on the laughter once again.

"No seriously."


It felt like hours trying to explain to Brittany that Santana was only kidding about the whole "cake surprise." It wasn't till Noah and the boys walked up the bleachers to where we were that Brittany finally gave up talking about it. (Okay, we finally gave up and told her I'd actually do it if she would just keep quiet the second the boys started up the stairs.)

Noah took the seat beside me before wrapping his arm around my waist to pull me against him for a quick kiss to my cheek. I smiled up at him as I looked down to see Mike and Matt do something similar to the girls below me.

I looked between the three boys before my gaze met with Noah's, "How was practice, today?"

All three boys sighed, and my best friends and I shared a glance between each other. Mike was the first one to speak, "Tanaka is running us ragged for our first game next Friday…"

"I'm starting to get to the point where I wake up, but fall asleep trying to get out of bed…" Matt added as he started drooping in his spot for effect.

I looked towards Noah to see him slightly smirk at his friends, "They are exaggerating. Practice isn't so bad now that we do it every day."

I smiled at my hazel-eyed boyfriend's act of leadership before Mike ruined it, "He's lying… he's the one who is always complaining to us on the field during each work out…" I slightly dropped the weight of my head feeling as if a sweat drop appeared on the side of my head like they did in the anime shows Noah and I use to watch on Saturday nights.

"He's only saying that because he was named co-captain of the football team today," Matt slipped out before covering his mouth with his hand in shock, "I didn't mean to say that."

Before he could add anything, my head, along with the two girls below me, snapped towards the boy sitting besides me. "What?" I asked not sure if I heard correctly.

Judging by the smirk placed upon his lips and the way his hands were placed behind his head supporting him, I heard correctly. "You're co-captain? …of the football team?" I asked in disbelief.

"Don't act so surprised, Rach, sheesh." He replied a grimace written across his face.

"You're co-captain…" I paused gathering the words storming in my head, "of the varsity football team?" I asked once again not believing it.

Noah turned his body, his hands still in place behind him, towards me showing off his signature smirk, "What can I say? I'm not only a stud. I'm a badass."

The confused look on my face turned into a happy smile before jumping on him and knocking him down into the bleachers, "Noah! That's amazing! I bet there aren't many former freshman football players that can say they were captain, let alone co-captain, of the varsity football team at W.M."

He rose himself up onto his elbows, placing his face inches away from mine before answering me in a low, yet seductive, "You're dating the first, babe."

I closed the small space between us to connect his lips to mine in a slow, yet hot, kiss. As the moments passed with us being connected we were torn apart by the laughter coming out from deep in the back of our throats.

"Who-a!" all four of our friends chimed in unison towards us.

"Get a room, or a janitor's closet, or something if you're gonna do that!" Mike shouted jokingly covering his eyes with his hand.

"Yeah, Gawd!" Santana added, "You don't see Matt and I doing that in front of people, do you?" she trying to hide the humor in her voice with fake seriousness.

Noah and I both got up laughing before returning to our spots on the bleachers, "Sorry," I half-heartedly apologized to the group below us.

"Yeah, sometimes being the two hot Jews that we are," Puck smirked, "we can't help ourselves."

We all broke out into laughter for a while before deciding it was about time to be heading home. After each of us sent a text for our rides, we packed up our stuff and headed down the stairs towards the front of the school.

The two couples in front of us walked a bit faster, I watched as Mike and Brittany placed their entangled hands between them after watching Matt swing his arm around Santana's shoulders. They were laughing about something I couldn't quite catch before looking down at Noah's dangling arm beside me.

He must have been reading my thoughts because he stretched his arm out before wrapping it weightlessly around my neck, pulling me towards him. Before I knew it he was kissing the temple of my head and whispering something into my ear.

"Why are our four friends talking about you jumping out of a cake?"

My face flushed as I turned my wide, shocked eyes towards his smirking face. He was clearly entertained. "I-I don't know," I said, my actress skills clearly failing me.

He just silently laughed as we walked up to his mother's idling white explorer. He chivalrously helped me into the back seat before walking around the vehicle to get in on his side. I looked into the review mirror to see his mother smirking at his antics before beginning to pull away as I waved to my friends.

I turned back in my seat towards Noah, as I placed my hand in his, not even beginning to fight the smile that broke out.

As we left the parking lot, he brought my hand up to his mouth and kissed it lightly, I slowly turned away a smile placed upon my face as the blush began to show. I could hear him chuckling behind me, which only made me smile more, before turning my head just enough to see him also looking out the window on his side.

After a minute's silence, Ms. Puckerman decided to break it. "Rachel, it's been a while since you've come over. How have you been?"

I turned towards her gaze in the rear view mirror, and placed a reassuring smile upon my lips, "I have been wonderful Ms. Puckerman. High school has been one big adventure of crazy though."

We both shared a little laugh before talking about my fathers and their well-being. I hadn't even noticed that Noah's hand had removed itself as I leaned forward towards the driver's seat to engage the conversation more.

When we arrived at home Ms. Puckerman parked the SUV in their driveway. (A/nM: Why do they call them driveways anyways? Don't you park in them? A/nS: Only you….*sighs*)

I let myself out, grabbing my messenger bag to hang off my shoulder. I walked around the back of their vehicle to meet Noah. We usually did this when she offered me a ride home from school, when I stayed after to wait for Noah's practice to end, just so we wouldn't have to hear about what Noah calls "her wedding ramblings" when he kissed me goodnight.

Noah hollered over his shoulder as he placed his hand in mine to tell her that he was "walking me home." With a quick "Awww~" She replied back her agreement before adding to "pick up Libi."

If Libi wasn't in the SUV when Ms. Puckerman picked us up, she was over at my house watching T.V. with my daddy. Even though he told me a "white man like himself"shouldn't be forced to watch Mickey Mouse's Playhouse episodes, which we recorded especially for the times she came over, I knew he didn't mind since it was Libi.

Noah and I reached my front door much too quickly for my liking. I slowly turned to let my free hand reach for the doorknob to let myself in before he pulled me back around into his lips. It wasn't an urgent kiss, but it wasn't a long kiss either. It probably could've been, but just like every other time we tried to kiss each other good night, my daddy would open the front door with Libi holding on to his pant leg with a look of disgust planted on her face.

"Eww, brother Noah and sister Rachel are kissing!" she pointed out in pure disgust. I couldn't help but giggle at the cuteness of her statement, but I could almost hear Noah's eyes roll beside me. I released my hand from his, feeling a little sad at the loss of contact before bending down to Libi's eye level.

"Did you have fun with my daddy?" I asked in a little kid's voice, a smile placed upon my face.

Libi's brown eyes turned from disgust to joy before coming walking outside the door, "I did. We watched Mickey Mouse!" I smiled before seeing Noah crouch down beside me holding out his arms to Libi.

"Ready to go squirt?" he asked in a non-mocking tone accompanied by his smirk.

Libi smiled as she walked into his embrace before being lifted up as we both stood, "Yup! Mama said that we get Mac & Cheese for dinner tonight with hot dogs!"

Noah couldn't help but laugh at the pure excitement in his little sister's voice. Oh how I wish I could be five again when you were excited for the simplest things. I smiled as Noah kissed my cheek and wished me and my daddy goodbye. As he turned around Libi turned in his embrace to also wish us a "bye-bye!"

We both watched as they crossed the yard between our houses and waving to us before letting themselves into their own house. My daddy placed a lazy arm around my shoulders and he walked us in. I could get use to a routine like this.


It was Saturday night when I received a two-way, now a three-way, call from my two best friends. It was a routine we had developed over the past few years as we watched out favorite show on T.V. As the show went on the three of us stayed silent unless we were interacting with the show until the credits came on and we talked about how the show was compared to the last ones.

When the conversation on the show died minutes later, Santana was the first to open up the new subject I had clearly forgotten.

So, have you told Noah about your acceptance as a Cheerio yet?

I slapped my forehead for the pure stupidity of forgetting, Cra-p, no. I totally forgot.

Rachel Joelle Berry. Stop procrastinating!

I laughed into the receiver as Brittany chimed in, Were you even planning on telling him?

Of course! I told you guys I was going to.

Well, yeah, you told us, but not when.

I was just busy last night and today, I'll do it tonight for out midnight "date." Promise.

You better. Or I might just tell him myself and get the "congrats make-out" myself. I

could imagine the smirk that was most likely placed on her lips as the silence filled the conversation.

I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that, Santana.

MOVING ON! What are you and Noah going to do tonight? It's not like you can do what you normally do. The stars are taking a nap with their cloud blanket.

Silence filled the wires of the phones before Santana and I broke out laughing. We loved Brittany, we really did, but sometimes the things she said were just so stupid we couldn't help it.

I don't know, to be honest Brittany. We'll probably just sit in the bed of the truck and talk like we usually do.

Wow. That sounds like soo much fun, Rach. Although sarcasm was Santana's middle name, which the saying still confused Brittany every time I used it, I couldn't help but be a little mad. I liked mine and Noah's whispered conversations in the middle of the night. It was romantic.

It really is San. Even though we don't get much talking in since we make out most of the time anyways.

Oooh, what's this? Rachel Berry is growing up.

I could tell by the amusement in her voice that she was making fun of the innocence Noah and I had. Sure, Noah and I had a few hot make out sessions here and there, and I'm sure he would want more, but he always told me how he wouldn't force me to do anything that made me feel uncomfortable… and not wanting to disappoint him, we kept the make outs to a minimum and just shared a lot of romantic kisses with each other. Although, I promised Noah I wouldn't tell any of his buddies, since he wanted to remain the "stud" that he was.

I don't know if I should've been hurt when he asked me that or should've laughed, but I just let it go in one ear and out the other.

As the white-lying continued about mine and Noah's fake make out sessions I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sudden tapping at my window. Catching my breath I turned to see my smirking boyfriend clearly amused at how scared he made me.

I quickly told my best friends I had to go, knowing they knew the reason why, and clicked my phone off. I placed the phone down onto my bed before making my way to my window to silently slide it open. I smiled as the barrier between us vanished.

"Hey, babe." He smiled towards me before leaning down to kiss me.



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