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Love & Music

There are moments that change us for a life time, but there are also moments that can scar us for the same amount of time too.


I began turning the dial on the lock to my locker, constantly going past the little line and having to go redo the combination all over again, until it finally opened. I looked down to open the flap of my bag until I heard the sound of a closing locker in front of me.

I closed my eyes. It's okay Rachel… It wasn't your locker…

I took in a deep breath before raising my head to see a hand resting on my closed locker. I turned towards the owner of the hand, hiding my annoyance the best I could, to find that owner was none other than my two best friends.

Before I could ask for the reasoning of having to get my attention by closing my difficult locker, they attacked me with questions.

"Why didn't you call me back after your date with Puck on Saturday?"

"How'd Puck take the news?"

I felt my self sink towards the ground as they bombarded me with their questions. After a few minutes of nonstop questions they started to breathe again waiting for my answer.

"Uhm, if what you're asking is if I told Noah about the acceptance, the answer is yes."

They both smiled reaching down towards me to help me back to my feet; I looked them confused never noticing that they had made me sink down to the floor against the lockers.

"What did he do? Did he totally make out with you like me and Matt?" Santana asked poking my sides with her elbow as she modeled her smirk.

"Or did you guys get caught by your guys' parents from him being so loud because he was excited?" Brittany asked, clearly not wanting to be the only one who got in trouble over this.

I simply laughed at the reminder of what they did as I finished putting my combination in for my locker. I opened the door and once again began emptying the contents of my bag into it, "He just smiled like an idiot and kissed me a million times telling me how proud he was to call me his girlfriend," I finally answered back placing a smirk of my own on my face.

I finally finished, grabbing the books I needed, and turned around to my two friend's aww-ing me. I replaced my smirk with a smile as I leaned up against my locker.

"It might not have been as good of a story as what happened with you guys, but I was happy that he was happy to be honest. I could never picture myself as a cheerio-"

"Yeah, I know, I can't either." The three of us turned to the interruption that was Quinn Fabray. I could tell my two best friends were glaring because I wasn't. I just looked to her nervously, "Uhm, hello Quinn."

"Cut the small talk, Berry, I'm looking for Puck. Have you seen him?"

Something in my body snapped, and anger replaced the nervous flow within my body, "No, I haven't. What do you want…"

Quinn just smirked as she rested her hands on her hips, "Well, besides needing to talk to him about our science project, I'd like him too."

I don't know if it was the pure evil humor in her voice or her voice in general that made every part of me snap, but I knew that I couldn't let her get to me. I took a deep breath before replacing my glare with gentle eyes and a smile.

"I don't know where he is Quinn. They have morning practice so I usually don't see him till-"

"Hey babe!" I turned my head up towards his as he wrapped his arms around my waist to bring me towards him.

"Hey," I spoke surprised to see him so early, "I thought you had morning practice today."

"Yeah, well, Tanaka took pity on us this morning." I couldn't help but chuckle a little before turning back towards Quinn.

"Quinn, here, has been looking for you," I said putting all attention back on her. I could feel his grasp loosening as he stood up more behind me, "What do you want Fabray…" he asked in his uncaring tone.

"Our science project ring any bells, loser?" she spoke matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, what about it?" my boyfriend answered in a typical "I don't care" tone he usually used towards school.

Quinn's face began turning six shades of red before the bell stopped her from exploding. Noah kissed my cheek before leaving towards his classes on the other end of the hall. San, Brit, and I watched as Quinn followed him yelling at him about the particulars of their project. We all turned and began laughing at her before going to our own classes.


It was the last Friday night home game before the team went on to districts, and like most of the games before them, they won. Meaning: Party at Alison's.

Our dear head cheerleader, being the party girl she was, always threw these parties after each won home game, and after a while… people who didn't even like football came to them. The parties were usually a big hit and gained a lot of attention, but sometimes the attention turned to drama real fast.

I walked through the door, my hand loosely hanging on to Noah's as I pulled him through the door. Some of my other cheer-mates walked up to me with huge smiles before hugging my side as Noah talked to "his boys" behind me, our hands never leaving.

"You're looking hot, Berry," a voice called out next to me. I turned to the latina beside me, my smile beaming at one of my best friends. "Tight jeans and that top," she giggled, "How'd you get out of the house looking like that?"

I looked down to the white, fluttered, halter top that her and I had secretly gotten on one of our many secret shopping trips. I turned back towards her smiling, "Simple," I replied smirking, "I changed in the car."

Santana's grin grew, "Didn't Puck drive you here?"

I only let my smirk grow before turning away to greet another friend, feeling the smirk being directed towards the back of my head. I hugged a few of my cheer-mates before joining in on the gossip already spreading throughout the party as Noah's fingers squeezed my own as he too joined in on his own friends' conversations.

As the night continued, everyone around us began to get more and more drunk. Shouldn't surprise me… I mean this is a high school party. I rolled my eyes before turning my gaze to my incredibly hot boyfriend.

"Rachel!" I tore myself from my Oh my god my boyfriend is fucking HOT haze that he always gave me from time to time to turn towards the piercing cry my Latina best friend shot at me, "I can't find Brittany! HELP me!"

I disentangled my fingers from my boyfriend's hand before leaning myself up on my tip-toes to place a kiss upon his cheek. I turned towards my best friend before linking my arm around hers as we began our search through the crazed party rolling around us.

After what seemed like hours, Okay, minutes… of searching we headed to the last place on our mental list. We walked through the door entering the living room looking across the heads of the people before laying our eyes upon a familiar head of blonde hair surrounded by several unfamiliar male hair styles.

"Brit?" I asked as Santana slowly began taking in deep breaths to calm her already jumpy nerves.

"What are you doing here by yourself?" I looked around at the semi-attractive (A/nM: Oh come on, you know no one can compare to Puck. Lol.) J.V. football team surrounding my highly intoxicated, blonde, best friend noticing that Mike was no where to be found, "…and without Mike?" I added.

"How would Mikey feel if he knew you were entertaining the gentleman of the J.V. team that obviously haven't realized you're dating one of the four freshman placed on the Varsity team?" I asked, emphasizing the last part a little louder than the beginning to let the boys around her know. They guys, being caught off guard by the question at hand, looked at the three of us in fear before breaking away to find other people to entertain themselves with.

"Oh no!" Brittany wailed loudly, tears springing to her eyes, "Where is my Mikey?" she cried out to no one in particular. "I think he got abducted!" she called out grabbing both my shoulders to shake me back and fourth towards her.

"He was here a few minutes ago!" she stopped shaking me as her eyes grew wide, "I lost my boyfriend!" Brittany turned towards Santana before falling onto Santana beginning to cry deeply into her shoulder at the loss of her boyfriend.

"Brit, honey, what are you crying?" Mike questioned as he appeared next to us holding a bottle of water. The three of us turned towards the Asian, all four of us sharing a mutual look of shock.

After a few seconds of silence among the three of us, Mike's shocked face fell into a look of pure exasperation. "You forgot that I went to get you some water so you could start sobering up… didn't you."

Santana and I began laughing as Brittany launched herself at her boyfriend, kissing him hard before Mike joined in.

As the laughing between the four us subsided, I felt two strong arms begin wrapping themselves around my waist. I looked down, already knowing who's arms they belonged to before leaning back into him.

"Hey babe," his deep voice causing me to shiver, "I missed you." I spun around in his grasp before locking my lips with his.

After a few minutes, and the thought of breathing being a good thing to do coursed through my brain, I felt the back of my already small shirt being pulled on.

"Rach, c'mon! It's time for us to start dancing this drunkenness off!" Santana's voice barely making it through as Noah licked the side of my neck. I pulled his face back up to mine, placing a soft kiss on his lips before pulling away.

I turned my head towards him shooting a sultry look at him as my best friend pulled me towards the dance floor.

The three of us began grinding against each other to the beat of the music blaring out of the speakers. My Latina best friend began grinding into me as I ground into Brittany behind me, forming a "grind line"(1). We danced with each other, glancing at our boyfriends from time to time to watch their mouths hit the floor.

I break from the line, pointing to Noah before turning my hand over and gesturing for him to join me. He and the boys picked up their mouths before smirking and shaking his head at me before returning to talking to his boys while watching her.

I huff, turning on the spot to scope out the dance floor. Spotting on of the boys that was around my blonde bestie earlier, I walked up to him placing a flirtatious smile upon my face before asking him to dance with me.

The poor J.V. boy was grinning like an idiot, knowing that one of the Cheerios was dancing with him and actually noticed him. I turned my back to him, leaning into his chest, before grinding myself against him. I turned my gaze just in time to watch my boyfriend's features darken, the rage emanating from his skin.

Trying to ignore the satisfaction I was getting from making him jealous, I removed my gaze from him to continue dancing with the unknown male behind me. As I started to turn a hand reaches out and grasps my upper arm spinning me to face a furious boyfriend.

"What the hell, Rachel?" Puck's furious hazel eyes boring into mine before moving his gaze towards the unknown male besides me, anger flashing in his eyes and clear in his tone.

"Beat it before I beat you," a very scared J.V. player began stepping backwards before Puck continued, "Stay the fuck away from my girl," he continued pulling me slightly behind him, "and tell your buddies the same thing. If I ever see you near her again, I will rearrange your face. Got it?"

Watching the scene take place in front of me, my voice finally began to appear in my throat followed by my pulsing annoyance, "What the hell, Puck!" I exclaimed pulling away from him, noticing him wince at the use of his nickname.

"You were unwilling to dance with me, so I found a guy that was more than happy to dance in your place."

"My problem babe, "Puck spit out trying to remain calm – clearly having trouble, "Is that you're grinding on some random dude. You're MY girlfriend! I don't like dancing, but you know that you can get me out here if you really wanted too." I winced slightly at the truth of his words before replacing a stiff front to him.

"That, and I know for a fact that you were just using this douche to make me jealous. And guess what Honey," he mocked, the hurt barely reaching my ears, "It worked.

My eyes widened slightly at his confession before returning to an angered look. "You made me jealous, and now you're going to deal with the consequences of your actions. Isn't that what you always tell me?"

I finally let my anger drain from me at the realization of the hurt I put him through. My eyes widened at the hurt clearly placed in his. I connected my hands softly with his cheeks before connecting my lips with his. I felt his hands wind possessively around my waist before leaning his forehead against mine. I swallowed the lump in my throat before opening my eyes to his closed ones.

"I'm so sorry, Noah," his eyes opened to mine, the hurt clearly residing there, "I didn't mean to hurt you," I explained my tone soft and full of true remorse.

"I just wanted you to dance with me… I didn't think about how you would've taken it. I am so sorry. Please forgive me," my eyes shining with unshed tears as the knowledge of what I've done rushed through my head.

"No babe," shock clearly shot through my body at his answer, I pulled my hands away from his cheeks to pull away from him, the tears I've been fighting preparing to flow from my eyes. As I turned I could feel the hands placed upon my hips pulling me back exasperatedly.

"Will you let me finish?" he asked glaring into my eyes before I unconsciously nodded my head in response.

A sad, soft smirk appeared on his lips before continuing, "Thank you. I was saying no to your crying. You did this, so you don't get to cry."

I could feel the confusion I currently felt begin to appear on my face as he kept talking, "I understand that you realize that you hurt me, but that doesn't mean you get to cry."

As quickly as his frustration appeared his world famous smirk placed it self upon his lips, "You just get to spend your time making this up to me…"

I raised my eyes to his, unknowing that they had drifted somewhere other than his form in front of me. "Because I do forgive you, Rach. Always."

My smile beamed from my face as I crashed my lips into his, all my feelings pouring into it. Pulling back after hearing all the wolf-whistles and cat-calls, I turned my head as he brought his mouth to my ear.

"Wanna get out of here?" I could only smile to his question, before finding myself being pulled through the crowd and out the door.


Noah knew how I felt about him driving his truck with only a permit, but that didn't stop him from picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder and into the passenger seat of the truck. I heard his feet shuffled against the loose gravel as he ran to the other side of the truck placing himself on the driver's side.

The truck roared to life as he moved away from the curb of the party's house before driving down the street. I sat myself up right placing the now loose strands of hair behind my ear before turning my gaze out the windshield. Once the fact that we were in a moving truck, after eleven P.M., with a non-licensed, slightly intoxicated, under-aged driver behind the wheel, I turned towards the driver.

"Do you realize how many laws you have broken tonight?"

Noah only smirked remembering them all. The trip to and from the party and the drinking was only the beginning. He bent his head towards mine, the smirk still beaming from his lips with his eyes full of humor.

I tried hiding my smile with a pure frustrated and disapproving look in my eyes, but the amusement and adrenaline rush I was receiving from my "bad-boy" boyfriend was clearly winning the battle placed within the features of my face.

I turned back towards the windshield, folding my arms across my chest, "I'd just like to state for the record that I am so against this."

Puck only chuckled at my statement, causing me to glance towards him from the corners of my eyes, "Whatever, babe. You're enjoying this, and you know it."

I couldn't help but giggle at his response, before turning and leaning towards him to place a kiss upon his cheek, "Whatever," I mocked, "Let's at least put our seatbelts on to avoid being in too much trouble."

He could only laugh before reaching over his shoulder and pulling the belt across his chest and into the buckle, me following suit.

We began passing the houses on our block, before he killed the lights of his truck and pulled his truck into the alley between our houses. We quietly unbuckled our seatbelts and exited the truck, making the least amount of noise possible.

We met up at the end of the truck before he pulled me into his chest, kissing me as if he hadn't in years. Once we disconnected from the lack of air, he reached down towards my hand before entangling our fingers together.

He started making his way towards the sidewalk, pulling me in tow. I let him drag me towards the sidewalk before I pulled back on his hand, making him stop to stare at me in confusion.

"Where are we going?" I asked returning the look.

Puck smirked, walking the short distance towards us, "We're going on a walk. Where else would we be going?" he asked as if it were obvious.

I switched my gazes from each end of the street before returning to his eyes, "You realize it's almost midnight, right? It's too dark for a walk."

He leaned down placing a soft peck on my lips before replacing his earlier smirk with a soft 'Noah' smile, "Haven't you ever heard of a Midnight Stroll babe?"

I watched as he clearly showed that he thought I hadn't heard of it before on his face. I only scoffed before placing a smile on my lips, "Yes, Noah, I've heard of it."

He placed his hands around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck, "I'm just wondering why you want to go on one… you never want to do anything at night time… let alone go on something so romantic as a midnight stroll."

"You'd be surprised what I'd do for you, Rach," he spoke as he reached down to entangle our hands once more and leading us down the sidewalk.

He started swinging our hands back and fourth between us to the tune of his humming. I couldn't help my laugh at his song choice, because only he would be humming TV theme songs.

"Been watching your Friday Night Lights reruns again have we?" I asked trying my hardest to contain my laugh.

"You're just jealous because my DVR records it and your dads' shows don't let you."

"I'm quite fine not knowing how the Dillion Panthers did in the play-off's," I said smiling towards him, "You on the other hand have been complaining non-stop that you have to wait for two weeks for it to air on ABC Family… even though you know the outcome already."

Puck just rolled his eyes, a smile barely appearing on his lips.

We spent nearly an hour walking around the neighborhood, before stopping in front of my yard to sit against the old weeping willow. Puck wrapped his arms around me between his legs, leaning his chin on my shoulder.

"You warm enough babe? I can help you inside if you want," I smiled as I placed my hands on his arms holding me against his chest.

I snuggled into his sweater and chest, leaning my head into his neck closing my eyes, "No, I'm warm enough."

After a while of talking about how Super Mario Brother's had no effect on the changes in modern civilization, we sat in silence looking up in the sky through the hanging branches.

I felt his head turn towards me, and after a few seconds I turned mine to the smile placed upon his lips. We sat there in silence, just exchanging looks before I giggled at the amount of silence between us.

"What?" I smiled, quite amused with the happiness dripping from his face.

His smile only grew until he leaned down and connected our lips in a slow, soft, kiss; as the kiss continued the feeling changed into something I hadn't experienced from kissing him before, but from what I've learned from reading countless romance novels it only meant on thing.

I was falling in love with Noah Puckerman.


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