I just couldn't help it. I started to think about it, and finally, it overwhelmed me. So, here it is. The beginning of my 7 part Harry Potter fanfics.

Just to make a few things clear. This is not really a crossover with anything. I may use references from a couple other games, and such. But most of what you'll read here is stuff I came up with. So they're will be no WoW, no Fire Emblem, no Elder Scrolls, no anything else fantasy based beyond a few references for spells or techniques.

Secondly, my Harry Potter fanfics will be taking place later then the actual canon did. The first book starts off on October 31st, 1981. I'm moving it to October 31st, 1990. Why? So I can have a few things that didn't appear in the books.

So, let's see how I do. Hope everyone enjoys these.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter in any way, shape, or form. If I did, Harry wouldn't be a emo from book 5-7. Plus, Ginny would have been featured more in Books 3-5.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Albus Dumbledore, the current Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sighed softly as he placed a small bundle on the doorstep of Number 4, Privet Drive. His long white hair and beard ruffled as a cold fall breeze sprang up in the night, and he pulled his purple cloak around him, stepping back from the bundle.

Next to him, Minerva McGonagall, in her emerald cloak, wiped her eyes from behind her square rimmed glasses. The giant of a man next to her sobbed softly, trying vainly to wipe away the tears from his wild black beard and hair. Dumbledore came over, and patted his arm.

"It will be okay, Hagrid. We'll see him again one day." He said softly.

Hagrid nodded "Y-Yeah... you're right, sir."

Dumbledore smiled sadly, as Hagrid slowly got on the flying motorbike he had rode in on. McGonagall, after giving them both a sad nod, turned back into her tabby cat animagus form, and disappeared into the darkness. As Hagrid rode off into the sky, Dumbledore slowly pulled out the silver cigarette shaped Put-Outer, and with one click, lit the street lights of Privet Drive back up. He glanced at the door step where he had left the bundle, before disappearing with a swirl of his cloak.

All was silent for several minutes. Then, a shadow slowly rose from it's position behind a nearby wall, and slowly moved forward. As it entered the light of one of the lamps, the shadow was revealed to be a male figure in a dark red cloak, with a hood pulled up over his face.

The cloaked figure slowly knelt next to the bundle, and picked it up. Inside was a small sleeping baby with black hair, and a strange lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. The man smiled sadly, as he stood.

"I'm sorry, little one. You have suffered greatly all ready, and yet... more must be asked of you. I hope one day... you can forgive me, Harry Potter," he whispered, as he turned, and walked away with the sleeping boy. Not one of the people living in Privet Drive would ever know of what occurred. Not even the family of muggles upon whose doorstep young Harry had been laid.

It was October 31st, 1990, the beginning of a destiny that would shake the Wizarding World to its core.

9 and a half years later

Two people made their way through central London. They stopped outside some shabby looking offices, as they examined a somewhat run down telephone booth.

One of the figures was a grown man, who looked to be in his early thirties. He had long brown hair, with a beard and moustache. He was wearing a dark red shirt and leather jacket, with jeans, belt, and brown boots.

The other figure was a ten year old boy who had messy black hair. His eyes were covered by sunglasses, and most of his hair was covered by the hood of a blue sweatshirt. He had jeans as well, with blue and white converse high-tops.

He looked at the older man. "Gareth, why are we here again?"

The man, now identified as Gareth, grinned as he spoke with a slight Scottish accent. "Simple me boy, we're here to get you enrolled in Hogwarts."

The boy sighed. "Do I really have to? I mean, I know it's all part of the prophecy, and it's what my parents would want, but still... it's kinda lame magic, you know?"

Gareth became serious. "It's not lame. The magic used by the Wizarding World is potent, in its own way. You just need to find out how." His serious face became a grin again. "Besides, think of the improvement to your arsenal."

The boy sighed. "Fine. So how do we get into this... Ministry?" He asked.

He was answered by Gareth opening the booth. When they were both in, Gareth grabbed the receiver. "Hope that pamphlet was right," he muttered, as he dialed several numbers.

A cool female voice spoke from the telephone box. "Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Please state your name and business."

Gareth grinned. "Gareth Wallace and Ronald McConnor, here to ask for an appointment with the Minister of Magic."

The voice spoke again. "Thank you. Visitor's, please attach the badges to the front of your robes. You'll be expected to submit to a search, and hand over your wands for inspection at the security desk at the far end of the Atrium." Two silver badges slid out, and both Gareth and Ronald pinned them onto their clothes. Both badges stated their names, and their reason for being there.

The booth suddenly began to sink into the ground. The pavement slid past them, and all was darkness.

A minute later, the booth entered the Atrium Entrance of the Ministry of Magic. The young boy's eyes widened., as they were bathed in a golden light.

They stood at the end of a long hallway, with a dark wood floor, and blue ceiling with constantly moving gold symbols. The sides of the hall held many fireplaces, through which witches and wizards were appearing out of, on the right hand side, or disappearing into, on the left hand side. They were accompanied by a flash of emerald green flames.

At the center of the hallway was a large fountain. In the center of it was a group of golden statues. Three of them, a centaur, a goblin, and a little elf looked up adoringly at the other two statues, those of a witch and wizard. Jets of water were coming out of the two wands held by the witch and wizard, the point of an arrow held by the centaur, the tip of the goblin's hat, and the points of the elf's ears.

Gerald and Ronald left the booth, and began to make their way down the hall. Ronald looked around. "Gareth... are those what witch and wizards wear? Those robes?" He asked, pointing.

Gareth nodded. "It is kid, and you'll probably have to wear something similar at Hogwarts."

Ronald pouted. "But how can they fight in those? They'd just get in the way."

Gareth chuckled. "You'll just have to find out later."

They made their way down the hallway, until they reached the security desk. A somewhat portly wizard in peacock blue robes sat there, reading a newspaper called the Daily Prophet. Gareth strolled up.

"We're here for an appointment with the Minister of Magic," he said. The wizard looked up, and raised an eyebrow at their strange garb.

"You have an appointment with Minister Fudge?" He asked, unconvinced.

Gareth grinned. "That's right, concerning a Mr. Harry Potter."

The wizard froze, and his eyes shot to the young boy next to Gareth. "Is... that..."

Gareth shook his head. "My ward, Ronald McConnor. Now, Minister Fudge, please?"

The wizard nodded, and quickly beckoned another wizard in peacock blue robes. That wizard, froze, glanced at the pair, and then nodded. The first one turned back to them. "Please follow him," he said breathlessly.

They both followed him through the security gate, and into a hallway with rows of grille fences for lifts. The wizard led them into one, and quickly closed it before anyone else could get on. "Urgent. Use another one," he said to a witch, who was complaining about being cut off. The wizard hit a button, and the lift headed upwards, bypassing several levels.

As the elevator stopped, the cool female voice rang out. "Level one. Executive offices, and the office of the Minister of Magic."

Here they were escorted out, and quickly down a very neat and carpeted hallway. The walls were lined with moving portraits, and various doors with name plates on them.

They eventually reached the end, where the hallway opened up. A witch sat at a desk outside a golden door, humming as she wrote something out with a quill pen. She looked up as the panting security wizard approached. "Wilkens, is something wrong?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

The security wizard took a deep breath. "These two are here for a meeting with Minister Fudge... about Harry Potter."

The secretary witch's eyes widened, and she quickly stood up. "One moment please." She turned, and after a hurried knock, entered the Minister's room. Not a minute later, she was back out. "The Minister will see you now."

Gareth grinned, as they headed inside.

The office of the Minister was well furbished. There was a fireplace, a couple of bookcases along the wall, and several portraits of the previous Minister's. A large desk was near the wall opposite the door, with two chairs in front of it.

Behind the desk, Cornelius Fudge stood. He was somewhat short and portly, with rumpled gray hair, and business like robes. He anxiously smiled, as he came over, and shook Gareth's hand. "Welcome, welcome, Mr..."

"Wallace, Mr. Fudge, Gareth Wallace. And this is my ward," he said. Fudge shook the young boy's hand as well.

"It's good to meet you both. Please, sit, sit." Fudge waited for them to sit, before moving behind his desk. 'Now, umm.. I understand you are here concerning young Harry Potter?"

Gareth nodded. "Yes, I am. But I sense you wish for me to wait." He had noticed Fudge eyeing the fireplace.

"Yes, actually, if it concerns Harry. There is someone I feel who deserves to be here for this. Someone with a great interest in the boy, and who has been looking for him for a long time."

Before they could speak, the fire roared up, and turned green. And from it stepped the tall form of Albus Dumbledore. His twinkling blue eyes swept the room, pausing on the young boy seated in front of the Minister's Desk. "Cornelius. I came as soon as I got your Floo," he said as she stepped forward, his blue robes rustling, and his half moon glasses twinkling.

Cornelius nodded. "Yes, Dumbledore. Sorry about the short notice, but these gentlemen here arrived unexpectedly, and mentioned Harry, and well... you know." He said anxiously, returning to his own seat.

Gareth nodded. "Yes. I came here to talk about young Potter. Or rather... his current whereabouts."

Immediately, the air crackled with tension, as Dumbledore straightened. "You know where he is?"

Gareth nodded. "I should, considering it was me who took him off the Dursely's doorstep all those years ago. And before you hex me," he added quickly, as Dumbledore went for his wand, "I meant no harm to Harry. Rather, I had nothing but good intentions. But in order to explain, I must tell you some other things first."

Dumbledore remained tense, even as he slid his wand back into the pocket of his robes. Cornelius, who was sweating, nodded for Gareth to continue. Gareth slowly stood.

"First off, let me tell you all who I am, exactly. I am Gareth Wallace, Master Battle Mage of the Battle Mage Sanctuary for the United Kingdom." He pulled out a small ring, with an emblem on it. It was a sword, surrounded by symbols for fire, water, air, earth, and lightning. He slipped it onto his ring finger, as he continued. "The Battle Mages are a secret organization that has been around before even Wizards and Witches existed. We have been safeguarding the most ancient and powerful of magicks since the dawn of magic wielders."

Dumbledore's eyes widened, while Fudge looked confused. "I... I'm afraid I'm confused. Battle Mages? I've never heard of them."

Gareth smirked. "Allow me to explain. Magic is as old as this planet is. Some of the early humans managed to tap into it, and they became the first magic users. Usually, their powers didn't go beyond healing, or being able to see things that others couldn't. They became shamans, wise men, or druids for the tribes and clans. Others had greater powers though, and they were like deities. The ancient Greek, Norse, and Egyptian deities? They are tales of ancient magic wielders, blown out of proportion."

"As time went on, many more magic wielders appeared. Most were skilled in harnessing and using the most primal of magic, the ability to manipulate the very elements. These were the first mages, or Magus, as we call them. For most of the Ancient part of Earth's history, they dominated the world of magic, often aiding their countries in battle, leading to the creation of the Battle Mage. Often, the greatest Mages were on the councils for kings and Emperors. But that's not to say other magicks didn't exist. It was a young Anglo magic wielder named Merlin who began refining magic, and using it in ways the old Magus could never understand. He was the first real Wizard."

The Minister and Dumbledore sat there, in rapt silence, as Gareth continued. "He spent decades studying magic, altering it and using it to create new spells, ones channeled through a staff or wand. He began creating magic spells that did more than simply alter the course of a battle. Soon, he began spreading his teachings, and more and more wizards and witches appeared. Eventually, magic was split into two different schools: The Magic of the Magus, and The Magic of the Wizards."

"Unfortunately, the non magical people began to fear the power they once held in awe. Religions and superstitions began to turn them against magic. When the Roman Empire collapsed, the last control slipped away, and the Dark Ages began. As you know, Merlin taught his followers to hide their abilities, so they could still live amongst their neighbors. He quickly sided with the young King Arthur, and from there, was able to begin establishing a new order and home. For the Magus, things became different. We Magi cannot simply hide our powers, like the Witches and Wizards can. So instead, the great Elders of the Mages divided those Mages who had escaped amongst themselves, and started secret Sanctuaries throughout the world. There, they honed their skills, and watched over their countries."

Gareth sat back down, amidst silence. No one spoke for several moments, before Dumbledore spoke up. "I had heard rumors... ancient stories of these... Magi... but I never knew they were true."

Gareth nodded. "They are... or aren't, depending on what you've heard. For the most part, Mages are simple to understand. Our magical powers are primarily focused on manipulating or conjuring elements to our advantage. However, we're also skilled in metallurgy, alchemy, potion brewing, herb lore, and rune stones. Lastly, each Battle Mage is also skilled in a hand to hand weapon."

Fudge began to wipe the sweat from his forehead. "Ermm... rather.. Impressive... but... what does all this have to do with Harry Potter, and you taking him from the Dursely's doorstep?"

Gareth nodded. "I've come to that. You see, around fifty years ago, one of the Elders in a Sanctuary in Italy discovered, and translated an old text he found, written in the ancient language of the Magus. It spoke of a prophecy, of a time where the worlds of magic and non magic would be shrouded in darkness, that threatened to engulf and destroy all. It also spoke of a young champion, who would lead both forms of magic back together, and destroy this darkness. A boy who was born in the waning of the summer season, whose mother was a beautiful flower, his father a proud warrior."

Gareth smile became sad. "We kept our eye out for any such child. And find one we did. Two children were born late in the month of July, the beginning of the end of summer. Both had proud warriors for dads, as both their father's were... aurors? I believe that is what you call them. But only one had a beautiful flower for a mother."

"Lily Evans," Dumbledore whispered, understanding crossing his face.

Gareth nodded. "Yes. Lily Evans. Her son is the one who was prophesied long ago to be the champion of Mage and Wizard alike. Harry Potter is the Chosen One... and that is why I took him, to begin his training in the Magus arts."

Dumbledore tilted his head down a bit, looking over his glasses. "Well, I can see the value of that, but... why did you not come forward with this information before? Why did you just take Harry?"

Gareth sighed, as he held his hands out to the side. "Would you have believed me if I had come up to you, and told you what I've just told you? Or would you have believed me a supporter of your Lord Voldemort?"

Dumbledore slowly nodded. "I see your point. But still, I must ask that you present Harry, so I know he is all right."

Gareth smiled. "Ask him yourself." He pointed to his companion, who slid his sunglasses down, revealing emerald green eyes. He also pulled his hood down, revealing his messy black hair, and a thin lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

Both Fudge and Dumbledore were shocked, as Harry waved. "Hi."

Dumbledore blinked. "So, it was a deception, as I thought," he said softly.

Gareth nodded. "I knew that we would never get to the Minister in one piece, if everyone knew it was Harry with me. Sorry for the deception."

Fudge sputtered, but stopped as Dumbledore approached Harry. "... Gareth... how can I be sure this is Harry Potter? For all I know, you've disguised someone as him."

Gareth chuckled. "I believe you have something for causing someone to tell the truth. Harry and I will gladly submit to this."

Fudge nodded. "Yes. Veritaserum. I'm sure that for a situation like this, it would be acceptable to use it," he said, as he called his secretary.

Within minutes of the request, a witch in dark green robes entered with a vial of clear liquid. Fudge indicated Gareth and Harry, who both nodded. She came over, and carefully administered two drops to each of them.

Dumbledore waited a moment, and then came over to Harry. "Are you Harry James Potter, born on July 31st, 1989?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, I am. I am Harry James Potter, Apprentice of the United Kingdom Battle Mage Sanctuary."

Dumbledore slowly nodded. "Did you willingly join the Battle Mages?"

"Yes. Gareth has been like a father to me, raising me since I was brought there by him. He has taught me much," Harry intoned.

Dumbledore turned to Gareth. "Is what everything you told Minister Fudge and myself true?"

Gareth nodded. "Absolutely," he said in the same monotone. "The Battle Mages seek to ally with the Ministry, to deal with whatever threat is coming."

Dumbledore sighed softly. "Minister, they are telling the truth."

Fudge slowly nodded. "I see. Though I'm not sure I like it. What darkness are they talking about?"

Dumbledore turned to him. "I do not know. Though I do have a theory. But I cannot trust it, not yet. Whatever it is, it must be bad. Minister, I think it might be a good idea to bring this up before the Wizengamont, and if they accept it, then you might want to call a meeting of the International Confederation of Wizards."

"Yes... yes... it will take time, and we'll need the ranking members of these Battle Mages to do so." He turned, and began looking some files in his desk. "For now, I think you should take care of them. I will submit a form for a meeting of the Wizengamont later today." He said.

Dumbledore nodded as he gave both Harry and Gareth an antidote. When they both shook off the stupor, he nodded to them both. "Harry has been registered for Hogwarts since his birth. But if you'll follow me, I will get you a list of what he'll need for the school year."

Gareth stopped him. "I have a request. I'd also like to register my son, Travis, for Hogwarts. He's a year younger then Harry."

Dumbledore blinked, before smiling, his eyes twinkling. "I'm sure we can fit him in."

He led them out, while Fudge nervously wiped his forehead. "What have we gotten ourselves into?" He asked, before searching through his desk again. "Well, it doesn't matter. Allying with these Mages are sure to earn me a boost in approval ratings. Especially if they do have some rare artifacts." He smiled at the thought, as he went back to work.

Battle Mage Sanctuary, 3 days later

Harry Potter stretched softly, as he sat in one of the many training halls of the Sanctuary.

The Battle Mage Sanctuaries were simple in design, though each varied due to their location, and the nationalities. The Sanctuary located in Scotland was built underground, with a cave guarding the main entrance, and the other being underwater.

The Sanctuaries were several stories high, usually consisting of giant halls that were open up to the ceilings, with stone walkways that crossed from one side to the other. The lower levels were filled with training rooms, armories and blacksmiths, libraries, potion brewing rooms, and rune rooms, where rune stones were made and tested.

The levels above held the rooms for the mages, as well as meditation rooms, a pair of amphitheaters, and the room of the Elders.

Harry slowly picked up the brown cloak that denoted his rank in the Mages for the past five years. Brown represented the level of Apprentice, of those who had started the training of the Mages. Above them were the blue clad Acolytes, black clad Disciple, red clad Masters, and the white clad Elders.

He slowly placed his cloak around his shoulders, and then picked up his wooden training sword, the only weapon Apprentices were allowed to use. He took a deep breath as he left his room, stopping as he saw two figures waiting outside the room. He smiled, as the smaller one stepped forward. "Hey Travis."

Travis Wallace grinned. "Hey big bro! Ready to go?" Travis Wallace was Gareth's son, who had been born a few months after Harry had been brought to the Sanctuary.

Travis took after his dad in appearance, though his brown hair had a red tint to it, and his eyes were bright blue, in comparison to his father's dull green.

Harry looked to Gareth, who was clad in his dark red cloak with gold lining and trim. "How are we going to get there? I don't think muggles will really appreciate us in cloaks and with swords, so I know we're not getting on the train."

Gareth grinned. "Didn't I tell you? We got a message last night. The Wizengamont finished their discussions, and after talking with the Elders from here, came to a decision. By majority vote, they agreed to ally with us. And because of that, our Sanctuary has been added to the... Floo network? I think that's what it is. Of course, we made sure to set up special rune stones to keep unwanted people out. So, we're going that way."

Harry blinked. "Wow... okay then," he said, grinning.

The three of them went to one of the libraries, which had fire places in them. When Travis and Harry asked about this, Gareth smiled. "Well see, we're using these rooms until we set up a room for the sole purpose of Floo travel. For now, this will have to do."

They entered, and Gareth blinked as he looked at a pot of sparkling dust. He sighed softly, as he took some out. "Okay. From what I understand, you just throw it into the fire, and say where you want to go. Make sure to be clear about it."

With a mutter of 'I hope this works', Gareth threw his handful of powder into the flames. They turned green, and he entered. He coughed, before shouting out, "Gringotts!"

He disappeared with a whoosh. Both Travis and Harry blinked, and looked at each other, before pointing. "You first."

Gareth coughed as he landed on his hands and knees. He spat out some ash before standing up. He stumbled out just as the fireplace flared up again, leaving Harry coughing and stumbling out as well. Travis soon followed, except he fell. "What the heck is wrong with these people?" He gasped out.

Gareth looked up, only to find they were being stared at by witches, wizards, families, and many goblins. He waved his hand. "Don't mind us. Just never used a Floo before." He said, as he stood up.

A goblin came over as Travis and Harry recovered. "May I help you, Sir?"

Gareth nodded, as he bowed. "May your hearth burn warmly, and your vaults stay filled." He said. The goblin blinked, and bowed back.

"May your blade stay sharp, and your kin remain safe. You know the formal greeting of goblin kind," he stated, surprised.

Gareth smiled. "I thought it respectful. Now, if you would be so kind, we're here to withdraw money from Mr. Potter's account. Here is his key." He held it up, and the goblin nodded.

"Very good. If you'll follow me please." He said, as the goblin turned, and led them past a row of desks and onto a stone platform. A rail system ran in front of them.

The goblin whistled, and a rail cart with no driver appeared. "Please enter the vehicle, and try to keep yourselves inside until we stop."

They all piled in, and the goblin touched the cart. It started off down the track.

The three mages inside the cart looked around in wonder, as they passed caverns and underground waterfalls. Harry blinked, as for a moment, he saw a dragon. "Excuse me, Mr... uhh..."

"Griphook. My name is Griphook," the goblin said.

"Do you have dragons down here, Mr. Griphook?" Harry asked. Griphook chuckled darkly.

"If you ever decide to try and rob Gringotts, you'll find out for yourself," he said with a grin. Harry and Travis trembled slightly.

Eventually, the cart began to slow down, before it stopped outside a vault. Griphook got out, and when they had as well, held out his hand. "Key please?"

Gareth handed it over, and Griphook unlocked the vault. All three of their eyes went wide, as they beheld mountains upon mountains of gold, silver and bronze coins.

Harry slowly stumbled in. "What are they?" He whispered.

Griphook smiled. "The gold ones are Galleons, silver are Sickles, and bronze are Knuts. There are twenty-nine Knuts to one Sickle, and seventeen sickles to one Galleon. Which means that four hundred and ninety-three Knuts equals one Galleon."

Harry blinked, and looked at him. "And all this is mine?"

Griphook nodded. "Yes. It was set aside for you, to get you through your seven years of Hogwarts, and a bit afterwards. The vault that belonged to your mother and father is unfortunately sealed, with instructions that you do not receive its contents until your seventeenth birthday."

Harry stopped, and then nodded. "Right," he said softly, as he began to gather coins into a money bag.

Twenty minutes later, the three of them stepped out of Gringotts. Harry turned back, looking at the marble white building. Then he looked around at the busy street, lined with buildings. "Wow."

Gareth nodded. "Yeah. All right Harry, what do we need to get?"

Harry blinked, and then pulled out a letter he had been given by Dumbledore. "M'kay... I'm going to need to get a bunch of books, some clothes, a wand, a cauldron, phials, a telescope, a set of brass scopes, and I can have an owl, toad, or cat familiar."

Gareth nodded. "Okay. Let's get all the essentials first, and worry about a familiar later. Especially since you all ready have Blaze."

The three of them headed first into a shop called Madame Malkins, which sold robes for all occasions. A short, squat witch smiled as they entered. "Are they here for Hogwarts?" She asked.

Gareth indicated Harry. "Only him. This one's not till next year." He ruffled Travis's head through his cloak hood.

Harry slowly removed his cloak and sword, and stood on a stool. Madame Malkin pulled a long black robe over him, and began to pin it onto him. About a half hour later, she presented him with three black robes, a pair of dragon leather gloves, and a black cloak with silver fastenings.

They continued down the street, buying everything else, until he needed his books, wands, and a familiar. Harry looked up, as they arrived at Flourish and Blotts, the bookstore. He looked at Gareth, who chuckled. "Nice name."

They entered, and gaped at all the books. "Wow... that's a lot of books," Harry said.

Gareth grinned. "Let's go wild."

Harry grinned, as he headed to one side, examining the books on the shelves. He was so enthralled he didn't notice the figure coming at him. There was a thud, and two "oof's".

Harry managed to catch himself, but the other person wasn't as lucky. There was a female squeak, as a young red head landed on her rear. "Owww... hey watch where you're going!"

Harry quickly held out his hand. "Sorry. I was just amazed at all these books, and I wasn't looking."

The girl in front of him grumbled, as she took his hand. "Yeah, well you should be more careful," she muttered. She was about to say more, when a older sounding female voice echoed through the store. "Ginny Weasley, where are you?"

The red haired girl glanced at Harry, then turned and walked off. Harry watched her.

"..." He shrugged, and went back to looking for his books.

Within half an hour, the trio stood before the wand store on the street. "Ollivander's," Travis said, looking over the sign, "Maker of Fine Wands since 382 BC. Kinda shabby looking."

Harry shrugged. "Well, let's get this done."

They entered the store, which was lined with boxes upon boxes. It was quiet, and immediately they all felt that talking would be wrong.

"I was wondering when you would come." They all jerked in surprise, as an old man seemed to appear out of nowhere before them. He was looking at Harry. "I've been expecting you for some time. Though I am a bit surprised. You seem... different then what I was anticipating. I am Mr. Ollivander."

Harry shivered ever so slightly, as Ollivander moved to the boxes. "It seems like it was only yesterday I was in here helping your parents choose their wands. Your father had a mahogany wand. Eleven inches, very pliable, and good for Transfiguration. Your mother seemed to prefer a willow wand, ten and a quarter inches long. Good for charm work, much like her."

Ollivander opened a box, and glanced at Harry's forehead. "And I will never forget that one... the wand that gave you that scar."

"Voldemort's," Harry whispered.

Gareth blinked as he thought back to a conversation he had with Dumbledore at the Ministry.


Dumbledore had pulled Gareth aside before he and Harry had left the Ministry. "If you wouldn't mind... I would like to know how much you have told Harry about his past and the prophecies?"

Gareth sighed. "We've told him what we know about his parents, which isn't much. Mostly just things we could learn from friends. But it's not a whole lot. However... concerning Voldemort and the Magus prophecy... he knows everything."

Dumbledore sighed softly. "Why? He is a child. He should not be burdened with such things."

Gareth shook his head. "I disagree, and so did our Elders. We have trained him, and we decided he deserved to know exactly what his life had in store for him. He was shaken, I will admit. But he has already started to accept his role, and it has not changed him, except making him more determined to become the best he can be. You should have more faith in him."

Flashback ends

Ollivander nodded. "Yes. Yew, thirteen and a half inches. Very powerful... and in the wrong hands... deadly." He held out the box in his hands. "Every single one of my wands has a core, created by combining very powerful substances. We use unicorn hair, phoenix feathers, and dragon heartstrings. No two Ollivander wands are the same, just as no two unicorns, phoenixes, or dragons are the same. Try this one. Beechwood and dragon heartstrings."

Harry touched the wand, and immediately pulled back. "No... nothing. I felt nothing."

Ollivander nodded approvingly. "You apparently have a better understanding of magic then I anticipated. Good. Now this, maple and phoenix feather."

Harry touched it, and again shook his head.

Slowly, the pile of discarded wands grew. Again and again, each wand wasn't right. Harry grew frustrated, while Travis watched, curious. "Mr. Ollivander? What exactly are you looking for?" He asked.

Ollivander chuckled. "Ahhh, my young boy. That is the great mystery. You see, there is no way for me to know which is the right wand for young Mr. Potter here. Wands are not chosen. They do the choosing. It is an unexplained phenomenon of magic, my boy."

He stopped, as his hand rested on one box. "...perhaps." He whispered, as he came over with it. "Holly and phoenix feather. 11 inches. Nice and supple. Try it."

Harry touched it, and his eyes widened. He gripped it, and picked it up. Almost immediately, a powerful aura surrounded him. His cloak began to billow around him, as his hand shook slightly, holding the wand.

Gareth, Travis, and Ollivander looked in awe as the aura settled, and his cloak returned to normal. Harry grinned. "This is the one." He whispered.

Ollivander nodded. "I thought so. Such a strange occurrence." He said, as he took the wand, put it back in its box, and wrapped it. Travis blinked.

"Why is it strange, Mr. Ollivander?" He asked. The old wand maker turned to him.

"I remember every wand I've ever made and sold. The phoenix who gave the feather for this wand gave one other feather. A feather that I put into a wand I sold many years ago... to the one who gave Mr. Potter that scar."

Everyone was silent, as Ollivander nodded. "Yes... your wand, Mr. Potter, shares a connection with that of one of the most powerful Dark Wizards in history."

And this seems like a good place to end.

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