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Chapter 11

Years End

Harry groaned softly as he felt himself drifting out of unconsciousness. His whole body ached, and his head was pounding. But it could be worse, right? He slowly cracked his eyes open, and immediately closed them again. Yep, definitely worse, he thought, his head hurting even more now.

He slowly took a deep breath, and opened his eyes again. He glanced around, trying to figure out where he was. Judging from all the white beds, the collapsible frames with curtains, and the medicinal looking potions on nearby shelves, he was in the Infirmary. Neville was sleeping several beds down from him.

He grunted softly, glancing around before reaching for his glasses on a bed side table. He slid them on, blinking as things came into focus. Including the massive pile of candy at the foot of his bed. He blinked at it, confused, until a voice answered his unasked question.

"Gifts from your well wishers," Dumbledore said, as he came over. "What happened between you and Quirrel was a secret, so naturally, the whole school knows." He chuckled softly, sitting down next to Harry. "I must say, Harry that you performed exceptionally for someone your age, against a full grown and well trained Dark Wizard."

Harry just nodded. "That battle just showed me I still have a lot to learn. Quirrel caught me off guard with that last spell. I'm betting Voldemort would have been a hundred times worse." He glanced at Dumbledore. "Professor...what happened? I saw Voldemort's...spirit? It left Quirrel. What happened after that? And how long have I been here?"

Dumbledore smiled. "What happened, my dear boy, is that Voldemort realized he was outmatched. So he retreated, to wait for his next chance at returning. Afterwards, I brought you here. You've actually been unconscious for only a day. As for the stone, well that is something I think you'll find most interesting. Originally, myself and Flamel were intending to destroy it. However, after talking with Gareth and the Battle Mages, we have entrusted it into their care. Even now, the Mages have secreted it away somewhere for protection. Though I do believe they'll thoroughly study it as well."

Harry nodded quietly, as he laid back. "Well, that's good. Though I'm probably in a lot of trouble with him and my mother," he said quietly.

Dumbledore smiled. "I'm afraid so. While your actions were noble, and you did keep Voldemort from getting his hands on the Philospher's Stone, I'm afraid that you were breaking the rules. You should have told someone what you were doing. While I normally would take points away for the rules you've broken, I think that I can let you off with a warning this time, considering the service you three did for the school, and what happened to you and Mr. Longbottom. From what I've heard, both Professor McGonagall and Flitwick were greatly impressed that you and your friends got past their contribution to the Stone's defense."

Harry nodded quietly. "Thank you Professor. I just wish I could have kept Neville form getting hurt."

Dumbledore nodded. "The wound was rather painful. But Madam Pomfrey healed it quickly. So do not worry about it." He smiled quietly, before becoming serious. "I'm afraid though that what I feared to be true has now been proven. Voldemort is still alive. We must prepare Harry. For I fear that he will find a way to return to his body. And when he does, he will come for you."

Harry nodded quietly. "I know Professor. And I'm going to be ready for him."

Dumbledore smiled sadly. "Alas...fate is cruel that one so young must bare so much weight upon his shoulders," he said quietly, before the twinkle returned to his eyes. "Now, enough of this grim talk. I do believe you have gifts to take care of."

The aged wizard moved to the pile of candy. "You know, I was once quite fond of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. Until I came across a vomit flavored one in my youth. But I suppose I shall be safe, with a nice toffee flavored one." He opened one of the boxes, and pulled a golden brown jelly bean, before popping it into his mouth. He chewed on it, before commenting, "Alas...earwax." He smiled at Harry, who chuckled back.

However, his merriment was interrupted by a figure that came flying into the room and pulling him into a bone crushing hug. He gasped for breath, as he heard sobbing coming from the one squeezing the breath from him.

"Oh my poor boy! You're alright!" Marian Wallace wailed, hugging her adopted son. Coming in more slowly behind her was Gareth and Travis, who waved to Harry.

Marian continued to hug him. "Are you alright baby?" Harry nodded, and in an instant the hug ended. "Then you are in so much trouble when we get home mister! Going and doing something so dangerous! How could you?" She said, scolding him.

Harry sighed and mentally rolled his eyes as he took her scolding. It was the price one must pay when you do stuff like he did.

When his wife finally finished, Gareth came over. "I must say Harry, from what we've heard from Dumbledore, you showed a great amount of skill and ability down there. As well as leadership."

Harry nodded. "Thanks dad," he said quietly. "But this really did open my eyes. I need to really work to become better this summer."

Gareth nodded. "We'll talk about that when you come home. For now, rest my son. Rest." He said, gently patting Harry's head.

Harry just nodded quietly, as he leaned back in his bed, smiling softly. "So anything interesting happen back home?" He asked. He smiled as he listened to his brother go on about his own training, just relaxing with his family.

Three Days Later

Despite protests from Madame Pomfrey, Harry had insisted he take to the field for Gryffindor's last Quidditch Match. He convinced her that he was feeling fine. And he didn't want to let the team down.

The crowd cheered in excitement as the teams took to the field. Gryffindor's gold and scarlet robed players faced their blue and bronze clad opponents, as Oliver Wood and the Ravenclaw captain shook hands.

With a blow of Madame Hooch's whistle, the teams took to the air. Harry winced a bit as he pulled back on his Nimbus2000, still feeling sore from the Cruciatus spell. He leveled off high above the field, and began scanning for the sparkle of gold that would give away the Snitch.

Below, the battle for the Quidditch Cup was furious. Ravenclaw having lost the Quidditch Cup last year to Slytherin, was desperate to try and regain it. But equally desperate was the Gryffindor team, which had to reclaim the Cup after losing it when Charlie Weasley graduated.

The Ravenclaw chasers currently had control of the Quaffle, and were pelting down field towards Oliver. The three Gryffindor chasers moved to intercept. Alicia started things off with a dive at the Chaser who had the ball. Said Chaser tossed it to one of his partners before peeling off to avoid the dive. Angelina moved in next, rocketing alongside the Chaser and trying to knock them off balance. The chaser cursed and threw the ball to the third Ravenclaw Chaser, only to see Katie snatch it up and shoot off towards the Ravenclaw goal posts, with Alicia guarding her rear.

"Nice work by the Gryffindor chasers in intercepting the Quaffle! Alicia and Katie are tearing down field!" Lee Jordon commented. "Uh-oh! Here comes trouble!"

One of the Ravenclaw Beaters fired a Bludger at the two Chasers, only for it to be hit by the second Bludger. "Amazing block by Fred Weasley! Really unbelievable on that!"

Katie rolled under the other Beater who tried to get in her way, and tossed the Quaffle at one of the goal posts. At the last minute, the Keeper made the save, but when he threw it back, Alicia caught it and threw it, scoring. A cheer went up, as Gryffindor drew first blood in the game.

Up above, Harry let a smile out, before going back to work. He spotted a flash of gold, only to lose it just as quickly. He focused on the area where he saw it, only to see nothing. Cursing, he kept scanning.

The match continued for another half hour. By that time, Gryffindor was leading still by ten points, at sixty to fifty. Both teams seemed evenly matched, neither having any lasting advantage over the other. Each time one team scored, the other would become more fired up and pull off an impressive play, earning the next goal.

Harry watched as the Ravenclaw team took possession of the Quaffle. Their Chasers formed into an arrow point, but surprisingly the Beaters joined on the flanks. And as one, they charged forward, the lead Chaser holding the Quaffle.

Fred and George used this opportunity to launch both the Bludgers at the formation. But the Ravenclaw Beaters reacted, sending the Bludgers right back at them. The Gryffindor Chasers moved to try and intercept or force them apart, but failed, forced to peel off or cause a mid-air collision.

It was at that moment that Harry saw the Snitch, right in the path of the Ravenclaw formation. He rolled his eyes. "Of course," he whispered, before taking a deep breath and going into a power dive.

Everyone gasped as they saw him head into the steep dive. The opposing Seeker whirled, looking wildly at Harry's path. At first, he thought he was going to try and disrupt the formation. But then he saw the glint of gold. He shot off towards it.

The formation of blue clad Chasers and Beaters looked up at Harry, then at their own Seeker. The two Beaters pulled off and tried to pull ahead of Harry, to block his path. Harry trembled a bit. If he didn't catch the Snitch, he was sure the Ravenclaw Seeker would. He had to get it now.

Silently, he prayed this would work as he slid up, putting his feet onto his broom while still holding onto it. He waited till the last second, before jumping.

Everything seemed to become silent in that moment. Time seemed to slow down, as Harry flipped over the two Beaters, his broom sliding under them. Harry silently prayed that his broom would be there when he came down.

Harry grunted as he landed on his broom, grabbing the shaft of it as his legs locked back into position. A wild cheer erupted as he shot at the Snitch, and with a fast grab, scooped it up in one hand. He pulled up, clutching the Snitch in his hand as he shot that fist into the air, grinning. He found himself swarmed by his fellow teammates, as the Gryffindor supporters rushed onto the field. Oliver was crying as Fred and George whooped in celebration, as the mass of broomsticks and players descended and landed. Harry found himself being hugged by Hermione, while Neville cheered and waved the crutch he was forced to walk with temporarily in the air.

Harry grinned, as he was hoisted onto the crowds shoulder. This definitely had to be one of the best moments of his life. He raised his hand up again, eliciting another cheer from the crowd as he grinned happily.

The excitement of Gryffindor's victory lasted the remaining week of the school year, all the way to the End of the Year Feast. The Great Hall was decorated in the gold and scarlet of Gryffindor, whose victory in the Quidditch tournament and their house points had won them the House Cup as well.

All the students were chatting happily with each other, with the possible exception of the Slytherin House. But even the occasional glare from them at the Gryffindor table couldn't dampen Harry or his friend's spirit.

Dumbledore slowly stood, causing the Hall's occupants to quiet down. "Well my young friends! Another year has come and gone. We have shared many adventures this year, making new friends, and preparing to say goodbye to some of our old ones. It has been a great honor and privilege to watch you all grow here, both as wizards, and as young adults," he said, smiling softly."I hope that soon, we will be gathering here again, to welcome both old and new faces, for another year of learning and bonding."

"Now before you are all dismissed, I have some final announcements. Or rather, I wish for all of us to recognize a great service done to both to the school, and the Wizarding Community at large," he smiled, as the students began to talk amongst themselves.

"I would like to thank Miss Hermione Granger, Mr. Neville Longbottom, and Mr. Harry Potter. These three students helped thwart the plot of a dark threat, and to keep him from gaining an artifact of terrible power. Their loyalty, dedication, and courage to both each other, and to this school, should be commended." He said, smiling as he raised his goblet. "Please join me in honoring them."

Almost all the students, and the entire staff slowly raised their goblets towards the three students. Hermione was blushing and looking down, Neville was in shock, while Harry just quietly nodded in recognition of the gesture.

After the toast, Dumbledore smiled and dismissed them all to bed. Harry though had something he needed to do. He slowly approached the staff table. "Professor Snape? May I please speak to you in private?" He asked quietly.

Snape stared at Harry for a moment, before silently getting up and jerking his head in a nod. Harry followed him through a door next to the High table, and into another room.

Snape turned around, his customary sneer in place. "What is it you want, Potter?"

Harry took a deep breath. "Professor...I...I wished to apologize to you," he said quietly. "During this year...ever since the incident at Halloween...I allowed myself to suspect you were the one seeking to take the Philospher's Stone. While I was never fully sure it was you, you were always my prime suspect in the matter. I feel that I have dishonored you, and I apologize for it."

Snape just stared at the boy for a moment. "I see. I suppose in your arrogance you could hardly believe I had any other motive than to steal it?"

Harry bit his lip. "To a degree, yes. My judgment was tainted by your apparent dislike for me."

Snape sneered a bit more, before turning away. "...your apology...is accepted. I hope you learned not to judge others so quickly, Potter," he snapped out.

Harry nodded. "Thank you Professor." He bowed before leaving. Snape just stood there, before quietly leaving as well.

The next morning

With all their belongings backed, the students quietly filed out of the castle, riding in horseless carriages down to the train station in the town of Hogsmeade. Harry, Hermione, and Neville happily talked with one another as they rode to the station, before getting out and carrying their luggage on. Once they got into a compartment, they settled down for the ride back to London. Harry took one last look out the window at the distance towers of Hogwarts, before the train started and slowly pulled away.

Hermione smiled sadly. "It's so strange, going back. It's almost like...going back to an alien world or something."

Neville nodded. "The school really becomes a second home, doesn't it?"

Harry nodded. "It does," He said, smiling. He looked at the two of them. "We'll write each other over the summer, right?"

The two of them nodded. "Of course. I'll go crazy not having anyone to talk to about all this, besides my parents," Hermione said, smiling. "Of course I'll have to rent an owl, or wait till you mail me."

Any further conversation was interrupted by the compartment door opening. "So, I bet you all think you're big shots, huh?" Draco sneered at them. "Saved the school and the Wizarding world, did you?"

Harry sighed. "Get out Malfoy. Let us enjoy one hour without you tainting it."

Malfoy just sneered. "You'll pay for all you've done, Potter. Trust me." With that, he turned to leave, his two cronies behind him.

Harry sighed. "That's one thing I won't miss. Well two I guess," he said, thinking about Ron. He had become rather insufferable after the Quidditch Finals, thinking Harry's ego had become even more swollen.

Hermione and Neville both nodded, before Hermione pulled a book out. Neville pulled out some cards. "You want to play Exploding Snap, Harry?"

They played several hands, eventually joined by Hermione, and then later Fred and George. Then they simply talked about plans over the summer and meeting up next year.

As the hills began to give way to villages, they changed into normal muggle clothing. And as the train slowed, entering the station, they began to gather their things. When the train stopped, the students slowly began to pour out.

Harry smiled softly as he stepped onto the platform. He looked to his two friends. "I guess this is it, huh?"

They nodded. Hermione quickly hugged Harry. "Thank you Harry. For everything. I'll miss you."

Harry quietly hugged her back. He smiled as he and Neville patted each other on the shoulder. "Thanks Harry."

Harry nodded. "Thank you. The both of you."

They said their final goodbyes, and then separated to meet their parents. Harry smiled as he found his, waiting for him. Gareth grinned. "Ready to go home son?"

Harry smiled up at him and nodded. And with a final look over his shoulder at the crowded platform, Harry disappeared through the barrier.

In an unknown location

A figure quietly read the letter that had been sent to him. "How intriguing," he said quietly, before gently setting it aside, and slowly moving to a bookcase. He scanned the shelves, before selecting a tome and pulling it out. "I wonder...if it's finally time." He gently set the book down, a ray of sunlight exposing the silver dragon on the front.

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