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Saying I'm Sorry

"Just apologize to her." Andrew said

"I will I just have to think of what to say and how to say it first."

"Ok. Darien but you need to fix it soon. You really upset her."

" I know, I know but it is so hard to hide my feelings from her. The moment I let my guard down she will know that I love her." Darien said dejectedly

Andrew stood there shocked. Only when Darien started to get up to leave did he say, "Dar, maybe you need to let your guard down." "Yes love makes you vulnerable but once you give love and are loved in return the rewards are endless."

Darien took one last look at his friend and said with such sadness in his eyes, "I wish it were that easy." He then left the arcade and walked home.

Meanwhile, Serena was at home on her bed crying her heart out. She loved Darien so much despite how he treated her. She knew if she passed his cold exterior that she would be able to help him and have him love her in return.

"I just can't take it anymore; I guess I will harden my heart to him."


"Geez, meatball head can't you watch where you are going." Darien was upset because he held in his hands his term paper for Anatomy and diseases class. Why is it so important? His grade for the whole class rides on it. They are given the assignment the first day of class and are to turn it in the last month before classes are over. It is a 30 page typed report. They were now crumpled and full of ice cream.

She just stared at him from her position on the sidewalk. Her face was full of anger at him.

"What did I do stupid?" "It is not totally all my fault ya know."

"I beg to differ and what you did was ruin my term paper. MY FINAL GRADE DEPENDS ON IT!" he shouted at her.

Now she was really aghast. She picked herself up from the floor and then said to him through seething teeth "Well maybe you need to fail then at least you will know what it feels like to be me!"

"I would never know what it feels like to be you. Not only are you lazy, and a klutz, and a crybaby but you don't put any effort into anything unless it is food."

She just couldn't take anymore of what he said; She felt smaller and smaller with every word that came out of his mouth. She turned around and ran as tears started to fall. However if she had turned around for a second she would have seen the regret in his eyes.

End flashback

"I cannot let him hurt me anymore. I will not yield to him." With those thoughts in her mind she trailed off and went to sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Darien lay in his bed and came to a conclusion he vowed to make it up to her. He was going to do the unthinkable…. Tell her that he loved her."


Next day.

Darien was already at the arcade with flowers next to him.

"So you decided to tell her eh?"

"Yes Andrew I am; I don't know what I will do if she rejects me. I really upset her."

"I am sorry Dar, but that I don't have the answer to. By the way she just entered and sat down in your favorite booth."

Darien sat there for another moment and decided what to say to her. Another moment had passed and then he walked over to the booth.

"Serena I…"

She just looked up at him and didn't' say a word. If he was gonna apologize she would take it but that is all. She was not going to forgive him yet.

"Serena I wanted to say that I am sorry for treating you like I did yesterday. Well and every other day since I have met you. I also wanted to tell you…" there was a long pause as he mustered up the strength. "I love you." She eyed him warily "Could you please forgive me? He finished and put the flowers on the table. She was a bit surprised but she wanted to make good on her decision and not let him in this time. True she had wanted to hear those words but he was too late. 'Is he really to late Serena?' 'After all he said his feelings first' 'Yes it is! This is just some sick joke to hurt me more.' From that final thought she said to him as calmly as possible, "Darien I accept your apology. Then the next sentence she said in increasing tone until she shouted. "However I do not accept your love; you do not love me; it is a horrible joke to hurt me more…"

"But Serena I…"

"NO YOU DON'T." She was on her feet now "Leave me alone."

Darien put his head down in defeat he stood there for one more moment. Despite his protests some tears escaped his eyes. They fell on the table of the booth. Serena did not see them fall but Andrew did. Darien blinked back the rest of the tears and walked out the door and out of Serena's life.

The arcade was eerily quiet after that. They could all see that she was lying to that man and they also saw that he really did love her.

A month had passed since that day and they had not seen much of each other. Serena's friends could tell that she was still upset about that day. They all told her that she made a dumb decision that she should go back and apologize. When they said that she just replied that she couldn't now. Too much time has passed.

Darien had walked into the arcade very seldom now. He did receive sympathetic looks from the patrons there. He didn't care. He sat on the stool by the bar.

"Damn Darien you look like a train wreck." Said Andrew with concern in his voice

"I feel like one Andy." "I have lost Serena and now I failed my class at school."


"Yes, Drew I failed." "The funny thing is that Serena said to me that I should fail so that I know how she feels. And well then it happened." I feel awful."

"Dar, I will talk to her. See if I can knock some sense into her."

"No Andrew, don't worry about it. I will be fine" "I need to go now." He then walked out of the arcade. Andrew was really upset. He had to talk to her no matter what. He was not just gonna sit by while his best friend withered away. Just then the arcade doors chimed again. He looked up, AH! Just the person I wanted to see. "SERENA" Andrew shouted to get her attention. She walked up to him. People were just staring at her but she was oblivious.

"Hey Drew what's up?"

"I need to talk to you now." He said in a tone of voice that she knew she better not reckon with. She actually got a little scared.

"Serena I have a question to ask you." " You better answer it." "Do you love Darien?"

"I uh…. well... I."

"ANSWER THE QUESTION DAMMIT!" "Do you know how hard it was for Darien to tell you his feelings?" I practically had to twist his arm so that he would let you in."

"What about him teasing me then?"

"He was just trying to keep you away so that he wouldn't get hurt. And the moment he went to let you in you did everything that he was scared of. You hurt him very bad probably beyond any repair Serena. Think about it all of the things that he said to you were they really that mean? I know that they were nowhere as mean as when you broke his heart. He cried in front of you. I don't know why you didn't see it. Practically the whole arcade did. I am gonna give you this card. I have not read it. It was on the flowers that he gave you that day. THEN I WANT AN ANSWER."

She opened the card slowly and read its contents:

Dearest Sere,

I know that I have not been the most wonderful person to you. I want to make it up to you for the rest of my life. I love you with all of me I would never break your heart if you gave it to me. I am truly sorry for hurting you. The reason why I am telling you this even though I don't want to is because that day I realized that I couldn't live with out you. I pray you accept my love.

I'll love you forever, Darien.

There were tears in her eyes. "Oh Andrew, what have I done?' "Yes, I do love him very much but you see I didn't want to get my heart broken either. He had hurt me so much I figured that I should just shut him out." "I guess now I know how Darien felt."

"And he knows how you feel Serena." She looked at him quizzically. He then sighed, "Serena, he failed his class. He can't start his internship on time now."

"Andrew I didn't really mean what I said to him. I was just angry. Oh no! I have to find him. Andrew if you see him before I do tell him I am sorry and that I am looking for him." She yelled as she was exiting the arcade. Her search did not last long. BEEP BEEP BEEP 'oh no she thought… I will just have to find him after the fight.'

"Moon here."

"Come quickly to the university youma attacking."

"Thanks Ami I'll be right there." She dashed off to the battle scene.

The monster was a difficult one to beat. It kept tossing out black disks. It was hard to see its attacks because it was at night. All of the girls except Sailor Moon were attacking it. She was trying to catch it off guard. "Finally she shouted!" she readied for her attack. Unfortunately for her the youma did catch her beginning her attack. He threw out a disk to try to stop her but it was too late. Her attack got him first. The youma still smiled wickedly as it disintegrated because the disk would still kill her.

"SAILOR MOON WATCH OUT!" everyone shouted.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" she screamed and then she fell backwards to the ground. However she was not hurt. Nope she did not have one scratch. She looked to her left and saw what or who blocked her from the attack. It was Tuxedo Mask. He lay next to her barely breathing.

"TUXEDO MASK!" she screamed as she bent herself over him. "Ami call an ambulance." "Please Tuxedo mask stay awake. Help will be on the way."

"I am sorry Sailors that I have failed you and most of all you Sailor Moon. You will most likely be fighting without me for a long time possibly even forever."

"NO! Don't say that please." "Why do you say such things?"

"Don't cry Sailor Moon. You will be just fine. You are getting better as a fighter. As for me I don't see a reason for living. Well I could protect you but that isn't enough for me. You see the woman I love with all of my heart and soul does not love me. I still lover her even now. I will still love her after my death." With one last ragged breath he said Good bye everyone." Then he slipped into unconsciousness. The girls heard sirens in the background. "We better de-transform." Said Mars. As soon as the girls did they were all in shock. For when they de-transformed the identity of Tuxedo mask was reveled. It was Darien. Serena sank down to her knees and cried onto his shirt. 'No! I am too late. Darien don't leave me I LOVE YOU TOO!'

The ambulance came and took her beloved away. They were not allowed to go to the hospital with the ambulance because they were not family. So they decided to go to Andrew to see what they could do. Andrew was wiping the counter off. As he got ready to close up shop the doors opened. "We're closed." He said without looking up. Then he heard someone call his name. At once he looked up

"Andrew need help…" was all Serena could say before breaking into uncontrollable sobs.

He had noticed all of the girls were a bit upset. But Serena was by far the most upset. Ami gathered enough strength to say, "Darien is severely hurt and he is at the hospital. We want to see him but they won't let us we are not family."

"Ok, then lets go I will drive you guys there. They will have to let us see him. We are his only family." Andrew said this as he started to cry for his best friend. The girls had looked at him strangely and he said again. "Think about it girls what would he be if we were his only family."

"THAT'S WHY!" Serena screamed "That is why he kept me at arms length he is an orphan." She broke into another crying fit. Lita put her arm around Serena and guided her to Andrew's car. The five of them drove to the hospital in complete silence. Andrew heard Serena say under her breath. 'I never got to tell him I love him.'

The ride to the Hospital was silent each person was lamenting. It didn't take long to get to the hospital. 'I hope Darien pulls through… you have to pull through for me Darien.' 'I love you.'