Recap: After coming in contact with a mysterious Heartless, Reina begins to remember more about her past and how she inherited the Heartseeker. As he group roams Agrabah, Reina leaves them to think about her visions and meets Roxas again. They finally confess their feelings to each other. Meanwhile, Sora learns that he is being severely affected by Darkness and becomes desperate in his attempts to fight it.

Namine's azure eyes fluttered open and she let out a sigh of relief. With Roxas distracting Reina, she was able to redirect the Guardian's memories back toward the Organization.

Unable to meet Axel's eager leer, she focused on the smiling portraits on the White Room's table. The blond witch was thoroughly disgusted with what she was doing and especially for the reason she was doing it. In the end, she thought, every one of them was an Organization member to the core. They cared only about one thing: a heart.

*Every one of them is selfish.* She thought as she absentmindedly traced a smiling face. *Even Roxas.*

"Well?" Axel prompted, "What happened?"

"It is done," The young blond responded distantly, "I don't think her memories will leak any more now."

"Good..." he grinned, "How long will it take for her to remember everything?"

"It depends on how Roxas is doing." A bad taste filled her mouth when she repeated with a whisper, "They're all connected, you know."

She knew that each time Roxas was doing better, Sora was doing worse. If Sora ended up becoming consumed by Darkness like Axel and Roxas planned, she wouldn't know how to forgive herself. Even worse, she wouldn't know how to begin to ask forgiveness from Riku.

Namine looked away, scorning herself. She wasn't better than any of them. After all, she was the one orchestrating the plan. She was just as greedy as they were.

Her fingers stopped tracing the auburn-haired girl's face and dug into where her heart was supposed to be.

To Sora, the whole room seemed to be on fire. Fed up with being restricted to bed rest on Donald's orders, he threw away heat laden bed sheets on the ground and rested his back against the cool wall of the Gummi Ship.

He knew he needed help. Bloodshot eyes glanced blearily at his trembling hands and bit back a torrent of frustration, deciding that he wouldn't give in to Darkness until the very end. The risk was too high. Sora rested his eyes and thought about Riku, the once carefree islander who became Ansem's bloodthirsty pawn just because of its influence. His best friend was ready to take his and Kairi's heart without a second glance.

What would he do?

His mind filled with all of his friends cowering away from him. *Riku, Kairi…*

He would leave them. *…Donald, Goofy…*

He would hurt them.*…Reina…!*

"I won't let it happen!" Sora jumped off of the bed, shouting, "You hear me?!"

He glared at his own reflection, waiting cautiously with the Keyblade out as if it would jump out of the mirror and try to fight him and tell him otherwise. He was reminded that he wasn't the only person on the Gummi Ship when he heard a knock on the door.

"Sora? Are…you okay?"

Sora's knees failed him and he landed on the bed again. A glum "yeah" was all he said to the door before Reina took it as invitation to march in.

"Good, get ready! We'll be landing soon!" The teen radiated happiness and Sora watched her with mixed bitterness and confusion.

Sora lowered his scowl to his overturned shoe. "You seem happy."

Reina didn't seem to notice his irritation. Instead, a faint blush filled her cheeks and a familiar smile curved her lips. "Really? Well…guess what?"

"What?" Sora asked nonchalantly.

"I've mastered the Firaga spell!" She mused, taking a seat next to him, "Donald said I still needed practice, but you should've seen the way I toasted that Level 3 Heartless."


Reina's smile fell momentarily, finally realizing that he wasn't in the mood to talk much. He sunk into his open palms. *I can't let it get the best of me, I can't, I can't.*

"You know…" Reina began as she scanned his weak condition, "I think you should rest. Honestly, you look worse than you did before."

"Do I?" The worry was evident in Sora's tone. He stared at the open door for a moment before shaking his head and affirming, "I'm fine."

"Tch." Reina shook her head with an air of irritation of her own. "You're obviously not, anyone can see that. You're practically a zombie!"

"I've already told you, alright?" Sora's eyes flashed at her threateningly, "I'll be able to go. Stop bothering me about it."

"Not when you're collapsing all over the place, you won't." Reina retorted with equal anger. She sighed and then added more calmly, "Rest. Who knows what'll be out there? We've got to be prepared or else—"

Sora immediately turned aggressive. "Just shut up about it! 'Or else' what, huh? I can handle myself; I don't need you telling me anything!"

Reina was taken aback and gazed at him with surprise. He broke eye contact, his blood pumping wildly; any remorse was deafened by outrage and obstinacy.

There was a loud thump and bright bursts of light flowing into the Hall from the Front.

"Fine. Do what you want." Reina muttered tersely, storming out of the room without another word.

Sora watched her black ponytail sway behind her as she left, as if it were also disapproving of him. He rolled his eyes, for once glad to see her go. In his annoyance Sora failed to realize that, despite his boiling blood, he grew more pale and the circles around his eyes more ghastly. His limbs were shaking unnaturally, but he still managed to harness the foreign, growing strength inside him to follow Reina outside.

*I can do this.* He told himself firmly. *I can fight this. This is nothing. I've fought Darkness before. I'm fine.*

"Aztec treasure, eh?"

Pete stroked his double chin thoughtfully. The fat cat entered this world, as always, on Maleficent's orders as an ambassador to her long time pirate colleague, Captain Barbossa. Though the disheveled crew couldn't control Heartless like he did, he sensed a similar Darkness from them. Pete was used to working with Darkness, but seeing their beady leers and yellowed smiles made the hairs on his back stand up.

"Aye!" Barbossa growled at him, "And thanks to the curse put on it, we are neither among the livin' nor the dead."

Pete raised an eyebrow. "Really? Ya seem like regular pirates to me."

"Ah," the Captain chuckled, "But in the moonlight…"

As the moon peered at them from behind shadowy clouds, its light changed Barbossa and his crew's appearances. They all turned into grotesque skeletons, with bits and pieces of flesh and muscle still hanging on to their cursed bones. Pete suppressed a yelp.

"N-now I get what you're s-saying!" He stuttered, and the pirates all laughed in response. Pete tried to compose himself.

"If you see two doofuses and two brats holdin' Keyblades, steer clear." He advised, "They got a kinda magic that don't belong in this world, see? They belong to Maleficent."

"A match for Barbossa?" the Captain asked, amused. Pete narrowed his eyes.

"She sent me here to help you find that coin of yers. Just stay away from the brats, they're her business."

Barbossa tipped his hat. "An agreement I will honor, I promise ye."

A faint chuckle rang through his crew. Barbossa took no notice of them and instead raised his head with alert. Sure enough, two teens, a duck, and a tall dog walked into the port and stared back at them with surprise.

"Pete?!" Donald exclaimed, getting into a defensive stance along with the others.

"That's them!" Pete shouted, pointing. Barbossa motioned his crew to attack.

"You three! Stay here and indulge these cullies. The rest - bring me that medallion!" He commanded. Pete followed Barbossa and his crew away from the square.

Instead of breaking up as they usually did, Goofy, Donald, and Reina stayed close to Sora and created a protective barrier around him. Noticing this, Sora pushed past them with irritation and lunged at one of the Heartless.

One of the ragged pirates eyed Reina with an unsheathed sword and she advanced toward him cautiously. As the pirate struck, Reina slightly buckled under the pressure in blocking his sword with the Heartseeker. She jumped back as she pushed against him and quickly recanted the Firaga spell. A torrent of flames erupted from the tip of the Heartseeker and engulfed the pirate. She grimaced slightly when the pirate screamed in pain and flailed towards the ocean.

She immediately searched for Sora and let of a short breath of relief when she saw that he was aided by Donald in fighting another pirate. Then, she blinked in confusion. Donald's spells and Sora's attacks had no effect on the pirate at all. Rather, the pirate was laughing at them while they were hacking away at him. She turned to Goofy and noticed he was dealing with the same problem against a quick handed pirate.

She rushed towards Goofy and threw the Heartseeker as the pirate raised his sword and it reappeared in her hand. The pirate dropped his sword and rounded on her, his eyes wide.

"How did ye-?" The pirate croaked, raising an arm in defense. Reina lowered the Heartseeker and watched him curiously. He turned to the other pirate with urgency.

"Twigg! Let's get outta here!" He yelled, already running towards an alleyway.

Twigg laughed. "Why? I'm actually havin' fun with these—"

Suddenly, the moon reappeared from behind the clouds and illuminated their true features. The four cried in shock seeing their grisly appearances and Twigg scrambled out hastily.

"How did they do that?" Goofy wondered, scratching his head.

"It's the moonlight."

Another pirate swaggered into the port, though he didn't have the sickly pallor the others had. Reina noticed that although he too had a sword on him, his hands made no motion toward them. A red bandana and several adornments framed his weathered face and bright eyes. The others stared at him with their defenses up.

"The moon shows the world what they really are—the scum of this world." The pirate scowled and eyed the Heartseeker interestedly. "But how did this blade touch them even without the moonlight?"

He reached for the black blade, but Reina pulled away and looked at him distrustfully. "Who are you?"

The man grinned widely, revealing teeth of all colors—silver, gold, yellow. He bowed and told her, "I, my dear lady, am Captain Jack Sparrow."

Seeing that he was no threat, she dismissed the Heartseeker and walked past him. Sora looked as if he were fighting for five days without sleeping. His eyes were becoming clouded and unfocused, even as Donald showered him in Cure spells and potions. She chewed her lip anxiously.

"Well, who were they?" Goofy asked.

Jack opened his mouth to reply, but another man's voice interrupted him.

"Jack! What are you doing?! Hurry, they're getting away!"

The pirate rolled his eyes at the brown haired man. "Will, I have more important matters than your Miss Swann to attend to."

It seemed as if it took every ounce of self control in Will's body for him not to choke Jack. "They're taking that stupid ship of yours too!"

Jack immediately changed tunes. "Watch your mouth; it's the Black Pearl! Where did they go?"

"This way! Quickly!" Will turned and sped back down the alley.

"Will you help us find Miss Swann? We'll need that blade of yours." He nodded to Reina. She glanced at Sora with worry. He, on the other hand, was lost in his own world.

"Yes." He answered mechanically.

"Sora!" Donald reprimanded, stomping his foot.

Jack didn't need to ask twice. "Good. Onward!" he said, before running to follow Will.

"I can handle them…" Sora's voice trailed away softly. He followed Jack. The other shared looks of worry.

"Get away from her!"

"She's what the cap'n wants! Now move before I slice her pretty throat!"

Reina and the others found Sora, Jack, and Will surrounding a pirate with a knife held against a woman's throat. The moon was still hidden and nobody made any move against Barbossa's pirate.

"You!" Jack whispered, nodding to Reina. "Use that blade."

Reina eyed at the knife uncertainly. She didn't want to make any move that would harm the woman.

"Stay back." She told everyone.

Only Jack stepped back, but the pirate took it as cue to turn and drag the woman away. Reina sped past Will and aimed the Heartseeker on the pirate's back. She put in all her strength in throwing the blade, which flew to pierce the pirate's back. The woman rushed to Will and embraced him tightly.

"Are you hurt?" Will asked her gently. She shook her head in response.

"And the medallion?" Jack asked. She lifted a chain around her neck. Hanging from it was a golden medallion emblazoned with skull and crossbones. The pirate let out a sigh of relief.

"I let up my half of the bargain; Help me get my ship back!" He demanded, walking past them. None of them moved.

He glared at them. "You know, you're much safer with a pirate—"

"A pirate? Seriously?" The woman repeated indignantly.

"Because," Jack continued, "I know how they work. So as long as you help me get my ship back, you won't have to worry about them searching for you. Again."

There was a pause.

"Fine," The woman told him, "But we don't trust you."

"Welcome aboard!" Jack replied sarcastically. He turned to Reina. "I still need more people to help, though…"

Reina crossed her arms and looked at him critically.

"We understand if you don't want to help him." Will told her.

"Shush, you!" Jack yelled.

Reina consulted Donald and Goofy, who both shrugged. They all glanced at Sora and made their decision in a heartbeat.

"Ah," Jack interrupted before Goofy could say anything, "Your friend could rest on the ship. It would be better than running around with Barbossa's crew and isolating yourself here, anyway."

Donald crossed his arms. "Okay then."

"Perfect! Now, onward!" Jack bellowed and then added as an undertone, "Finally."

"I was scared out of my mind so before I knew it I was hiding in the armoire because there was no other way. I called parley on the two pirates that found me and then they took me straight to Barbossa." Elizabeth, the blonde woman with Will, told a wide eyed Reina.

"What's 'parley'?" The teen asked.

"It's part of the Pirate Code." Will explained, "If an adversary demands parley, the opposition can do no harm until the parley is honored."

"And it is only completed when the adversary meets the ship's captain." Elizabeth finished.

"Pirates have a code?" Reina raised an eyebrow.

"Aye, we do." Jack nodded, "We honor it with our very lives."

The three snorted.

Donald and Goofy stepped out of the room below the upper deck, looking relieved. Reina hopped down right in front of the duck, startling him.

"What do you guys want from me?!" Donald stomped. He was obviously too worn from dealing with Sora's stubborn antics to be ready for Reina's quirks.

"Sorry!" Reina apologized sheepishly, "Just…how is he doing? Is he better?"

"He just went to sleep." Goofy sighed. Reina nodded and bit her lip. Donald rolled his eyes as she looked at him hesitantly.

"Just spit it out." Donald told her impatiently.

"Can I go see him?" She burst.

Goofy chuckled. "Of 'course ya can."

"Just be quiet!" Donald hissed as she entered the small room.

The creaky, slightly damp room was lit only by a few lamps, making shadows appear larger than they were on the yellow-tinged walls. Reina stepped lightly toward the cot in the corner, where Sora was tucked in.

"Told you so, idiot." Reina muttered.

Her green eyes studied how the lamplight flickered over Sora's features and noticed how unnatural they were on him. His smile was replaced with a disgusted snarl. The energetic color that lit his face was replaced by a gray tinge. She frowned.

She placed a hand on his forehead then jerked her hand away immediately, as if his skin burned her. Far from what a fever was supposed to feel, Sora's temperature dropped to almost a freezing level.

*That's not how it's supposed to be.* Reina thought, her heart sinking. There was a repulsion emanating from him, one she was familiar with. *Darkness? From Sora? That isn't possible.*

Feeling the blood drain from her face, she sank into a seat next to him. *Someone did this to him. It has to be….No wonder he was acting so weird these past few days. How could Donald have missed this?*

A surge of anger ignited her eyes when she thought of the possibility of it being the Organization's doing. *Yeah, of course it'd be them. They were after us since the beginning.* Her jaw tightened and then relaxed. *Maybe…maybe Axel and Roxas would have some answers. They would know. I need to talk to them.*

"I…I won't let anything happen to you." Reina whispered with conviction. She reached to rest her hand on his. As soon as they made contact a jolt flew through her body and her eyes rolled back. She fell to the ground, unconscious.

I opened my eyes to see Goofy and Donald beside me. We were standing in front of a gigantic, bizarre Keyhole in a place that we've never been before. I was holding a dark Keyblade toward it, without any reaction.

This isn't my memory.

"It won't work! The Keyhole's not finished yet!" Goofy exclaimed from beside me.

"What can we do?" I heard a voice saying as I tossed the dark Keyblade aside. This didn't sound like my voice at all. It sounded like Sora…

This is Sora's memory. I'm in his place!

"Maybe we gotta go wake Kairi up." Goofy suggested. Who's Kairi?

"I think you're right." I heard him saying. Sora turned toward a girl lying on the floor, unconscious. I felt enormous regret and desperation from him. He felt he was running out of options to save her.

"If we can free her heart then…but how?" He said. Sora considered the dark Keyblade he threw. "A Keyblade that can unlock people's hearts…I wonder."

What was he going to do?

He walked toward it and picked it up. At that moment, I felt his determination. He had to set things right, no matter the cost.


"No! Wait!"

He looked over at Donald and Goofy pleading with him and there was a tinge of sadness as he raised the Keyblade.

I couldn't believe it.

In one quick movement, he pierced his chest with the Keyblade. I heard someone scream his name before he fell into an endless abyss of darkness.

"Reina! Get up!"

The teen's green eyes flung open to see Elizabeth's fearful face in dim candlelight. The other lamplights were extinguished so that the room was almost pitch black.

"What's going on?" Reina rubbed her head, sitting up.

Elizabeth let out a sound of relief. "I thought they might've gotten you too."


The older woman's features fell again. "Barbossa's crew. They've taken over the ship."

Reina's mouth hung open in horror. "When did they…how did they even find us?"

"I don't know, but that's beside the point," she whispered urgently, "They have Will and the others captive. They…they're looking for me but…"

Elizabeth's lip trembled. "But…they're really after Will."

"Huh? I thought you had the medallion, though."

"I do but they need the blood of a Turner and," Elizabeth took a deep breath, "Will is a Turner. I lied to protect him but if they find out…if anything happens to him, I'll never forgive myself!"

Reina exhaled deeply, trying to put on a façade of calm. They were cornered and there was no way they could escape without turning over what Barbossa wanted. Ruthless as they were, she doubted that they wouldn't hesitate to leave the ship in flames when they got their cure. She turned to Sora and curled her fists, determined to make sure that they wouldn't lay a hand on him. But how?

"Oy, I think I heard something here!"

The two spun towards the door when they heard voices approaching the room.

"I knew a couple o' them were missin'!"

Reina's blood froze.

"They've heard us!" Elizabeth cried.

"Don't worry, just stay quiet. I'll take care of it." Reina told her, though the reassurance was baseless. As they marched toward the door, she followed her instincts and went with the first idea that popped into her mind.

Their steps grew louder. Before they could open the door, she barged through to the deck with the Heartseeker raised.

"Parley," She glared, "Take me to your captain."

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