Reina took back her assumption as soon as she made it; the brown-haired, blue eyed teen in front of her wasn't Roxas, no matter how much he resembled her best friend.

"Who?" The boy spun around and then pointed confusedly at himself. "Me?"

Reina turned bright red and she shook her head. "I'm sorry; I thought you were my friend." She was turning to leave, but caught the brunette's companions. She'd never seen the short duck and the gentle looking dog that accompanied him anywhere.

"Are you guys new here?" she asked curiously.

"Erm…" the brunette shot quick glances to his friends before nodding and pointing to himself. "Yeah, I'm Sora, this is Donald," he pointed to the duck, "and this is Goofy," he beckoned to the tall dog, who smiled and said, "Nice to meet you."

"Same here." Reina grudgingly smiled, trying to hasten this process so she could go back to searching for Roxas. "I'm Reina."

She opened her mouth so she could give a polite goodbye, but Sora looked extremely excited when he asked, "Have you seen a guy named Riku anywhere?"

"Or King Mickey?" Donald chimed in.

Riku? King Mickey? Reina wondered from how far away these guys were from.

"No, sorry." She said. When they all looked disappointed, Reina felt sympathetic and added, "But if I see them, I'll let them know that you're looking for 'em."

"Thanks." Sora smiled. Reina smiled back, hiding the shock that jolted her. This guy looked just like the one from her dream! And then there was that guy in black from yesterday…

*Coincidence. Just a really weird coincidence.* She told herself strongly, though a weird feeling in her gut said otherwise. Smiling hesitantly again, she left them and became immersed in thought. With a half conscious idea of her surroundings, Reina almost tripped over something she hadn't noticed.

She looked down and excitement flooded through her as she picked up a skateboard. *This is Roxas' skateboard! It's proof that he was here! He shouldn't be very far then, I wonder-*

"Uh, excuse me, miss?"

Reina felt a pull on her dress and she looked down and saw the small kid from yesterday. "Can I have my skateboard back? Please?" he said, pointing.

"Oh…I'm sorry." Reina reluctantly handed back the skateboard, tasting bitter disappointment and even slight anger. That skateboard was Roxas', and it was the only thing she had left of him…and now she didn't even have that anymore.

It was like she lost him for good.

*How did this happen?* DiZ was completely puzzled as he stared at the diagram and data of a spiky-haired boy. *Just righty-seven percent and yet he still woke up…but, that still means that Roxas hasn't merged with him yet…*

But how? He set up everything so perfectly; it was a fail proof plan. Did Namine have to do something with it? That couldn't be; he oversaw her trying to erase the girl's memories of Roxas…but then what?

*No matter…* he thought, feeling a little bit more relaxed. *As long as no one keeps strong memories he will fade, and Sora will gain his own memories back.*

His assurance, however, was blinding him from the possibility of a betrayal…and this very reason will change the destinies of all connected to it.

The sun was setting and Reina gave up the hope of finding Roxas. Sullenly, she head back to the Usual Spot and found her friends in an excited huddle, talking excited about something. With a sigh, she sat down and when her friends took notice of her, their babble instantly died down. They all looked nervously at each other and at Reina.

"What?" Reina asked, putting a little more venom in the question than she meant; she was still mad at them for forgetting Roxas.

"Uh…nothing…" Hayner muttered, slightly offended at Reina's tone and Olette was the first to change the intense atmosphere.

"Hey, you know the weirdest thing happened today?" she said.


"There was this guy in black…" Hayner started.

"Uh-huh…" Reina sat up straighter, alerted by this news.

"And he had huge, round ears!" Pence added, making circular motions with his hands.

"And he said he was looking for you!"

Reina got up. "Me?"

"Yeah, he seemed really serious about it too!" Olette nodded.

"Is that the Roxas guy you were talking about earlier?" Hayner asked. Roxas and huge, round ears? No way.

Reina shook her head. "It's not…but if that guy's looking for me, better go see what he wants, right?"

Before her friends could say anything, Reina left and asked around for a person that was in black and had big round ears. Unfortunately, nobody noticed someone in black with huge ears so Reina was on her own to find this person. A small bubble of hope formed in her; she hoped this person would have some idea of where Roxas could be. She soon wandered over to the Train Station, and the small bubble was engulfed by stronger emotions of fear and shock.

*This can't be happening…*

Right in the middle of the plaza was a sea of the same monsters from her dream. In the middle of the chaos, Sora, Donald, and Goofy were fending off the creatures with some kind of weapons out. She quickly turned around to try and get some help but she was met by one of the fiends, inching closer to her.

She stood frozen in fear, not knowing what to do. The monster came closer and lunged. Reina shut her eyes and crossed her arms over herself, expecting a painful blow, but she never received it. Something cold was in her hands, and she slowly opened her eyes.

*This has got to be some kinda dream! *

She held a large, silver key-like weapon with a black hilt that had a design of a spiraled heart around it. She saw an outline of the top-half of a heart at the end of the blade, sharp an perfect for attack.

'It'll come to you when you need it' The words were whispered to her in her mind but Reina quickly pushed them back when she saw the monsters attacking Sora, Donald, and Goofy. She narrowed her eyes and gripped the weapon in her right hand, holding it in front of her just as if she was in a Struggle match.

*Right…just another Struggle match…no biggie, I can do it!*

She tried to keep the confident spirit in her high but no sooner than she stepped in to help the fighting trio, a fiend lunged at her. She quickly blocked the attack and hit the creature, sending it several feet backwards. Then as if to take revenge, three others took its place, their yellow eyes leering at Reina. She scanned them with her eyes and then let her experience guide her. Even she was surprised at how fluidly she was able to take a wide slash at the two of the creatures and still be able to dodge an attack from the third one.

It was as if she'd done this before.

"Won't they give up?" Reina shouted in frustration; it was several minutes already and the monsters showed no sign of stopping.

"It's no use!" Sora shouted back. "There's too many of them!"

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the three collapse one by one, until she was the only one left to fight the monsters. They looked thoroughly exhausted and Reina stepped in front of them, bracing herself for the onslaught of monsters that would meet her.

Then, out of the blue, another dark figure appeared though this one also had a key-shaped weapon and sported large round ears. As the figure finished off most of the creatures with amazing skill, Reina heard Donald and Goofy behind her exclaim, "King Mickey!"

"Shhh…" Mickey whispered, placing a finger to his lips when all the monsters were finished. "You gotta board the train and leave town! The train knows the way."

The king thrust a small orange pouch into Sora's hand. He turned and met Reina's briefly and then addressed the other three. "Take Reina with you."

Sora, Donald and Goofy looked just as shocked Reina did by the king's orders.

"You can't—" she started by Mickey cut her off and looked straight in her eyes.

An odd look clouded his eyes as he said, "You'd want to go. You might find what you're looking for."

Reina shut her mouth in surprise. How did he know that she was looking for someone? So many questions popped in her head but Mickey left, only muttering "good luck" before he disappeared.

Completely confused, she turned to the trio. "Anyone wanna explain?"

"We're as lost as you are." Sora admitted.

Reina sighed, overwhelmed with thoughts. "So, where's this train going to anyways?"

"Probably to another world." Donald replied.


"Yeah, there are many others out there. We've been to a bunch o' them." Goofy said proudly.

"So, there are more worlds out there like this…" It took a second for that to sink in. She'd never thought there would be anything beyond Twilight Town, or even the coast…but, maybe somewhere in the middle of it, Roxas was there. She made up her mind instantly and knew that she wanted to go with these three.

"Who was that?" she asked.

"It's King Mickey to you!" Donald said with an edge of annoyance.

"Last time we saw him and Riku…they were stuck in the Realm of Darkness, right?" Sora asked, facing his friends. Realm of Darkness? Was that another world?

"And we just saw him here, so that must mean…"

"Riku's here too!" Donald concluded cheerily for Sora.

On the other hand, Goofy added, "He could also be in another world…"

"Maybe." Sora said, looking into the distance for a second. Then, he grinned and faced everyone. "Well, I'm gonna look for Riku. Then he and I can go back to the islands together. What are you guys gonna do?"

Both Goofy and Donald looked at him as if he asked the most obvious question in the world. "Gawsh, Sora, do ya really hafta ask?" Goofy said.

In reply, Sora burst laughing. "What's so funny?" Donald demanded.

"Your faces!" he laughed. Reina couldn't help but smile at Sora's face. *He looks so much like Roxas…*

"And you?" Donald looked at Reina.

"Huh? Oh, I'm searching for someone too." She said with a nod.

"Great! So what do ya say, guys? Let's stick for one more journey!" Sora said.

"And with Reina, it'll be so much more fun!" Goofy smiled, gathering everyone into a huge hug. Reina laughed while Sora and Donald struggled out of Goofy's grip.

"All for one and one for all!" Donald added, placing his hand out. Goofy placed his hand on top of Donald's and Sora followed suit. They all looked at Reina encouragingly and Reina, feeling accepted, placed her hand in and completed the circle.

"To…!" Sora started energetically but his face fell and he scratched his head. "Where, again?"

"We have to board that train." Reina pointed out.

"Oh, right."

Donald sighed and rolled his eyes, making Reina and Goofy chuckle.

"But…how long is this gonna take?" Reina asked, feeling uneasy about leaving her home so suddenly, and without notice.

Sora scratched his cheek, thinking. "A…while, probably."

"Can I just go pack some things?" Reina asked, feeling a little bad that she was holding them up. Still, she just couldn't leave without being prepared.

"Okay." Goofy said kindly and Reina sped straight to her apartment, rushed upstairs and threw everything she could fit into a backpack. Extra clothes, a first aid kit, even a set of puzzles was stuffed inside a bursting backpack. She zipped the bag with great difficulty and then slid down the stair rail, setting one foot outside. But as she locked the door, she realized that she was going to be gone for who knows how long without telling her family or friends.

She couldn't just write a note; what would she say? 'Hey mom and dad, I'm just gonna be gone for a while with three strangers for someone you don't even remember! See ya!'

*Olette* She was the only one Reina could turn to, and she knew Olette would support her—no matter how crazy she sounded. With that in mind, she went straight to the Usual Spot, and was surprised to find Sora, Donald, and Goofy there.

"There you are!" Donald said accusingly.

"Sorry!" Reina said. "I'm ready now, though."

"You know these guys?" Hayner said incredulously.

"Uh…" Reina wasn't able to answer Hayner's question when Pence brought up a new one.

"What's with that bag?"

Reina felt all eyes turn to her and she looked down. "I'm gonna be going away for a while."

"What? Why?" Her friends cried in unison."

"It's for something really important…I've got to go."

Her friends saw the plead in her eyes and understood that nothing they were going to saw was going to change her mind.

Olette sighed heavily. "How long are you going to be gone?"

"A while…" she said, thinking about what Sora said. "A week, maybe?"

Sora shifted his gaze uneasily to his friends.

"That's too long!" Pence complained.

"I know, but that's why I need you guys to cover for me. Please? Mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me when I get back…" Reina said with a frown, just imagining her adoptive parents' faces when she returned. But, she couldn't just let the opportunity of finding her best friend slip away…

"Don't worry, we've got your back!" Hayner smiled and the others nodded.

"But, you better hurry up and come back soon, okay?" Olette said worry clear in her eyes.

"Yeah, we can't do that summer assignment without you, ya know!" Pence joked. Reina smiled and pulled them all into a great hug.

"You guys are the best!"

"We know." Hayner said cockily, making them laugh as they broke from the hug. Reina turned to Sora, Donald, and Goofy with a heavy feeling in her heart.

"Let's go."

"You better take care of her." Hayner said threateningly to Sora and Pence nodded fiercely.

"We're counting on you!" Olette said to the trio.

"Don't worry she's safe with us!" Goofy said with a reassuring smile. Reina felt a great rush of warmth for the trio; she barely knew them and yet they were treating her as if she was a long lost friend.

The train whistled loudly, signaling them to board now. Reina pulled her friends into one, last hug before climbing aboard a peculiar train with a wizard hat along with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. The door closed automatically behind them, marking the start of journey. Reina smiled and waved at her friends from the window until all she could see was the outskirts of Twilight Town.

*I'm going to find you, Roxas.*

A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory...
...A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream.
I want to line the pieces up...
-Yours and mine.

A train chugged loudly opposite two figures that were hidden by the darkness of the Train Station's tunnel. The taller, older redhead looked at the blue eyed blond beside him.

"There you go. Sora's living proof that you're a –"

"I know." Roxas said sadly, staring at the distancing train. *A nobody…* The blond thought, looking at the ceiling. He'd known it as soon as he heard the name, but didn't want to accept it; living a happy life with his friends in Twilight Town was the perfect image before that very name shattered it all: Sora.

Even as he remembered everything Axel told him—his friendship with the redhead, his past, and his allegiance with the Organization—he wished it weren't true. He wished that he could take Reina as far away from Sora as possible and pretend this whole mess didn't happen. He wished he had his own heart. He wished.

*She's going to find out eventually…Axel said she was going to remember everything...* And when she did, he hoped that that she'd accept him—just like she had before.

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