It was a warm day in England. To some people it would be lovely but not for others. Death was on his job, going across the planet to aid the creatures to their afterlife. On this certain day, he was visiting Hogwarts. As he catered all the humans of earth, Death had a way of knowing about every little part of the world that was blocked from everyone else. Hogwarts was a place for children with magic but this often led to deaths. Magic was a very dangerous tool.

The reason for his visit that particular day was for the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. He had just been killed. Not knowing the details, Death guessed it was the one and only dark lord. Yet another person which caused problems. When he got to the school, Death saw the body on the ground surrounded by witches and wizards mourning. There was a faded character which looked just like the body. He was smiling softly at death, like he was waiting for him.

'I have a letter for you' the old man said, taking his hand out of his sleeve. Death saw the letter which he must have been talking about. He didn't take it. The letter was like many he had seen before. One from the school, telling a child about their powers. Why would he have one? The man chuckled. 'We would send it with an owl but you're very hard to find' he explained.
'I don't have time for your little tricks' he replied. Dumbledore nodded and put it away, followed by Death holding his normal hand and they disappeared.