Kuro x Pit

"Kuro!" Pit barged through the front door and into the living room to see his twin lounging on the couch watching tv. Absolutely furious, the 17-year old shook the letter in his hand and demanded, "How do you expect me to tell Mom and Dad about this?"

Kuro stared vacantly at the tv. "Just tell 'em the truth. I'm a sadistic person, and I like beating up people."

Pit sighed, his anger dropping away, and turned off the tv. He walked over to Kuro and put his hands on his shoulders. Kuro twitched at his brother's touch and looked up into his sky blue eyes. "You can't keep doing this, Kuro," Pit said softly. "Do you want to keep getting injured?"

"Well, maybe that's where I got my love for inflicting pain from. Though I must say I'm a bit better than those other turds. Last time's didn't even get me dizzy."

"Gah, I nearly forgot! How are you healing up?" Pit climbed into Kuro's lap and sat facing him, his knees to either side.

Kuro sucked in his breath and gritted his teeth, trying to control the desire that suddenly sprouted up. That pose and Pit's soft, concerned eyes were nearly too much for him, and he turned his head away. "Fine," he managed to say.

Pit narrowed his eyes. "Don't lie to me, Kuro, that's not nice." He unsheathed the short knives (which could also be combined to make a bow) from their leg sheaths and sliced open Kuro's shirt, revealing all of Kuro's bruises, cuts, and various healing scrapes. He inhaled sharply at the sight of all of Kuro's wounds. "Do they hurt?" he asked softly, not looking up, and reached out a finger to touch a bruise on Kuro's chest.

Kuro shuddered a little at his touch, and Pit watched his twin's well-toned chest ripple, transfixed. He was suddenly aware of the smooth silkiness of the skin he was touching, his suddenly awkward position, the bump in Kuro's pants and his own growing erection, and the fact that he had Kuro's bare chest under his hands, but he couldn't get himself to move. It was like his brain had deserted him.

Kuro turned his head back to look at Pit's now frozen form, dark, seductive eyes locking onto stunned, blue patches of sky. Then his eyes widened slightly as they took in the bulge in Pit's pants. He chuckled, and his eyes turned mischievous. "Well, if you want it too, let's not keep each other waiting." He pushed Pit onto the couch and, before Pit could react, popped a pill into his mouth before locking lips.

"Mmf!" Pit felt Kuro's tongue slide between his lips and force something down his throat. He swallowed instinctively and felt Kuro grin against his lips. Said twin drew back and let Pit prop himself up with his elbow, which he did so immediately, wiping his lips. "What did you make me—"

A sudden loss of strength made Pit collapse back onto the couch. "Kuro, you…" The edges of his vision started to black out, and the last thing he saw was the smirk on Kuro's face.