I haven't watched all of Vampire Diaries yet and I haven't decided whether I want to read the books or not so I don't know all of Damon's history. As for Eric, I've watched all of True Blood and read all of The Sookie Stackhouse series except the tenth oneā€¦This little oneshot is set in the True Blood universe. The books are very different. Godric, for example, is definitely not the same in the books.

So, this is set after Godric dies in True Blood.

I don't own True Blood or Vampire Diaries.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping?" He let the question slip out. The door had been open. That was uncharacteristic. Then again, so was Eric's slouched position on the floor. There was blood on Eric's face, on his chest. It took Damon a moment to realize that he'd been crying. He hadn't thought Eric had the ability to do that.

Eric didn't respond to his question and Damon stood, unsure, for a moment. He didn't know how to handle this situation. He'd never seen Eric like that before. For a moment, he hated Godric for doing it because he was pretty sure that Godric was the only person who had ever seen Eric like that.

"What are you doing here?" Eric finally asked. His gaze was still firmly planted on the far wall.

Damon walked over and knelt in front of Eric. He really, really didn't like being in this position. He wondered idly what it was like for Eric. Eric, who had been alive for over a thousand years. He'd said once, in a rare bout of complete honesty, that Godric had been the only constant in his very long life.

He'd never seen Eric cry before. He could say that he'd known Eric for nearly eighty years and, if they were both mortal he'd say that was a long time but for someone who had lived as long as Eric had eighty years really wasn't long at all.

Did he have someone like that anymore? Someone who's death would leave him crying on the floor of a hotel room? This question only led him to thinking about Stefan and he shook the thought away immediately. That line of thought only led to trouble.

He didn't let himself feel often but he liked Eric. Eric was everything that he was told he shouldn't be. Eric was a monster just like him. He was completely unapologetic about his nature and he was beautiful when he let that side out.

He didn't like seeing Eric like this and he wanted to make that pain go away.

"You shouldn't be here," Eric pointed out. "This hotel is filled with my kind."

"The sun is up," Damon pointed out with a roll of his eyes. "Your kind are all pretty much useless right now." He frowned and put a hand on the side of Eric's face. Blood oozed from Eric's ears. "You should sleep."

"What are you doing here?" Eric asked again. His voice was pretty much emotionless.

"He called me last night." He tilted his head a moment. "I think he was worried about what you were going to do once he was gone." He raised his eyebrows. "Must have been a little desperate to call me."

"Or stupid," Eric answered. His voice turned angry.

"I can take care of myself," Damon pointed out lightly. "Besides, all your buddies are sleeping." Damon hesitated again but he could feel Eric's misery. He'd never felt anything like it coming from Eric. He grabbed Eric's arm and pulled him to his feet. Eric let out a growl of warning.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. You're older and stronger and you could kick my ass..." Damon pulled Eric towards the bed. Eric was sluggish and could barely walk. "And you're fucking heavy."

Eric straightened before they got to the bed and pulled away. Damon could feel the strain staying awake was causing him. He could also feel the anger building in Eric and he kind of guessed what was going to happen next.

Despite the fact that it was day outside and Eric was sluggish from not sleeping like he was supposed to, he did have about nine hundred years on Damon and even though they were technically a different species, that kind of age gap did count for something.

Damon was on his back on the bed a second later with Eric hovering over him. There was need coming through loud and clear and, even though he would never admit it to anyone other than Eric, he understood that. Eric's fangs were out.

"Why are you here?" He asked once again, staring down into Damon's eyes.

Damon hesitated again. He let himself feel the pain and anger coming from Eric and he answered with the truth.

"Because if it had been you instead of him, I'd be where you are."

Eric kissed him then. It was hard and kind of savage, like it always was. He only came to Eric when he needed that kind of release. Eric needed it this time.

Eric trailed to his neck and the bite was just as savage. He ripped at Damon's clothes at the same time. When Eric pulled back from his neck, he'd removed all of Damon's clothes and blood stained his mouth as well as his cheeks.

He let Damon roll them and Damon reciprocated, pulled Eric's pants off. He trailed down and bit into Eric's chest. Eric groaned and his hand fisted in Damon's hair. Eric was over a thousand years old and Damon could practically feel the power of that blood as he swallowed and rubbed himself against Eric. He could feel that bond that Eric's blood gave him strengthen with it.

They rolled for position and Eric's hands were trailing down. It didn't take long really. Eric pushed inside of him and it was violent and fast paced and blood stained the sheets as well as their skin.

He'd have to leave soon, preferably before the vampires in the hotel woke up. He doubted they'd believe that his ring wouldn't work for them and even if they did believe him, they'd kill him just for having it. But, for the moment, he didn't think about it.

For a little while he didn't think about Stefan or Elena or Mystic Falls. He lost himself in the sensations, in the mix of pain and pleasure. He lost himself in the bond.