I decided to add this onto the story after watching that utterly brilliant and completely tragic scene at the end of The Descent. Ian Somerhalder was amazing in that scene. Besides, I did Damon comforting Eric, thought I'd add on Eric comforting Damon.

The bond was easy enough to follow. The feelings that were filtering through were the strongest he had felt coming from this one in particular. He had already been in Mystic Falls for another reason…but this despair he felt coming from the man that was the very reason he was in Mystic Falls…

Eric stood nearby, in the woods surrounding the road. He had come here for one reason. Eric watched him with a frown on his face. He did not like the feelings that were filtering through the bond, coming from the dark haired man lying in the middle of the road.

Damon either didn't know he was there, and something horrible must have happened for Damon not to notice him, or he didn't care that Eric was there and watching…watching as a car stopped and a girl stepped out, running over to where Damon lay. Eric stood further back, watching the scene unfold before him, curiosity overtaking him.

"I'm lost." He heard Damon say as he sat up on the road.

"You're laying in the middle of the road?"

"Not that kind of lost. Metaphorically…existentially."

Eric's frown deepened as he watched Damon stop the girl from leaving, as he watched Damon compel her. He had never seen Damon quite like it and he had never felt anything so strong coming off of the young vampire. Not in the eighty years he had known Damon. He had, of course felt the despair in Damon after he'd realized that Katherine didn't care for him but this was different…

"Jessica…I have a secret…I have a big one but I've never said it out loud. I mean, what's the point? It's not going to change anything. It's not going to make me good…make me adopt a puppy. I can't be what other people want me to be…what she wants me to be."

Eric tilted his head, narrowed his eyes at the words. He felt a sort of rage rise at the pain he heard in Damon's voice and the pain he felt coming through the bond. For better or worse, he had made Damon Salvatore his more than eighty years ago when they had first exchanged blood.

"…because I'm not human and I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world! That is my secret but there is only so much hurt a man can take."

Eric pushed off the tree he had been leaning on after Damon killed the girl and he sped away.


When Damon came home, Eric was waiting for him. He was sitting on the couch and he knew that Damon was still drunk.

"Eric." Damon walked deeper into the room and took another drink from the flask in his hand. "Knew I felt something. Come here to lecture me about killing somebody?"

Eric didn't answer. He had spoken to Damon last year after Damon had first come to Mystic Falls. Damon had been reckless then, leaving too much evidence for people to find, too much evidence that could have led someone straight to him.

Eric stood and walked over to him, took the alcohol from Damon's hand. "I do not lecture, Damon."

Damon snorted and shook his head. "Come here to kill me, then? You did make those threats before." He sounded completely unafraid of this possibility.

Eric shook his head. He would never admit it out loud but he would never follow through on those threats, nor would he allow anyone else to hurt the man before him, in the same way he couldn't abide anyone hurting Pam. He had not been the one to turn Damon, they weren't even technically the same species but Damon was his.

"You wish to be human," Eric stated, staring into Damon's blue eyes.

"Doesn't matter." For just a moment, and because it was Eric and he would never show any of it to anybody else, Eric saw that pain in his eyes and heard it in his voice. "Make me forget?" And because it was Damon making the request, Eric obliged.