"The Random Fairly Oddparents Chatroom"

Synopsis and Login names

Synopsis: Timmy and all of his friends and family (including the fairies) have created a chatroom. But when they start chatting things go from normal to just plain weird! And things get even weirder when characters from other cartoons appear in their universe!

Pairings: Timmy x Trixie, Cosmo x Wanda et al.

Login Names

Timmy Turner: TheChosenOne

Trixie Tang: Tell_Me_I'm_Pretty

Chester McBadbat: MuncherLad01

Tootie Delisle: I luv Timmy

A. J. Ibrahim: Smartguy100

Cosmo Cosma: Kozmo

Wanda Cosma: Not_a_nag

Poof Cosma: Poof-Poof

There's more to come! If you want to have a non-FOP character added to the mix, or ideas for a chapter, please leave me with a review, PM, e-mail...whatever!

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