Here is the second session of the FOP Chatroom! Here are my replies to Session One!

Prettydog200: Thanks for the review. The Syndicate? Fighting over who is the better villain? That would most certainly be hilarious! In fact, in this session, they start a flame war over who's plans are better! Hope to hear from you again!

timmy: Not you again, you little troll! Ever heard of the saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all?" You should think about that the next time you flame me!

Luiz4200: Thanks for the review. That's right; Trixie now knows that Timmy Turner has fairy godparents! I've always wanted to do a fanfic where Trixie knows about Timmy's fairies, but it never got off the ground... Remember if you have any ideas for a session, please leave me a message. I hope to hear from you again!

OddAuthor: Thanks for the review. I based off Tootie's behaviour from this Naruto Chatroom session shown on Youtube where Sakura goes crazy and attacks Hinata! I've always felt that Timmy needed a human friend that knew about his fairies, kind of like in the "Ben 10" series where Julie Yamamoto became one of Ben's best friends after she learned about the Omnitrix. As for your follow up comment, I wanted to show everyone that Tootie isn't always the kind and caring person we know her for. I hope to hear from you again!

Solaris Knight 30: Thanks for the review. Yes, it would be better to make it part of the "Trixie's True Self" saga, but I want to go for something no one has ever done before. I hope to hear from you again.

TwopointO: Thanks for the review. I thought of what you said, about doing something no one has ever done before. So, I got an idea: Random FOP Chatroom. While the Chat Room story has been done, there aren't any for "The Fairly Oddparents." By the way, if you have any ideas for a session, please leave me a message. I hope to hear from you again.

(Author's Note: Chapter updated on 9/9/2010. Same old chapter, now with emotes!)

"Random Fairly Oddparents Chatroom"

Two: Nicktoons and Nicktoon Girls Unite!

New Characters and Login Names

Jorgen von Strangle: Toughguy

Denzel Crocker: FAIRIES!

Spongebob Squarepants: Spongy-frycook

Sandy Cheeks: Texan_Squirrel36

Eugene Krabs: I_Like_MONEY!

Sheldon Plankton: Tiny_Evil

Jimmy Neutron: BoyGenius

Cindy Vortex: SpecialGirl

Finnbar Calamitous: IncompleteScientist

Sheen Estevez: Ultralord_Fan

Danny Fenton/Phantom: Ghostboi

Sam Manson: Gothgurl

Vlad Masters/Plasmius: DairyKing

Box Ghost: -BoxLord-

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Night. Time unknown

[FAIRIES!, Tiny_Evil, IncompleteScientist, and DairyKing have signed in.]

Vlad: Is everyone here?

Crocker, Plankton, and Calamitous: Yes.

Vlad: Good. Now, does anyone have any sugguestion on how to take over the universe? Anyone? There are no wrong answers!

Calamitous: My plan is to get a giant elephant and...

Crocker: Calamitous, that has got to be the dumbest idea I've ever heard!

Plankton: I agree.

Vlad: As do I.

Calamitous: What? My plans are foolproof!

Crocker: Your plans can't hold a candle to mine!

Plankton: You're both wrong. MY plans are the best!

Vlad: No, MY plans outweigh each and everyone of yours!

(A flame war develops over who's plans are better.)

[-BoxLord- has signed in]


Everyone but Box Ghost: SHUT UP, BOX GHOST!

Box Ghost: BEWARE!

[-BoxLord- has signed out]

Calamitous: That's enough! Why don't we just kidnap our archenemies: The Nicktoons?

Vlad: That's a great idea! We kidnap the Nicktoons and then The Evil Syndicate shall take over the universe!

[Everyone signs out]

(Later that night; Crocker, Plankton, Vlad, and Calamitous subdue their archenemies. Their missions acomplished, they head back to their base.)

(The next morning, Trixie is running to Timmy's house along her new friends Sandy Cheeks, Sam Manson, and Cindy Vortex whom she met through the interdimensional portal. When they got into Timmy's room, they saw a note saying that The Evil Syndicate has taken the Nicktoons.)

Everyone: Oh No!

Trixie: Now who's going to stop the Syndicate from taking over the universe?

Sam: We are!

Cindy: But we're just four ordinary girls!

Sandy: No we ain't! Trixie, you know some magic right?

Trixie: Sure! Wanda gave me an emergency wand for protection.

Sandy: Cindy is very smart...

Cindy: I wasn't voted "Retroville's Smartest Girl" for a reason!

Sandy: ...and I am an expert in karate! (makes a fighting pose)

Trixie: But what about Sam?

Sam: Promise me you won't freak out?

Everyone but Sam: No.

(A glowing green ring encircles Sam, which splits into two rings that cover her entire body. When the rings dissapear, Sam is completely changed. She has become a Nature Halfa. [Imagine Sam's look from "Urban Jungle," except only the pupils are green.])

Sam: Well?

Everyone: Not Bad...

Sam: Now let's take on the Syndicate!

(Meanwhile, at the Syndicate Base)

Vlad: Once you four are out of the way, NOTHING will stop us from taking over the universe!

Timmy: You'll never get away with this!

Plankton: Oh yeah? Who's going to stop us?

Nicktoon Girls: WE DO!

Crocker: Who are you four?

Nicktoon Girls: Your worst nightmares!

Vlad: Well, whoever you four are, you're not going anywhere! ATTACK!

(Trixie pulls out her wand and fires several magic blasts at Crocker, knocking him out.)

Crocker: Fairies...

(Sandy strikes a fighting pose, but because of Plankton's small size, she could see him.)

Sandy: Where are you?

(Sandy walks around until she hears the sound of something crunching on her foot. She picks her foot up and finds Plankton smeared on her boot.)

Plankton: Ouch...

(Cindy fires a lazer rifle which hits Calamitous)

Calamitous: I've REALLY gotta start thinking up COMPLETE plans!

Vlad: So new halfa, what do you do?


(Sam exudes ghost energy which summons several giant roots that strangle Vlad into reverting back into human forme. Sam also reverts back due to fatigue.)

Vlad: Ahh...Butter Biscuts!

(After the Syndicate were defeated, the Nicktoon Girls free the Nicktoons.)

Nicktoons: You saved us!

Nicktoon Girls: Thanks. Now let's head to the chatroom!

Nicktoons: Okay!

Monday, September 6, 2010

10:57 am

[TheChosenOne, Tell_Me_I'm_Pretty, BoyGenius, SpecialGirl, Spongy-frycook, Texan_Squirrel36, Ghostboi, Gothgurl have signed in]

Timmy: Trixie, thanks for saving me and my friends. :D

Trixie: You're welcome, but I didn't do alone! ;)

Danny: You're right, you had help with your friends.

Spongebob: So...what do you call yourselves?

Trixie: Ready, girls?

Sam, Sandy, and Cindy: READY!

Trixie: Trixie Tang!

Sam: Sam Manson!

Cindy: Cindy Vortex!

Sandy: Sandy Cheeks!

Trixie: Together, we're...


Trixie: Nicktoon Girls, UNITE!

Cindy: Well, what do you guys think?

Jimmy: That's awesome! :D

Nicktoon Girls: Thanks!

Timmy: Say Trixie, want to go out for some ice cream?

Trixie: Sure. :D

Danny: Yeah, Sam and I need to talk about ghost training.

[I_Like_MONEY! has signed on]

Krabs: Ahoy Spongebob!

Spongebob: Mr. Krabs? What are you doing here?

Krabs: I came here to tell you that the Krusty Krab is closed for Labor Day. See you bright and early tomorrow!

[I_Like_MONEY! has signed off.]

Spongebob: Well, it looks like Sandy and I are going to spend our day off at the park. :)

Jimmy: Cindy and I are going to the amusment park.

Timmy and Trixie: Okay see you!

Everyone but Timmy and Trixie: Bye you guys!

[Everyone logs out. Time: 11:18 am]

[Ultralord_Fan has signed on]

Sheen: Hello? Is anyone here?

[-BoxLord- has signed on]


Sheen: ... -_-;

Box Ghost: Uhh...BEWARE!

[-BoxLord- has signed out]

[Ultralord_Fan has signed out]

-End Session Two-

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