Is She Really Replaced?

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"HEY!" A girl with dark red hair said to some day class students. "Don't talk about the Night class, they are just a bunch of idiots!" The girl named Hikari, Haru said to them. They sighed

and shut their mouths. Haru stared at Zero, as if saying "Do we have to go to meet the Night Class students?". Zero nodded his head and they both left the class room. Zero has grown taller

since the last year the night class left, but everything else was the same. Haru and Zero got along VERY well and Haru knew everything about Zero, even is Secret. As they walked to the

gates Haru saw a tall man talking to the Headmaster, Cross, Kaian. "They are vampires correct?" She asked Zero. "Yea." He said to her. Once they got closer Zero saw Yukki standing next to

Kuran, Kaname, then hugging her father. "Hey there's the bitch that walked away from you." Haru said to Zero in a slight whisper, but even if Yukki did have her vampire hearing she didn't

need to use it to hear that. She glared at her with cold eyes after she was done hugging her adoptive father. Yukki had her hair the way it was before she became a vampire, she also grew

a couple of inches. Once Haru and Zero got there they greeted the Vampires, both having glares in their eyes. "Zero, could you help Yukki to her old dorm please, since you still remember

where it is." The Chairmen said to Zero. He nodded and Yukki came up to him and gave him a hug and said, "How has it been?" She asked then felt a glare from the side and saw a bitchy girl

who replaced her for the Guardian Duty. Yukki picked up the small bags and Zero held the larger ones and they were walking to the dorm when Yukki turned around, "Zero's just taking me to

my dorm that's all." She said to her brother, Kaname. Kaname nodded and the continued to walk to her dorm. Once they got there Zero unlocked it and they both went inside. "Zero, why did

you pick a girl for your partner?" Yukki asked him. "Why jealous?" He asked her back. "I'm not." It was a lie but there wasn't a hint of lie in her voice, in face she was beyond jealous. "Plus,

it's none of your business why, and you left the academy even after I begged you not to." Zero said to her. 'I would have been fine with a guy, but he picked a girl…this ticks me off.' She

thought silently in her head. She sat on her bed after brutally putting her bags down. "That girl is a whore and she's a bitch." Yukki said to him. "She's not a whore or a bitch." He said back at

her. "Well since it's from a girl who knows others from the inside out, she is…Take this from a girl's point of view." She said. She turned around to Zero who she caught placing the bags

silently down and was about to go when she pinned him to the wall, putting her face so close to his that you could feel their breath on each other's lips. She then passionately kissed him.

"I'm not losing." She said to him and let him leave. She unpacked and put on her day class uniform. She went around the school with artimus strapped to her thigh as usual.

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