Is She Really Replaced? Ch 8

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Zero was drying his hair off as I was sleeping. I woke up to him and some water on my face. "Z-ero?" I asked him and he turned and looked at me. "Yes" was his reply. His violet eyes staring into my redish brown ones. I couldn't look away. It looked as if he was going to kiss me.

I saw him and our lips touched for a few seconds and he pulled away. 'Damn it Zero! Why did you have to pull away!...Why am I think about THIS kind of THING!' Yukki thought in her head. "The showers open." I heard Zero say as he left the room. Kaname was watching and gave Zero a stern look. 'I'll get back at him for that.' Kaname thought and disappeared into the darkness. Yukki started her shower and accidentally left the door unlocked. Zero couldn't take it anymore! He went into the restroom, which she didn't lock, and took off his clothes. He heard the shower running and got really horny. He quietly stepped into the shower so Yukki didn't notice. (These showers are like how it's like in its own room apart from the other part of the bathroom. It has a shower head on one side and a bathtub on the other, and there's a curtain separating the bathroom from this shower) He wrapped his hands around her body. "ZERO!" She screamed. She squatted down onto the floor and looked up. It was Zero. "W-what are you doing here?" She asked him blushing furiously. "I'm here because you make me really horny and hard." He said to her showing her his rock hard dick. She gazed at it in awe. She knew she had a thing for Zero, but didn't know he had a thing for her also. She reached his dick and lightly felt it, making him moan out her name. She started licking the top of it, then around the base and back up. He was shaking in excitement, getting pelted by the hot water running down on them. She then started bobbing her head up and down his length, 10". He put fingers in her hair as he released his thick hot load into her mouth. She drank it all. Yukki then went up and kissed him. He kissed back and started pinching her nipples. She moaned. He leaned down and started sucking and lightly biting down on it, causing more moans. He pinched and pulled at the other while working with this one. Soon, her nipples were erected and she was VERY wet. He slid 2 fingers across her wet pussy. She moaned. Zero then shoved 2 fingers into her going in and out and scissoring his fingers into her. She felt a little pain but it was bearable. After he slid in 3 fingers, spreading out her pussy. She moaned a lot and was about to cum when he took his fingers out. Before she could protest he shoved his dick into ramming her hard and fast. They constantly moaned each other's name. After more ramming she came, "ZERO!" she said panting on his shoulder. After feeling her contractions he released inside of her screaming her name. They got cleaned up, clothed, and they went to bed.


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