This is a just a little song-fic story I came up with on my own while I was listening to the song "The Priest and the matador" by Senses Fail. I didn't put the lyrics or anything but I recommend this song, and I hope you like it. I thought it was okay. :D

I stared up at the brilliant blue sky and smiled, one cloud looked like a dog and the other a cat. I was feeling complete, a feeling I hadn't felt in a long time. But it was all about to end, just like everything else in my life had. My parents had decided that I was never good enough for them, my best friends had used me for popularity, and my girlfriend had slept with one of my 'best friends'. My life was crumbling around me; nothing was worth my time anymore. As I stood up on the top of my local church I looked up at the sky for the last time. 'Time to go' I thought to myself and walked off the building in one swift motion.

All the air rushed through my hair as I kept falling and falling. Then a smack and sharp pain made itself known, I had hit the ground. The pain at first was striking and distracting, but as time went on it began to numb away.

"Oh dear god, I think he fell" I heard someone yell from afar. A woman I think.

I was meant to go to hell…I could just feel it; I was never worth all the waste. As my body lay on the ground, I smiled as best as I could, happy for the first time in days. I distinctly heard a priest come to my side and begin to read me my last rites. 'Father you're too late, my faith is weak' I thought. If I had faith, I wouldn't have done this. If I had faith, this wouldn't have happened. If I had faith, my life would be perfect. 'I wish he would just save his half-hearted speech'

My body lay kissing the ground, I smiled. I looked like a cross turned upside down…laying at an un-natural position with a funny grimace/smile on my face. I imagine I am quite the funny sight waiting for my fate.

I hear a man bend down next to my ear and say "Son, we're going to get through this one take my hand and let us pray…" He thinks he can save me, he thinks he help me, he thinks that I can be helped, he thinks wrong. "Please get the fuck away." I yell with my last strength. I just want to be left alone.

My body lies on the ground and I smile. I think it's getting time to go now; I've never been this excited before, time for one thing in my life to go right. I hear the ambulance singing nearby hoping to safe me from my forbidden fate. The cops are pushing back the crowd as I take my last breath. The blood slowly pours out of my mouth as the medic runs my way. I think this could be it; the moment I had been waiting for. I barely hear them start to state the time of death is half past six as I close my eyes and welcome a black oblivion.

How was it? Reviews are appreciated. :D