My Deadly Desires

Lilcutieprincess: There will be a lot of lemons in here…so children if you don't like it then leave! They are vampires in this story… Oh and I don't own any of Vampire Knight's characters…I wish I did

Yukki knocked on the door. "Zero, can I come in?" She asked through the door. "Yea." He said and she went inside. "What's wr-?" Zero asked but he was cut off when Yukki jumped into his arms. They both fell on the bed and Zero smelt her unique smell that drives him crazy along with the citrusy smell from her shampoo. He always dreamt of this to happen but always woke up from wet dreams climaxing. She was actually there in his arms, it made him really happy. Zero was hard just from hugging her. Yukki felt this and started to rub it ever so gently. He tried to keep in his groan but a small but escaped his lips. "Y-Yukki do you even know what y-you are doing?" He asked her, then blood came rushing to his part and made him bigger. He was about to climax there but in a swift movement she was on the bottom and he was on the top. He kissed her with lust and greed. He then went down to her white tank top and pulled it down, revealing her luscious white breasts. He licked around one of her nipples teasing her. She panted as her nipple grew a little. He then flicked the tip of his tongue on the tip of her nipple and Yukki let out his name in a moan. He licked and flicked his tongue on her nipple and did the same with the other. His hand traveled down her stomach and to the rim of her shorts. His hand dove into her shorts and underwear and started rubbing her womanhood, he felt how wet she was as he slid his finger through her entrance. He slowly went in and out of it, when he felt her almost reach her climax he took his hand out of her shorts and licked the juices that were on it, then kissing her, his tongue on hers', letting her taste herself. The kiss ended and Yukki was the one on top now and she slid down his shorts and underwear looking at his big erected cock. She smiled and started to tease him licking around it then flicking her tongue at the tip then bringing it down to the base and back up again. Zero groaned and couldn't take the teasing anymore. "Yukki please suck my cock!" He practically screamed so high it seemed like a whisper. She did so and bobbed her head; she let her fangs graze the skin making him shiver. After a little while he was about to climax, when she stopped. Then Zero was on top and took off her shorts and panties. His cock at her womanhood rubbing against it. He saw that she nodded and he slowly entered her carefully so that he wouldn't hurt her. Once he was all the way in he could feel how tight she was and he waited for her to adjust and then he slowly moved, then picking up the pace each thrust. They both were breathing hard and he climaxed in her and rolled off of her. He closed his eyes then opened them seeing that Yukki's eyes were still full of lust. 'Shit, I forgot that she hasn't came yet' He thought to himself. He went down to her womanhood and Yukki sat up. "Zero wh-" She was cut off when he started licking her pussy, making sure to stay clear of her clint. He licked around, on, and the inside of her pussy. He stuck his tongue inside of her and she moaned his name. "Z-Zero!" He stopped and kissed her again this time more passionately then the 1st time. After they were done with the kiss, he went back down to her womanhood and only focused on her clint and started licking it fiercely. "ZERO!" She moaned as she came in his mouth. Zero drank it all and laid down next to her, feeling her snuggle closer to him, as if she was going to lose him.

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