Kimiko: If you read my other story, Fate, it's about Ikuto and Amu, you would know I changed my name because I felt guilty for stealing someone's name.

Zero: I don't care…

Yukki: That's not nice Zero, be nice

Zero: Okay –nibbles on Yukki's neck-

Yukki: -moans-

Kimiko: Get a room! –throws a pillow at them-

Yukki: Glad she doesn't own us!

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As Yukki falls asleep, Zero still in her, he gets hard.

Zero cursed under his breath for getting hard again. 'God, why am I getting hard just from watching her sleep?' He thought to himself. He tried to get out of her, without her waking up, but didn't want to take the chance.

He stayed there, not looking at her, and was still hard. 'What the hell! Why am I still hard?' He sighed and decided to try and softly go in and out till he came. He started to go in and out at a slow pace, not wanting to wake her. He kept on going, very slowly picking up speed after a few thrusts every time, he softly groaned, and heard Yukki moan. He stopped and looked at her face, 'Phew, she's still sleeping like an angel,' He thought and kept on going. He kept on picking up speed till he was hitting her g-spot with each thrust, hearing her moan just kept on turning him on more, even when she's still sleeping. He kept on going and going and they both came after about 10 more thrusts. He took his cock out of her, and decided that he could go to sleep now.

After about an hour, Zero woke up again because he was parched. He sighed and got some water from the sink, but then his eyes glew red. 'Shit, I don't wanna suck her blood while she's asleep…' He thought, but the thought suddenly disappeared when he started to clutch onto his throat. 'Just a little..' He thought and went over to her, licking her neck, then biting into it. He heard her moan his name as he was drinking her blood. After a pint of her blood, he stopped, and let her go. His eyes turned back to normal, and he went to sleep.

Yukki on the other hand, was still sleeping and was wet from Zero drinking her blood.

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