Chapter 001: So it begins

Summory: What if Naruto was a girl, and what if his mother's unique chakra was actually a Kekkei Genkai? FemNaru!

Pairing: GirlNaruto/? (you guys get to vote on it, just tell me who you want it to be an in the end, the one with the most requests will probably be it)

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Huge ass warning and note: Well, first I think I should point out that this fic is going to have some major spoilers in it, especially near the beginning. Hell, even the summery itself has a spoiler in it about Naruto's mom, so you know there are going to be some more, but don't worry, almost all of them are about Naruto's mom and dad (and whirlpool country as it is kind of a given). As such, I am giving all of you fair warning right now, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! This fic starts from the very beginning of the anime/manga and continues onward.

As for the fic itself, I think I should give you a basic description of the things that will and will not be in this fic.

The first thing I want to cover are the things that I absolutely hate about most Naruto fics (especially 'Naruto is a girl' fics), which you will not be seeing in this story. So if you hate them to, then don't worry, you won't be reading them here, and if you like them... To damn bad. don't bitch, don't wine, and don't flame, you've been warned.

One: The first of the thing from the category above is 'I've been fighting for so long to hide who and what I am, and now that everyone knows, I can finally be weak and frail and depend on a man for everything' Mary-sue girl-naruto stories. I hate them. End of subject. They just piss me off. In my fic, most people WILL think that Naruto is a boy, but she's not hiding that she's a girl, they just look at her jumpsuit and assume she's a boy (Spoiler: kind of like her mother when she was a kid in the anime/manga).

Two: The second item that falls under the 'things I hate in most fanfics' category is the 'Let's all jack up the teams' stuff. Sorry, but it isn't happening in my fic. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke will still be team seven when they become Genin, and Kakashi will still be their Sensei.

Well, I'm sure there are other things that should go on that list, but at the moment, I can't think of any, so let's get onto the list of stuff you can expect in this fic:

One: Firstly, in this fic, the unique chakra Uzumaki Kushina's had in the manga will be a Kekkei genkai in this fanfic called Tenchēnton (it means Heavenly chain release. Why call it that? Because Kushina's unique chakra doesn't have a freakin name in the anime or manga, all that is said about it is that she could create chains and spikes with it, and I could have called it physical release, but that just sounds perverted.) which has 6 different levels (much like the Sharingan has 5 known levels, 1 tomoe, 2 tomoe, 3 tomoe, Mangekyō Sharingan, and traded Mangekyō Sharingan, but I'm also adding a sixth level to that one as well). You'll find out what all the levels of the Tenchēnton do when Naruto finds out, but don't worry, it actually makes sense and isn't an 'all powerful' piece of junk that a lot of people tend to give Naruto in fanfics. It has it's weaknesses (a crap load, actually, T_T I just couldn't bring myself to make it impossibly strong, no mater how much I wanted to.) just like all kekkei genkai do.

Two: For this fic, I will be using the Japanese names for the moves, though I will have some form of a translation to tell you what moves they are in case you haven't seen enough of the anime/manga to know that a Kage Bunshin is a Shadow clone.

Three: For the simple sake of those reading this fic, I am not going to bother telling you what is a spoiler and what I just completely made up, that way you can just assume that it isn't an actual part of the series.

PS, Monurial Hospital is not supposed to be Memorial Hospital , it's a name I made up, because I felt like it.




(Demon or Inner Voice)


The view of The Village Hidden In The Leaves from the top of the Hokage monument, a set of four stone faces built into the side of the large mountain that makes up the back wall of the village, is said to be one of the greatest sights you can ever see in the village. It is said that you can only know true beauty if you look out over the village from the mountain's top at sunset, it was truly a sight to be seen, but sadly, on this night, a night that would forever be known as one of Konoha's darkest days, the sight from the top of the mountain didn't portray any kind of beauty. No, instead, it displayed nothing but horror.

The sight that the fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato, saw from standing atop his own stone head was less then beautiful.

Almost a third of Konoha, the village he had dedicated his life to protecting, was almost completely destroyed. The south gate was in ruins, only half of the Hyuga compound still stood, and a large section of the Monurial Hospital, one of the only two hospitals, was completely gone.

If it wasn't for the fact that that particular hospital had been evacuated along with the villagers, there would have probably been many casualties.

The site of the destruction and mayhem before him almost brought him to his knees. He had seen many place destroyed, but never in his entire life had he ever seen his own village in such a state. Even in the years of the third shinobi war, the village had never suffered this amount of damage.

Sure, a building or two had been destroyed by an enemy attack in the past, but the he or one a few squads of ANBU, the shinobi elite, had always been able to show up in time to stop them before the damage got to severe. Unfortunately, it wasn't a group of shinobi from a foreign village or a group of random missing nins that were attacking. No, the enemy that was completely bent on destroying everything in its path was much more dangerous and horrifying then any man could ever be.


The Kyuubi No Yoko, better known as the nine tailed fox, king of the demons, or the strongest being that had ever roamed the elemental nations, was attacking the village and attempting to destroy everything in its path. Its tails, a good fifteen or fourteen times longer then the Hokage tower was tall, and it had over seven floors in it, six of which were above ground! As for the beast itself, its chin was about at the same height as his office in the tower was, though luckily the beast hadn't yet made it to the inside of the village and had only damaged the houses, homes, and wall near the edge of it.

While Minato stared out at the sight before him, trying to come up with a way to save the village and all of its inhabitants, one of the fox's long tails lashed out and slammed its tip into the ground just to the left of the same tower he had been thinking was beyond its reach.

Blinking a few times in surprise and letting his impassive mask slip for a moment, just long enough to display his shock and horror at what he had just scene, Minato mildly cursed the fox for its lack of good aim.

"Damn it! I could have been free from all of the paper work!" he muttered sadly, causing all four of the giant stone Hokage heads in the mountain to sweatdrop at him, including his own. (Kami: … I know the paperwork is bad, but... Seriously?)

Slightly embarrassed at his own outburst, and eternally grateful that no one was around to see it, Minato schooled his face, reapplied his emotionless mask, and went back to racking his brain for any and all possible solutions to the horror that was the fox.

Just as an idea finally came to him, time seemed to slow down around him. As he continued to look out over the village at the fox, another one of the fox's tails lashed out and crashed into Konoha's larger, and primary, hospital. That particular hospital had been even further away from the fox then the tower was, and it hadn't been evacuated yet. He, along with many others, had assumed that it was safe and had been using it to treat as many of the wounded as they could as well as anyone with medical problems that kept them from being able to be moved. Sadly, one of the patients that hadn't been able to be evacuated was very close to Minato.

His wife.

Though his wife Kushina was originally supposed to be evacuated with everyone else, she had gone into labor just as the fox had been sited off in the distance. Normally, they would have still tried to get her out of the village, but sadly, she wasn't nearly far enough along in the pregnancy to actually have the baby yet. Giving birth to a child when you were only a little over six months pregnant is always dangerous, both for the mother and for the child, add in a massive attack on the village, and it caused several complications to pop up, and then there was the other thing...

As soon as time started moving at a normal pace again, Minato was off, using his famed Hiraishin no Jutsu, or Flying Thunder God Technique, to zoom across the distance between him and the hospital, his only thoughts being his wife's and child's safety.

Appearing in the damaged area of the hospital a moment later, Minato was horrified at what he saw. The entire area was littered with nothing but ruble and specks of blood. After a moment of looking around at the destroyed area, praying to find a survivor or two, Minato decided to move on, unable to sense anyone with his chakra. Just as he turned to make his way into the rest of the hospital, hoping to find that his wife was safe, he spotted something that made his blood run cold.

It was one of the hospital's location plaques, one of the ones that told people what part of the hospital they were entering, and the location it said he was in was the maturity ward. Hoping against hope that Kushina and their child was alive somewhere under the ruble, Minato created a handful of Kage Bunshins and got to work, moving as fast as he could while being careful not to stand on any of the large stones in case someone was under one of them.

Luckily, it didn't take him long to find something.

Just as one of his clones was about to lift up a particularly large stone, a which chain made completely of chakra shot right through the stone, slicing it in half from underneath and causing the stone to fall to the side in piece.

Recognizing the technique, Minato and his clones quickly moved over to the large whole that had been uncovered by his wife's favorite Jutsu. Reaching the large whole in less then a second, he couldn't help but to sigh in relief when he saw a woman with long bright red hair down to her thighs slowly make her out of the whole, carrying a small bundle in her arms.

"Kushina!" he shouted in relief, helping her the rest of the way out of the whole while pulling her into his arms, crushing his lips against her's.

Surprised by his actions, Kushina simply kissed him back while being careful not to disturb the small form in her arms. She could feel her husbands worry in his kiss and could tell that he was only moments away from having a nervous breakdown.

When Minato finally ended the kiss, he rested his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes, clearly relieved to find that she was alive, though they both knew that that wouldn't be the situation for to much longer. Kushina was already on borrowed time, and there was nothing that either of them could do about it. The best they could hope for was the one thing that he could think of, something that she had known was the only option from the moment of the original attack...

Just as Minato was finally about to say something to the one woman he would give anything to save, or at least the only one that he knew of at the moment (which was about to change), the Nine-tails lashed out with another one of its tails, once again completely destroying a section of the village. The building the tail practically exploded, leaving bits and pieces of it behind and causing a loud bang that was almost deafening.

A bang that woke up a certain someone that had somehow managed to stay asleep through the attack on the hospital.

"Waaah! Waaah!"

Startled by the sudden crying, Minato's head snapped in the direction of the little bundle in his wife's arms, which was now wiggling slightly.

"Is that-?" He asked hesitantly, gently moving the part of the blanket that blocking the infant from view out of the way, only to blink stupidly when he was met, not by green eyes, but by vivid blues that were accompanied by a small tuft of blond hair. "Huh-?" He asked in surprise as his brain tried to process what he was seeing and the bottom of his stomach nearly fell out.

"Minato, calm down." Kushina said softly, knowing exactly what was going through her husbands mind as it was only natural seeing as absolutely every single member of the Uzumaki clan had red hair and green eyes except for Uzumaki Mito's granddaughter Tsunade and grandson Nawaki. (1)

Seeing that her husband wasn't going to calm down until he knew that their baby was safe and still hadn't figured out that the child in her arms was actually their baby, mostly because he knew that the coloring was very off, Kushina rolled her eyes and informed him of who he was looking at.

"Minato, dear, calm down, I know that the hair is blond instead of red and the eyes are blue instead of green, but this IS actually our child, it's just your coloring instead of mine." Kushina said, still a little surprised by it herself.

It was kind of an unwritten rule that families with kekkei genkai usually all have the same coloring.

For the Uchiha clan with their Sharingan, the copy eyes, they all had onyx colored eyes, pale skin, and hair that was either dark blue or black.

For the Hyuga Byakugan, the all seeing eyes, they had White-silver eyes without pupils, pale skin, and hair that was either such a dark shade of brown that it was almost black, or a dark blue color.

And lastly, for the Uzumaki clan with their Tenchēnton, the heavenly chains release, they all had red hair, lightly tanned skin, and bright green eyes.

Every single Kekkei Genkai that was passed down from parent to parent seemed to take with it a very particular coloration.

The only known exception to this rule in Konoha was the Senju clan, the clan that Mito had married into, but then again, ever since Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage, married Mito, Kushina's great aunt, their children hadn't inherited the Tenchēnton, and for some reason were unable to use the Mokuton even though all the test say they had it, or rather that Tsunade of the sannin has it as she was the last of the Senju clan.

In short, the fact that their child is blond, has blue eyes, and yet still clearly has the Tenchēnton, which was proven when a nurse took a small bit of blood to do some blood work in order to make sure the baby was fully healthy and the wound healed up within a second, was just odd.

After a few moments of blink at both Kushina and the baby, Minato's brain finally seemed to catch up and comprehend what his wife had just said, causing his face to break out into a wide grin that threatened to split it in two even though the village was under attack.

"Really?" He asked happily, taking another look at his son, or so he thought. (seriously, don't you just love how sonogram always seem to get it wrong?) "So, this is our son, huh? Hm... he has your eyes, though the coloring is obviously mine, and he definitely has your lungs as well."

Hearing her husbands comment, and choosing to ignore the blatant innuendo that was directed at her instead of bashing her husband in the head for his perversity, Kushina smiled broadly at her husband, happy that she had gotten the girl that she wanted instead of him getting the boy that he had already been yapping everybody's eyes off about.

She was really going to enjoy this. Ever since they found out she was pregnant, even before she got the sonogram, which had caused a few hours of headaches for her in and of itself as it had, at the time, confirmed his hopes that they were having a boy, Minato hadn't shut up for even five seconds about all the training he was going to do with his 'little slugger', which he had already nicked named their son, not for the game that some people played over in Suna, but rather for the fact that Tsunade had practically adopted Kushina when she came over to the village as she was her only living relative at the time and was therefor their child's adopted grandmother.

If she had to her about their 'little slugger' one more time, Kushina was going to kill her husband in the most painful way possible. She loved him to death, but there was only so much 'my little slugger will kick your son's ass Fugaku' sleep-talking while trying to sleep a woman can take before she brakes every bone in her loving husband's body just to get some sleep at night.

"You'll be showing Fukagu's kid Sasuke who's the real man in no time!" he cooed happily, completely missing the maniacal laugh his wife let out. (A/N: No, this is not a pairing! Don't worry, I already said that you guys get to tell me what the pairing will be!)

"Actually, Minato, that's not entirely true." She said, completely unfazed by the large tail that destroyed a building a little ways away from the three of them.

"Huh?" her husband asked stupidly, to busy cooing over his 'baby boy' to notice the look his prankster wife was sending at him.

As stated before, she was going to enjoy this, and if he was fine with making perverted comments while talking about their child, she could do the same.

"Well, I was just saying that she won't be showing Sasuke who's a real man, though she might help him become one when their older." She said evilly, thinking about all the planning and plotting her and Mikoto, Sasuke's mom, could do to get their children together in the future.

The two of them had been friends for a long time and had made comments about what they would have done if Kushina was having a girl, and now, since the stupid sonogram machine had screwed up, they could actually do them, and getting their kids together was just one of the many plans.

Then again, with Kushina's days numbered, Mikoto would have to take up the slack and do all the work herself...

Still cooing over his 'baby boy', it took Minato several minutes to finally figure out what his wife had just said, which instantly caused him to freeze and look up at her blankly.

"Come again?" He asked, his brain momentarily freezing up on him.

"Sorry Honey, but it looks like your dreams of your son showing up Fugaku's aren't going to happen, we had a girl." She said happily, causing his jaw to hip the ground, before adding in the same tone. "Now, all Mikoto and I have to do is slip some sake in yours and Fugaku's evening tea, and our girl will have a nice husband in the future."

'NOOOOOOOOOO!' Minato's mind screamed at him, demanding to know how this could happen.

There was no way in hell he was going to let his baby girl marry Fugaku's son. The two of them might be friends, but Fugaku could be a total ass, and he just knew that young Sasuke, even if the boy wasn't even a year old yet, would follow the same path.

Seeing her husbands look of distress, Kushina smirked, only for it to turn into a sad smile a moment later when she realized that neither of them were going to get to see if their daughter and Sasuke actually did end up together, for she knew there was only one way to save the village and their son and that it would kill her husband. Add in the fact that she herself was already dying...

Seeing the look on his wife's face, Minato knew exactly what she was thinking of, and couldn't help but to feel the same way. It would have been one thing if it was just himself that was going to die, but the moment that led up to the Kyuubi attacking the village had dictated that they both would meet their ends as soon as the beast returned to the village.

Three weeks ago, the two of them would have said that nothing would ever be able to keep either of them from their unborn child, but it all changed when a man wearing an orange spiral designed mask showed up and ripped the Kyuubi from the Seal on Kushina's stomach. If it wasn't for the incredibly strong life force that gave the Uzumaki clan its famous longevity, she would have been killed instantaneously, but as it was, it aloud her to stay alive for a few extra weeks.

Sadly, however, contrary to what most of the people that new she had gone into labor thought, it wasn't the Kyuubi's attack that had induced labor. No, what had induced labor was the fact that her ridiculously strong life force was finally giving out. The fact that she was still functioning even though she only had a few hours, or maybe even a day at most, left, was amazing in and of itself.

"You know what we have to do." He whispered sadly, finally breaking the silence, though a large part of him didn't want too.

"Yeah, I know. I wander if she'll ever forgive us..."

Pulling her back into his arms and resting his chin on top of her head, Minato steeled himself to say what was needed to be said. "Kushina, she'll understand when she's older that we didn't have a choice. It's either this, or we let her, ourselves, and everyone else die. At least this way, she and the village can survive, and I know the villagers will take care of her for us, and I trust our friends to protect her with their lives. This is the only way."

Sighing heavily, Kushina nodded, knowing that he was right. The only way they could save their daughter, was to seal the Nine-tails back someone once again, just as it had been sealed within her herself and Mito before her. She knew it had to be done, and she knew that the only way for it to actually happen was for her husband to sacrifice his life doing it, so that wasn't the real problem she had with it.

No, the problem she had with it was simply that she and Mito had lived happily lives only because the villagers didn't know that they were Jinchūriki, but the village would know who the new Jinchūriki was, and that could only mean a life of strife and pain. No matter what her husband thought of the villagers, she knew better: they were still only human.

She knew that other Jinchūriki lived very painful lives and were usually either tormented by their villages, executed by them (which always had the effect of releasing the demons inside of them, ironically), banished by them, or turned into mindless killing machines who's soul purpose in life was to be their village's weapon. They were always treated as outcasts, and often picked on by everyone.

And to make matters worse, only an Uzumaki could be the Jinchūriki of the Kyuubi No Yoko.

While other demons could be sealed in just about anyone, the Nine-tailed demon king was much to powerful to be sealed inside just any living being. Even if you use the most advanced sealing technique known to man kind, the Shiki Fūjin, or the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, which summons Shinigami himself to do the sealing, the Beast would simply break free of its binds after a short period of time. The only ones that could contain the beast we those that had a Kekkei Genkai that could suppress the beast's powers, like the Mokuton or the Tenchēnton. (2)

Even with the Tenchēnton, the villagers would probably only see her as the demon, which meant that their daughter was in for one very hard life.

Sadly, there was nothing she could do about it, the best she could hope for was that her friends would take care of her little baby.

"Ok, let's do this." Kushina finally said after watch the Kyuubi destroy yet another thing, this time another part of the outer wall.

Just as the two of them were about to set off for the battle field, Kushina paused, realizing that there was something she needed to take care of first. When Minato realized that she wasn't moving, he paused and turned to look at her, sending her a questioning glance.

Shaking her head 'no' in answer to his an asked question, knowing that he was asking if she was having second thoughts about this or something, Kushina adjusted the position of the bundle in her arms, and made a quick hand seal, creating a single Kage Bunshin. The moment it popped into existence, the Bunshin simply nodded at her, turned around, and ran off to do the task it had been created to complete.

"Love?" Minato asked in confusion, looking at his wife while trying to figure out why she had just created a Kage Bunshin when they were about to head into battle.

"Well, neither of us are going to be around for her while she's growing up, so I decided to have a Bunshin right a few letters for her so that she'll be able to get to know us in a sense, at least a little." She explained, causing a look of understanding to form on her husbands face. After a moment, she added: "I also had the Bunshin go create an imprint crystal, which I think you should do as well."

"Imprint crystal?" He asked in confusion, having never heard of an 'imprint crystal' before. "What's that?"

"It's a small crystal that holds a copy of someone's mind, memories, and personality. You need some form of a solid Bunshin in order to create one. I figured it was the least we could do for her." She explained, smiling sadly when her husband realized what she was saying.

The best their child would ever know of them, would be a copy of their thoughts and personalities.

Nodding to his wife and knowing that it was probably the best that he could ever do for his daughter, Minato created a Kage Bunshin as well and had it run to catch up with his wife's Bunshin. After watching the clone disappear into the distance, the two of them nodded sadly to each other and, along with their little infant daughter, headed towards the very center of the destruction, towards the Kyuubi.


When the two of them arrived at the battle field with their little girl still in Kushina's arms, they were unsurprised when they found that the destruction and chaos was even worse near the center of the battle. The only thing that actually did surprise the two of them about the site in front of them was the fact that the Kyuubi seemed to have stopped moving forward and was instead thrashing around in confusion and pain as a large flame burned across its back. They also noticed that it's eyes seemed to have a slightly glaze to them, indicating that it was also under some form of a Genjutsu.

After a minute of looking around, the two of them spotted Fugaku, who was kneeling on the ground a short distance away from them, glaring up into the eyes of the beast itself with his Sharingan fully activated. It was clear that whatever it was that he was doing to keep the demon at bay was starting to wear him out, and he wouldn't be able to keep it up for very much longer.

Seeing this and knowing that it was time for her to step forward and play-out her roll in this battle, Kushina turned to Minato, and gently handed him her little girl, cry slightly at the fact that this was going to be the last time she herself was ever going to see her little baby.

With her baby safely in her husbands arms, Kushina's eyes suddenly turned cold and full of fury. She then turned those furious green eyes onto the bastard fox that had dared rip her little family Apart and started running through hand seals, performing the technique that would forever remind the world of why she was called Akai Chishio no Habanero, Konoha's Red Hot-Blooded Habanero, a tittle she had achieved both because of her fiery red hair and for her massive temper. (3)

"Tenchēnton: Ketsugō kusari No Jutsu!" (Translation: Heavenly chains release: binding chains technique!) She shouted, causing five long white chains covered in spikes to shoot out of her back and into the ground, which then sprouted out of the ground around Kyuubi and sprang up to engulf the demon lord.

Within moments, the demon was completely covered by the chains and tied to the bound to the ground, unable to move even an inch in his new white spiked suit of chains and spikes. As for the spikes themselves, each one was embedded into the fox himself, while several nine foot long massive spikes at the end of the chains were embedded into the ground, holding the beast in place. (4)

Surprised by the sudden appearance of the chains, and knowing that there was only one woman in the entire world that could create them every instantly backed off from the demon and helped Fugaku, who had just fallen to his knees in exhaustion, up off the ground and started cheering on the very pissed off redhead.

"Fox, if you move even an inch, you shell know pain greater then anything you can imagine." Kushina growled out calmly, giving the fox a leveled look that said, quite plainly, that she wasn't joking and that she could, and would, do exactly that if he even tried to escape.

If it wasn't for the fact that Minato was married to her and therefor was probably the only man that had ever pissed her off and lived long enough afterward to regret it, he probably would have been surprised by her anger, but as it was, he knew she had been holding off her anger at the fox for destroying the hospital with her child still inside it ever since she had crawled out of the rubble. She had always been very good at only taking her anger out on those that had caused her to get angry in the first place, and sadly for the fox, taking the life of countless infants and trying to take the life of her little baby girl was now at the top of the very long list of things that could piss her off, making him by far the greatest living embodiment of the term 'totally screwed'.

Not that that really fazed the fox, but, then again, there is no accounting for stupidity in demons.

"GRAH!" the beast roared, struggling in vein to get free of the chains, only for the chains to suddenly tighten and grow two foot spikes on them, causing it to thrash about slightly in agony.

As stated before, if there is ever a woman you don't want to piss off, Kushina would definitely be her, with her adopted mother Tsunade being a pretty close second.

Though, if Tsunade had been a redhead...

The Hokage monument itself almost seemed to shudder at the very thought.

"I said don't move, bastard, and I meant it!" She shouted angrily, tightening the chains considerably in her rage, causing the fox even more pain then it had already inflicted on itself in its struggling.

While the fox was struggling and writhing in pain, several of the village's shinobi, including the retired third Hokage himself, finally spotted the the three of them, mostly due to Kushina's shouts of anger.

"Hokage-sama!" One of the men shouted as the small group made their way over to them, only to pause for a moment when the realized that there were five white chains coming out of Kushina's back, chains that were both embedded into the ground and were the same chains that were now holding the Kyuubi down.

"Motoroshi, status report!" Minato called, snapping the momentarily stunned man, who had heard of the chakra chains but had never seen it before, out of his daze and drew everyone's attention back to himself.

"Sir! The beast has taken out four ANBU platoons, three fourths of the south wall, and several buildings. In an attempt to fight the beast, the Aburame used their kikaichū bugs to try and eat some of its chakra. While this did not do much damage, it appeared to have been enough of an irritant that the demon turned from it's course and attempted to destroy the group. Unfortunately, the Aburame clan's men quickly tired and had to be rushed to the hospital for chakra exhaustion. With the aburamas out of the way, the beast returned to it's original spot and started making its way forward once again, at which point Fugaku-sama used a large Katon (fire Jutsu) to deal some damage to the beast, and then used his Sharingan keep it occupied." The man, now known as Motoroshi, standing at attention and waiting for his next set of orders along with this own group.

"The Sharingan? It was actually able to slow it down?" Minato asked in surprise while glancing at his wife to make sure she was holding up OK.

If he didn't get to work soon, then her effort to hold the Kyuubi would be all for nothing.

"Yes, I was surprised as well, as was Fugaku himself too." Sarutobi, the retired third Hokage, stated as he stepped forward from the group. "Minato, why have you brought a child with you, surely you aren't planning what I think you're planing."

Having not noticed the bundle in his arms before, everyone instantly turned their attention to the the little baby girl at the thirds comment, wandering why their Kage would bring an infant onto the battle field.

"It's the only way." Minato said sadly, looking down at the infant in his arms. "If we don't do it, then the beast will will destroy everything and kill everyone in its path. My only hope is that the village treats her as the hero she is for this."

Sighing heavily and knowing that there was no point in arguing as there really was no other way, Sarutobi decided to attempt to convince Minato to allow himself to perform the sealing of the Nine-tails demon in his place, though he already knew that it was pointless to even try.

"Minato, let me do the sealing in your place. You know that I've studied the scroll enough to perform it, just as you have, and I've lived a much longer and fuller life then you, not to mention the fact that you just had a child." Sarutobi pleaded, taking a look at the child in an attempt to get his point across, only to notice that there was a slight problem with the child coloration. "Huh? What-? Minato, what happened to your child?"

Understanding what the man was asking, as well as what he was thinking, Minato opened his mouth to explain, only to be stopped a second later when the Kyuubi made a particularly violent thrash that caused the ground under them to shake.

"Sorry old friend, but I think it's time we get a move on, and beside," Minato stated, turning his gaze once more to look at the elder Kage. "I made a few modifications to the seal to put a little something special in into the containment system for the bastard fox, and we don't have time for you to learn the modifications."

Nodding his head in understanding, the two Hokage turned their attention to the task at hand and got to work, moving as fast as they could in hopes that Kushina would be able to hold on long enough for them to finish the seals that they needed to create while leaving the other shinobi still very confused about why their Hokage had brought an infant with him to the battle field.


Three and a half hours later, the Kyuubi was sealed away and the fourth, along with his wife, was no more having sealed the demon beast within a little blue eyed blond haired baby girl. Before the sealing had been completed, however, Minato had sent a Bunshin to retrieve a few items, which it quickly did in less then a full minute.

The items that the Bunshin retrieved was a rather large scroll, which was instantly sealed within a small seal next to the one that would house the Kyuubi within the small child, two envelopes, which apparently held within it a message to give to their child when he (she) made genin, and lastly, both the Minato's and Kushina's last will and testaments, which named their child, Naruto, the soul air to everything as well as naming Sarutobi himself the chief of state over all of the Namikaze/Kazama and Uzumaki estates and wealth until their child came of age.

Sadly, there was one problem with the will, as well a small problem with the small child that became the new Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed fox.

The first problem was that the will had been writen several weeks before the Kyuubi attack, and therefor it still said 'Naruto' as the child's name, and also heavily implied that Minato and Kushina had a son, as they hadn't known that their baby was actually a girl until after she was born, and by that time, the attack was already under way.

This little problem was made even worse by the second problem.

In the heat of the battle, and in the rush of everything that was going on, neither Kushina nor Minato every explained that the little bundle they had brought onto the battle field was in fact their daughter, and since everyone already assumed that they had had a boy, coupled with the fact that everyone 'knew for sure' that their child would have red hair and green eyes, by the end of the day, everyone, including Sarutobi himself, assumed that Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto was killed along with the countless other infants when the Kyuubi destroyed the hospital's maturity ward.

The only reason why Naruto was named Uzumaki Naruto in the end, was because Sarutobi wanted to honor Minato and Kushina's death by naming her the name of the child that they had lost.

To Be continued


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