Chapter 006: The Letter

Summory: What if Naruto was a girl, and what if his mother's unique chakra was actually a Kekkei Genkai? FemNaru!

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(Demon or Inner Voice)


Sasuke was in shock. He didn't know what was going on. First, the dube managed to evade his fireball, then he somehow managed to turn invisible, and now the dube seemed to be able to create a shield out of thin air.

The worst part of it all, though, was that he didn't know how the idiot had managed to do it. How did he turn invisible? How did he manage to make a shield? There was no way that the village idiot was able to come up with either of those things on his own.

The only conclusion he was able to come to was that someone must be helping the idiot train. That was the only possible explanation that made sense.

"Dube! Tell me how you did that?!" he growled in anger.

Even worse then having the village idiot know something that he didn't was having the same village idiot not only say 'no' to him, but having said village idiot completely ignore his demands as well.

Seriously? That's not the way it was supposed to work!

"eh, what?" Naruto asked plainly, doing her best to hide the fact that she had no idea what she just did herself.

I mean, how does someone make a shield without meaning to? This, she would have to look into.

"I said, tell me how you did it!" The raven haired boy demanded again, glairing at the orange clad brat with as much anger as he could muster.

And trust me on this, there is nothing that Uchiha do better then glair angrily at people. Don't believe me? Just try talking to him after Naruto dumped a crap ton of Inuzuka Dog-piss on his tomato patch.

I dare ya.

"It's none of your business how I did it." the blond replied calmly. "I don't have to tell you anything. Now mind your own business!"

He couldn't believe it. The idiot actually had the audacity to tell him off? HIM?

Growling in anger, the raven haired boy launched himself at the blond with his fist pulled back, hoping to his nose, or give him a black eye.

Unfortunately for him, that was probably one of the dumbest things he could have done.

After all, if you remember, wasn't Naruto last standing at the corner edge of the arena, and he was standing across from her. Not to the side of her, across from her.

And do you know what would happen if said blond simply did the 'look over there' jutsu and dunked?



Got it on the first guess, didn't you?

Seeing Sasuke coming straight for her, and with no other option, Naruto quickly did her soon to be famed 'look over there' jutsu, and dunked, letting the raven haired boy sail right over her.

Right off of the arena.

Everyone stood frozen. No one could believe what they had just witnessed. Though she hadn't actually knocked Sasuke out or beat him in a fight, by him stepping outside of the fight zone, the arena, she had won.

"Winner: Uzumaki Naruto!" Iruka called, surprised, and secretly proud, at the turn of events. "ok, and that raps everything up for the sparring. Everyone, head inside and get ready to head home!"

Though he would never tell anyone, and would probably deny it if anyone were to ask him, he was really proud of the blond haired brat. Even if she hadn't meant to do half the things he had just watched her do, the fact that she could do them in the first place, and the fact that she had thought quick enough on her feet to use Sasuke's last attack against him, was proof that maybe, just maybe, he didn't have to worry as much about her if she actually managed to become a kunochi.

Then again, that was a lie and a half. He would always worry about all of his students. It's just the way he was.

Smiling to himself, Iruka started to turn, planing to make his way over to the blond, only to get stopped before he even took a full step.

"Iruka-sensei! Do something! Naruto cheated!"

'I hate my job.'


As soon as the match between Naruto and Sasuke had finished, Mizuki quickly got his but into gear and got to work. While the blond brats possible kekkei genkai was interesting, it could be very bad for him if anyone else figured out that that was what it was. The last thing the white haired shinobi needed was for someone like the old mummified war-hawk of Konoha to find out. He already seemed to have a rather disturbing obsession with the demon brat, add in a kekkei genkai and the brat would probably have a full armed guard around her in less then half a second.

And then he would never get the little demon child sent off to Orochimaru.

In less then a second, the white haired chunnin had a plan fully formed and ready to be executed. He wasn't exactly new at this. He had been sending his boss new test-subjects for a while now. True, not all of them had bloodline limits, in fact, most of them didn't, but that didn't mean they weren't decent research subject.

While it was true that Orochimaru did prefer subjects with bloodlines, he was also more then willing to take a subject with any form of oddity. Some of the brats he sent his way he sent simply because they had more chakra then average, or maybe he noticed that they were slightly resistant to some form of a poison of some kind. After all, while it was uncommon for some random kid to have a bloodline, it wasn't exactly unheard of for someone to have a random immunity to some for of poison, or for child to have slightly more developed chakra coils then other kids his or her age.

The best part about all of it: with Danzo having made a name for himself for kidnapping kids for his roots in the past, no one suspected him of anything. Anytime someone went missing, if there wasn't a perfectly logical explanation, then the Hokage would just assumed that it was Danzo and would simply have the man watched even more then he already was.

Nut that wasn't important at the moment. No, what was important was keeping the blond haired demon child from doing anything stupid, like alerting the old war-hawk of this new ability.

Plan fully formed and rearing to go, Mizuki turned towards Iruka and mentally rolled his eyes upon see the scared nosed shinobi trying to calm down a large group of rather upset Sasuke-fans.

"Iruka!" he called over to him. "I'm going to go talk to Naruto, and see if he can do that shield again."

Iruka simply shot him a glance before going back to trying to calm the girls down.

Mentally smirking to himself now that Iruka was well and fully occupied, Mizuki turned his attention to the matter of the demon brat and started to make his way over to the orange clad loud-mouth.

"Naruto!" he called, getting the young girl's attention. "There's something I want to talk to you about."


An hour later, after Naruto finished her conversation with Mizuki, the blond could be found standing in her bathroom, staring at herself in the mirror.

Now, normally should wouldn't be caught dead staring at her own reflection like one of the other girls in her class would be, but at the moment, she had a legitimate reason for doing so. She was actually trying to figure out what it was she had done to cause the shield thing.

After talking to Mizuki-sensei, where he basically just told her that real shinobi keep their techniques hidden so that they could take their enemies by surprise, she had quickly headed home, planning to start her own 'super-awesome-Uzumaki-Training-of-Awesomeness' or her Sauta for short. However, before she got down to the training, she had to, obviously, figure out what it was she had done in the first place.

I mean, really? How was she supposed to train in something without knowing what it was she was supposed to be training IN?

The problem was, she couldn't figure out how she had done it. No matter what she did, or rather what she tried to do, nothing happened. She couldn't figure it out, and she was really starting to get annoyed. Luckily, after a while she finally came up with a solution.

If whatever it was happened when she was about to get hit by kunai, then why not try that?

Ok, so that would be a very stupid idea, but you know what she meant. If whatever-it-was was used to block something, then all she needed to do was use it to block something, right?

Ok, no, but maybe it would help, right?

Worth a shot.

Unfortunately, that brought up it's own problems. Namely: She had no desire to have someone throw kunai at her.

Then, it hit her: water. While it wasn't exactly something that could hurt her, it could still hit her skin, after all, that's how a shower worked, wasn't it? And so, with that in mind, she had headed home, stripped down to her bare-nothings, and headed to the bathroom. Once there, she quickly got into the shower and tried to push as much chakra out of her body as she could in an attempt to create another 'shield sphere'.

And it was then that she noticed something that she had never noticed before.

A shit-ton of seals.

On her arms, on her stomach, the back of her hands, and even on her forehead -though she didn't see that one until she took a look in the mirror, there were seals everywhere. The spiraled one on her stomach seamed to be the largest of them, though the zig-zagging ones on both of her arms seemed be trying to compete with it for that title.

Seriously, how the flap-monkeys did she never notice all the seals all over her?

Shocked at seeing the seals all over her, Naruto could do little more then stare down at her own body in surprise and amazement. In her surprise, she stopped channeling chakra through her body, causing the seals to all quickly fade away. Blinking down at them in surprise, it took her a second to realize that it was because of the chakra that they had even been visible to her in the first place.

It seemed that without the chakra the seals would hide themselves, but with it they would show. Saving that bit of information for later, she quickly started channeling chakra again, and watched in amazement as they re-appeared.

Without thinking about she slowly brushed her hands daftly over the seals in shock, unsure of weather or not she should be horrified.

Who the hell knows what these things did?

However, it was while she was running a hand over the seal on her right forearm that things to a turn down the emotional life-changing kind of path. As soon as her hand touched the seal, her fingers barely ghosting over the surface, the seal lit up and promptly started to spark. Panicking at what was happening, Naruto held her arm as far away from the rest of her body as she could and opened her mouth to give a horrified-terrified scream.

Just as the scream reach her lips, the seal on her arm stopped sparking and a large-grown man sized scroll came shooting out of it like a cannon, slamming her in the face and knocking her to the shower floor.

Dazed at the sudden impact, it took her a few minutes to shake it off and push the large scroll off of her.

Staring down at it with the water from the shower still pelting her, she could, once again, do nothing but stare in shock at the sight before her.

The scroll was massive.

The scroll in question was at least the size of a grown man in length from end to end, and at least a foot and a half (1/2 meter) thick.

"holly hokage…" she whispered in shock.

Blinking blankly at the scroll, she simply sat and stared at it for several minutes, before finally realizing that water was still pelting it from the shower.

"Crap!" she gasped, jumping up as quickly as she could without falling and moving to turn the water off.

The moment the water was off, she turned towards the scroll and quickly started inspecting it for damage, only to reel-back at what she found.

It was dry.

She wasn't sure how, but the scroll was completely dry. There wasn't even the slightest bit of water damage on it. It was almost as if the water had simply moved around it, or maybe simply slid right off. Either way, the point was that the scroll seemed to be completely fine. However, there was one thing that wasn't completely fine.

While searching the scroll for damage, Naruto had come across something she hadn't noticed before.

A letter.

A letter with delicate loopy writing on it.

A letter with delicate loopy writing on it that was very clearly addressed to her.

'To My Dearest Naruto'

And it was that the led Naruto to standing in front of her mirror, staring at her own reflection, trying to convince herself to open the small, slightly damp, white envelope in her hands.

If someone were to ask her why she wasn't able to open the envelope, she wouldn't really have an answer for them. It wasn't that she didn't want to know what was written in it, it was more the 'what ifs' that were terrifying her. She knew, just knew that the letter was important to her. She would love to claim that she didn't know how she knew, but that would be a bold faced lie. After all, if you found a scroll sealed inside you with a letter saying 'To My Dearest blah', it would be pretty obvious that it was important, wouldn't it?

But, at least, if she pretended that she didn't know how she knew it was important, then she could just brush it off as her imagination, couldn't she? But sadly, she couldn't bring herself to do that, and that was a large part of the problem.

With the letter writer calling her their 'Dearest Naruto', and with it obviously being sealed in her FOR her, that meant that someone, most likely close to her in some way, had written it, and as she didn't know anyone who would, that left only a few small guesses as to who it was.

And one of those possibilities was very terrifying.


There was a small chance, and only as small chance, that the letter was from her family, from before she ended up in the orphanage.

Steeling her resolve, slowly, ever so slowly, broke the seal on the letter, hoping that the water hadn't made it unreadable, all the while fearing what it was she would find in it if it was still readable..


Not letting her resolve break, though it was desperately trying to, Naruto unfurled the letter, and began to read it. The header of the letter was similar to the address on the front of the envelope, but with a few small differences. Namely that it didn't refer to her by name, but rather by something else.

My dearest baby girl,

She paused, a strange shiver of unease and sadness rolling down her spine as her subconscious quickly processed the words she had just read and came two three conclusions.

Firstly, only a woman would write an opening to a letter that way, either that or an overly formal man, which obviously meant that the writer of the letter was a woman as she seriously doubted anyone so formal would ever have written to her, even her jiji didn't write so formally.

Secondly, the scroll had been sealed within her and was addressed to the woman's 'baby girl', which implied that the woman in question was writing to her daughter, which could only mean that it was her mother.

Thirdly, and much more importantly, the way the introduction was written, my dearest daughter, suggested that the woman cared very deeply for her child.

Naruto was loved.

Her mother, and quite possibly her father as well, had loved her. All her life, she had assumed that her parents had abandoned her. She had assumed, rather stupidly, that since the villagers all seemed to hate her, then her parents weren't with her because they must hate her too. Obviously, this letter proved that assumption to be incorrect.

However, this new revelation brought with it several new questions as well.

If her parents loved her, then where were they?

Well, there were really only two possibilities that she could think of. Either they were dead, something that she sadly really hoped for considering what the alternative was, or they were imprisoned, something that she knew from experience was completely horrible. She had experienced what it felt like to live your life caged away in a small room, and she truly wouldn't wish on her greatest enemy.

Though, she wasn't really sure if it would be so bad if someone caged Sasuke-teme away. At least then, he wouldn't be able to annoy her any more.

'Well, maybe the letter will tell me?' she thought, turning her full attention back to the letter to read what it had to say.

Sadly, the very first line she read was definitely informative about something, just not what she was hoping for.

As I sit here, listening to the demon destroy everything in the village as I write this letter, I can't help but wander if we are truly doing the right thing by sealing the beast within you.

"WHAT?" Naruto nearly shrieked in horror, rereading the line over and over again in an attempt to prove to herself that she had simply misread what it said. "'Seal the beast inside me'?!" she parroted in horror as understanding slowly made it's presence known.

Demon… Kyuubi. Sealed in her? WHAT?!

"I take it back, you couldn't have loved me nearly that much!" she shouted angrily, throwing the letter across the room.

Her mother, her own mother, had sealed the demon inside her, turning her into the living cage of the greatest evil to have ever walked the earth.

It certainly explained why the villagers hated her so much. They didn't see her as 'Naruto', they saw her as 'The demon', which was exactly what they usually called her, and now she knew why. They thought she was a monster turned human. Every single person, except for maybe a hand full of people, thought of her as the demon that gave them all nightmares.

To them, she deserved every bit of their torment.

And what's worse, the letter had said 'we', not 'I'. That implied that others, most likely the forth Hokage - as he was the one who supposedly defeated it, the third Hokage - just because she just knew he had to have known, and her father now that she thought about it, had a hand in the sealing, not just her mother.

If it wasn't for the fact that she already greatly detested cages, this new revelation would surely make her hate them now.

Growling in frustration, Naruto picked the letter up angrily and continued reading it.

Your father is convinced that our friends will take good care of you.

"yeah, well, he's full of shit." Naruto grumbled, before continuing on.

But I am not so sure. I know what it's like to be considered different, and I know that holding the Kyuubi isn't the easiest thing to do. It was difficult for Mito-Sama when she held it, and I can vouch for it having been difficult for me -

"uh… what?"


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