Chapter Three


The humidity was unbearable. It was like instead of walking into a small unkempt run way air port, they were transported into a crock pot. For a Nevada boy like himself Spencer Reid can stand the heat, but humidity was something all different together. He wasn't about to complain though, he had enough on his mind. Like the constant low dull throb of a headache since he's set foot on the ground.

They met the local Sheriff at the landing strip, when they reached their standard SUVs. Sheriff Trevor Walters seems around his 40's, tall, dark-skinned, a beard to accent his face and a strong build. The air of authority that admits from him will probably conflict with Hotch eventually during the duration of the case, Reid foresees this already.

They decide to go ahead towards the most recent crime scene and get a feel for the place before heading towards the station. Hotch, Rossi, and JJ take the vehicle with the Sheriff, while Morgan, Prentiss, and Reid take the last SUV and follow them out.

Upon entering the town, it seems like something out of a post card. Not seeing any Wal-Mart around for miles or chain food stories; there is old antique and home owned stores line up around the streets. Old homes that look captured in time, tall unkempt grass and large beautiful trees. Some roads seem to turn off on dirt even, a place all about history and preserving it. The way locals stop and stare as the dark SUVs pass by unnerve them all a bit. People in this town don't want them there that much the team can tell already; hoping that at least the police station will be corporative. It's a small town, homey feel to it; you get the sensation that not to many people leave this town once they come of age, or do they wish to change anything about it. There aren't many traffic lights on the roads, mostly stop signs and caution lights it seems.

Reid is sitting in the backseat with his head leaning against the window; Morgan is driving the vehicle talking to Prentiss discussing the case at hand. Reid knows he should be listening, but he can't find it in him at the moment to pay attention; he will once they arrive at the scene though. For now, he wants to just soak up view and take some time to himself.

The sky is off shade of blue, with few clouds in sight. The wind is starting to pick up a little to everyone's relief. They end up stopping in front of an old looking bar of some sort, to its right is crime scene tape leading the team towards an alley way. It's mostly gravel and broken cement, weeds have grown around the edges of the brick walls surrounding it, broken beer bottles and garbage are littered scarcely.

Hotch and Rossi get to the scene first, JJ is talking to another officer that was watching the crime scene for them. Exiting their vehicles they make their way quickly to join them.

"Area seems well used, walk paths from both sides." Hotch stated looking around.

Reid crouching down to the area the caulk line is drawn out, "He obviously wasn't murdered here," said slowly.

Sheriff Walters gives him a look of disbelief and narrows his eyes on him at this, ever since Reid was introduced as a Doctor he was met with skeptical eyes, voiced thick with accent "What makes yer so sure of that?" punctuating the last letter with solid emphasis.

Morgan steps in absentmindedly behind Reid, "Because there is little blood here, if he was murdered here there would be a lot more," he said quickly.

"Exactly, he must have been dropped off here," Reid nods his head to this "Maybe there are tire tracks around somewhere?"

Morgan turns his head towards the Sheriff and asks, "Has it rained since the last body was found?"

"Nope, not yet that is"

While Rossi and Hotch are exchanging ideas, Reid stands up and starts walking away from the crime scene, wanting scope out its surrounding area a bit more. See where that leads them.

"Do you think the area he was found mean any significance?" the young doctor asks with a puzzling expression on his face.

"Have there been any fights, or disputes in this part of town Sheriff?" Prentiss asked thoughtfully, as she stands next to Walters.

Shaking his head he answers, "Not that I know of, or anything that's a been reported miss. All of the bodies to just seem to show up randomly around the town, some busy and some almost near deserted."

Morgan now starting to follow the kid to the edge of the side walk is looking at him with bewilderment, "What are you thinking up in that big head of yours kid?" he says with a smile.

Giving Morgan a sideways glance he shakes his head and sighs, "I'm, uh… not exactly sure yet," giving him a half smile "Something about this place just seems….off" Turning to the older man he continues with an almost plead like face "You know?" Desperately hoping it's just not him with this overwhelming feeling suddenly.

"Yeah," There was a sense of understanding there in Morgan's voice, and a softness that surprised him a bit "I get it, towns like these with their old traditions and way of life, not liking outsiders can give anyone the creeps sometimes."

"I should be used to that by now though right?" Reid turns and starts walking down the street some ways but slowly as if thinking about each step.

Morgan just watches him go then starts to go talk with Prentiss.

Without warning the hairs on the back of Reid's neck stand up and he stops mid-step. Very aware of his dampened skin and stock-still breathing. The odd familiarity of someone's eyes on you is what automatically comes to his mind within seconds. Letting his foot rest firmly on the ground he turns slowly to all sides.

He sees nothing unusual.

An elderly women and a child are walking across the street hand in hand, a man and his companion are talking animatedly to each other. Besides the random noise of a car somewhere near by he can't pinpoint the source. Concentrating more on this feeling biting his lip he lets his eyes fall close. He wills it to come. Reid's left foot turns a 30 degrees and he finds himself walking towards another dark corner of the opposite alley the crime scene was discovered. Looking across the street, he continues on. The heat suddenly rising in temperate, the wind doesn't seem to be helping him at all, he feels the breeze whip his hair but all it does is string. All of his focus is on this sense of following, like when he thinking, everything disappears and he is lost; lost in his own mind. Approaching the edge of the side walk, just needing to turn to the right and he will be the alley way that he feels is calling to him, heart beating so fast he thinks it will explode any minute. He turns when he swears he heard a whisper.


Nothing is there; it's much darker than the previous alley. Blocked off by higher roofs and building stories. He doesn't know which would have made him feel better; someone actually watching him or finding out no one was there. Pondering this, a movement makes itself known to his left. Instantly jumping a foot or two, Reid lets out a shocked squeal that he wished he didn't. Something black zips passed him to the further right side of the walk way.

Taking deep gulps of air Reid is trying to calm down, and out of nowhere a voice registers to his ears. He realizes its Morgan running up to him, he must have heard him.

"Hey Reid!" Running up to Reid's side Morgan looks him up and down then towards the alley, then back to him once again.

"Hey man," Morgan began slowly "Are you okay? I heard you yell."

Reid nodded.

Getting ready to give him an answer but thought twice about it once he saw the older man's face with that look that says if he replies 'just fine' he might get a smack on the head.

"I was…I was looking around and thought I saw something back here and, uh, wanted to check it out" Reid shrugged and could finally feel the tension in his shoulders.

"I yelled because I was startled when I saw something move to over there. And, I wasn't.. I just wasn't expecting it so…" Reid trails off to try to keep his dignity somewhat intact.

Raising an eyebrow and titling his head Morgan gives him an amused expression and starts a few steps into the dark alley only to stop bend down, once he stands up once again it's to turn around give Reid a look the young doctor does not like at all…

"Hey Pretty Boy, how's the Reid-Effect holding up?"

"Still in working order last I was informed, wh-what, why do you ask Morgan?" Giving the older man an apprehensive look and fidgeting on his feet.

Approaching the youngest team member Morgan stops right in front of him giving him the look of complete false innocence and replies, "Just wanted to know."

Then holds up a black cat in Reid's face, he squeals at it and backs away four feet in the blink of an eye.

"W-what the," Reid said quickly, truth was he was still shaken up by sense of being watched earlier. "Don't scare people like that, Morgan!" he nearly whines over Morgan's booming laughter as he lets the cat back down to the ground to scurry away.

Holding his stomach Morgan just gives him a huge grin and shakes his head, "Didn't peg you as the type to be scared of cats, Dr. Scaredy-Cat."

Reid always has a way to make others laugh, without even trying to; picking on Reid is just too easy sometimes.

Scowling at the man, Reid denies flushing, "I am NOT scared of cats, It-it was just the element of surprise," to which Morgan lets out a laugh and Reid mutters, "Shut up, Morgan." and continues his statement, "I would appreciate it if you would please refrain from shoving any future Felis catuses in my face, thank you very much."

Letting go of his stomach Morgan gives him a dumbfounded look and stops mid-laugh at this, "A.. what-da-what?"

Fixing his posture somewhat and answering in matter-to-fact way, "A Felis catus, also known as the domestic cat or housecat."

Morgan looks at him with a look between bemusement and exasperation, "Wouldn't it have been just as easy to say 'cat'?" he asks.

Reid gives him a quizzical look at this, "How so? They mean the same thing," then adds excitedly, "Did you know?"

That was Morgan's cue to start walking back to the awaiting SUVs with Reid following in toe.

"- That despite being solitary hunters, cats are a social species and use a variety of vocalizations, pheromones and types of body language for communication. These include meowing, purring, trilling, hissing, growling, and grunting. They also-"

But he was trailed off as Morgan gave him a look Reid knows all too well by now when given from his team members. And that means it's time for him to shut up now.

The time of fun and ease was over.


That's the word to describe it.

The word Reid would use when it came time to this part of the job. Sure he can make his mind work in over drive, block out emotions and think of facts and only that with a wistful purpose to find a killer, a way to distance him from the dead bodies.

That is a hard task to do anymore ever since the Hankel case.

The team split up in groups. Hotch and JJ went back to the main police offices, and Morgan and Rossi went to interview the families of the local victims.

This leads to why Reid is in the passenger seat thumbing his fingers on the side door of the SUV with Prentiss driving them towards the local Coroner's Office. Sent off to the Medical Examiners to get a better look at the bodies and any new information they might have.

Leaning over and turning the dial on the radio Prentiss finally exhales a loud breath in aggravation, "Why are there no decent radio stations here? I forgot to bring any CDs with me this time."

"It is a small town and pretty cut off from modern society, they probably don't have many towers around or the finances to afford it. Only to be expected, unless they have access to the internet and can use online radio streaming." Reid offers quickly with enthusiasm.

When they arrive at the ME's office; the words used to describe it would be small, old, and smells of death. A short man in his late 50's is at the foot of a table squabbling down notes as they enter the room.

"Hello, we're from the F.B.I. I'm SSA Emily Prentiss, and this is SSA Dr. Reid. We were wondering if we could have a look see at the bodies, and the newest victim." Prentiss asks with steady and professional voice.

The man stares at the agents as if debating whether or not to believe them, and just nods along with a hoarse reply, "Sure, sure. I'm Dr. Roberts, if you'll follow me right this way." Then leads them towards the table furthers from their right. He removes a sheet to uncover a pale lifeless body beneath it. He looks rather young, short blonde hair, and a slight build.

"This is the newest victim, Shawn Davenport. Poor guy, tourist should be having the time of their life. Whoever would come here for a vacation is beyond me though; town isn't anything special beyond the old stories."

Reid raised an eyebrow; there was something in the man's voice like disapproval, "When you say old stories, what do you mean by that?"

The man glances at him quickly then quickly says, "Just old folk and their wise tales, nothing but superstitions to keep others people line and act all mighty powerful; that's all I'm going to say to that."

Prentiss looks a little shocked by this but then starts to get back to the task at hand. Looking over the reports she starts asking the Dr. Roberts questions and start discussing his evidence logs. Reid is multitasking by listening and inspecting the body.

Suddenly he sees something that catches his eye.

"Has the body been washed yet?" Reid asks with quiet curiosity.

The elder man looks up from his discussion with Prentiss and said, "No, not yet haven't had the time. Been so darn busy here can't seem to find the right end of a cat's tail."

Nodding Reid grabs a pair of non-latex gloves off the counter and comes back to the body. Leaning down, under the body's right thigh there seems to be a smudge of red there. Doesn't appear to be blood, it's too thick and almost has a solid film like to it.

As soon as Reid reaches out to touch it something happens…

His whole body becomes frigid; his bones feel as if they are chilling.

Reid doesn't remember closing his eyes but the dirty old coroner's office is no longer in his view. He thinks maybe he has fallen and his head.

All of these actions happening in mere seconds or less he suppose.

His mind is on over-drive.

A flash of a scene plays out in front of him, its edges are warped, as if the scene is enveloped in a cloud of fog and he can't see everything properly. The room is dimly lit, the smell of incense is strong, almost sickening. There is chanting in the background, almost like a soft hum that is growing louder and louder.

What is able to see.

Is a man in a dark red embroider cloak; and face with a mask that is elaborately decorated.

The masked man suddenly lunges forward and stabs the Shawn Davenport in cold blood. He pulls at his restraints and the scream the man produces pierces Reid's ears and he flinches.

Reid blinks.

He is back in the small room.

Reid's head is pounding against his skull like it wants out.

Across from him Prentiss is looking at him with a worried expression on her face, one that is mixed with agitation, as if she wants to ask me if I'm okay but thinks better of it. He is glad for it.

He blinks twice more and shakes his head. That was weird.

That's an understatement.

Not normal. Oh god. What if he is creating delusions, a symptom of psychosis? Ten percent, that's his chances of developing schizophrenia.

No, no that can't be it.

He feels fine. This wasn't a made up person, it was an actual person, a real not imaginary person. His mind is probably just feeling in the blanks; with his over active imagination, the mind of a profiler. He will just have to tuck this away in the vault of worry-about-later.

Reid goes back to the job at hand. The material is still on his glove; he squishes it between his fingers and comes to a deduction.

"Wax," he announces.

Walking over to Reid and he lifts his hand towards her and shows Prentiss the piece he has, it's small but contrasted enough against the glove to see.

"It was on the back of his right thigh." He said, swallowing tightly.

Prentiss has a confused look on her face with a thoughtful voice when asks, "Why would the victim have red wax on him, and on an area like that?" Looking at Reid she continues, "It can't be a hair removal product, could possibly be from the place the murder was actually committed. We should get this to the lab." The last part directed at the coroner, and he gestures with a nod.

"Could be… the wax of a candle," Reid coughs nervously, "- they are used in numerous religious traditions, including Christianity and Hinduism, as well as various neo-pagan religions." The last parts of his voice trailing off as his lips pull together in a pensive expression.

Glancing towards Prentiss and sharing knowing looks; that if his assumption is true nothing good will come from it.

Examining the Shawn Davenport's body again they look over at the wrists and ankles.

"The bindings must have been something thick and wide." Prentiss comments, while inspecting the ankles.

"Almost like large medieval style cuffs." Reid replied uncomfortably, "Has the lab been able to identify the toxicant in the stab wounds yet doctor?" he requested with quiet curiosity.

Dr. Roberts shakes his head and answers, "The only thing that has come back positive is Hemlock, although it's a diluted form of it. It appears to be mixed with other compounds that we were unable to trace or name," grabbing the toxicity report and handing it to Reid he continues, "- it appears the origin of the toxicant came from the stab wound. Symptoms usually begin within thirty minutes, and it takes several hours to die. Although coupled with a stab wound to the abdomen, I estimate this poor fella here didn't even last that long."

Prentiss motions for Reid, "We should report back to Hotch and the others. Thank you for your time Dr. Roberts." She adds with a smile, while Reid just gives the man a wave.

The news was grim, but at least they have something more to add the profile. Maybe Morgan and Rossi were back by now as well and had better news to share.

The local police station isn't really big. It has soft muted blue walls, some of them chipping and some areas are in concrete. There a few desks up front scattered around in no particular order it seems, obviously the officers have a lot of free reign and have a laid back attitude. Although today they don't appear to be calm, but more like chaotic and flustered. This town doesn't get many horrible crimes, especially homicides; no wonder these officers are nervous. Every desk has a uniformed officer buried in paperwork or on the phone talking and gathering information.

Reid instantly does a bee-line towards the sweet smell of coffee chanting, "Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee."

Prentiss just gives a quiet laugh and heads towards the area the conference room should be in where the team is set up at.

Walking the kitchenette Reid automatically spots the coffee maker, police coffee is never the best in his experience. At the moment though, he will take what he can get. Finding a paper cup and the sugar container he starts pouring the scolding liquid.

Absentmindedly watching as the dark substance is splashed to the bottom and swashes towards the top as if trying to make an escape. As more falls in; he is fixated by the ripples it makes. Allowing Reid to be swallowed into the deep abyss of numbness, which is so welcoming to his drowning thoughts that he refuses to bring to the surface.

Reid was so caught up in this that he failed to notice the heavy footsteps behind him. Their presence stopping once it finds a chair to plop down in and lifts his feet up and lets them fall loudly in the chair adjacent to him.

Startled by this loud noise Reid is jolted out of his reverie, and spins around to face no other than the one Derek Morgan; never one to be subtle.

Morgan gives Reid a questioning look then reclines back in his chair and starts massaging his neck.

"Jumpy much kid?" Morgan asks, then laughs and continues with a small grin, "I see you've found your coffee, how many have you had already?"

"Yes I have." Reid nods quickly with a nervous smile, then shrugs, "And to answer your question the answer is simply one, and that was on the jet. I haven't had the time today yet to grab any, or eat for that matter." And quickly starts to add the sugar and creamer into is drink before he can be made fun of for the amount of sugar he is using.

Morgan doesn't notice.

He is too busy trying to unwind the tension in his shoulders. The families he had to interview were still stricken with grief and some had younger siblings, sometimes it just takes a lot out of you to do this job. Seeing the sadness can be overwhelming at times.


Morgan looks up to see two hazel orbs watching him with searching and worry filled eyes.

Reid clears his throat, "How did the interviews go?" requested with quiet curiosity.

The older man sighed, scrubbing a hand over his jaw. "It went as usual and as expected. It just, you know how it is."

Nodding along, because Reid does know and understands, "Do you, uh-um, want some coffee?"

"Sure, that is if you can make it right." Morgan teases, to which he gets a glare in a return from the youngest agent.

Rolling his eyes at the man Reid starts to work on another cup of coffee. "I think I can manage, thank you." stating calmly.

"Are you sure? Even geniuses make errors." Morgan laughs and starts feeling more relaxed.

"Seeing as how it isn't quantum mechanics and just a simple assembly, I'd say.. yes. I'm sure, anything else, Agent Morgan?" Reid asked sarcastically as he places the cup down before his best friend, but couldn't quite hide the smile he was holding back.

Right now Morgan supposes is a good moment to confront Reid about what's been bothering him

"So Reid.."

But he was cut off.

JJ walks in the room in a rush saying, "Hotch wants us all in conference room," and is already out the door.

After everyone was settled in the room, Hotch touches his phone.

"Garcia, you're on speakerphone. What do you have for us?"

A peppy and cheerful voice rings out throughout the room emanating a happiness that is much needed.

"A lot fearless leader, not sure where to begin-" Garcia's says softly.

Rossi chimes in, "How about if any of the victims have a criminal record or disputes, especially the first victim?"

Typing can be heard faintly through the device.

"Umm…. Zippo, nada, sorry. It appears that none of them were any super bad guys. A couple of DUI's and speeding tickets but that's the gist."

"Garcia, what did you find on the tourists?" Morgan asks standing up against the wall.

"I did some digging, and found that all of them arrived by plane. A couple of them had to charge it to credit, couldn't even afford it. I'm not sure if this is anything important but.. I saw that all the flights were booked pretty last minute by the looks of the records."

"That might be important; someone could be coaxing their victims down here. The M.E. did mention to Reid and me about how he couldn't figure out why someone would want to come here for a vacation, and I kind of have to agree with that." Prentiss said thoughtfully.

"It is a bit suspicious; there aren't any real tourist attractions to attract attention to this town." Reid commented looking up at Hotch from his seat at the table.

"Do any of them have families that live here?" Morgan requested pushing off the wall.

Once again keys being stroked are echoed through the cell phone.

"Nope, sorry my beloved Justice League, but never fear the Oracle will keep looking." Garcia said apolitically through the cell phone.

"Can you track any purchases the latest victim Shawn Davenport's and see if he made any while here, it could give us a lead as to what and where he was going?" Hotch asks with a serious expression.

"Yeap sure can, let me see, let me see…. He made a purchase using his debit card at the ATM machine near Fate Street. and that's all I can find. Don't figure the town you're in at the moment is all up to date with technology, huh?"

"No, it's rather nostalgic, you should see it Garcia you'd love it, swear it's out of one your old movies." Reid said excitedly with a smile.

"Oh baby genius I expect pictures now! I wouldn't mind if you'd send some of my chocolate love as well." She adds with a mischievous voice.

Rossi coughs with a gesture of his head towards Hotch and his expression, and Morgan is just laughing under his breath. Reid looks away embarrassed to stare at the ground.

"Thanks Garcia." Hotch says as he pushes the button his phone to disconnect the call, and turns towards Rossi and Morgan, "What did you learn about the victims?"

"Nothing much the usual tears and grief, although most of the families were very quiet and reserved about giving forthright information. But I don't think they were hiding anything crucial." Rossi said with a frown.

Morgan continued, "One family believed their son to be have a 'special gift', and that's why there were after him. When I asked what his said gift was, the mother just replied that he could see in other's minds."

Reid's head snaps up giving a puzzled expression and his attention is now on full alert at this sentence.

He doesn't know why, but suddenly he feels nervous.

"Did the family and other's believe he did?"Reid asked faintly, swallowing tightly.

Morgan nodded.

"Did anything useful come up from the Coroner's report?" Hotch asked with a professional tone like always.

Reid, not sure where to even begin about that trip lets Prentiss take the reins.

She must have taken pity on him and figured this out because she stands up quickly and hands the unit chef the copies. "He said one of the poisons was Hemlock, it appeared to be mixed with something else they can't name at the moment. They said its point of origin was the stab wound."

"The ligature marks appear to be wide cuffs of some kind, my guess would be a medieval style period of some sort." Reid says, and licks his lips and is already thinking back to the flash back he had while there.

"Reid also found what could be red candle wax; we had it sent down the lab." Prentiss stated calmly.

Biting his lip, Reid adds, "Candles have also played a role in pagan religions and in modern humanist festivals."

"What are you getting at Reid?" Rossi asked, cocking his head as he stared at the youngest agent.

Reid fidgeting nervously in his seat under the weight of his team mates' gazes, "Um, uh.. All the men were naked, stabbed, and now we have some evidence of a candle possibly being used near the body before being relocated to the dump site. What if.." and he trails off his musings.

"You think it's a cult killing?" Morgan asks with a calm voice and raised an eye-brow.

"We shouldn't rule it out, it makes sense." Prentiss replied uncomfortably.

"JJ, I want you to keep the information about the tourists and if anything about a cult comes up, squash it before it hits." Hotch orders.

JJ nods and replies, "Yes sir, shouldn't be a problem. They mostly use radio and newspaper here; I'll get right on that."

A door barges open.

Sheriff Walters walks in with two officers trailing behind him.

"Hey guys I just wanted to introduce officers Kyle Parke, and Joshua Kent. They were out in the field earlier and couldn't make it out to see ya when y'all arrived. I've told them to help out with anything you ask, so use them as you see fit please."

Kyle is pale and average sized with short dark brown hair almost the color of black. He has a thin scruff looking 5 o'clock shadow type beard, and a quiet demeanor. While Joshua has one of superiority, he has very tanned skin, curly short black hair and is shorter than the other two men.

"Since its lunch time would you like to have some good ol' home cookin'? I know the perfect place for ya. The food is served up fast and hot, so we can come back as fast as possible to keep working." The sheriff offers with a welcoming smile.

The team looks around, Hotch finally nods his approval and answering, "Yes, we'd love to."

They drive towards the part of town that has the local home owned shops and businesses, maybe they will have time go look around after the case is finished he hopes. The car stops from its journey and park, the restaurant already seems busy.

Reid opens his car door adjusts his messenger bag on his shoulder, the breeze is picking up again and the clouds are moving rather fast making the trees dance and the heat feel more bearable.

He hurries to follow after the others.

They are talking about some new block buster film that is out, and the gossip Reid assumes surrounds it. Reid has never been one for fads or pop culture. While Morgan is no doubt making fun of the girls while Rossi pretends to ignore them, and Hotch is talking with the Sheriff about something he can't quite hear from where he's at in the back.

Walking towards the restaurant Reid has the nagging feeling to look to his right for an odd reason. When he does, he stops dead in his tracks.

Reid blinks.

It's as if the air has suddenly caught on fire and his lungs seize as he takes in a sharp breath of air. The headache he has had just multiplied by a thousand and is like needles piercing his skull.

His pulse is so loud in his ear, it sounds like drums.

He is petrified… the scene before his eyes is the same one as the dreamt on the plane ride here.

The coffee shop is the same as before, to every last detail and grain of brick.

A lunch crowd is making its way in and out of the family owned shop, people talking and walking out at fast speeds.

He blinks again.

This time after a crowd of giggling teenagers walk out down the sidewalk, in their wake a man is standing completely still, too still...

He wasn't there before, Reid's logical mind reasons.

The man is tall about the same height as Reid, his jet black hair is long and layered passed his chin with uneven bangs hanging across his face, and eyes the color of emeralds. The man's skin rivals that of the dark brick wall in contrast to his pale white skin, he is dressed in black head to toe wearing a long trench coat that sways in the wind; in the sunlight Reid can see a form of a necklace of silver and red that dangles from his neck.

Out of nowhere behind him walks out the other man… just like before.

Same face.

He has the same face as the first man.


He has the same jet black hair but it's shorter and sets astray on his head. His features are much softer in comparison to the first. He is also wearing black but his coat is much shorter and is a dark gray. This one's necklace is not silver but gold and red.

Their eyes and faces are so familiar…

And once again are staring at him, as if piercing through him. He feels fear… yet longing.

Reid's hand slowly reaches out towards the air between them, and his feet move without his permission. And though his teammates' are probably watching him and are right near him, they already sound and seem miles away.

The lips across him move as the noise in his ears becomes deafening, and everything becomes hazy and the world sways.

But the last thing he hears before it all fades away is strong.

"We warned you – you're next."




A/N: Not my favorite chapter thus far mostly because I had difficulties with it, the next one more I'm excited about. This one I wanted to show more of normalcy, and the friendship soup of our handsome Reid and Morgan. I suck at case file info stuff, so sorry if it's not perfect. I tried.

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