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(Based around the last book but with a different ending)

Hermione sat with her hands in her lap as tears streamed down her face.

Harry was dead. Ron was dead.

everyone she loved. broken hearted she sat listening to peope she didn't know talk of the great sarfices they gave to save the world. Hermione wished she had gone with them.

Harry had been so ready as he stepped out into the battle field. He didn't shake. He wasn't afraid.

Voldermort stood glowing in all his evilness, his victims strewed around his bare feet. His face was so twisted that Hermione still remembered the fear she looked upon his face, but harry didn't even blink when Voldermort raised his wand arm. They fought with such passion and grace, and died in a bloody rain. Harry slit Voldermorts neck with a cutting curse and as he gasped for life voldermort hit harry with the killing curse.

Ron had run to harry. Hermione still saw the picture, a bloody battle field and a lone red head screaming into the night as he clutched his bestfriend to his chest. Hermione had ran as fast as her legs could take her but she saw his wand reach his head before she could scream to stop.

It was just her then, alone clutching two bodys to her chest. She screamed so loudly that she expected the sky to crack, but her voice did first. She clutched them close kissing their cheeks and feeling the heat leave them. She tried to warm them but ended up falling to the bloody ground and weeping.

Thats how they found her. curled into a ball with the boys heads resting in her arms. They tried to make her talk. She tried, but her voice would not reach her throat and she kept trying till they ended up shushing her and porting her to the hospital, there the doctors hurryed over her and inspected her only to tell her that she had become a mute.

Now silent and broken she cried as strangers talked of everyone who had died and their lives. She had stood and walked to the front. Many there knew she was a mute and gave her sad looks. She smiled slightly and raised her hand to her heart then waved the hand over the majiked photo's that sat on a table near the dias. Then she closed both hands to her heart again and walked back to her chair. As she sat she saw many people had started crying again which just made her weep all over again. Now she sat alone at the front, empty chairs sat either side of her where her friends should have been.

A warm body sat beside her. Looking up she saw warm grey-blue eyes and blonde hair. Draco. She made to scrowl or move but a movement behind him caught her eye. A lady around her late forties had sat next to draco, it seemed she was his mum, she was crying but no sound seemed to be able to exscape her lips as she clentched them closed.A black snake head cane sat in her lap as she death gripped it, tears sliding off her cheeks to meet the glossy wood.

Turning back to Draco, she looked at him again. His eyes were red rimmed and his hair not as neat. Turing her hand over she made a O with her fingers and then a K, pointing at him. He raised a eye brow and smiled a little,turning to his mum he then shook his head. Hermione nodded and held her hand out again this time she pointed to herself and then with two fingers in the air. He nodded.

They sat in silence as the funarul came to a finish. WIth out noticing they had moved so that they sat with their shoulders resting on eachother. A sturdy wall for eachother as the world came crashing down.

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