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Screams filled my head as I woke to the cold morning air coming in my window. Listening sharply I heard screaming again. Bolting out of the bed I through a robe on and sprinted off down the hall nearly tearing the door off its hinges to get in to the room where Hermione sat screaming in her sleep.

jumping onto the bed I grabbed her and shook her sharply. She kept screaming her eyes rolling around in the back of her head. suddenly her face changed and she was suddenly Lucius, I jumped back watching has his face become covered in blood and his screams continued to radiate around the room.

Suddenly Draco woke to Hermione shaking him awake. Sitting up sharply he stared around then at her.

"what happened?" he asked his voice cracking slightly. She made a motion of sleeping then yelling. Draco took a bit to understand that it was him that was asleep screaming. shaking slightly he flopped back onto his pillows watching the enchanted ceiling change to a soft cloudy dawn. Turning over slightly he watched Hermione climb down off the bed. He found that funny the first time she had come to stay with him and his mother. She was so short that she had to jump to sit up on the beds.

remembering back he wished he hadn't laughed at her. She was still edgy with him, with everyone was alone in the world thou. Her parents were hunted down and killed by death eaters and no one else could take her and she wasn't old enough to be on her own only being 17. So Narcissa being so heartbroken and such decided she wanted to take Hermione under her wing and take care of her.

At first it was hard. Because she couldn't talks he had to always ask her things then let her sign or mime it out. It was really hard at one point when he was going to take a shower and had knocked on the door. hearing no answer he had walked in on Hermione. There was a lot of yelling from him and blushing from her. But they got over it, and now the have a special knock for come in, and if she knocks once that means don't come in.

They had been working together on signs and have had many nights just talking, more him talking and her miming. At one point she took to taking a little note book around and writing what she wanted to say out which would set Narcissa off into laughing fits when she would find little notes all over the place. They even at one point where having a conversation over dinner and Hermione wanted to say something to Narcissa and had gotten draco to pass a note on, and from then he become the mail boy and everyone would be laughing as he made comments as he passed like, "oh look another question, and it says, who sold that a d or a messed up h...".

The house hold had lit up when Hermione came to stay with them and draco was glad that his mother had found someone to talk to over her grief. Hermione could listen to someone and not even get tired. Even if she wasn't a mute, she probably would have still sat there listening to you talk with out a comment or complaint.

tuning back into the room he noticed Hermione smiling and waving a hand in front of his face. He smiled back dumbly till he picked up the signing on her other hand. "do you want to go to breakfast together?" she smiled slightly and made sure he caught every sign.

"sure but could you wait for me outside the door. I need to get pants on" Blushing slightly she scooted out of the room and he could hear her tapping on the wall outside. Dragging himself out of bed he pulled his jeans on over his boxes and padded over to the door. peeking out he saw her leaning on the wall her hands behind her as she tapped. Grinning evilly he leapt out yelling a loud BOO making her jump and squeak. Yeah she squeaked. Laughing he ran down the stairs as she came chasing after him hissing like a angry cat.

Getting to the kitchen he ran in and pulled the pantry open and leapt inside and shut the door just as she came charging in. The house elves were use to this and some would hint at where he was while others would put her off the scent. He could hear her knocking on the bench then over the cupboards. She always did this which made him get excited. Draco Malfoy getting excited like a little boy over a silly game. War did that to people. But instead of becoming nasty or cruel he had become a boy and he loved playing silly games especially if Hermione was playing. He had even played a muggle game called snap with his mother with muggle cards and both of them had ended up smiling and laughing. A lot had changed in the Malfoy house. But Draco liked it, it was brighter and happier, the only problem he could really see was Hermione's voice.

A loud knock made him redraw back into the pantry. Hermione was looking around the cupboards near his hide way. Suddenly the door swung open and a grinning Hermione pulled him out of the pantry and dumped him on the table. Laughing he put his hands up as she picked up a spoon and waved it in his nose. The both laughed then. Hermione's laugh wasn't really a laugh thou. More like when you have no air and your still laughing so no real sound comes out. But the were laughing.

Sitting down at the table the waited as the house elves brought toast and juice and what ever they wanted that morning which ended up scrabbled eggs on toast. They never talked during breakfast. It had become a silent rule when Hermione came in. No talking during meals unless its dinner. Thou they still chatted during lunch. Watching Hermione now you wouldn't think she was mute, just quiet.

Hermione looked up and smiled slightly her eyes questioning. Draco couldn't help smiling slightly too. She had changed the past month and a half she has lived here. Her hair had grown to her waist and her figure had filled out again. She was rake thin when the took her in but now she was healthy and happy. But Draco didn't miss the sad looks, or the cuts on her ankles. He did his best to make sure she was happy. But some nights she would slip.

Draco had woken one night to her curled to his side weeping silently. When he had sat up and cast a lighting spell he first noticed the blood around her ankles and her hands. That was the first night she had cut herself. He had wanted to yell at her for being stupid and she could have damaged herself but the look she gave him when she pulled her head from his side made him forget his words and anger. He had cleaned and tried healing the worst. He was terrible at healing spells but she didn't want anyone else to know so he did his best and wrapped the rest.

Those nights she lay curled to his side crying till she slept. He didn't get angry but he did help her. He had stopped her from cutting herself many times after that, having picked up on all the signs that pointed to a episode. Narcissa had noticed but she didn't let on knowing that Draco was there for her.

Hermione kicked him under the table and it was only then that he noticed he was staring at her. Smiling sheepishly he apologized and stood up. "Wanna go for a walk to day...might go see a movie again?" She shook her head and signed "I need to go shopping, you can come help me if you want dragon?" she always mimed dragon for Draco and it always made him smile like a kid.

"sure but no shoe shops ok?" she smiled and nodded, rising from her chair she thanked the house elves and followed Draco back upstairs to get ready to go out.

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