The Return of Charlie Evans

Chapter One

The telepathic security officer Lieutenant Tola sat quietly beside the enigmatic shape shifter named Odo as he guided the shuttle craft Galileo III to Deep Space Nine, where the Enterprise-D was docked. To the young Andorian woman, the massive dark gray structure resembled an upturned arachnid on a mirror, missing a few legs. She was both anxious and disappointed. She was anxious because she was coming back up from Bajor after a short two-day furlough, and could not wait to get back to the Enterprise-D. It was not that she didn't like the planet. It was beautiful. She was just eager to get back to work. Her last adventure on Gamma Trianguli Six had been exhilarating and she wondered what was in store for her and her new shipmates next. She was very glad that the Metrons had decided to heal Miss Gomez of her injuries suffered when the sabotaged transporter console exploded. That was the reason the Enterprise was now docked at the station, to make necessary repairs on the mechanism.

She was disappointed because she could not read the shape shifter telepathically. Tola was a rare Andorian telepath, her ability coming from her sensitive antennae. She was able to pick up minute electrical impulses from most minds.

Odo, sensing the alien woman's eyes on him, turned his head to face her.

"You don't talk much." He observed flatly.

"No, sir." Tola answered with a frown. "I generally only speak when I have something to say."

"Hmmm. You are a bit like the Vulcans and a little like me." He observed with a tight semblance of a smile. "We are almost there." He added a bit needlessly. "Captain Sisko has wanted to meet you."

"And I, him." Tola answered honestly. She studied his expression. She rather enjoyed reserved people like Odo. The alien had an outward demeanor she found charming. "You are a shape shifter?"

"I thought you didn't like small talk." Odo replied, a little amused.

"My interest, sir, is merely curiosity. I have never encountered a being like you before."

"Nor I like you."

Suddenly, to Tola's left, there was a flash of light. A rather smug-looking humanoid being appeared between them. The intruder was dressed in a Starfleet uniform, with four pips on his collar. Odo sighed deeply, recognizing the being.

Tola, unsure whether the new arrival was really a Starfleet officer or just an impersonator, and, not knowing his intentions, felt for her holstered phaser at her side. To her astonishment, she found they had vanished. As a general rule, Andorians were fierce efficient fighters; a warrior race almost equal to Klingons, but, at this moment, she felt completely helpless. The being was effectively shielding his thoughts from her. She glared at the entity.

"Who are you?" She asked sharply.

"I am the Q, you little dolt." He looked at Odo. "Not too bright, is she?"

"She's never met you before, you Regulan blood worm. Isn't that obvious?"

"Tsk, tsk. I just assumed that your people told all your little friends all about me by now."

"Why would we bother, Q?"

"Odo, that's enough." Tola said uncomfortably. She addressed the intruder warily. "Why are you here?"

The being who called himself Q was examining his cuticles.

"If I were talking to Picard, I would say I was here to pester you and the crew until you couldn't stand me anymore."

"Why stop there, Q?" Odo growled, annoyed. "You have bothered people until you almost drove them crazy."

"A point well taken, Odo. Actually, I'm here to tell little girl blue here about her next adventure. It seems that there is a renegade former human on the loose that we must capture and dispose of. He is a very dangerous individual from the twenty-third century named Charles Evans. "

Tola paused in thought for a moment. She had never heard of Evans, and neither had Odo.

"You say this individual was once human? Why is he considered so dangerous, and why do you want to kill him?"

"More importantly, why should we care about some guy from the last century?" Odo asked.

"You have never heard of this man?" Q asked in surprise.

"I think that is obvious." Tola said dryly.

"All right. I will tell you the story about a family of humans who crash-landed on Thasus, with just a single survivor, their three-year old son. He was given Thasian powers and was raised by them. He escaped the planet when he was an adolescent and wreaked havoc on the original Enterprise, only to be recaptured by the Thasians. When he reached adulthood, he was offered the opportunity to become a Q. He gladly accepted, but didn't want to obey us. He escaped and is still at large."

"So, you want to kill him just because he didn't want to work for you?" Odo asked.

"No, Odo. Like I said before, he has both Thasian and Q powers. That makes him very dangerous, considering that he is also quite mentally unbalanced. We just want to put him out of his misery."