Another life

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A.N: This chapter has been revised but the main plot didn't changed at all, so who already read it doesn't need to re-read it.

Chapter 1 – The elephant in the room

It was Christmas Eve and everyone from the BAU team was in David's house for a special dinner. It was snowing, a perfect picture for a Christmas card.

Inside the man and kids were all together on the living room meanwhile the women were on the kitchen, this year they wanted to cook, Emily did the apple pie meanwhile Garcia made the turkey and JJ made the extras, that is why she was handful and was asking for help.

´hey, Em, can you see why is Henry crying? I'm with my hands a little dirty.´ showing her hands full with applesauce with a gleeful smile.

´I can't, I'm sorry.´ She said with a worry look. ´I... have to go to the bathroom.´ she said leaving as quickly as possible.

´what is wrong with her?´ Asked Garcia noticing how oddly Emily was acting in the last few days.

´I don't know, she just freak out every time I ask her to help with Henry.´ She said worried with her friend, she always run away every time Hendy was around, JJ never would thought that she didn't liked kids, but it was what looks like.

´hey, let's finish up here, I'm starving, go see our little pumpkin prince, I can take the plates to the table.´ Garcia said with a not and a reassurance smile.