Another life

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Chapter 8 – Before this life

'You seemed to get along pretty well.' Said Rossi in a not judgmental way, the nerves were already too high, even a little spark could make everything JJ worked so hard to build.

'Of course we were. The way we are now, its… its because of all this!' Said pointing to the video, to the pictures, basically to their hole case. 'After Italy, Emily had gone sorrowful. I had to reevaluate my decision in life and we both rebuild our lives and our relationship. We became friends!'

'Ok, good for you both, but what this has to do with her kidnapping?' Said Morgan, It was really shaking him, Emily. He was much more stable than that, Hotch thought.

'More importantly, what happened in Italy the first time she went there?' Asked Garcia, always the curious, but more than that, it could be related!

'That doesn't matter, don't have anything to do with this case.' Said Ambassador Prentiss in a defensive way. The kidnapping was getting to her, in a good day that would never happen, Hotch knew that at first hand.

'Mam, we should be the ones to answer that, after all we study behavior.' Said Reid in a small voice.

'I'm not let you dissect her life, specially parts that I know for a fact don't have nothing to do with the case. It's not because it's in the same country in has connection.' She said

'We don't know that!' Said Morgan, becoming a little agitated.

'I know. If, and only if I see it has anything to do with the case I will say it.' They all looked surprised to Rossi as he spoke, it was something in the voice that made them know the subject was over.

'You know!' She said a little bit surprised.

'Yes, she told me when Matthew died.' He finally said.

The first thing Emily noticed was that there was light in the room, an annoyingly bright light, that made her eyes hurt when she opened them, so she closed them again. Then, she realized that her wrist wasn't tide up anymore.

Something was different from the last time she was abducted, she didn't knew what to think, it was good or bad that he seemed to treat her almost like a human being, probably the last.

As her eyes started to adjust to the light, and she opened her eyes, she could, for the first time see where she was. The wall closest to her head was made of stone and reminded her of the castles you read on princess and fairy tales books. Alone, this single wall was already odd, but add to it, a set of bed, vanity and table all made in cherry wood with flowery carvings and in the top of it all the tree other walls were covered in light pink wallpaper with wine little flowers draw. Everything seemed so surreal a beautiful room with worn out mattress. The room seemed at the same time a princess refuge and a dungeon.

She supported her arms on the bed and lifted herself. As she did so she noticed two doors, one locked with a small glassed window that was closed by the outside. The other one lead to a bathroom, as she sit on the bed and stand up, with wobbly legs and stumble there she could see a beautiful bathroom with pinkish marble sink and white walls.

As she was walking through the room, trying to find something to answer some of her questions, such as, how much time she had before he came to her. She saw a change of clothes on the chair by the vanity. It was some underwear and a beautiful white dress. And the first thing she thought was it would be dirty the first time she set on the bed and then she noticed, she probably wasn't that well mentally, been on the verge of a mental break because of the treats, being kidnaped some unknown hours ago had that power on some ones psyque.

She though it would be best to take a shower while she could, as she couldn't hear any sound coming from the outside, so the most quiet possible she went, cleaned herself and dressed in the clothes he obviously wanted her to wear. She wasn't going to confront him so soon. She knew she needed to choose her battles if she wanted to live.

As she picked the dress to wear it she found a necklace, actually, the necklace. She had been given so many years ago and lost 2 years after she first put in her neck and never before took off. It was taken from her. A lot of things were taken from her…

November 1997

'Mom, you are there?' Said a very excited Emily.

'Em, do you know what time it is?' Elizabeth said yawning.

'Here it's just past 10 am. Oh, I'm sorry I forgot the time zone, but I so excited! He asked me out! Can you believe that? He asked me out!' She said bursting in laughs.

'Good Sweetheart, when are you going out?' She looked the time, 4 am, and she had a important meeting with the President in the morning. Boy, she was tired!

'Tomorrow night, isn't that great! He is taking me to see that movie I was talking about, remember?'

' More or less. Love, I'm really excited for you, but I really need to sleep, we can talk latter?'

'Yeah, I'm going to the library, I have some research to do. You call me when you can?'

'Of course, Sweetheart. Bye.'