Strength and Second Chances

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How did we get here? I can not believe he had the nerve to act like he was my father yet again. He had no right talking to me like that on the phone. But why should today be any different? He has been controlling me like a damn puppet for years now and for some reason I finally woke up from my 7 year Edward dream, or shall I say nightmare, in my case.

So here I am again waiting for the wrath of Edward to walk through the front door after he rushed to his damn sisters aid yet again. Might as well start packing my shit cause I am so over this.

Oh hold the phone, daddy himself has pulled into the drive. Might as well get a hold of myself and stand my ground because I am not taking this shit anymore.

"How dare you come home when my specific instructions were for your aunt to drop you off at Rose's instead of here? You just do not listen anymore. What the hell has gotten into you?" Edward yells as he walks through the front door while yanking his hands through his bronze mop.

"Excuse me daddy. I am so sorry that I did not obey your command. But I will not be treated like this any longer. I am leaving and not coming back. You can tell your mother to stay put. She has no business coming here and getting her big nose into it this time." I tell him haughtly as I finish packing the last tote with my most prized possessions. I really could care less about the house or all the materialistic things that we bought over the years. I've never been one to like all that stuff.

"Hahaha, you are not going anywhere, little girl. So you might as well re think your decisions right now!" he shouts as I start walking out the front door.

That's the last thing I hear out of his mouth as I put the last tote in my SUV and make my way to my flighty mom's to stay for a few days until my cousin Leah and I get our apartment.

I, Bella Cullen, soon to be Bella Swan once again, have finally woken up and I am ready to be who I have always wanted to be...FREE!

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