Strength and Second Chances

Chapter 3

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It has been five days since Bella left me. Out of those days, there were only three that I didn't follow or spy on her. No, I am not a stalker, am I? I cannot stalk what is mine, right?

Friday when she left, I ran out to my Volvo, jumped in, and followed her. I made sure I kept myself at least three car lengths behind her at all times. When I got to First Beach, I made sure to park two blocks in the opposite direction of where anyone that would go to her mom's cottage would come from. I got out of my Volvo and headed to the beach. Once I was behind the house, I ran to the side and hid in the tree line between the cottage and the forest. I waited for a little while, then I saw her step out the back sliding glass doors onto the deck. I watched her while she smoked a cigarette, sipped her drink, and talked on the phone.

As I watched her, my blood was boiling and I was itching to go to her, but I knew I had to stay away. I couldn't help, but wonder who the hell she was talking to and... when did she start smoking again? I will have to put an end to that as soon as I get her ass back- and I will get the bitch back.

After a while, her dad walked onto the deck with Alice, the bitchy Pixie, and Jasper, the jealous fuck. I never really liked either of them in high school. Jasper was always getting on me because he didn't want Bella and me to be together. He wanted her to himself, but never got the balls to ask her out. Little did he know, we really didn't start dating until we started college. Bella always told me no every time I asked her out in high school – she always claimed that she didn't want a boyfriend until she after she graduated. She told me that having a boyfriend would take away from her school work and that was an unwanted distraction.

Pixie was another one I could not stand, but the feeling was mutual from her side as well. I always thought she was strange when she claimed she could "see" or "feel" things that were going to happen. She always told Bella I was no good for her and that nothing good would come out of our relationship if we got together. Fucking Pixie, she just didn't know when to keep her mouth shut. I thought we were perfect together. Seriously, did she think that Bella would listen to her? I mean, we still ended up together.

I watched as Bella got out of her chair and hugged Alice, then I growled as I saw her do the same to Jasper. That jackass needed to keep his hands off of her. She is mine. I felt the anger build inside me and it took everything I had to keep from running over and beating the shit out of him.

After a while, Emmett and Rose showed up. I sat there and just watched my family talk, joke, and laugh for what seemed like hours. That pissed me off. I should have been there with them. The only problem was that if Bella got her way, not all of them would be my family anymore. I could not care less if I never saw Charlie again. We never really got along. I would still see Emmett due to the fact that he's married to my sister, so then only person that I really would not see much of is Charlie. Big deal.

Saturday and Sunday were uneventful. I sat around the house watching TV and plotting out ways to make sure Bella knew she was and always would be mine. I told her back in college that she would always be mine; now it was time to remind her.

Monday morning I got up, went to the only florist around here, and purchased a dozen black roses. I added a card that I wrote something in and had them delivered to Bella's agent, Kate's, office. I knew she would be going there because she checked in with her every Monday to go over the manuscript she was currently working on. After I left the florist, I drove to Kate's office and parked my car in the lot, out of sight, and waited for Bella to get there.

After waiting for fifteen minutes, she pulled into the parking lot and got out of her car. I watched her walk into the building, then I left. I headed to the hospital and did my morning rounds before I did my first surgery of the day. Usually, my mornings consisted of rounds and surgeries with the afternoons being tied up with appointments at my office.

Tuesday I did my usual routine, but I had to be at the hospital early so I could not spy on Bella... not that she was going anywhere or doing anything anyway. She usually didn't do much from Tuesday through Friday because she worked from home. Being one of the country's best - selling authors has its perks, I guess you could say. Besides, I liked that she worked from home - where she belonged – most of the week. I always knew where she was and she always made sure the house was taken care just the way I wanted it to be. Not to mention, supper was always waiting for me when I got home. If she wasn't working from home, I wouldn't have let her work at all.

Wednesday I drove by the cottage on my way to the hospital and noticed Bella was pulling out of the driveway so I followed her to where she was going. She ended up at her Uncle Garrett's office. FUCK! She was really serious about this shit. Right then I realized that I needed to get a lawyer of my own. I would have to ask Jenks, my business attorney, if he knew of any good family lawyers.

Once I got to the hospital, I started doing my rounds. After checking on my third patient, Dr. Cheney stopped me in the hall. He was a general surgeon who normally removed things like gallbladders. He asked me to go to New Moon with him that night and I told him I would. It wasn't like I had anything else to do. Sitting around at home could only be so much fun.

I finished out my day then headed home to get ready to go out.

I made it to New Moon around 8:30. I walked in and found Ben and a couple of other staff members at a table in the back of the club close to the dance floor. We sat around drinking and having a good time until Ben mentioned that he thought he'd seen Bella there and pointed toward the dance floor. He raised his eyebrow questionably and I just shook my head at him. I looked and sure enough she was dancing with her cousin Leah. I pulled out my phone and took some pictures of them dancing. I couldn't help it, the way they were dancing was hot and it was making my pants tight in a certain area.

Bella did not stay on the dance floor long. I watched as she made her way to the bar and took a couple pictures of her talking to the bartender. I watched as they talked and laughed, but I didn't get close enough to the bar or anywhere that she would be able to see me. I didn't want her to know I was there.

The last picture I got was of the bartender handing her the drink she ordered. She took the drink and touched his hand as he smiled at her. I was seeing red. That ass had no business touching my wife that way. If I wasn't trying to stay out of sight at the time, I would have beat the shit out of him, then dragged Bella out of the damn club.

A little while later I followed Bella and Leah out of the club and watched as they got into a cab. As I was walking out, I started sending all the pictures I took to Bella's phone. I typed,"I'm always with you," attached the message to one of the pictures, and texted it to her. After she got in the cab, I jumped in my car and headed back to my empty house.

So that brings me here, to Thursday morning, where I am sitting across the street from the cottage. Charlie is here, his cruiser is sitting in the drive. I am sure she is showing him the texts I sent her last night. I cannot wait to find out what they do about them. I got a copy of the report she filed about the roses and card I sent her on Monday... I wonder if she thought that was supposed to scare me.


Whatever we decide to do, I have a feeling that there will not be a pretty outcome.

It has been a month since the bar incident. In that month, a lot has happened. I filed a harassment charge, got the restraining order, and changed cell phone providers. Edward's and my lawyers also met up to go over the divorce and they agreed on the stipulations Uncle Garret and I requested. Now I am just waiting for the divorce decree paper to get here.

In the meantime, Leah and I got our apartment in Port Angeles. It is so much closer to Kate's office than where I was staying on First Beach. Things are going pretty good. I am enjoying being single. The only thing that bothers me is that Leah constantly parties and our apartment is like a freaking Wal-mart store. There are always people coming in and out at all hours. Leah claims that they are just friends, but I really think that there is something else going on. I am beginning to wonder if she is dealing drugs or something. I don't like this at all.

So here I am waiting up for Leah at three in the morning. She usually calls when she is going to be late or if she's not coming home at all. So, needless to say, I'm a bit worried. I have called her cell fifteen times and gotten voicemail every time. I decide to try once more and if she doesn't answer, I am calling Charlie.

"Hellller," answers some guy whose voice is unfamiliar to me.

"Who is this and where is Leah? Why are you answering her phone?" I ask, completely worried and pacing the room frantically.

"Who the fuck are you? Her fucking babysitter?" the man asks venomously.

Who the fuck does this guy think he is, talking to me like that? He is obviously on something... which means Leah most likely is as well. Oh shit.

"If you do not tell me who you are or where Leah is right now I will call the police!" I scream into the phone at the top of my lungs.

"Chill, lady! Name's Jake and Leah is sleeping. At least I think she is?" the man who claims to be Jake answers questionably.

"What do you mean, at least you think she is? Where the fuck are you with her? Tell me now so I can come get her!" I spit out at him. I am beyond pissed and worried at this point and this guy is about to get his ass handed to him.

"Chill, bitch. We're on First Beach at my dad Billy Black's house," Jake responds. Oh fuck. I am not going to make it there quickly enough and Billy Black is my dad's best friend. I'm sure he has no clue that his son is out there all fucked up with my cousin. And I know Jake; he is nothing but trouble.

"Well, that is just fucking great. I am on my way, Jake, and so is my dad. I'm sure your dad will be thrilled to know what you are fucking up to in his house." I hang up the phone before he can reply – I have no time for his messed up games . Leah could be passed out from an overdose for all I know.

I slip on some sweats and a hoodie over my boy shorts and tank before I head out the door. As I head to my SUV, I dial my dad's number and he picks up on the third ring.

"Bella, what is it? What's wrong? Why are you calling at three forty-five in the morning ?" he asks frantically.

"Char- Dad, I am okay, but I think something is up with Leah. She's not home and I have been calling her cell since 2:30. Finally Jake answered her phone sounding high as a kite. I asked him if I could talk to Leah and he told me she was sleeping, or at least he thought she was. They're at Billy's house, but I'm not going to get there for a bit. Can you please go over there and check on her? I'm on my way," I explain to him as tears fall down my face. I swear he just said something like he's going to beat Jake's ass. God, please let her just be sleeping.

The whole drive there all these scenarios are going through my head and I cannot stop the tears from flowing. "Stop it, Bella. She probably is just sleeping. No need to worry yourself sick," I mumble to myself more than once. Please let her be okay. I don't know what I would do if something is wrong.

My cell rings and pulls me out of my thoughts. Thank God something distracts me because I am driving myself crazy with worry."H-hello?" I whisper as I answer the phone.

"Bella, I am here. How much longer til you get here?" my dad asks hesitantly.

"I'm turning into First Beach now. Dad, is she ok?" I sob out as I make my way towards the Black's. I notice that there are a lot of flashing red and blue lights outside. My stomach flips and I can feel the color drain from my face.

"Um, Bella, try to stay calm. I got here and the house was filled with people passed out everywhere. Beer bottles and drug paraphernalia is scattered throughout the house. I called Billy and he is on his way home from Aunt Sue's. He was over there playing cards with Uncle Harry. I checked Leah's pulse as soon as I located her and it does not look good," my dad explains in his business voice.

"Oh God, I am getting out of the car now. I just pulled in. When is the ambulance getting here?" I ask, trying to keep myself together. Oh God, please let her be okay. I hang up the phone before he answers because I can hear the ambulance in the distance. I walk into the house and it is a disaster. Liquor and beer bottles everywhere. Drug paraphernalia all over the place. People passed out in their own puke and piss. I just do not understand why people do this crap.

I finally make it back to where Leah is in Jake's room. She is passed out, naked on his bed, pale as a ghost. Her lips are ashen. She looks bad. Her arms have track marks on them and her nose looks like it had been bleeding recently. The EMT's arrive and start working on her, hooking up the monitors and IV. They then load her up in the ambulance and head straight to Forks General, with me following close behind.

By the time we get there things are not looking good at all. They rush her back to the ER and send us to the waiting room. My dad and I sit there for what seems like hours, him standing against the wall running his hands through his hair and me pacing back and forth. Dad had the task of calling my Aunt Sue to tell her what was going on and she stated she was on her way.

After an hour and a half, my soon – to – be ex-father in law, Dr. Carlise Cullen, comes walking out looking defeated. He looks at me with a sad smile and then asks, "Where is Leah's mom?"

I'm just about to answer him when my Aunt Sue comes running through the ER doors looking frantic and worried. She would have been here sooner, but she was working her night shift at the diner. She had to wait for someone to come and take cover her shift. Dr. Cullen walks up to her and asks us to follow him into a patient family conference room. This could only mean one thing, we are going to be getting bad news.

We all take seats in the room and Dr. Cullen kneels down in front of my Aunt Sue and holds her hand. He looks around the room at all of us, sighs, and then he looks my aunt in the eyes with his doctor face and says, "Leah came into the ER not breathing and we could not locate a pulse. Her toxin levels came back with high levels of GHB, meth, cocaine, and alcohol. We resuscitated her and pumped her stomach. Twenty minutes after we pumped her stomach she coded on us and we were unable to resuscitate her again. I am sorry Mrs. Clearwater, but Leah did not make it."

I feel like I am walking in a nightmare. Did he really say that Leah is dead? I hear mumbling around me, but I cannot make anything out. At some point we must have been guided into the room that Leah was brought to. I don't remember how I got here. I stand in a corner while everyone says their last words to her – well, everyone being my dad and Aunt Sue. I walk up to her when they're done and just look at her. She has tubes coming out of everywhere; she no longer looks like Leah. I reach out and take her hand and start sobbing as I tell her, "Oh God, Leah, I am so sorry. I wish I'd stopped you from going out. I'm sorry I didn't try calling sooner. I'm going to miss you so much. I love you." I kiss her forehead and turn to hug my dad and aunt. I feel so empty and numb. This had been going on right under my nose. How could I have been so blind? I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around me, pulling me away from my thoughts, and hear someone mumbling. I look up and see Emmett, he wraps his arms around me and we turn to walk out of the room.

Later on that day we make our way to Newton's Memorial Home with my aunt as she makes final arrangements for Leah. Her viewing will be in two days and the funeral in three. Through the whole arrangement process, all I can think about is how this could have been prevented.

As we walk out the door, my dad stops to hug me and states, "I see your wheels turning, girl. All those 'what ifs'. This is not your fault. She had problems. Sue has been trying to help her and get her help for months. She just never listened. So do not go beating yourself up over this, okay? I love you, Bella."

I just answer him by nodding and make my way to the passenger side of my SUV as my dad gets into the driver's side. He pulls out and we head towards my Aunt's house to meet the rest of the family.

Today is going to be a long day.

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