This story is a work of fiction based on the story and characters that are the property of the creators and producers of "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World" syndicated television series.

I want to thank Lora and Cap my beta readers without their help it wouldn't have been possible and to my sister Mariuxi for listening to my ramblings.

The Call

The darkness of the night frightened her, the jungle wasn't a place to be hanging around at the early hours of the morning, but something or someone had compelled her to do so. She ran in between the tall, thick trees and branches that had torn her nightgown in various places and scratched her arms and legs. More than once she had fallen and her hurt herself-her hands had small cuts and she could feel the splinters of the wood deep beneath her skin. The only thing that illuminated her way was the moon splendour, which shone like never before. Marguerite ran through the jungle. She didn't know where she was going but one thing she knew for sure: She had to get there before dawn. Where? Only time will tell.

Only two hours earlier, she had been in her bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Something had been bothering her all day. It had made her irritable to the point the explorers were avoiding her. As sleeping was out of the question, she had gotten out of her bed and gone to the kitchen to make some of that tea Veronica said was good for insomnia. She had been sitting on a chair waiting for the water to boil when she first had heard something calling for her. It sounded human but not quite. She had thought it was probably Roxton or Malone trying to scare her and had gone to check on them only to find them sound asleep. Thinking she had imagined it, she had gone back to the kitchen when once more she heard the voice. But this time, it was louder and clearer: "Marguerite!"

She immediately had panicked and reached for her gun. " Who's there?" she'd asked. But no one answered. She had gone to the balcony to see if someone was below, but no, there was no one. As she was leaving she had heard it again. Only this time something had taken over her, and she had gone straight to the elevator leaving her gun on the table.

Upon reaching the jungle floor, she wasn't able to move. Her eyes were transfixed on the sky almost as if she was waiting for something. But whatever it was she had no idea what it wanted from her. After a few moments she had felt something coming up to her. A gust of wind had engulfed her, sending her hair flying wildly around her. Dust covered her and she couldn't breath. She heard the voice again, but this time it didn't sound human at all, and she didn't quite understand what it was saying. As the wind died, she had felt a strength she never had felt before. But now she knew what she had to do: She had to get there, and she knew that whatever was calling her would guide her. Next thing she felt a strong force inclining her to run in the direction in which the voice had been calling to her.

Now here she was, running through the jungle, her nightgown torn, her feet aching, and the strength she had was almost gone. Not only had she left the treehouse without protection, but she also hadn't bothered to change clothes or even put her boots on. Her feet weren't only throbbing but were bleeding quite heavily. Sometime ago she had stepped over a sharp rock that had cut one foot deeply. The stone had actually been embedded in the foot, but she had taken care of that and now her foot had a small hole.

Whatever it was calling to her was making her respond in ways she had never done before. Except when I knew I had to go on the expedition, she thought.

Roxton had been sleeping peacefully in his bed when the whistling of the kettle woke him. He covered his ears with his pillow, hoping to muffle the sound. It's not like it's going to go all night, he thought. He waited a couple of seconds before deciding to go and check it out. Who on earth had left the kettle on? He went to the kitchen ready to strangle the person who had forgotten to take the kettle off. But to his surprise there was no one in the kitchen. As he took the kettle off the hob, the rest off the explorers, too, came in to check out the noise.

Veronica rubbed her eyes. " You couldn't go to sleep so you had to wake everyone up?"

Challenger and Malone both stared at him.

" It wasn't me! I just got here myself," he tried to explain.

" Well there's only one person missing," Malone mentioned.

" Marguerite," they said in unison.

Veronica was ready to kill her, " Just wait until I get my hands on her! First she complains the whole day, and she doesn't even bother to lift a finger, and now she has the audacity of disturbing our sleep! She doesn't even wake up till noon." She yelled for the heiress to hear her.

Roxton did his best to convince the group to go back to sleep, as he was far too tired for a discussion. But Challenger, Malone and Veronica had insisted on having a word with her. They called her but when there was no answer, Veronica went to check on Marguerite. She returned, telling them Marguerite wasn't in her room.

" Perhaps she went out for a swim," Malone had tried to reassure them. That was when he saw her gun on the table. Something is wrong, he had told them. She wouldn't have left without her gun. Wherever she had gone, she had sure left in a hurry. Malone pointed out they hadn't heard the lift. He was right, but if they were sound asleep they could surely had missed that, he had told them.

Now here they were looking for Marguerite, it was dark and torches only illuminated so much. At first it was almost as if she had vanished. They had expected to find her footprints and those of whoever took her. But they had only found Marguerite's and there were only a few of them. Whoever took her, must be covering them up and they are doing a pretty good job, they thought.

Malone and Veronica were scouting up ahead when they heard the sounds of some branches snapping. Veronica immediately alerted the others. Roxton aimed his rifle ready for whatever was coming. But nothing came and the group decided to continue. Out of nowhere two raptors jumped in front of them. One of them pounced on Veronica, throwing her to the ground. It was ready to claw her when Malone threw his knife, instantly killing it, sending the raptor crashing down on top of Veronica. Roxton took care of the other one.

" Get it off me." Veronica shouted. Malone obliged. " Thanks"

" So much for a quite night." Out of the corner of his eye he spotted something.

" They are sure getting smart. I mean I'm almost sure that those two are the ones we heard before. They wanted to catch us off guard," Challenger concluded.

" We must be getting closer to Marguerite. I mean, how long does it take for water to boil?" Roxton asked a bemused Challenger

" It depends on the temperature," Challenger told him.

" She couldn't have been gone for more than 10 minutes." Veronica said as she dusted herself off.

" There," Malone pointed to the ground.

Roxton kneeled down for a closer look." More footprints."

Malone nodded.

" C'mon on then, before any more of this raptors appear." Roxton led the way.

The group continued their search, hoping to find Marguerite alive and well. Roxton wouldn't forgive himself if something happened to her. He loved her and he hadn't told her. How many times had he come close to telling her, but then backed down? He had to find her. His pace was fast and soon he was way ahead off the rest of the group.

Marguerite suddenly stopped abruptly and made her way towards a tree where she caught herself, before her legs gave away. She didn't think she could make it before dawn, she was tired and out of breath. She tried to sit down for awhile but whatever was calling her didn't want her to rest. Something told her to move and once more she began running. After a while she came upon a clearing. She walked towards the middle and began digging with her bare hands. She took layers of grass out-there was something underneath the mound. After dusting some of the soil off she caught a glimpse of object. It was a slab with symbol on it. She continued digging frantically there was more of it she was sure.

The explorers continued on and found trickles of blood. Fearing the worst, they rushed to get to her. Daylight was almost approaching and it was easier to see, but that also meant that the raptors would start their hunts. Roxton could sense her; they were near.

Marguerite finished digging. She was now standing in a medium size circle made of stone with inscriptions in some ancient language. She began reading it: " Those who are the chosen ones should discover…" The last word was covered with dirt. She began clearing it but she stopped when the sun started to rise. Once again she was engulfed by a gust of wind, but this time it lifted her up in the air. She began spinning and shaking. She heard voices chanting in another language. But she was too far-gone to understand them. She could feel the power being drained from her. She had a hard time keeping her eyes open. She tried screaming for help but nothing came out.

Roxton, Malone, Veronica and Challenger saw a surge of light coming from one of the fields and immediately ran towards it. They weren't prepared for what they saw. Marguerite was floating in the air, her arms spread out, the wind blew at her hair and nightgown. The light, which seemed to be coming straight from the sky, illuminated her body so brightly that it made it difficult to see. Her eyes where white and for a moment the explorers though that they saw her asking for help.

Roxton stood there in shock. " Challenger, we have to do something." His word echoed through the explorers. But they were too shocked to react, too taken by the light.

Marguerite's trance-like state ended when she felt Roxton's presence. Suddenly the skies turned dark, and thunder echoed throughout the plateau. The wind lifted Marguerite higher in the air, then suddenly she was struck by lightning with such force that she crashed down onto the slab.

The explorers had witnessed everything but had been unable to move. Their trance ended. Roxton rushed to Marguerite's side. Her motionless body lay on the slab. He held her in his arms, tears streaming down his face. The others were speechless. Roxton rocked Marguerite's body against his chest, when he suddenly he felt her heart beating against his body.

" Challenger, she's alive!" he yelled.

Challenger immediately started to examine her. Yes, indeed she was alive. There was barely a pulse. If she was to survive, they had to get her to the tree house immediately. The group started their trek back to the treehouse in silence. They had no idea what had just happened, but they did know they almost had lost a member of their family. The only thing that mattered was that Marguerite recovered.

Veronica was asleep her head rested on Marguerite's bedside. It had been two weeks since the incident. The heiress lay motionless. The only way they knew she was alive by was watching her closely to see her chest falling and rising. Marguerite was comatose and now the explorers took turns to look after her. Challenger had told them that he was almost sure that a person could hear while she was on a coma. So, Veronica and the rest took turns to talk to her.

Before she had fallen asleep, she had been talking to her about the events of the day. She missed their little fights and now she wondered if the heiress was ever going to wake up. She started to examine the heiress arms; they were healing quite nicely. When they had brought her home, she had been in such a bad shape, that for the first time in years she had been scared. Marguerite was so pale.

" It's as if her very own life force had been drained away," Challenger had said. She had cuts and bruises everywhere, but thank God that none of them where serious. Now most of them were gone and she had only been left with a few scars, which where now disappearing thanks to one of the medicine plants got from the Zanga people.

Veronica started applying some more of the paste to the sole of Marguerite's right foot, which was taking its time healing, when she was suddenly startled by Roxton who had just come in the room to relieve her.

" Hey, your dinner. It's getting cold?" he told her.

" I'll just finish this." She applied the remaining paste and left.

Roxton went towards the basin, where he dipped a small cloth in the water. He drained the cloth and proceeded to wipe the sweat off Marguerite's face.

" It sure is a hot day. Now where was I…ah, yes. I was telling you about my childhood." Roxton sat on a chair and told her the rest of his story. He wasn't sure Marguerite could hear him but Challenger had told him that it was good to stimulate her senses.

Roxton began to doze off. Not a minute had pass when he was awoken by the sound of glass shattering into million pieces and a loud thud afterwards. He opened his eyes and saw was Marguerite on the floor; she had fallen off the bed. He immediately called for Challenger.

" Marguerite!" Roxton kneel down beside her. Was he dreaming? It had all happen so fast. He found himself thanking God, he had prayed every night for this day. And now that it was finally here he didn't know what to do. But she didn't respond.

Marguerite clenched her jaw trying to ignore the pain and come to terms with what just happened. Damn it! I should have been more aware of the situation! "Calm down," she told herself, "you have more important things to worry about now, one of them being that you can't seem to speak, let alone move," she though. God! What's wrong with me. Why can't I move and what happen to me? She wanted to scream but she couldn't.

Challenger found Roxton carrying Marguerite back to bed.

" What happened?" he asked.

" I don't know I must have dose off. And the next thing I knew I heard a loud crash and I found Marguerite lying on the floor." He was very distressed as he spoke.

By now Malone and Veronica where too standing by the doorway. They were all looking at the motionless body of Marguerite. Somehow she had moved-how else would she be lying in the floor?

Challenger immediately began to examine her for any sign of movement. Once more Marguerite tried to move, but all her efforts weren't working. She felt like screaming. She never had felt so helpless. She had so many questions. The last thing she remembered was making some tea and now she lay in bed unable to move. She could barely hear them. She wanted to let them know that she was OK, but she couldn't. It had taken almost every ounce of strength in her body to reach for that glass and now she was too tired to do anything else. How can she let them know that she was alright?

" Well as far as I can tell she doesn't appear to be responding," said Challenger.

Malone had gone to the other side of the room where he began lighting one of the lamps. Suddenly Marguerite's head turned towards the light.

Challenger immediately was at her side. " She seems to be reacting to the light." He was very excited. " Malone get your flashlight. "

Malone left the room and in second returned with his flashlight.

" Now let's see if I'm correct, she has regained some of her conscious."

Veronica, Roxton and Malone watched in awe as Challenger began to play with the flashlight around the room, he point it in every direction, Marguerite began following the light as a cat would follow a ball of string. .

Marguerite was getting tired. At least I regained my eyesight, she tried to speak but nothing came out. Once more she tried to move her arms but she was too tired. Now what? She asked herself as she watched Challenger point the light in every direction. You don't expect me to play this little game all night, she thought.

Challenger finish his little experiment." As far as I can tell her sight is back and she appears to have gain some movement I think it would be good if someone stays with her tonight."

" I'll stay." Roxton volunteered. After the rest of the explorers had left, Roxton had made himself comfortable in the far corner of the room. It had been a long night but he had stay awake. The chair was a little uncomfortable and he was sure he was going to have back pain in the morning.

Roxton watched the heiress. As far as he could tell she hadn't move the whole night. She looked so peaceful and so beautiful, that he couldn't take his eyes of her.

Veronica stood leaning against the doorway watching the hunter. " Your breakfast is getting cold."

" I'll be there in a minute."

" You said that 15 minutes ago." She put her hand on his shoulder reassuring him that Marguerite would be alright. " I'll call you if anything happens."

The hunter was a little reluctant but agreed and left the room leaving Veronica to take care of the heiress. Veronica sat by Marguerite's bedside and started mending one of the heiress' blouses.

" I think that was the last one. " She said as she put it down with the rest in a trunk. She suddenly heard a mumbling sound coming from Marguerite's direction. She immediately rushed to Marguerite's side. The heiress was awake.

Veronica leaned in a bit closer to understand what she was trying to say but it was no use she could hardly understand a word. Marguerite tried to speak more slowly but that wasn't working.

" Hold on, I'll get the Professor." Veronica left the room and in minutes she was back with the Challenger.

" Marguerite, Can you hear me?"

Marguerite nodded her head. Once more tried to talk but nothing still her speech quavered.

" It's OK, don't worry," he tried to reassure her. " Now, let's see…" he began to examine her once more. She seemed to recovering quite well. She had regained more movement and although restrained she could now move her arms and her legs.

" Should I wake Roxton." Veronica asked Challenger.

" No, he should get some rest." That man was so obstinate, he had been so determined in staying that they had to drug him so that he could get some sleep.

" Now, Veronica why don't you get some breakfast for Marguerite?"

" More broth?" She was sure the heiress would be grateful if the fed her something else besides broth. After all, that had been her daily sustenance for the past two weeks. The feeding had been hard but somehow they had managed.

" No, I think she can start eating some solid food for a change." Challenger patted Marguerite's hand and smile.

Veronica left the Professor with Marguerite and after a while she came back with soft fruit, fresh bread and juice. She helped the heiress in a seating position and began to help her with her feeding. Marguerite felt so week and helpless. She tried to pick a piece of fruit but as soon as she had it in her grasp, it had slipped out. She felt now so stupid and useless, she had to let Veronica feed her. What had happened to her?

Later on the evening, Veronica, Ned and Challenger were in Marguerite's room talking to her and relating the events that had led for her to be in this condition. All Marguerite could do was listen; she couldn't remember anything about that night. As hard as she tried it was useless it was as if her memory had been erased. She looked intently at the door waiting for Roxton. Veronica had told her that he had spent most of the night by her bedside and because he was looking like he wouldn't last another day, they had slipped him a bit of her mother's herbal cure for insomnia.

The hunter was up and immediately headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. That was the best sleep he had in a long time. " Where is everybody?" he asked himself as he looked around the treehouse.

" Challener! Malone! Veronica!" he headed to Marguerite's room the instant Malone made his way out.

His young friend was smiling, from ear to ear. At that instant he knew Marguerite was alright. He made his way in and was greeted by Veronica and Challenger.

So you finally decide to wake up, the heiress though.

" I trust you got a good sleep." George asked his rested friend.

" You could say that old boy." He uttered the words never taking her eyes from Marguerite.

" How is she?" He asked.

" Well she has more movement than yesterday but she still cannot speak. " the professor told him.

Veronica and Challenger though best to leave the couple alone. They proceeded to wish the heiress a goodnight and with that they left the room.

Marguerite watched her two friends walked out of the room. The silence was awkward but none the less she was glad she was left alone with the hunter.

Roxton sat down next to her and brush a few strands of hair away from her face. She winced as she felt his cool hands against her skin. She smiled to let him know that she was OK.

Roxton's lips curl into a smile. His Marguerite was awake. He bent forward and kiss her forehead. Everything to her seemed so unreal. It was as she had woken up from a long nap, though really it had been two weeks. Now here she lay, awake yet unable to speak and it seemed to her that every part of her body ached. She watched Roxton and couldn't help but smile. That man made her heart melt, whether she liked to admit or not.

To Roxton those two weeks seemed like an eternity, not knowing if she was ever going to wake up. Now sitting here in the presence of the woman he love seemed like dream. Once again he caressed her face. What could he say to her?

Marguerite tried to speak but to no avail. As darkness ascended on the plateau, the room soon was filled with darkness. Marguerite and Roxton stared lovingly at each other letting their eyes speak for themselves. Their eyes spoke more that they would ever admit.

Another week passed and Marguerite's condition had vastly improved. She now had regained complete movement, but she was a still a bit sluggish. But thanks to Veronica she was getting better day by day. The jungle beauty had put herself in charge of her rehabilitation and worked daily with Marguerite. The heiress had already regained her speech and she was fiery as ever. She'd complain and some times she got frustrated with herself when she couldn't do things for herself. She still couldn't walk, because she refused to try, especially when the men where around.

Marguerite sat on her bed reclining against the headboard. She could hear Beethoven's 5th symphony on the gramophone. One of my favourites, she thought. She hated being confined in this bedroom but what could she do when she wasn't prepared to go outside, plus she didn't think she could walk again. Her legs were stronger now, but she still didn't feel comfortable on them. She was afraid of falling, the embarrassment was too much. They had all been bugging her to at least go out of her bedroom. But as obstinate as she was she had refused, plus she didn't think she could handle seeing them all day. It was bad enough they wanted to spent time with her in her own bedroom, but what if she was to go out? They wouldn't leave her alone.

She had never had people take care of her. Her own parents abandoned her and all that time she had spent in convents, the nuns had cared for her out of obligation and pity. She never in her life had to depend on people and she wasn't going to start now.

Marguerite had to find out what had happened to her. They had told her she had been struck by lightening and had spent two weeks in a coma, but she didn't remember anything about it. She had been asked all sorts of questions, especially what she was doing outside that time of night. Her friends knew nothing and somehow they didn't want to talk about it. After a while she started dozing off and was sleeping peacefully.

Challenger and the rest of the explorers sat around the table.

" I think it's time Marguerite came out of the treehouse and get some exercise out in the open. I don't think it's doing her any good being lock up in that room, " said Challenger, who was quite worried about her. Marguerite's mood swings were getting to him.

" I tried to talk to her yesterday, but she just brush me off," said Roxton. She was so damn infuriating! She had practically distanced herself from him. He noticed how uncomfortable she was around him, " I'll go and talk to her."

Roxton went to Marguerite's room and knocked against the doorframe before he went in. "Marguerite!"

She was sound asleep. He was mesmerised—she looked like an angel so beautiful and serene. She had made a made a fantastical recovery. In just one week she had regained most of her movement and how she had gotten her speech back was remarkable. One day she hadn't been able to say utter one word and the next she was back to her old self-jabbering on. Roxton decided to let her sleep after all she had been working hard on those exercises.

As soon as Roxton left the room Marguerite started to toss and turn, her facial expressions were mixed, she seemed to be experiencing some kind of a nightmare. In her dream, a bright light appeared before her. As she stepped in it she began dematerialising.

Inside a stone circle were men in dark robes, their hands clasped together, swaying left to right. Not far from there in an open field a figure began materialising.

Marguerite stepped out of the light and examined her surroundings. She could hear the sound of the night creatures, barely audible within the chanting of men. Curiosity summonsed her and she began walking towards it. As she got closer to the sound, it suddenly stopped, but she continued walking and came across a stone circle. The night-cold air sent shivers throughout her whole body. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw movement behind one of the slabs.

" Who's there?" she asks.

A man in a robe stepped forward. " Don't you remember me? I'm Vodrak," he said as he took his hood off.

" NO!" she shouted.

" Marguerite, we gave your memory back. It is that you don't want to remember?"

" I don't know what your are talking about." Suddenly her mind flashed with memories of her, Malone and Roxton searching for emeralds, then she saw herself being lifted up in the air and being struck by lightening.

Vodrak rushed to Marguerite's side, as she lost her balance.

" You did this to me?" She asks awe-stricken.

" Yes, I mean NO. This wasn't suppose to hurt you, we only wanted to restore your powers." He said.

" You call this restore? I can't even do my own shoe laces."

" We did restore you. The only thing keeping you from healing is you and your self-pity. Like I said we called you to restore your powers but something went wrong. Orak is a man we imprisoned about 200 years ago. Somehow he has managed to escape or he was freed. We still don't know. As we were conducting the ritual, he managed to intervene and drained you of your powers. If it weren't for your friend that found you just in time, he would have succeed. As he was forced to use some of his powers to stop your friend from intervening, we were able stop him for a while, giving us enough time to finish the ritual."

Marguerite was sceptical. This was a dream after all. But the memories seem so real. " Why should I believe you?"

" You know it's the truth. You have to find it within yourself to restore yourself. You have been feeling pity for yourself. Once you begin to believe in yourself, you'll be back to your former self, except there will be a few changes in you. But that's one thing that you must find out for yourself." He approached her. " He's still out there and I know he'll come looking."

" Who's this Orak and what does he want with me?" She asked.

" He was a priest just like me, but his greed was greater than his faith and soon he started plotting to take over this planet. He nearly succeeded, but you stopped him and imprisoned him. Now he's escape and it's after revenge. He'll come for you and your friends. You must get stronger Marguerite." He started to leave.

" Wait, How will I know him?" she reached after him.

" You'll feel it. Just trust yourself. This battle is going to require all of your powers. You must heal yourself."

As Marguerite woke up, his words still echoed in her mind. She was sweating and trembling. Had it been real? Something told her it was, but she did not want to believe it. Could she be this priestess Morgan? She had memories of Roxton, Malone and her searching for these emeralds but she had though that it was just a dream, but now it all made sense. She had to try, she owed it to herself and her people needed her. Need me? But no one has ever needed me.

Roxton came in the room carrying a food tray. " Sleeping beauty finally awake?"

Marguerite jumped slightly as she heard him come in. " Roxton you scare me half to death."

" I brought you your dinner." He laid the tray on her lap. " Would you care for some company? "

" Some other time. Will you please leave me?" she motioned for him to leave, she needed sometime to herself.

Roxton facial expressions change instantly, he was so full of hope and now once again he had been turned down. He began walking out.

Did she have to be so mean? He was only offering some company. But she couldn't help herself, years of self-preservation had taught her never to trust anyone.

" Thanks, for offering, though " She gave him a heartfelt smile.

" You need any help?" he asked as she saw her struggling cutting her meat.

Now he wants to baby feed me, she though. " I can't do it myself, now will you please leave."

Roxton wasn't in the mood for arguing. It was almost as she felt ashamed. After all this time she had been awake, not once had he seen her eat, Veronica was the one that usually fed her, but even then she had refused to eat while he was still in the room.

Marguerite waited until Roxton left the room to begin eating. She put the meat aside and decide to drink the soup which she had first rejected as being too salty. She began holding the spoon, but her hand was still shaky. Half an hour almost passed before she finished her soup. But she still felt angry it wasn't good enough for her. She wasn't about to let anyone see her like this. Most of the time she put on a show for the others, insulting them to get them to leave her alone and so far it hadn't worked. Could this be the love of a family she never had?

Once again she had attempted to cut her meat but that had only made matters worse, now her arm hurt even more "Veronica?" she called hoping that the blonde beauty would come.

Veronica made her way to her room. " Are you alright?"

" Yes, could you take this to the kitchen." She handed her the tray.

" Marguerite you hardly have eaten anything. You need to eat as much as possible to regain your strength "

" I wasn't hungry."

" If you need any help all you need to do is ask," Veronica tried to reassure her.

" I said I wasn't hungry!" She shouted.

" What's so wrong with needing help, I know if it was me, I would be more than thankful to have people that care looking after me."

" But it isn't you, is it? It's me. Oh poor dear Marguerite, she can't fend for herself. How do you think I feel being stuck in this bed day after day? I'm practically an invalid. "

Veronica took the tray off the heiress and left the room. " Just so you know, we do care, more than you'll ever know."

Marguerite was left alone in her room. She knew she had gone too far. But what did they expect when they treated her like an invalid child. She knew they were doing it out of pity, it had to be. The nuns at the convent always had pitied her. Stop it, she thought. It's not good beating your self up. You have to shown them what you're made of. A woman of fire and steel, Roxton had said.

Later that night she lay awake in her bed, the pain in her right arm hurt so much that it was impossible to sleep. What if he was right and all I need to do is believe in myself? Marguerite closed her eyes and tried with all her might to forget about the pain. After awhile the pain was almost gone, she sat up and she began to rotate her arm. The pain was in fact gone, for the first time in weeks Marguerite smiled. She felt good, it had worked. Now to work on the rest of her body she lay down in her bed and started the healing process. All of a sudden a glow started to emanate from her, and Marguerite felt herself falling deeply into an unconscious sleep.

As morning came, the explorers found themselves busy with their chores. Malone was busy in the kitchen helping Veronica with the breakfast. Roxton was finishing grinding the beans for the heiress' coffee. Challenger, on the other hand, was busy finishing the latest invention, which he was keeping a secret from everyone.

" Good morning," the heiress said as she came up the stairs.

The explorers all turned to look at her and were astounded. There stood Marguerite, her hair made up, and she was dress in her usual outfit, skirt and a shirt. An unusual glow surrounded her; Roxton had to admit she look more beautiful than ever before.

Malone called for Challenger. " Professor, I think you better get out here."

" It better be something important, Malone," George Challenger warned him. He had been making final touches to his invention, surely this could wait. As he stepped into the living room, he saw what they were looking at—Marguerite as her normal self,. There was no sign that she ever been in a coma.

" What's the matter? " she asked. He pulled out a chair for Marguerite." Really Professor that's not necessary. I'm fine."

He ignored her and started examine her. She seemed completely healed. Yesterday she could hardly walk and here she was like nothing had ever happen.

" Now, Can a girl get some breakfast around here?" The old Marguerite spark was back.

Veronica, Malone, Roxton and Challenger for the first time in weeks had something to be happy about. They hadn't been sure she would heal completely as Challenger had explained brain injuries can leave a person incapacitated, but here she was like nothing ever had happened. They all had questions, but they were in the lost world some things can never be explained. Like Challenger had said, " This was indeed a remarkable recovery."

For once in many weeks all of the explorers sat down to enjoy their breakfast. Marguerite tried her best to look as she was enjoying herself, having decided not to tell her friends of what Vodrak had told her. She didn't want to involve them in something as dangerous as this. She did not want to put them in any danger. That's what you're doing now by not telling them, she told herself. Besides they might not believe.

As she drank some of her juice she felt an excruciating pain in her right temple, instantaneously she was overwhelmed by a vision of a girl running through the danger being chased by something. Marguerite's glass slipped out of her hands and the contents spilled all over the table.

Roxton was immediately at Marguerite's side. " Are you OK?" You could hear in his voice his concern for her.

" I'm OK, it just slipped," she lied. She couldn't believe it herself. She decided she would figure it out later.

" Now, Marguerite you should take it easy." Challenger told her. " I know that you say that you feel OK but we don't want to risk it."

Roxton knew Marguerite was lying. It was if she had seen something, and she had clearly been in pain. But why was she lying? He wasn't going to let her out of her sight.

" Marguerite, why don't you come with us? " Veronica offered as she and Malone where getting ready to go to the Zanga village for some supplies.

She accepted the invitation and soon she was at their side, adjusting her gun belt.

" I might as well go, the more people carrying the supplies the faster we get it done with." The hunter was ready and only needed his hat, which he neatly put on his hair.

Half an hour later the group made their way inside the Zanga village. They were greeted a few of the villagers. Veronica went inside a hut to find her friend Assai.

After a few seconds she came back out and headed to her party. " It appears that one of the girls have gone missing and Assai and a few warriors have gone look for her."

" They should be back any minute." A young girl from the village assured them.

Immediately Roxton offered their services " Do they need any help?"

" No, they say they would be back soon." The girl assured them.

Sometime later inside a hut the explorers were busy collecting different kinds of beans which they where taking back to the treehouse. Marguerite was busily putting some corn in a jar. Roxton observed the heiress from afar. Her mind seemed to be elsewhere.

Outside Assai made her way back to the village, her face was very solemn, she had bad news: They had found the girl, but she was dead.

Assai approached the girl's fiance. A man in his twenties, he had very dark black hair and was as tall as Roxton. He ran out towards the warriors who now were entering the village carrying the girl's body on a stretcher.

" Tay, " Assai tried to call back her husband's friend. But it was no use. Tay lay sobbing on top of his fiancee's body. He uncovered her face and brushed his lips against hers.

Veronica, Marguerite, Malone and Roxton came out of the hut. They had heard all the commotion and knew that they had found the girl too late.

Veronica joined her friend Assai.

" Oh, Veronica, I completely forgot you were coming. Did you get everything you need it? " her young friend inquired, without taking her eyes off of Tay. She felt the pain the man must be feeling. Veronica nodded her head, all the while observing the young man, who hadn't stop sobbing. Marguerite sympathised with the poor man.

Assai went towards Tay and helped him to his feet. " Tay, you must stay strong for Lara, she wouldn't have want you to see you like this. Come we must prepare for the ceremony." She led him away.

Marguerite caught a glimpse of the girl's uncovered face and went pale.

Roxton saw her and immediately inquire " Are you OK?"

She didn't answer. The girl on the stretcher was the one she saw in her vision. She had to get out of here. Oh God! Why was this happening to her? Should she tell her friends of the imminent danger they where facing?

Roxton was very concerned for Marguerite. " Marguerite!"

" Yes, "

" I asked you if you where OK."

" Yes, just a little queasy." She brushed him aside and went back to the hut where she continued collecting the grains and beans.

Roxton and Malone exchanged glances and followed her back inside the hut. For now he decided to ask questions later. He helped Malone with one of the wooden cases.

Veronica, who had gone with Assai, came back in, " I think it will be appropriate if we stay for the burial ceremony."

Malone immediately offered to stay. But Marguerite couldn't stay in this place any longer and told them so. Roxton couldn't let Marguerite travel alone, so the two of them went back taking with them one case of supplies.

To be continued…