The God-Slaying Wolf

Summary: Mortals are wrong about so many things, and misinterpret most things given to them by higher powers. One of the biggest was that I had died. Another was that the gods were all-knowing and invincible. The final one will be underestimating me.

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Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

Non-demonic Higher Beings will change depending on mood

Translating to English

Beastboy groaned as he opened his eyes. To his surprise, he couldn't see anything despite his animal-like senses. This meant either everything was pitch black in color or he lost his powers, which was unlikely. Lots of scientists, good and bad, had tried to duplicate, cure, control, alter, and a lot of other things to his powers with no success. He was a freak in too many ways apparently. He enjoyed that uniqueness at times, despite the loneliness it brought. Ironic that he, the attention seeking prankster of all people had such thoughts. It's amazing what's behind the mask of heroism. Every hero had a drive for what they did. Robin's was his parents' murder; Raven's was her hatred for her father and all he stood for, etc. Him? Once it was to prove himself. Now, he couldn't find the desire to. He would always be a freak to all those around him.

The last thing he remembered was Terra burying him or trying to crush him, he wasn't sure which her aim was. His anger started to grow as he remembered her attempt to kill him. All he remembered after that was a lot of pain.

"Well, you're a good actor, I'll give you that," A voice called from behind him.

Beastboy turned and saw...nothing. Except for two green eyes, burning in the dark. "Who are you?" He asked in a cautious voice.

The eyes gleamed in true amusement, "Who are you?" It echoed back.

"Beastboy," He answered, never taking his eyes off the black creature.

"Good liar as well Garfield," It answered with a chuckle.

Beastboy eyes went wide before narrowing in anger, "How do you know my name?" He almost shouted.

The eyes seem to tilt to one side, as if in confusion, "Why wouldn't I know our name?" He asked in what could have been fake or genuine curiosity.

"Wh-what?" Beastboy asked, a thousand thoughts running through his head.

"I'm you Garfield, a past you. I believe the modern term for it is reincarnation," It explained.

Beastboy stood there with a shocked look for a moment, "Who were you, we, whatever you want to call us, before 'me'?" He asked, quoting 'me' with his fingers.

"That will have to wait I'm afraid. You are dying Garfield, the geomancer's attempt to end you nearly succeeded. You hit the ground, causing a rock to be lodged through you," It paused, letting this sink in, "I normally couldn't try to save you since my spirit hasn't really been free for a long time. However, I have a deal to complete for the one who freed me," It explained calmly.

"Freed you?" Beastboy asked, confused by what his 'past-self' meant.

"My spirit or soul-whichever you prefer- had been trapped until nearly a decade ago. Someone found my 'tomb' and struck a deal with me. One that can only be completed in your life time, and very soon. The only way for you to live at this point is become one with me," It said with no deceit or malice in it's voice.

Beastboy, surprisingly, didn't freak out during this. His eyes went through varying states of shock, but he kept his mouth from running off, "What was this deal exactly?" Beastboy asked, wondering what he might be getting into. He could tell a liar a mile away. He turned a blind and hopeful eye to Terra when he smelled guilt coming off her when she returned. His senses were never wrong, he just wished they were at times.

The voice paused for a moment before answering, "She asked me to kill someone," It admitted almost emotionlessly.

"That's it?" Beastboy asked, very surprised, "Someone finds your tomb, prison, or whatever you call it- frees you and the only thing she asks you to do is to kill someone? Killing isn't my thing, but that seems like a rather low asking price for freeing someone's spirit, especially if you're above mortals on the food-chain"" Beastboy commented.

The voice chuckled to itself, not very surprised at his incarnate's confusion, "Considering how young and desperate she was to escape him, it's not really that surprising. Not to mention the fact the guy in question isn't mortal,"

Beastboy stood there thinking about his options. Honestly, there weren't many. He was dying if what this thing said was true, which he was sure it was, and the only way to save himself was to merge with his past-self. So either certain death or possible death, easy choice really. "So, how does this work?" He asked, not sure about what would happen next.

The voice seemed pleased with this response, "You don't have to do anything for this to work other than accept it. After that, you're going to be in a lot of pain from the injury and my mind will temporary dominate yours until the merge is complete. After that, we will both be in control because we will be one," It explained.

Beastboy felt something weird crawling through his being as the voice finished it's explanation. "Who are you?" He asked, wanting to know just who he was in a past life.

"I am you Garfield and you are at the very top of the food-chain," It answered as Beastboy's eyes widened in shock before passing out.

The green eyes flashed with amusement as he began to truly return to the waking world, "Time to see how things have changed since the Doom of the Gods," It said to itself with a voice of both sadness and happiness.

Real World

The four remaining Titans paused as they surveyed their handiwork. Parts of destroyed robots were all over the place, along with whatever else had gotten broken while they fought Slade's mechanical army. They had each survived their confrontations with Terra by the skin of their teeth. No one had seen Beastboy, which worried them all. Luckily, none of them had to hold back as they tore through Slade's legion of metal.

They all came to a stop as the earth began to shake violently. A few seconds later, the shaking stopped, as if it had never happened.

"Terra?" Robin asked out loud, slightly confused since there was no reason for the geomancer to cause an earthquake at this moment.

"No, it's not Terra," Raven said in a monotone yet confused tone, "I've never felt a presence like this, but whoever it is, is powerful, I can tell you that much," She said as she tried to hide the unexplainable fear growing in her at this presence.

'No, not him! He's supposed to be dead! It was supposed to have been a dream!' A panic filled voice rang through her head. To Raven's surprise and horror, the voice was Rage.

'Rage! What are you screaming about?' Raven screamed in her mind.

'He can't be back! He just can't be!' Her emotion's voice started to become desperate, adding to Raven growing dread.

'Who Rage? Who!'Raven screamed, trying to get answers out of her emotion in her panicking state.

Rage was silent for a moment before whispering,'The Beast who was child to Burning Mischief and Frozen Sorrow, Brother of The Half-Dead Queen and The Endless Serpent. He whose fur is as black as death with eyes flashing green. He who devoured all of creation. He...who is the End of Immortals. The God-Slaying Wolf has returned!'She cried out in despair.

'Now now child, no need to cry, I won't harm you. After all, we have a deal. One that I plan to uphold!'A new, more monstrous voice called through her mind.

'Who are you?' Raven asked in a shaky voice.

Instead of an answer, something slammed through a nearby building and slammed into the ground on the other side of the road. When the dust cleared, it revealed that the projectile had been Slade, the real one judging by the blood seeping out of his mask. They then heard a banging sound accompanying the shaking of the ground. It took them a moment to realize they were footsteps and they were getting closer. Through the ruins of the now destroyed building came a wolf twice the size of a horse. It's fur was the darkest shade of black they had ever seen and it's green eyes glowed with power. On its back laid an unconscious and injured Terra. The ground shook as it walked, as though the earth itself trembled before this creature.

"Hello Titans, I suppose it's nice to see you're all still alive," He, judging by the voice, commented with amusement in his voice.

"Who are you?" Robin asked in a guarded tone.

"Come now Robin, surely you couldn't have forgotten the one person that could be as hyper as Starfire in less than a day?" The Wolf's voice was laced with mock sadness as his eyes continued to flash with humor.

"Friend Beastboy?" Starfire called out, happy to know that her friend was alive.

"Yes, Starfire, it is me. Regrettably, I think you all should know that the geomancer's attempt on my life mostly succeeded," Beastboy said, all humor leaving his eyes and voice.

Starfire gasped at this, "Are you injured Friend?" She asked as she looked for a visible wound. Out of the five, Starfire was always the most concerned about her friend's safety.

"Not any more. Tell me, do you all know of Reincarnation or Rebirth?" He asked, getting confused nods from everyone, but Starfire who had a look of deep thought.

"Having a soul that lived another life and was born again after it originally died?" She asked, having heard the words, but having a slight difficultly understanding Earth's many versions of it.

Beastboy nodded before speaking, "I am one such soul. I had to combine the spirits of my present and past selves to survive getting a few stalagmites run through me," He explained as if he were talking about the weather, getting shocked looks from the others. Raven was glaring with a look that might actually kill the blond girl, "Sorry Rea, but I called dibs on her," He said, getting a reluctant nod from the half-demon, though she didn't know what he really meant by that.

"So, who was your past-self?" Raven asked, already figuring he was who Rage was talking about, but hiding her worry at her emotion's description of him. She made Trigon seem like an insect with how scared she was of this 'God-Slaying Wolf'.

The grin on Beastboy muzzle turned almost sinister at this, "Come now Raven, surely YOU remember the deal you made when you were a child?" He seemed to taunt her at this.

"What deal?" Robin asked, starting to go back on the defensive.

"I don't know what he's talking about," Raven said as a bead of sweat started to build on her forehead.

Beastboy gave a small chuckle at this, "'Bones of Ice and Blood of Lava.' Ring any bells?" He hinted at, "In exchange for the freedom of my past-self's spirit, I would grant you your greatest desire," He reminded as Raven's eyes went wide in shock.

"It wasn't a dream..." Raven whispered in a numb voice, "You're..." She trailed off, unable to acknowledge this discovery.

"Say it, Raven. Say my name," Beastboy said as he lowered his great canine-head to Raven's level.

"Fenrir..." She spoke just above a whisper.

"Who?" Cyborg and Starfire asked at once.

Robin's eyes narrowed at this claim, "Fenrir? That's impossible, he was a myth," He said firmly.

Beastboy/Fenrir laughed at this, "And demons, gods, and half the other thing on this planet weren't as well?" He countered.

"Tell me friends, who is this 'Fenrir' our friend claims to be?" Starfire asked curiously.

Before they could answer, a laser hit Fenrir in the head. They looked and saw that Slade had pulled out a blaster while they were talking. Beastboy, completely unharmed, looked at Slade with a bored expression. He merely blew air out of his snout. When it reached Slade, he was frozen on contact by the breath. Fenrir's wolf-tail swung at him, causing the frozen Slade to break into many shards of ice, causing the Titan's faces to turn to shock at the murder their friend had so casually committed.

Fenrir turned while they were still in shock, "Farewell Titans, I make no guarantee we will not be on opposing sides next we meet." He turned his gaze specifically to Raven, "Next we meet, my end of the deal will be complete Raven," He said before he and the still unconscious Terra were engulfed in flames and disappeared without a trace.

End of Chapter

First Chapter done. Bet none of you saw that coming. How many of you honestly know who Fenrir is? The QTP(Questions to Ponder) relate mostly to if you know who Fenrir is. QTP; Who is it Fenrir has to kill? What does Beastboy, or Fenrir plan to do after that? Why is Rage so scared? Read and Review Please!