Before her my life was nothing, all I ever did was drink, smoke, and sleeparound with girls. If it wasn't for my aunt Tatiana

my father would have disowned me. To him I was a waste of space, nothing but a let down. But I vowed that would all change

when I saw her on the porch at the ski lodge, even with a black eye she was the most beautiful girl, -or should I say woman- around.

she looks and acts like she's in her 20's but really she's 17. I had found out her birthday was March 18th, my birthday was two

months before hers so I would be 21 when she only just turned 18. Every other Royal I know they wouldn't give a crap how old they

are as long as the Dhampir bed a Moroi and continue there race, the age didn't matter. but all of a sudden I actually cared for the first

time in my life I cared, and not for my self. it was for a Dhampir. If my father heard about this my aunt wouldn't be able to stop him from

disowning me, he would not hesitate to disown me if he finds out he will not consider me his son. He want's me to take over the

businesses he owns and he want's me to give him pure blood Royal Moroi grandkids or non at all. My mother is a little more reasonable

she says as long as I'm happy she's happy. But I shouldn't even be thinking of this, she barley gave me the time of day- or night for

humans- so why would she go out with me? When she found out who I was she didn't even care, usually when a women figures out who I am

they do anything to get me to notice them but not her she seemed not to care. And the way she treated Lissa it wasn't like she was Dhampir and

Lissa was a Royal Moroi, it was like they were sisters and best friends. Rosemarie Hathaway was a force to be reckoned with, and I was going to do

everything in my power to earn her trust. I just hoped I deserved it.

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