Everyone's Dead

Disclaimer I don't own Inuyasha, and I definitely don't own Bleach, so it's not mine. I have been inspired by several crossovers so if something seems familiar there might be a reason. And if you think it's from your story, tell me or simply accept the flattery as it was meant. Now for the record Not Again was the crossover that really inspired me to write this, however I am doing something a little different.

Okay Warning! This story is M for character death, violence, swearing, and if I can work up the nerve, lemons.

So one last time, No little kids!


The day of the final battle had arrived; it took place by the cave where Kikyo had tried to heal Onigumo. It was fitting that Naraku should die here by the place of his birth, and he would die. He'd been forced to reabsorb his heart along with most of his incarnations, only Kagura was left, well her and a bunch of minor demons.

On the other side of the field stood Inuyasha, Sango, Kirara, Miroku, herself, along with Koga and what was left of his tribe. Kagome sighed, they may have faced worse odds before, but she still felt like something hung over her... like an axe... she snorted, she needed to get a grip. At least Shippo was safe with Kaede, although she did wish Sesshomaru was here, if he was, she might have felt more confident, but he wasn't, and it couldn't be helped.

Because the battle was beginning.

Hours later...

Kagome stood panting, Inuyasha stood beside her, glaring at Naraku, holding his newest bleeding slice. Kirara was dead. Sango was dead, killed by her beloved brother, who after having struck the killing blow, was given all his memories back. Then Naraku basking in the emotional pain he'd caused, ripped the shard from his back, killing him. Miroku was gone as well, shortly after Sango died, he'd opened the wind tunnel sucking up all the Samiyoshio and a large number of demons.

Inuyasha was badly hurt, he had a hole through his shoulder, another through his stomach, and numerous cuts. She'd gotten lucky for the most part, her worst injury was the cut running from her left hip down almost down to her knee, Naraku had gotten a little to close and tried to cut off her leg, she'd dodged and blasted his arms off in retaliation, but he'd just re-grown them. But on top of that big gash, she had so many little nicks and cuts she was sure nothing could save her uniform, it was so torn and bloody.

Koga and the last of the wolves had died not minutes before, Ginta had grabbed Kagura, and Koga struck the killing blow. Upon Kagura's death Naraku struck the two from behind, killing them.

So now, it was just her and Inuyasha against Naraku.

"Kagome," Inuyasha whispered. "You see the jewel right?"

"A-hun, it's in his right shoulder."

"Okay. Kagome you shoot your arrow at him, and I'll throw a wind scar at him, hopefully it will blast the jewel out of him long enough to kill him."

"Ok... but I only have one arrow left."

Inuyasha looked at her last arrow, in the almost empty quiver. "Why the hell didn't you say something sooner?"

"Because I only just noticed it!"

Inuyasha met her gaze, his eyes softened. "Kagome after you have the jewel, I want you to run."

"What! Why?"

"Because," he stopped her. "No matter what, Naraku must not have the jewel."

Kagome gulped back tears, she knew what he meant. They'd lost friends today, but... Naraku must not win in the end! "Why don't you run away with it? I mean you run far fast then me..."

"Because I am dying," he said cutting her off.

"What?" her tears run unchecked down her blood stained cheeks.

"Kagome you know what his miasma does, look at how much exposure I've had to it, even with my demon blood... I'm finished."

He gentle touched her face, "Go home, and keep the jewel safe."

"As touching as it is to watch the two of you, I thought you said you were going to kill me!" Naraku taunted. The two of them turned back to him, "And I thought you said you'd slaughter me!" Inuyasha called back.

"All in good time Inuyasha..." He chuckled to himself, "All in good time."

Kagome reached back for her last arrow and knocked it, waiting for Inuyasha. She carefully kept her mind blank, if she thought about what Inuyasha was going to do, she wouldn't be able to focus enough aim the arrow.

Inuyasha swung Tetsusaiga, releasing the wind scar, she fired her arrow at that moment, Naraku didn't move, he merely stood there taunting them.

"You both are fools, you know that won't kill me!"

But he failed to realize until it hit him, that wasn't their aim. The jewel flew, sparkling darkly through the air among the demon parts and blood.

Kagome held her shard and called it to her, it flew into her waiting hand. She closed her fist around it. Then turned and ran for the well, not looking back.

At first she heard the sounds of the fierce fight behind her, but it faded as she ran. The forest was darker then she thought it would be, in the fighting she'd failed to realize the time, it was dusk. In the dim light she didn't notice the small hole and stepped in it, "Agh!" she cried, unless all her first aid skills failed her, she'd just sprained her ankle badly. "Fuck!" it hurt, it really did. This was the first time she took stock of how hurt she was, and now that she wasn't running, her head was swimming, and she noticed as she tried to get moving again, she was staggering.

Hurry she told herself, your almost to the well, you'll be safe there.

Then she heard it, the sound of someone moving quickly through the forest. And unless she was wrong it felt like Naraku. She forced her tired muscles into a run, as she did so the first shouted taunt came.


She kept running, if she got to the well she was safe, the mantra ran through her head, as she tried not to think about Inuyasha.

Naraku continued to taunt her trying to get her to give away her position, finally he found one that got through her skin.


She stopped dead, "HE DID NOT!" She at once realize what she'd done and started to run again.

"OH KAGOME! I found you!"

Shit! She'd given herself away, and even if it was only in her head she sounded like Inuyasha, she'd need to break that habit once she got home. She crested the hill to the well, she was safe. She ran the last few staggering steps, and grabbed the rim. Home...

"Your dead."

She whipped around, Naraku stood at the edge of the clearing. He raised his sword, and ran forward.

She tried to fall back down the well and half succeeded, that was the only reason Naraku didn't kill her. His sword entered just above her right breast and as she fell back, he fell forwards.

As they fell down the well, Naraku's sword cut it's way upwards in her chest. She was unable to stop the scream as he cut through her collar bone.

Then they fell through time.

Kagome landed in a pained heap at the bottom of the well, blood sprayed the walls as if the sword had just exited her shoulder. She carefully looked at her right shoulder, it was a mess, and as she looked a little closer she saw the broken bone gleam. She quickly looked away, trying not to be sick. Now to get out of the well.

She carefully worked her way up the ladder on the side, put there just for her, it sucked climbing one handed, especially when both your legs hurt too. She reached the top and flopped over the side, biting back swear words. She carefully opened her half numb right hand, the two pieces of the Sacred Jewel glinted in the dim light. She had it, she switched it to her left hand, it wouldn't due to drop it now. She pulled herself to her feet and staggered up the steps to the door. She pushed it open with her closed hand, she smiled at the Tokyo skyline, she was home.

She looked the house, the lights were on, gleaming cheerfully out the windows, and the oil lamps were lit around the shrine. Home, her mother, her grandfather, and Souta, tears wet her eyes. She took two steps out, getting ready to shut the door, when a demonic aura flared behind her.

She turned, disbelieving, her life couldn't be this unfair. Then the well house exploded, Kagome was hit by the door, she and the door flew away from the house. For a split second she was flying, then she landed.

She screamed, she'd landed on her right arm; breaking her wrist, and grinding her already broken collar bone. She struggled to sit up, once she was up she shoved the door off herself. Then with dread she looked to the crater where the well house used to be. She struggled to see through all the smoke, then it started to clear, and she saw him.

Kagome felt as though time was moving in slow motion, she watched Naraku look around confused by his surroundings, then her family drawn by either her scream or the explosion, came running out of the house. They saw her still mostly sprawled by the blast, and so they came running towards her calling her name.

She wasn't sure whether she called to them to run away or not, because all she could see was Naraku turning and watching then with an evil gleam in his eyes. But it wouldn't have changed things, because Naraku made up his mind and charged with demon speed.

He grandfather died swiftly, beheaded by Naraku's sword. Her mother died almost as swiftly, sword through the heart, but Naraku wasn't as kind to her brother. He picked him up by the throat and slowly strangled him to death. The next thing she knew she was running towards the two, only for Naraku to slice her cheek open with a miasma filled tentacle, she remembered falling back and staring at her brother's horribly blank and blue face.

As she stared, she was aware of the terrible pain, the cut on her face burning, the knowledge she'd brought him here, here to do exactly this.

Then Naraku threw her brother's body at her, it hurt when his eighty-five pounds hit her, but she ignored it in favor of laying him out properly. She carefully rolled his body on it's back, smoothing his hair the way he hated, she kissed him on the cheek and looked up at Naraku. As she looked at him she felt like she was in hell, the flames surrounding them, his red eyes reflecting the flames, making them look like they were burning, as her home burned.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked, kneeling next to her brother, ignoring the pain.

"What was I waiting for?" Naraku parroted, "I was waiting for that beautiful look of despair, Kagome dear." Then he charged, Kagome guided by an instinct she'd felt only a couple times before, raised her hands, palms out still holding the jewel, she gritted her teeth against the grinding feeling in her broken wrist, as she moved it so. Arms crossed at the wrist, palms out, Naraku reached her.

Naraku hit a barrier, she could now see it, a faint pink-purple bubble, but unlike other barriers Naraku was stuck.

As her powers flared, Naraku seemed to fade around the edges, then seemed to become see-through. All she could think was, your not getting away this time. She clenched her fists, feeling as though she'd grabbed Naraku's shoulders, then she began to purify him. He screamed and struggled, and finally became dust.

She felt satisfaction, the bastard was dead. Everyone was avenged. Then she collapsed on top of her brother's body, blackness consuming her.