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Dear Scam,

It's been a while hasn't it? How have you been? How are you-

No…. I can't write that, Sam thought. "How are you?", how stupid would that be? He's in jail, damn it, how Would he be?

…How are you feeling?

Yup! Much better!

…I'm not writing this to you for just idle chit chat. This is important.

Sam looked at the calendar next to her and sighed. Should she be writing this? He was in a WHOOP maximum security prison and this might just tick him of enough for him to break out and…

Sam shivered at what could or would happen. It wasn't that Tim Scam wasn't a calm or rational man-he could be one, its just that he was also a very Dangerous man… she remembered just how dangerous he could be and she didn't like it.

…How important? Well, its important to me, and it should be to you. Do you remember our last meeting?

She sure did. She and about 40 other WHOOP agents were assigned to protect a group of ambassadors in Venice for a conference, unfortunately, Terrance and some other LAMOS bad guys tried to kidnap the ambassadors. Thankfully they didn't get all the ambassadors, but they were able to kidnap 3 and herself. As she was held with the ambassadors, she was able to talk to Tim and they actually grew close-very close.

…I know it left a lot of things unanswered. I have left WHOOP so if-

More like When, she thought to herself, there wasn't a jail he couldn't break out of, something she was secretly proud of and also scared about.

-you get out and you look for me, I wont be there. I left for many reasons and Im not ashamed that I did. Ive always known it was a dangerous job and our last meeting left quite the impression on me.

Impression? Psh, she was shot, it's not that she hadn't been hurt before, but this time was different. She was a lot closer to death than she had ever been-and she didn't like that.

…So I've pursued a different career, one that is suited to what happened that night. Tim you ha-

Sam stopped when she heard crying. She got up and walked to the nursery next to her room and looked at her small daughter crying. She picked her up and gently patted her back; the poor thing was probably hungry.

After Sam feed her 3 month old daughter, she kissed her forehead and put her sleeping angel to sleep.

Sam walked back to her letter and sighed. Might as well finish it, she thought, Samantha Simpson never does things half way!

-ve a daughter. Her name is Celeste Ann Simpson. She has your sea foam eyes, my lips, your nose and bright amber hair with streaks of chocolate brown. She's a very curious girl for a three month old. I'll take care of her, I promise.


Samantha Simpson

Sam sighed and threw the letter in the trash. He wouldn't want to know, anyway, he told me himself. Only revenge mattered to him and nothing else… if only he knew he was the only thing that mattered to her, him and their daughter…

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