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Second Thoughts

Chapter 1: Scar's Dilemma

Everything was going exactly according to plan. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed had waited for Scar exactly where he had told them to wait. Now Scar was on his way to where he knew Mufassa was. He imagined what his nephew must be feeling right about now, the sheer terror at the thought of being trampled. Simba couldn't possibly make it out of the gorge. There was no way out except straight up. Perhaps this isn't such a good idea after all. Maybe killing to become king isn't entirely worth it.

Scar stopped in his tracks. What on earth was he thinking? Of course this was all worth it. He wanted to become the king, didn't he? This was the only way to do so. But Mufassa is my brother, he thought. How could I do this to him?

"Because he stole the throne from me, that's why!" Scar snarled under his breath. "I should be the king, not that pathetic excuse for a monarch!"

No, this is wrong. I can't kill my own kin. And what about Simba? He's done nothing to me."

"He's done everything! Mufassa is going to hand the throne down to him. If it wasn't for that miserable little hairball, I would be next in line!"

But he's only a cub. He adores me, always asking questions. I can't, I won't do this!

Scar's tail lashed back and forth in frustration, at the internal battle he was having. Maybe this really wasn't worth it. All this for just the throne and a queen? He had to make a decision and he had to make it now. So much time had already been wasted on arguing with himself.

He had his mind made up. Instead of seeking out Mufassa, Scar whipped around to race back to the gorge when he spotted Zazu.

"Zazu!" Scar roared. The hornbill stopped mid-flight.

"Oh, what is it, Scar?" Zazu snapped. "Can't you see I'm in a hurry?"

"Quick, there's no time. Go find Mufassa. Tell him to get to the gorge. There's a stampede. Simba's down there!"

Without waiting for a reply, Scar left the hornbill in shock and raced back to the edge of the gorge, bounding down onto a ledge within seconds. He frantically searched the sea of wildebeest for any sign of his nephew. "Simba!" His answer was a yelp of terror. Scar looked around until he spotted Simba clinging to a dead tree that was on the verge on uprooting.

"Simba, hold on!" Without thinking of his own safety, Scar leapt down into the stampeding horde of wildebeest. He would do everything in his power to save Simba or die trying.

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