A Little Jealousy Never Hurt

Summary: Hibari Kyouya was a lot of things but jealous – that was of course before Reborn decided to have a little fun and pair Tsuna with his other guardians. Can the prefect continue to maintain his cool or will he finally snap? TsunaxAll; TsunaxHibari

Pairings: Main is HibarixTsuna and GokuderaxYamamoto. Other pairings are basically TsunaxMukuro, TsunaxGokudera, TsunaxDino, TsunaxA!Reborn etc.

A/N: First KHR fic, so please be kind. There are lots of pairings involved, but in the end this will be a HibarixTsuna. Warnings of OCC-ness. Also, this title is only temporary – can't think of a nicer one at the moment. Lastly, please leave me some reviews; I'd really love to see what you guys think.


CHAPTER 1: Public Display of Affection

Tsuna sighed for the umpteenth time that day as he continued to glance at the wall clock across the room. It was 11:56 meaning it was practically 4 minutes before lunch break, and yet, their ever-so-dedicated-teacher, who was seemingly engrossed in her lesson wasn't showing any signs of dismissing them.

"So as you can see x is equals to 6 and y is 32, any questions?" The woman asked, ignoring the fact that already half her students were dozing off. " Alright, now let's do –" She continued when the bell suddenly rang signaling the end of her class. The students cheered, as they stood up one after the other to rush out of the room. "Tch kids these days..." The woman sighed as she simply took her bag and walked out.

"Judaiiiimmmeee!" A loud voice echoed as a silver haired teen excitedly ran towards a brunette who was in the process of shoving his books back into his bag.


"Ne Judaime, shall we eat together?" The bomber grinned. "I'm sure there aren't any people in the rooftop. Or if there are, I can just use my bom—"

"T-That's not necessary Gokudera-kun." The young Vongola sweat dropped. He didn't want anyone hurt nor did he want to damage school property. Now that he thought about it, it was more of the latter seeing as how a certain someone might bite them to death.

"Maa Maa, Gokudera's so violent…" A voice interrupted from behind as the silver haired teen turned to glare at the newcomer.

"What the fuck are you doing here, you baseball idiot?"

"Eating lunch with you guys of course." Yamamoto simply shrugged, oblivious to the others disapproval.

"Well, no one invited you! Go back to your hole or something!"

"Aww come on don't be mean 'Dera." The swordsman grinned before placing an arm around the bomber's shoulder only to be rewarded by a long string of curses.

"TO THE EXTREME!" A loud booming voice suddenly came from the hallway. Gokudera shook his head in obvious dismay.

"Wonderful, another IDIOT!" He snarled as the trio headed outside the room only to see Ryohei running towards them followed by Sasagawa Kyoko and her friend Kurokawa Hana. "Honestly Judaime, I don't understand why you seem to attract these fools. They're all a pain in the ass!"

"Tch, fools you say?" Hana rolled her eyes. "Doesn't that make you one as well?"

"What did you say, baka-onna!" The Italian glared as the girl simply shrugged, unaffected. She was known for her sharp tongue and demeaning personality which was why she would say what she wanted when she wanted.

"Maa Maa, calm down Gokudera-kun!" Yamamoto chuckled, trying to pacify the petulant bomber.

"Hey Sawada, we have a match this coming week, you should go TO THE EXTREME!" Ryohei suddenly exclaimed, ignoring the ongoing glaring match between Hana and the storm guardian.

"E-Eh?" Tsuna squeaked.

"Onii-san don't pressure Tsuna-kun" Kyoko defended as the young Vongola nodded his head in agreement. He honestly didn't want anything to do with boxing or anything that involved HIM being beaten to a pulp for that matter.

"Oh come on Sawada, it will be EXTREME!" Ryohei reiterated before grabbing hold of Tsuna's hands.

"Stop forcing Judaime, you damn lawn-head!" Gokudera fumed, as he turned his attention away from Hana, and towards the boxer, who was seemingly harassing his boss. "And let his hands go, OR ELSE!"

"Tch, I wasn't talking to you octopus head!"

"Why you! I'll fucking blow you up!" the Italian then threatened before taking a handful of dynamites.

"Fireworks again, 'Dera…?" Yamamoto chuckled from behind him "Although they're nice and all...I think we should use them outside you don't want Hibar—" he rattled on as the bomber turned to glare at him.

"Shut up they're NOT firewo—" Gokudera exclaimed only to be cut off as he felt a menacing presence behind him. Yamamoto chuckled warily.

"Maa Maa – speaking of the devil…"


Hibari sat in his chair reading what seemed to be an endless amount of paperwork. It ranged from complaints, suggestions and upcoming projects which sought his approval. He hated paperwork. It gave him a headache and at the same time made him feel irritable – but then again he knew his responsibilities and proceeded to go through them anyways.

"Kyo-san….a little break won't hurt…" Kusakabe finally said noticing the chairman's furrowed brows.

"…I'll just finish this." Hibari retorted as he continued to read a particular file regarding an upcoming school festival. Kusakabe nodded before, dutifully pouring the teen another cup of tea.


A loud voice echoed from outside. Hibari glared at the door, already knowing whose voice it belonged too. Heck, there was only one insane guy is Namimori who'd shout EXTREME on a daily basis.

"Ah, its lunch time so I guess they're all excited..." Kusakabe stated as he watched the Skylark simply go back to his work. Silence enveloped the room until -

"Hey Sawada, we have a match this coming week, you should go TO THE EXTREME!"

Hibari frowned in annoyance but ignored it for the second time. He still had work to do. He had no time to deal with those troublemaking brats.

"Stop forcing Judaime, you damn lawn-head!"

Another shout echoed from the hallway. This time Hibari felt a nerve twitch and Kusakabe couldn't help but worry.

"Tch, I wasn't talking to you octopus head!"

"Quite the lively bunch don't you agree, Kyo-san?" Kusakabe forced a smile as Hibari continued to glare at the door. His head was starting to hurt and SOMEBODY was going pay…

"Why you! I'll fucking blow you up!"

Hibari growled before abruptly standing up from his seat and walking towards the exit. "I'm taking a break…" he sneered all too simply as he slammed the door on his way out. Yup, SOMEBODY was definitely going to pay-!


Hibari glared at the group who simply turned to look at him casually. "Yo Hibari!" Ryohei greeted.

"Maa, sorry did we disturb you? I guess we were a little too loud." Yamamoto chuckled as the prefect scoffed in reply.

"What? You wanna fight, you bastard?" Gokudera snapped, before moving into a defensive stance. To be honest, the skylark was pretty intrigued by this group. Normally the sight of him would send any person running but for some unknown reason this bunch didn't seem the least bit fazed — well almost all, seeing as a particular brunette was cowering in the background, looking at him like a lost puppy.

"Whoa! No need for violence!" Ryohei said as he raised his hands defensively. "We were just going up for lunch – and now that I mentioned it, why don't you join the fun." He continued as the skylark simply raised a brow.

"WHAT!" The bomber exclaimed. "NO WAY I'M EATING WITH THAT ASSHOLE!"

"Go-Gokudera…" Tsuna squeaked from behind. "I-I don't mind…I-it would be wonderful if Hibari-san co-co-could actually join us" He rambled as he turned to look at the prefect, who in turn simply gaped at him. Wasn't he scared of him just minutes ago? So why was he looking at him so expectantly this time around?

"…You want ME to join you, herbivore…?" The skylark reiterated, his gaze never leaving Tsuna's.

"I-If y-y-you want…I mean, Hibari is still one of my guardians…a-and I also consider H-Hibari-san a-as my friend…" He stuttered, turning red in an instant. The Skylark remained his steady gaze on Tsuna – those puppy dog eyes, those trembling lips – for some reason he was starting to notice things that he never did before.

"Tsuna-kun is really very kind hearted." Kyoko suddenly smiled as she took Tsuna's hand in a friendly gesture. The brunette instantly turned a darker shade of red. Hibari flinched.

"Haha that's right, that's right, Sawada's kindness is to the EXTREMEEE!" Ryohei added before grabbing Tsuna and pulling him into a tight bear hug. Hibari glowered. For some reason he also couldn't help but notice how the boxer's hand seemed to go a lower than it should or how Tsuna's head was buried in his chest.

"Haha, Tsuna's all red now!" Yamamoto stated when Ryohei finally let him go. The brunette pouted only to turn redder when Yamamoto suddenly brushed the back of his hand against his cheeks as if to emphasize his point. Hibari felt a nerve twitch.

"Don't touch Judaime, you baseball freak!" Gokudera suddenly shouted as he suddenly pulled the brunette away from Yamamoto. Unfortunately, Tsuna lost his footing and accidentally fell right on top of him.

"Whoa! To the EXTREMEEEE!" Ryohei exclaimed seeing as how Tsuna had landed right above his friend causing them to end up in a rather compromising position.

"Never thought Tsuna would top. " Yamamoto laughed jokingly as he took notice of how Tsuna was straddling the older male with both his hands in either side of his head, his face inches away from the others. Tsuna felt faint as he suddenly felt his face swell from embarrassment.

"Go-go-go-gomenasai Gokudera!" The Vongola apologized as he scampered as far away from his friend as possible. Hibari snapped.

"Crowding in the hallways…" The prefect started "Shouting and disrupting the peace…" He continued as he slowly advanced towards the group with his tonfas. He actually didn't know why he suddenly felt so frustrated. "But worst of all..." He growled as he turned his attention at Tsuna, who instantly cowered in fear "Is showing an explicit display of public affection…I'll…fucking bite…you ALL to death…"

"Bring it on, asshole!" Gokudera spat as he lit several bombs, after finally getting over his initial shock.

"Maa Maa, this can't be good…"Yamamoto stated bluntly as he turned to both Kyoko and Hana who nodded their understanding before running off.

"THIS WILL BE EXTREME!" "Ryohei fisted the air.

To be honest, everyone seemed fired up. Everyone except Tsuna who, at that moment was still gawking at Hibari, his crass words repeating itself over and over his head -

Showing explicit display of public affection -?

Where the hell did that come from-!



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