Duncan at Playa Des Losers

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Sticky buns are the reason I lost the chance to win 100,000 dollars.


Great, just fucking absolutely I had to describe my time in two words, and only two words, Id say this, "Fucked up". I mean seriously, Chris is a sadistic pretty-boy who was a fail at acting so he is now the scum that is called a reality TV host.

Cliff diving? Playing hockey with snapping turtles? Poison ivy wrap?

Who can even think up that kind of sick twisted shit? Oh yeah, Chris. The boat jerked to a halt, almost throwing me over-board.

Chef hoisted me by the collar, and yanked me on the dock. I fell with a sickening thud. As I got up groaning slightly from my aching muscles I took in the sight before me. All I had to say was, "I should've followed Ezekiel's lead."

Was this the place I was expecting when I first signed up? No. I'm pretty asinine at times, but I'm not gullible. I knew what I was getting into. I wanted to stay out of juvie, and so here came this oppurtunity to not only get away, but win 100 grand. Not too bad. You know, until I actually realized what the challenges would be for the others, more than likely, thought this amazing hotel would be there residence throughout the competition.

"Welcome to Playa Des Losers." Chef stated in a rapsy baritone voice, then walked back onto the boat. I heard the motor come alive, and the sound of the boat leaving the vicinity. I took in my surroundings, and walked a couple of paces before I saw a familiar face. With his usual gleaming smile, and peppy attitude, Geoff greeted me with his usual "Yo Duncan." A predictable fellow, isn't he?

"Hey Geoff, so what's up?"

"Nothing much, but dude you're gonna' love this place, it's awesome." Prolonging the vowels in the last word. As I said, predictable party boy, he is.

I mulled over my thoughts before slyly asking, "So all the losers go here, correct?

"Yeah why?" He cocked his head to the right, and started scratching at his head. I noticed his hat to be no where near him. Hmm, maybe Malibu barbie has it. Anywho putting 2 and 2 together there's only one thing that went through my mind at that point. Princess is here. Oh, this is good.

"So you know where Princess is?" I asked him. Looking down he quickly muttered something. I narrowed my eyes, and replied, "Spit it out,bucko." Inhaling deeply he repeated himself. This time audibly."Umm, dude, you may want to avoid Courtney right about now." My gaze narrowed, and become colder as I ground out, "And why is that?"

"Let us just say you aren't really on her people she wants to see list, you kinda screwed up man. I mean Heather? Come on, Bro. You should know by now if you're going to pull off a stunt like that don't do it on, oh I dont know, national TV?" My eyes widened a bit, and I stuttered out "Princess cant think..." trailing off at the end.

Then I looked at Geoff's face, and I realized, yes, yes she can think that. Cue head banging with the mantra of, " Stupid, stupid, stupid."

"Ugh, it didn't even mean anything though..." I pulled at my mohawk, and groaned. "But does Courtney know that?" "No probably not." I said slowly processing everything in my mind currently. Geoff gave me a look of pity before suggesting "If I were you dude I would beg for forgiveness." I clenched my eyes shut, and pinched the bridge of my nose.

"That bad huh ." I chuckled darkly at the end. Geoff flipped his hair out of his eyes before responding in a slow manner almost as if I was retarded, which I dont blame him for"Yeah..."

I'm an idiot. A pure asinine idiot. An awkward silence filled the air, and he shifted uncomfortably before quickly sputtering out just for a reprieve of the silence"Dude do you want to see your room?" I cracked my neck, and sighed "Sure." We walked into the hotel, and down the corridors. I was lost in my thoughts till Geoff stopped, almost sending me flying into him.

"Well here's your room, DJs is diagonal to yours, and Courtney is beside yours, but like I said avoid her, and Eva is on the other side of you, the rooms go in alphabetical order."

" OK thanks Geoff." He waved me off before relying"Well Duncan I'm going to the pool, so see ya." With that said he left, and a door creaked open.


A voice filled with mixed emotions sadness and anger dominating them.

"Princess let me explain its not wh..."

"Save it Duncan I don't want to hear it." She hissed out vehemently. I cringed slightly before cautiously choosing my words. "Princess I'm sorry, but you have to listen." Her nose flared, and her face went livid; she sneered out four sentences that made me truly know what type of predicament I was in."Listen to what Duncan? Look you can take your damned sorry, and shove it up your fucking ass. You just pissed me off. I don't want your fucking apology." To say I was apalled was an was the first time I ever heard her snap like that.

I really messed up big time. As I was standing with my mouth agape she slammed the door in my face. I snapped out of it slightly before thinking, oh no, I'm not giving up that easy. I worked too damn hard for her to even admit she likes me.

I'm not giving up.


I slammed the door beginning my mental ranting.I can't believe him! The nerve of men. I swear by all that's holy they are bipolar. Yes that is it. Men are bipolar! Men call us pyschotic bitches with mood swings, well news flash. Guys, you're bipolar.

To think I actually really liked him. Of course I thought it was mutual. I guess I was wrong. He's just another one of those guys who only date you for their rep.

Ugh, Heather, Heather of all people? I mean really? He went from me to Heather. No offense, well actually, yes offense, but Heather comapred to me? She's an evil harpy from the 7th ring of hell! Did that change anything. Of course not, he still cuddled up to her calling her hot .

Was I really that ignorant? In earlier episodes he said that he liked me because I was hot. I truly thought he was different. I fell for the charade. I faintly felt the wet trails running down my face. Great I was crying. How weak could I be?

My thoughts were interrupted when Leshawna spoke up. "Girl that boy does not deserve you, and Heather is a scum bag ice queen."

"I know, but Leshawna I really liked him a lot, and to see him with Heather..." I trailed off, and shakily drew in a breath. Bridgette ran a comforting hand down my back, and said "Court it's OK there's a lot of fish in the sea."

The rapping on the door resounded throughout the room. Bridgette got up, stretched, and offered to get the door. The door creaked open wide enough for Bridge to see who it was, but not quite wide enough for either Leshawna or I to see it. With a furrowed brow she asked "Lindsey, what are you doing here?" The door was opened further to reveal that it was infact Lindsey. I saw her frown a bit. "Oh I heard about Doug and Cassidy."

"Oh ." Bridgette replied not even bothering to correct her on the names.

Lindsay strolled up to me, and said "Well here you go Cassidy, here's some chocolates, and by the way I hate Heather too.." She then glanced around a bit before whispering, "She has nasty elbows. They made me shudder. You don't have nasty elbows though. So I don't know why Derrick chose her"

"Thanks Lindsay I appreciate it." I said quietly not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Lindsay hugged me briefly before skipping out the door. I opened the box of chocolates, and placed one of chocolates in my mouth. I then offered the others a piece, which they gladly accepted. Again there was another knock at the door.

"Princess." said a voice that made my blood stop running cold, and I froze dropping the chocolate I had in my hand.

"Oh no, I know that skinny white boy ain't knocking at your door."

Leshawna opened the door, and went out in the hall. I heard immediate shouting

"I'm not giving up you crazy broad.I wont lose her!"

"You already did, you gave her up for Heather, boy!"

The tears ran down freely now. I couldn't make out the hushed whispers they now spoke.

Now the saying 'Cracks in cement are a reminder that no matter how strong you may be you can still break''

And I learned that saying very well. Leshawna walked back in, and sighed. "He really doesn't deserve you girl." Leshawna said sullenly.

"Come on Leshawna, let's go it's getting late, bye Court." "See you guys." I said in monotone. They both got up from their spots on my bed, and left. I on the other hand plopped down back onto the bed.


One question went through my mind like a mantra. What am I going to do?

I need her to just listen to me. Unfortunately with her "bodyguards" that makes my life difficult. I got out of my suite, and quickly hid behind my door as I saw Leshawna and Bridgette leaving. I crept over, and knocked.

"Princess open the door please."


A few minutes passed me still knocking. Then finally a response "Duncan go away!" she screeched.

Okay, not the response I was looking for, but a response nonetheless. "No can do, can you at least let me explain?"

" I don't want to hear your excuses!" Ugh. "I will stand here all night, and bang on your door if you don't open up."

Silence, fine if that's the way its gonna' be so be it.

I will not lose her because of Heather.

So I knocked and knocked until Eva got tired of my ranting, and literally threw me in my room. Great back to square one I'm guessing but I have a plan. Thank god.

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Duncan; Do you hate me?

Me; No why?

Duncan; Because your making my life hell.

*Cue song Gives you hell by all American rejects.*

Me; Duh cause that's my job I love peoples misery and pain rofl in fact *takes out bazooka* Run monkey boy run! hahaha *Shoots bazooka and flies back from force*


Me; Duh hence the name Derangedpixie *rolls eyes*

Duncan; I hate you.

Me; Yay!