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I flipped my phone shut and put it back in its proper place. I jumped out of bed and continued my path to her room. Opening her door slowly Princess' voice rang out clear and bright. "Will you let me out already?" Exasperation oozed from her tone. Noah quickly glanced at me and sighed with relief.

Walking passed me he muttered, "Good luck, you will need it." I took away the chair that had barricaded the door and ran in locking it and pinning her down within the span of 30 seconds.

Looking down into her alarmed onyx eyes I cooed, "We are going to talk Princess whether you like it or not."

Those onyx eyes narrowed into a deadly glare within a dew seconds. Through gritted teeth, she asked, "What are you doing here?"

I sighed quietly trying to regain my patience. "Like I said, we are going to talk."

She bit her bottom lip and stayed silent for a moment. Of course this moment was not long lasting. "Was Noah a part of this," she asked in contempt, "Because if he was, he is just as dead as Harold!"

My brows crinkled and I was the epitome of confused. "Princess, why is Harold on your hit list? Not that I mind considering the dude is a total dork, but still. That's more so my thing, not yours." My confusion turned into a smirk. "Or did I just rub that much off on you?"

Maybe not the best timing ever for that question. Mostly because Courtney's anger went from a solid six to a nice and hot eight.

"That no-good, cheating, soulless ginger got me voted off!" Each syllable growing louder and louder finished by an angry growl.

If I was confused before, I was absolutely lost now. "But I thought Heather got you kicked off?"

Courtney's eyes widened and then narrowed. Her fists clenched and I backed away a step. The chick was scary when she wanted to be. But God, did I love it. However, I didn't love being kicked in the nuts constantly. So backing up was my best option at the time.

She pointed her finger into my chest- hard. Each word with another poke backing me up further she said, "You thought Heather got me voted off? And you decided to be all buddy buddy with her anyways!" Then came the hitting on my chest.

"How could you! You are an absolute pig!"

I struggled to get a hold of her flinging hands and was getting clawed and hit each time I tried.

"Courtney...Court...Courtney stop it!" I finally got a hold of her wrists and pulled her into me. At this close of range I minimized any damage she could possibly do to me. She continued to have labored breathing and I wrapped my arms around her.

"Listen, you idiot. I care about you. Not Heather. I don't even like that manipulative broad. Owen and I thought we could use them to our advantage." I whispered into her ear. Then I muttered an, "Obviously not."

I put my head in the crook of her neck and inhaled the smell of Cinnamon and Vanilla. I just wanted to get lost in this crazy girl for days and days on.

Courtney stiffened at first but eventually relaxed into my hold. I pulled away slightly and raised her chin up. Tears were streaming down her face yet again and I felt guilty for causing them for the last few days.

She choked out, "How can I trust you?"

I tightly pulled my lips in a half smile and a half frown. "You just have to babe. I can't tell you anything besides that I'm crazy about you. Which should be obvious as it is. All I'm asking for is one chance."

She closed her eyes and continued to bite her lip nervously. It was a silent tension for what seemed like forever.

Finally she took a deep breath and said one word.