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Chapter 2


Ta-Takato?was the only thought in Rika's mind, frozen mid-card slash as she watched the boy's lifeless body hit the ground. She failed to register the Phantomon now approached her quickly, seeing instead Guilmon as he stood over the gogglehead's body with an expression of shock and disbelief on his face.

"Rika!" Renamon yelled as she grabbed her tamer and jumped out of Phantomon's range. Seconds later, Cyberdramon slammed into Phantomon, sending the reaper crashing through several trees. This was enough to snap Rika and the others out of their shock.

"No! You bastard!" screamed Rika, placing her D-Arc to her chest. Biomerge Activate!

Biomerge Digivolution_

Renamon biomerge to... Sakuyamon!

Guardromon biomerge to... HiAndromon!

Cyberdramon biomerge to... Justimon!

Matrix Digivolution_

Terriermon matrix digivolve to... Rapidmon!

"I'll kill you!" Rika screamed from within Sakuyamon, the digimon queen now a slave to her emotions, and Renamon having little inclination to real her in. The warrior priestess charged forward and slammed her staff into Phantomon, only for it to be blocked with the scythe's handle. Tch!

"Justice Kick!" Justimon's foot struck Phantomon's head with a sickening thwap, and sent the ghost flying, only to be forced in the opposite direction seconds later by a barrage of missiles.

"Yeah, take that you bastard!" Rapidmon cheered.

"Careful Rapidmon, don't get to cocky!" warned Henry from where he stood out of the way with Kenta and MarineAngemon.

"Henry, momentai," snapped Rapidmon, "It's three megas and an ultimate against a single ultimate. This bastard's screwed, and he deserves it and so much more."

As if to prove Rapidmon's point, HiAndromon and Sakuyamon launched an Atomic Ray and Spirit Strike respectively. Four elemental fox spirits spiraled around a powerful beam of energy as both attacks raced to their destination, reaching the reaper digimon simultaneously and resulting in a large explosion.

When the smoke cleared, Sakuyamon saw a badly damaged Phantomon floating at the center of a decent sized crater, leaking streams of data everywhere. This is it. She began to gather her energy in preparation for another attack.

"No..." struggled Phantomon, "I refuse to be defeated by a bunch of pathetic humans and their digi-pets!" With this, the data started flowing back to Phantomon...


...and seconds later, Piedmon stood in his place. But before either side could make the next move, a vicious, guttural roar rang out through the park. All eyes turned to the source; a feral, glowing dinosaur standing over his deceased tamer. In his eyes, Rika saw an expression she had only seen once before. An expression that still sent shivers down her spine. The thirst for blood. Sakuyamon took a step forward, "No Guilmon, don't-" but it was to late. The world flashed red, and where the bread-scarfing lizard once stood was now a large, demonic red dragon. Megidramon...

Sakuyamon watched as the sky turned red, and fissures began to spread from beneath Megidramon as the earth began to shake violently. MarineAngemon enveloped Kenta and Henry in a bubble, and at his tamer's request another around Takato's lifeless body, lifting them all off the ground and out of harms way. Megidramon let out another roar and rushed a now very frightened Piedmon. The beast raised his claw and slammed the demon clown into the ground, followed by a point-blank Megiddo Flame, creating an explosion so powerful Sakuyamon was forced to bury her staff into the ground to keep from being blown away. I hope none of the nearby buildings collapse. As the dust settled and data floated away, she saw that the nearby buildings still stood, but some of them just barely. She then looked back to Megidramon, only to see the hunger in his eyes was still there in full force.

Rika, what do we do?asked Renamon.

I don't know, she replied solemnly. I don't want to hurt him, but if we don't stop him now, countless people could die. Before the two could come to a decision, they were pulled from their thoughts by the sound of Kazu's nervous voice, and looked up to see Megidramon slowly approaching HiAndromon.

"Um... Guilmon buddy, what're ya doing?" Megidramon replied with a roar and slashed at HiAndromon. "Whoa!" The android barely managed to dodge the attack, only to have his monstrous friend's tail smash into him and send him straight through several cars and into a building. The building swayed perilously, then collapsed inwardly, followed by several others around it.

That settles it. If he's willing to attack us, his friends, then he'll attack anybody, thought Rika, coming to a decision she never thought she would have to make. Taking an unsteady step forward due to the still quaking earth, Sakuyamon called out to the others. "He's out of control! We have to stop him, no matter what!"

"Right, digimodify," Henry said, swiping two cards in quick succession. "Power activate! Speed activate!"

With new found speed, Rapidmon darted into the sky above Megidramon, arms spread wide. "Tri-beam!" the rabbit-like android shouted, launching the power boosted triangular golden beam at the wicked dragon. The attack hit its mark, but much to everyone's dismay, it served only to anger the beast further. With speed too fast for Sakuyamon's eyes to follow, Megidramon appeared behind Rapidmon and slammed his fist into his back.

The dragon tried to continue his assault, but found his path blocked by Sakuyamon and her shield. "You okay?"

"Justice Kick!" cried Justimon, landing two powerful blows on Megidramon's back and leading him away.

"Yeah," replied Rapidmon shakily.

"Just run interference for us, he's to powerful for you to take head-on."

"Right." As Rapidmon took to the sky once more, Sakuyamon readied her staff.

"Scepter Flash!" Sakuyamon disappeared, only to reappear a moment later directly behind Megidramon and nail him with her staff. "Spirit Strike!" she yelled immediately, sending her four pipe foxes into his back before he could recover.

"Justice Kick!" Justimon called, intent on striking the still recovering monster. However, Megidramon blocked at the last moment, and before either knew what was happening, grabbed Justimon and Sakuyamon around the torso and drove them into the ground, squeezing them as hard as he could.

Shit this hurts!

"Rapidfire!" declared Rapidmon as he launched a barrage of missiles.

"Megiddo Flame!" Megidramon countered, decimating the projectiles with a large ball of flame.

This is bad. I can't move, and Rapidmon is just too weak to do any real damage. Any idea's Renamon?

I am sorry, but no. We will have to trust Henry to think of something.


"Megiddo Flame!"

That's strange. Why doesn't he just finish us off with that attack, rather than just keeping Rapidmon at bay with it? It's more than strong enough.

Before Renamon could reply, they heard a voice from directly behind Megidramon. "Atomic Ray!" The attack caught the dragon off guard, and he was blasted into the disaster area known as Shinjuku park.

"HiAndromon's alright!" Sakuyamon heard Kenta exclaim, followed by his partner's chirps of agreement.

"Need a hand?"

"I've never been happier to see you, idiot." She said, accepting his help. Before he could respond, however, the heard Megidramon roar. As a large red blur, Megidramon tackled HiAndromon into another building.

As Megidramon held HiAndromon in place, he began to pulse red.

Oh, shit... thought Rika, but it was to late.

"MEGIDDO WAVE!" he yelled, and released a huge amount of energy.

We've failed, was Rika's last thought before the world went black.