Walking into John's quarters he tried not to let the door slam behind him. Ghost was irritable and he needed some fucking sleep after that last mission. And for no one to bother him. With only two exceptions of course. He shrugged off his clothes and he crawled into his Captain's bed and curled himself around the lone pillow on it.

He laid his cheek against the cool fabric and breathed in John's distinctive scent. He winced as he turned to get more comfortable, feeling the sharp jab of pain in his ribs from their last recon mission that hadn't turned out so pretty. Sighing, he let his hazel eyes fall closed and tried to keep his breathing even.

MacTavish had said he had a meeting with Price and that he would find Ghost as soon as he was through. Gary on the other hand was still down at the infirmary with Worm who was staying with Meat. Meat had been ruffed up pretty bad and Worm hadn't left his lover's side since.

Ghost had been asleep for about a half hour when he felt the bed dip behind him and an arm gently molded itself around his waist. He could feel the warm breath on the back of his neck and he relaxed back against the solid body behind him.

"How's Meat?" he mumbled.

Roach took a few moments to consider the question.

"Seems to be doing better." He said, intertwining his fingers with his Lieutenant's. "He's awake now, and they're letting him leave in the morning. I actually got Worm to leave his side. The man needed a shower. And some decent food."

Ghost pulled the pillow away from his front and turned around so that he was facing the Sergeant and motioned for him to lift his head. He did so and Simon slid the pillow beneath it and leaned to the end of the bed to grab the thin sheet and pulled it up over them. Then he cuddled up to Gary's front, wrapping an arm around his waist and keeping his left folded in between the two bodies, fist slightly closed and resting against Roach's chest.

"S'good." Ghost mumbled again nuzzling his cheek against the American's bare chest. Roach put his chin on top of the older man's head and sighed. It was rare for the Lieutenant to act so submissive. It was an act of vulnerability and that was not usually something Ghost took part of. But he took advantage of it and wrapped his arms carefully around the warm body in front of him. He allowed his eyes to fall shut and together they fell back into sleep.

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