Spiraling Bat

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"Demon/Spirit/Summoning talking"

'Demon/Spirit/Summoning thought'


Chapter 1:The Boy,The Leaf,and the Bat

Story Start

It was late night in Konoha. Most shinobi were searching to find the person who stole the forbidden scroll. Naruto Uzumaki was now with Iruka Umino. The two had just finished fighting Mizuki who originally told Naruto to steal the forbidden scroll as another way to graduate. Mizuki also told Naruto that he contained the Kyubi and that he was a demon. Naruto was now reflecting on his life and realized a few things. After all the harsh glares,the ignoring from others,and having little to no friends.

He was done with this. Done with the way they treated him. He decided then and their he was not going to be a shinobi anymore. He quit trying to be a shinobi. He also quit his dream of being Hokage.

"Naruto. I have something to give you." Iruka stated to the blonde who proved he could be a shinobi.

"If its a hiate. Then I do not want it." Naruto replied with calmness in his voice. Iruka was shocked that Naruto would not want to be a ninja.

"This hiate is the first step to becoming a ninja. If you don't want it now. Then you can wait until the next semester. That way you can home in your new skills." Iruka explained seeing as Naruto learning the Kage Bushin could take some time to master.

"I do not want to become a ninja at all. Not for Konoha. Not for any village."Naruto answered as he heard another person coming into the clearing. It was Hiruzen Saritobi. He was the current Hokage. An old man at that.

"Hello Naruto. I'm glad to see that you were able to catch the traitor. You do know that catching a traitor means that you can become a ninja right." Hiruzen stated to the blonde haired boy.

"Yeah I know that but I do not want to become a shinobi." Naruto replied.

"Why not Naruto. Your close to earning the villages respect." Hiruzen stated as he saw Naruto hold out two scrolls. One with a spiral symbol,another with three curve lines in a circle. Hizuren was shocked that he had those two scroll's in his hand.

"That's not what my parent's wanted. I was suppose to be seen as a hero. Not as an outcast."Naruto stated to the two shinobi.

"Your planning on becoming a nuke nin Naruto?" Iruka questioned his former student.

"I already told you. I am not becoming a shinobi no matter who you get to try to convince me." Naruto explained to the two.

"Come on Naruto. This is a nice joke but it needs to end soon before some thinks your serious. I mean the team assignments are not for two weeks. You can still be on a team." Hiruzen stated to Naruto.

"I'm not laughing." Naruto replied as his voice was serious.

"Let's go back to the Hokage tower. We can discuss more about what caused your thoughts to change." Hiruzen said as the trio made their way back to the Hokage's tower.

Hokage Tower

The Hokage Tower was pack tonight. Simply because the council was waiting to be informed on who took the villages forbidden scroll. Naruto,Iruka,and Hiruzen walked into the room. The people in the room were silent when the three came in. They were able to get a seat before Hiruzen addressed the council.

"Greetings Council. I was able to find out who took the forbidden scroll. It was Mizuki. Thanks to the aid of Naruto Uzumaki and Iruka Umino. The two were able to stop Mizuki and retrieve the scroll" Hiruzen stated to the members in the room.

"I believe it was Naruto who stole the scroll in the first place." Danzou stated as he glared at Naruto who said nothing.

"Leave the boy alone. He has done nothing to harm any of you" Hiashi said to his fellow council member.

"Except contain the fox who killed our loved ones." A shinobi exclaimed before being dragged away by ANBU. Hiruzen's law was still in effect after all.

"Well you don't have to worry about me no more because I quit trying to be a shinobi." Naruto proclaimed as the council was in a stand still.

"So your just going to quit because of a few civilians?"Tsume asked as Naruto turned his attention to her.

"A few civilians. Are you kidding me Tsume. You try being the boy with no friends. You try being the person who has to try to gain peoples approval. You try going through life being glared at by people you don't even know! Besides being a person without a kekki genkai or skill is hard." Naruto stated to the council.

"What does having a kekki genkai have to do with your current situation?"Shikaku asked.

"Simple. Konoha has a lot of clans with them and they seem to be popular with the civilians. It's hard being a orphan in a shinobi village seeing as orphans don't have a lot to begin with and have to build themselves up in the public's eye."Naruto stated to the current Nara clan head.

"I understand. Orphans do have to prove to the public they can be trusted and with you and your certain situation. You weren't able to prove yourself." Inoichi said getting his point.

"Glad you see things my way. Anyway I have to go so I may see you guys again eventually." Naruto stated to the council.

"Your not going any where Naruto!" Danzou yelled. He wasn't about to let the Jinchuuriki walk away just like that.

"Really now. Then let me tell you something. I quit being a shinobi for one thus meaning I don't have to follow what the Hokage or any other ninja tells me. Two I prepared for this day for the longest. You can say I think two steps ahead."Naruto replied as he pulled out another scroll which had a red leaf symbol on it.

"What is that boy?" Homura asked the jinchuuriki.

"In the scroll its a letter from the Fire Daimyou stating that I can leave Konoha without going through the council. Their for I can leave" Naruto stated as the council was in an uproar.

"We can't have you leave Naruto. What about your friends?" Chouza asked seeing as Naruto was friends with a few people his age.

"I don't have that many but I will leave them a letter."Naruto replied to the Akamichi .

"Are you sure there is nothing we can do to make sure you stay in Konoha?" Hiruzen asked the blonde.

"Not really. I will find my purpose eventually old man." Naruto answered.

"Then go Naruto Namikaze. You are excused" Hiruzen said in a defeated voice as Naruto left the tower with a grin on his face. As the council was shocked yet again at his full name.

"Nice job."A voice in his head commented.

Thanks Kyubi. Anyway I'm glad I was able to prepare for this scenario. It was only a matter of time. Naruto thought.

"I didn't think you would quit being a shinobi though. I thought we were just going to leave Konoha?" Kyubi asked the blonde.

Reading my parents letter really sent me over the edge. It made me realize that ninja's have no honor among themselves. Naruto thought while remembering his mothers letter.

"Are you going to your parents house?" Kyubi asked.

'I plan on sleeping their tonight. Naruto thought. He made his way to his parents house which was in the clan district of Konoha. He was able to find his parents house. It was pretty big to say the least. It was about two stories overall. He walked past the gate and walked on the stone path towards the front door. He noticed that the door was locked. He remembered his parents say something about a blood seal. He pricked his finger and wiped the blood on the door knob. The door opened and Naruto walked in. The inside of the house looked great. The walls had a nice blue and white color pattern. He walked around the house just to explore it for about thirty minutes. He went to his parents room which was upstairs. He noticed that their bedroom was painted a nice shade of green. He also noticed the crib in the room. It made him happy to know that his parents were ready for him. He walked to the closet in their and noticed that their was cloths in them. He tried a few on and learned they fit on him. He picked some of the cloths in the sealing scroll. Hey he might not be a shinobi but their were a few skills that he could use. He then worked on the letter's to his closest friends. It took him most of the night but he finished them. All of the letters were sealed and addressed to the people he cared for. He finally went to sleep. Hoping that tomorrow would be a better day.

Next Day

It was morning in Konoha. Naruto was ready to deal with what the village had in store for him. He got up and took a shower. After his shower he got dressed. He was now wearing a pair of black pants,a white muscle shirt,a black vest,and a pair of black boots. After he got dressed he went to his parents scroll vault. He took what was in their and sealed them in one huge scroll.

"What's in the huge scroll?" Kyubi questioned the blonde.

Ten scrolls. One was ninjutsu scroll,a genjutsu scroll, two taijutsu scrolls,one kenjutsu scroll,a fuuinjutsu scroll,and four scroll's with money. Naruto thought.

"Are you going to destroy this place?" Kyubi asked her container.

What. No. I am going to reactivate the security seals thought. I don't want anyone stepping on my property. Naruto thought as he went into the living room. His father said that the security seal switch was behind a picture of a spiral. He found it and channeled chakra into it. The seal glowed red which meant it was re-activated and that if you were not Naruto. You were in deep trouble.

"Wouldn't the explosive seals harm you when you walk out?" Kyubi asked not wanting their container to get hurt.

Seeing as my chakra reactivated them they will not harm me. If I had to bring a guest I would channel my chakra into where the seals are outside to deactivate them. Naruto thought while making sure he had everything before going to the door.

"Well lets go."Kyubi said as Naruto walked out the house. He had a feeling that he would come back to it one day.

He was now walking down the street. He was going to Ichiraku's for breakfast like he usually do. He noticed people were giving him looks. Some were happy that he was leaving. Some civilians as well as ninja's were angry due to the fact that he was the son of Minato Namikaze and he was leaving the village. He was now at Ichiraku's. The smell of their ramen would have to be one of the things he missed the most. He walked into Ichiraku's and sat on his usual stool.

"Good Morning Naruto."Ayame greeted as she came from the kitchen.

"Hey sis. I guess you heard that I found out who my parents were huh."Naruto said as she nodded.

"Don't think I'm going to treat you any different Naruto Uzumaki."Another person stated as they came into view. It was Teuchi Ichiraku.

"Glad to here it old man. Now give me one of everything. I might as well enjoy it."Naruto replied while Teuchi went and started to make the order while Ayame stayed up front to talk to Naruto.

"So what are you going to do seeing as your leaving the village?"Ayame asked.

"I'll find something to do. Trust me."Naruto replied.

"It better be legal because if not then your going to get it."Ayame threatened the person she saw as a little brother.

"Don't worry sis. I plan on doing something very productive once I find it."Naruto stated as Teuchi came out with his food. Naruto ate the food slow. Actually savoring the flavors. Naruto was finished eating thirty minutes later.

"Thank you Ayame,old man Teuchi. It really mean's a lot that you care for me."Naruto stated while he handed the two an envelop.

"What's this Naruto?"Teuchi asked looking at the envelop with a confused look.

"Its a letter I wrote to each of you. There is a check in their as well. "Naruto replied.

"I really don't want you to leave Naruto."Ayame said pleading before giving Naruto a hug.

"I know Ayame but it's just the fact that I'm tired of being ignored."Naruto said looking Ayame in the eye.

"Ayame. Let Naruto go. I can tell he will be successful in no matter what he does. Just promise us that you come back to Ichiraku's Ramen and eat one day."Teuchi stated to the blonde Namikaze.

"Don't worry old man. I will, believe that."Naruto stated as Ayame let him go.

"You better Naruto or else I will come and find you."Ayame said with determination.

"I will believe me."Naruto replied while he walked away from Ayame and Teuchi. It was hard walking away from the people he viewed as his sister and uncle. He decided then and their that he was going visit the Hokage. Hopefully Hiruzen could call the others who have not received their letter and talk to them in the Hokage Tower rather than in public.

Hokage Tower

Naruto showed up at the Hokage tower. He told the Hokage who he wanted to see and told him to call them their. A few minutes later Naruto's closest friends were in the tower. All six of them.

"Naruto. What's going on?" Tenten asked. Naruto knew Tenten because he shopped at her parents store.

"I'm leaving Konoha." Naruto stated as his friends were shocked.

"Why would you leave Naruto. I mean sure you failed this year's exams but you can still become a shinobi next year." Rock Lee said. Rock Lee knew Naruto because he and Naruto use to have class together.

"I don't want to be a shinobi Lee. I just hate what Shinobi call honor."Naruto stated one of his reasons for leaving.

"I see your point Naruto. Seeing as most shinobi don't have honor." Shikamaru replied as Samurai's were known for honor while shinobi tended to play dirty.

"Just make sure you come back Naruto. I want you to see my newest art work." Sai stated while Naruto nodded. Sai and Naruto use to be in the same orphanage together.

"As you can see I just want to find a new purpose in life. Away from this village so that I can find myself."Naruto said to his friends.

"It's cool Naruto. Just stay safe." Kiba said while Akamaru leaped on to Naruto's head and licked his face a little before stopping.

"I will Kiba." Naruto replied.

"Well if your leaving then here." Choji said giving Naruto a bag of chips. Shikamaru and the Hokage were shocked. An Akamichi giving away food meant that they really trust them.

"Thanks for the food Choji. Here guys,I each wrote you a letter and left you guys something in their as well. I will try to stay in touch with you guys." Naruto stated handing them their letters. He still had a few left.

"Here old timer. This is for a few of your anbu ninja's who had my back since I could remember." Naruto said giving Hiruzen a few letter's. Hiruzen noticed that they were addressed to their code names.

"You do know that dog retired right?" Hiruzen asked as Naruto nodded.

"I know that. Have both dog ANBU read it. It's two letter in one envelope." Naruto explained.

" Anyway Naruto. I hope you have a safe trip and become successful in whatever you do."Hiruzen stated as Akamaru jumped off Naruto's head and went back on to Kiba's head.

"Don't worry guys,old man. I will." Naruto said before leaving the tower and walked towards the village gate. He showed the guards the letter and was able to leave with no problem.

A week later

Naruto arrived in Wave Country. He was able to get a boat ride so that he could go into the town. He noticed that their was a bridge being built and wanted to meet who was building such a huge bridge. He asked the person named Kaji who was taking him across the ocean. He said it was Tazuna. A person with a dream to make the Wave free from their tyrant known as Gato. They made it to the shore where Naruto gave Kaji some money and thanked him for the trip. Kaji was happy that he was able to get paid and left. Naruto was walking around the entire town and noticed how sad the people were and wanted to change that. He wanted to see them happy again and see this town prosper once more. He continued walking until he ran into a old man. He looked at his clothing and took a guess that this was Tazuna.

"Are you Tazuna the bridge builder?" Naruto asked the person

"And what if I am?" The person replied with a question of his own.

"I just wanted to talk to you. You look like him from what Kaji said." Naruto replied to the man.

"Well I am. Are you trying to work for me boy?" Tazuna asked the young man.

"I could use the experience. When do you think I can start?" Naruto asked the bridge builder.

"Any day you can make it. We stopped for the day." Tazuna answered.

"Can you give me about a month before I start?" Naruto asked the old man.

"Of course you can. Just knowing that you want to help me means a lot. I suggest you find a place to sleep. It's late." Tazuna replied as he looked at his watch.

"I will see you in a month then and thanks for the advice" Naruto said leaving the bridge builder. He was walking in a forest area in which he noticed a house. It looked more like a manor if anything else. He started his walk up the path. He noticed that their was a sign with letters WM on it. The sign looked like it belonged on a gate. He finally made it to the double doors. He opened them and noticed how huge the house was. This place was big on the inside and outside.

"Naruto." Kyubi said getting Naruto's attention.

Yeah Kyubi. Naruto thought while continuing his walk around this manor. He noticed that their was nothing wrong with the place besides the vines and flowers that seemed to be growing but he could fix that problem. As a matter of fact he could have this place up and running if you gave him a month or so.

"I believe we should explore this place more. I have a feeling that there is more to this place then it leads on."Kyubi stated

Couldn't agree more Kyubi. Naruto thought continuing his walk around. He was now staring at a working grandfather clock. He noticed that the time was wrong and went to go fix it. It was 10:47 not he set the time he heard the sound of gears moving. The grandfather clock moved to the side as if it was a door.

I take it this was what you were talking about huh. Naruto thought while looking down at the darkness.

"Even I do not know what is down their. I suggest you proceed with caution" Kyubi advised.

I will. Naruto thought looking at the darkness. He noticed that their were stairs and decided to walk down them. Not knowing what was down their. Multiple steps later he heard a noise. He was ready for whatever it was. As it turned out they were bats. They seemed to live down here due to the fact that it was nice and dark. Naruto noticed that he finally made it to the final step. Once their the cave lit itself up. Naruto noticed that their was a huge U.S penny as well as a giant Joker card.

"I take it this person had to much money." Kyubi commented. The two had a agreement in which Naruto allowed Kyubi to see,hear,taste, and smell what he experienced.

This place looks like a museum if anything else. Naruto thought while looking around and noticing the multiple suits,gadgets which were in their own display case. He decided to take a seat in front of a huge screen. Once he sat down the screen came to life. Naruto was interested with what was in front of him. That was until a person appeared on the screen. This person had spiky black hair and wore a pair of black pants and a black jacket. He wore a blue shirt under the jacket.

"My name is Bruce Wayne. I was the owner of Wayne industries. I was also the Batman. Now if you may not know who the Batman was then let me inform you. The Batman was a symbol. He was a person who would protect the innocent and bring those to justice. That was me. A person who put on this uniform and fought crime. Now I may not know who you are but I do trust that you must have some luck finding the Batcave. I want to train you into becoming the next Batman because no matter where you are. The world will always need a Batman. I have uploaded multiple files on my Bat computer. There are multiple videos that show my fighting style as well as how to repair mechanical items as well as how to make a batsuit. I have also uploaded my greatest enemies as well as my allies. Hopefully I have given you some hope as well as a brighter future."Bruce Wayne explained as the video stop playing.

"Wow. Seems you hit the jackpot with this one" Kyubi commented.

The next Batman. How hard can it be. Naruto thought to himself not knowing how much hard work he was about to put in.

"I say we should look at some more of these files he uploaded on this Bat computer." Kyubi suggested. It never hurt to read.

I want to learn more about the stuff they used during his time and then move on to the training part. Naruto thought as it took him a few times until he learned how to use the computer. I mean the hospitals have computers but none like this. He stayed up that night learning how to use the Bat Computer to its fullest advantage. He didn't go to sleep until he had an understanding of how to use this computer.

Next day

It was around ten o clock in the morning. Naruto took out a bag of chips Choji gave him and ate them. He decided that today was the day that he was going to work himself until he dropped. He clicked on a file labeled Beginners training. The video started by showing Bruce wearing a black gi. He was standing straight up. Naruto did the exact same thing.

"I hope you are ready for you month of training. Do not worry by the time we are done you will have mastered the entire beginners training as well as some of the intermediate moves depending on whose training you want." Bruce stated to Naruto.

"Naruto. I want to advise you that you still have those taijutsu and kenjutsu scroll's your parents gave you." Kyubi said to Naruto who nodded.

I'll practice those also seeing as Bruce's training might take a while to master. Naruto thought while he started copying Bruce's movements.

One month later

Naruto can proudly say that he felt stronger,faster,and even more smarter. In this past month he learned a lot from Bruce and parents. He knew that this was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to training but this was just fantastic. He also took the time out to read multiple books on modern technology from when Bruce was alive. He also went to visit Tazuna and his family during this month before he started working at the bridge.

"Naruto. It has been a month right?" Kyubi asked.

Yeah. I believe Tazuna said something about hiring ninja's from Konoha or something like that. Naruto thought while looking over a few of Batman's greatest villains. Most of them were impressive.

"Well how about you show those ninja's just whose boss." Kyubi stated to Naruto.

I would love to show those shinobi but I can't suit up in the Bat suit for another three months. I simply don't have enough gadgets yet as well as armor plating. The Batmobile itself looks like it will take me another year or so to build seeing as I don't have the metal needed.' Naruto answered.

"How about you become someone else for the time being." Kyubi suggested.

I could do that but who? Naruto thoughtlooking at a file that he never seen before. He double clicked on it and it opened. It showed the person's bio as well as their picture.

This person would do. Naruto thought with a grin.

"Indeed. It looks like he didn't use a lot of technology enhanced tools. We can use chakra to power his suit." Kyubi said to the blonde who nodded in agreement.

Yeah way less technology as well as metal then Batman's suit. His suit looks like it was made for speed. I thought I could use chakra for Batman's suit but he has to many things that need electricity. This suit seems like it needs a power source for the blast attacks. Naruto thoughtas he clicked on a video that showed this person in action.

"Lets go for it." Kyubi stated while Naruto paused the video and got up from the chair. He went to where the suits were and started his search.

Lets see. If I'm right the suit should be right here. Besides the Nightwing suit.'Naruto thought as he looked at the suit. The suit itself was mostly black. The only armor on the suit was on the forearms,knee's,shins,as well as the mask. Naruto read that the previous power source was dangerous. The thing that stood out about the suit was the red X on the chest. Naruto guessed that's how he got his name. He put the suit on and learned that it fit. Now he needed to see if chakra could power this suit. He started channeling chakra into the suit. At first nothing happened but a few seconds later the suit came to life. He noticed that the H.U.D was blue. He also noticed that X's on his palm were glowing red.

"How's the suit?" Kyubi asked while Naruto was shooting out a few chakra beams from his palm.

It's great. I'm glad I brought my own shurikens as well as smoke bombs,I was even able to find one of Robin's bo-staff's laying around that was able to work. Naruto thought as he picked up the staff.

"Well Naruto its time to leave." Kyubi said while Naruto went towards a previous Batcave exit. This exit now lead up to a waterfall. With the way the exit was he had to guess it was for the Batmobile or the Batboat. He made it up to the door which opened when he walked through and closed after he left. He first took a deep breath and was happy to be outside.

"Fresh air. Feels great. Seems the fog is rolling in" Kyubi said to Naruto who was looking a

"Time to kill a pig"Naruto stated. It was time to start the age of the Bat to being.

And Cut


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