An: I am really shocked that you all enjoy this story. One, because it is much darker than my other stories; and two, because the writing style is very different.

Down in Flames

Title: Down in Flames

Summary: Trent gets an opportunity to be bigger than life itself, how will stop from going down in the flames of the hell they call "The Business".

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Pairings: Begins with Trent/Gwen, a little Trent/Lindsay later on in the story.

Warnings: Mild language, Drug References, and Semi-Depressing Themes.

fulltimereviewer: This is little Trent in his first L.A. party. Sorry for waiting for a year hell, maybe even two. I hope I get some feedback.


Vibrations from the bass speaker I was stuck next to sent ripples through my drink that I just sat atop the table. Here I was at this party which was bursting at the seams with young socialites, rich kids, and a few accomplished musicians; I was none of those things. In the"Which One Doesn't Belong" game, I wouldn't belong. You'll never belong with them kid. You'll just trick yourself into thinking you belong. I got pushed into sitting at a table with a bunch of girls who reminded me of twelve year olds with their incessant giggling and poorly done make up. One of them kept brushing my thigh with her nails; another girl was attempting to play with my foot.

I searched the room for something that would get me away from this group of girls. Everything that could have been a diversion from these girls was blocked by tons of drunken girls grinding on each other and guys enticing them to kiss one another. I turned my attention back to my drink and stared at the ripples becoming entranced by them, almost hypnotized by the small shimmering brown waves in the glass. Gwen raced through my mind, her dark brown eyes shimmering like this drink. My hand searched for my phone. Left it in the room, damn. You should've gone back and called her, you never would have met her. I gulped down the rest of the cola and whiskey and the cold fizz numbed my frustration. A hand reached for my crotch.

I frowned and jerked away from the girl. "C'mon cutie. Me and my friend wanna have a little fun." The girl with the hand on my crotch moaned. Her friend leaned over slipped her hand down the collar of my shirt. Chills rushed over my body and jumped in my seat, knocking the table. Liquids spilled over the table and the ice cubes danced as they slid across the drinks. Some of them leaped onto the girls' dresses. The girl and her friend rushed their hands to the liquor and soda soaking them. They probably sucked sixty dicks for those dresses. I tripped over my own feet, rushing from the table. A part of me wished that I stayed at that table because I knew what was at the table. I had no idea what hid in the hordes of people pressed together on the dance floor.

The bar wasn't much better than the floor, but there was booze so there was some solace in that.

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